Boys 285

2019 State Championships

McKinley’s Iulio Atonio, top, defeated Kamehameha’s Cody Bollig to win the boys heavyweight crown. Photo by Jerry Campany/Star-Advertiser.



(4) Iulio Atonio (McK) vs. (3) Cody Bollig (KSK)
— Atonio, D 3-0

Atonio: “I just work out and listen to my coach. One match at a time and we worked up to it and hard work paid off. It got here. (On being second straight state finalists from McKinley at 285 pounds). We all just wanted to join as friends and lose weight.”

Notes: Stalemate after 1. Bollig down to start second period … Nothing and we go to the third scoreless … Bollig lets Atonio up and it’s 1-0 as the two battle for a takedown … Bollig dives for a takedown to make something happen but Atonio sprawls and gets the back at the end for the 3-0 win.


Rafael Leapaga (Kapo) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kah)
— Lombard, D 5-2


(1) Benjamin Tokanang (Bald) vs. Jace Filipo Rodrigues (Wain)
— Rodrigues, fall 2:50



(1) Benjamin Tokanang (Bald) vs. (4) Iulio Atonio (McK)
— Atonio, TF 18-3
(3) Cody Bollig (KSK) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kah)
— Bollig, D 3-2

Atonio, who did not place at Officials, has been on an absolute tear for the last three weeks, earning an OIA title and winning his first two state tournament matches. He will see a state placer in each match the rest of the way in the winner’s bracket, beginning with MIL boss Takanang. Tokanang won four matches at this level last year, finishing fourth, and took second at Officials in December. He can avenge that loss if Lombard can get past the ILH champion, but that match is going to be a doozy. Bollig beat Lombard in the state semifinals last year only to lose in the fina. Bollig took third to Lombard and Tokanang in the Officials tuneup, and both of them are assured of their second medal, although Bollig has one more year of state experience than Lombard.


(1) Benjamin Tokanang (Bald) vs. Chandon Pacheco (Hon)
— Tokanang, fall 3:13
Jace Filipo Rodrigues (Wain) vs. (4) Iulio Atonio (McK)
— Atonio, fall 5:24
(3) Cody Bollig (KSK) vs. Rafael Leapaga (Kapo)
— Bollig, fall 3:55
Marcus Lombard (Kah) vs. (2) Setu Vole (Keal)
— Lombard, dec. 8-5


(1) Benjamin Tokanang (Bald) vs. Malaefono Ale (Moan)
— Tokanang, fall 3:41
Chandon Pacheco (Hon) vs. Jeremy Pangelinan (StL)
— Pacheco, dec. 7-6
Rogerland Dela Cruz (Waim) vs. Jace Filipo Rodrigues (Wain)
— Rodrigues, fall 3:14
(4) Iulio Atonio (McK) vs. Hailama Anakalea (Kona)
— Atonio, dec. 4-2
(3) Cody Bollig (KSK) vs. Kekoa Kaulukukui (Kail)
— Bollig, fall 1:07
Austin Saribay (Lah) vs. Rafael Leapaga (Kapo)
— Leapaga, fall 1:22
Kaeo Pedroza-Kanemitsu (KSM) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kah)
— Lombard, fall 1:01
(2) Setu Vole (Keal) vs. Jeremiah Gabrillo (Rad)
— Vole, fall :52


Sedric Crawford (Nan) vs. Malaefono Ale (Moan)
— Ale, dec. 9-2
Hailama Anakalea (Kona) vs. Lopaka Feesago (PC)
— Anakalea, fall 1:20
Kekoa Kaulukukui (Kail) vs. Steven Gaskin (Keaau)
— Kaulukukui, fall 1:50
Jeremiah Gabrillo (Rad) vs. Isaac Mamizuka (Kais)
— Gabrillo, fall :25


Malaefono Ale (Moan) vs. Jeremy Pangelinan (StL)
— Ale, dec. 7-4
Rogerland Dela Cruz (Waim) vs. Hailama Anakalea (Kona)
— Dela Cruz, dq
Kekoa Kaulukukui (Kail) vs. Austin Saribay (Lah)
— Saribay, Fft.
Kaeo Pedroza-Kanemitsu (KSM) vs. Jeremiah Gabrillo (Rad)
— Gabrillo, fall 2:32

Malaefono Ale (Moan) vs. (2) Setu Vole (Keal)
— Vole, MD 10-1
Rogerland Dela Cruz (Waim) vs. Rafael Leapaga (Kapo)
— Leapaga, fall 1:58
Austin Saribay (Lah) vs. Jace Filipo Rodrigues (Wain)
— Rodrigues, fall :59
Jeremiah Gabrillo (Rad) vs. Chandon Pacheco (Hon)
— Pacheco, fall 4:36

(2) Setu Vole (Keal) vs. Rafael Leapaga (Kapo)
— Leapaga, D 3-2
Jace Filipo Rodrigues (Wain) vs. Chandon Pacheco (Hon)
— Rodrigues, fall 4:22

Rafael Leapaga (Kapo) vs. (1) Benjamin Tokanang (Bald)
— Leapaga, fall 5:00
Jace Filipo Rodrigues (Wain) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kah)
— Lombard, D 5-2