Boys 220

2019 State Championships

Punahou’s Legend Matautia is a two-time ILH champion but looking for his first state title after losing as a No. 1 seed last year. Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser



(1) Legend Matautia (Pun) vs. Brock Ai (KSK)
— Matautia, D 5-0

Matautia: “Going against (Ai) this year, it was a close match early in the season so I was worried, but once I stepped on the mat I shook everything off and said, ‘just wrestle like me.’ After being upset last year, it feels amazing to come back. Especially watching my teammate (Zander Manuel) win, watching him in the chute, it fired me up. We don’t usually have state champs, now we already have two.”

Notes: Matautia was given the ILH title by forfeit over Ai. Matautia with the takedown a minute in to go up 2-0 … Matautia now comfortably up 4-0 …


Austin Morris (Camp) vs. Pontus Thiravong (Rad)
— Morris, D 7-2


Taz Kahalewai (Nan) vs. Zion Lista (Far)
— Lista, D 7-2



(1) Legend Matautia (Pun) vs. (4) Austin Morris (Camp)
— Matautia, MD 9-0
Zion Lista (Far) vs. Brock Ai (KSK)
— Ai, D 5-2

All four guys have state experience but Matautia is the only one with a state medal until Thursday, finishing third last year with a win over Morris in the consolation round to help deny the Saber a medal. Their rematch is a rare meeting of OIA and ILH champions in the semifinals, and is certainly finals-worthy. Morris is coming up from 195 pounds at Officials, where he finished fourth. Lista took second at Officials at this weight while Matautia recovered from football, but lost to Morris in the OIA championship last week. Ai finished third in that tournament and is in his third year at states but will get his first medal. He will also have the pressure of adding team points to Kamehameha’s haul.


(1) Legend Matautia (Pun) vs. Pontus Thiravong (Rad)
— Matautia, dec. 4-3
Kai Pai (Kona) vs. (4) Austin Morris (Camp)
— Morris, MD 11-1
Taz Kahalewai (Nan) vs. Zion Lista (Far)
— Lista, dec. 7-3
Brock Ai (KSK) vs. (2) Kainalu Kaililaau (Lah)
— Ai, fall 3:44


(1) Legend Matautia (Pun) vs. Harry Lloyd (Kaim)
— Matautia, fall 1:43
Pontus Thiravong (Rad) vs. Sione Holani (Hilo)
— Thiravong, dec. 3-2
Nephi Laga (Bald) vs. Kai Pai (Kona)
— Pai, fall 5:59
(4) Austin Morris (Camp) vs. Koby Omizo (Kail)
— Morris, fall 4:37
(3) Malosi Abraham (Keaau) vs. Taz Kahalewai (Nan)
— Kahalewai, dec. 10-8
Cole Jones (StL) vs. Zion Lista (Far)
— Lista, dec. 7-2
Brock Ai (KSK) vs. Charles Hanohano (Kapo)
— Ai, dec. 4-2
(2) Kainalu Kaililaau (Lah) vs. Dayton Mundon (KSH)
— Kaililaau, fall 5:40


Bradley Lilo (Moan) vs. Harry Lloyd (Kaim)
— Lloyd, fall 3:21
Koby Omizo (Kail) vs. Ridge Strange (HPA)
— Omizo, dec. 6-1
Jason Flores (Lei) vs. Taz Kahalewai (Nan)
— Kahalewai, fall 1:30
Kaneke Gusman (Roos) vs. Dayton Mundon (KSH)
— Mundon, fall 3:41


Harry Lloyd (Kaim) vs. Sione Holani (Hilo)
— Lloyd, dec. 9-3
Nephi Laga (Bald) vs. Koby Omizo (Kail)
— Omizo, dec. 10-7
(3) Malosi Abraham (Keaau) vs. Cole Jones (StL)
— Abraham, fall 2:00
Charles Hanohano (Kapo) vs. Dayton Mundon (KSH)
— Hanohano, fall 3:38

Harry Lloyd (Kaim) vs. (2) Kainalu Kaililaau (Lah)
— Lloyd, dec. 6-3
Koby Omizo (Kail) vs. Taz Kahalewai (Nan)
— Kahalewai, dec. 3-2
(3) Malosi Abraham (Keaau) vs. Kai Pai (Kona)
— Abraham, fall 3:49
Charles Hanohano (Kapo) vs. Pontus Thiravong (Rad)
— Thiravong, dec. 2-1

Harry Lloyd (Kaim) vs. Taz Kahalewai (Nan)
— Kahalewai, D 3-2
(3) Malosi Abraham (Keaau) vs. Pontus Thiravong (Rad)
— Thiravong, D 3-1

Taz Kahalewai (Nan) vs. Austin Morris (Camp)
— Morris, D 6-0
Pontus Thiravong (Rad) vs. Zion Lista (Far)
— Thiravong, D 3-1