Boys 195

2019 State Championships

Kamehameha’s Laakea Ane is looking for a return trip to the state final at 195 pounds. Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser.



(1) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. (2) Darius Mynar (KSM)
— Mynar, D 3-1

Mynar: “It was a long journey to come here. I had to go through surgery last year and couldn’t wrestle and I doubted myself but persevered and hit the PT hard and here I am today. I have to thank the doctors, the family and the teammates that have supported me through this journey.”

Notes: Tied 1-1 with 1:39 left on the clock … Mynar got a takedown slipping behind Ane for control and then he rides it out with two close takedowns not counted as they came outside the circle. Stopped with 8 seconds to go as trainers look at Ane … Over.


John Egami (Pun) vs. Elijah James Ramos (Far)
— Ramos, fall 3:38


(4) Anthony Gopaul (Keal) vs. (3) Tao Tuulima (PC)
— Gopaul, Fft.



(1) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. (4) Anthony Gopaul (Keal)
— Ane, TF 21-5
(3) Tao Tuulima (PC) vs. (2) Darius Mynar (KSM)
— Mynar, fall :21

The first bracket to be a battle of league champions, and all four of them had tasted victory in the state tournament prior to Wednesday’s success. Ane has the edge, though, after reaching the final last year, but Gopaul has three years of experience on this stage. Tuulima lost to Ane in the second round last year and used it as fuel to win four more times to take third and he has won six state matches in a row after that loss. Ane also has an edge over ILH champion Mynar, beating him for the Officials crown in December.


(1) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. Elijah James Ramos (Far)
— Ane, fall :54
Khert Saing (McK) vs. (4) Anthony Gopaul (Keal)
— Gopaul, fall :52
(3) Tao Tuulima (PC) vs. John Egami (Pun)
— Tuulima, fall 4:54
Kai Knitter (Iol) vs. (2) Darius Mynar (KSM)
— Mynar, fall 3:43


(1) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. Kamea Konrad (HPA)
— Ane, fall :31
Maake Panuve (Bald) vs. Elijah James Ramos (Far)
— Ramos, dec. 7-2
Kauwila Kaneapua (Waim) vs. Khert Saing (McK)
— Saing, MD 13-5
(4) Anthony Gopaul (Keal) vs. Nyles Pokipala-Waiohu (Lah)
— Gopaul, dec. 11-4
(3) Tao Tuulima (PC) vs. Sean Waldrop (Kalh)
— Tuulima, fall 3:53
Braydon Bailey (Kona) vs. John Egami (Pun)
— Egami, fall 1:21
Travis Madamba (Keaau) vs. Kai Knitter (Iol)
— Knittier, fall 1:46
(2) Darius Mynar (KSM) vs. Shingo Narita (Moan)
— Mynar, fall 1:25


Kamea Konrad (HPA) BYE
Nyles Pokipala-Waiohu (Lah) BYE
Sean Waldrop (Kalh) vs. Caleb McCabe (Rad)
— Waldrop, fall 3:32
Shingo Narita (Moan) BYE


Kamea Konrad (HPA) vs. Maake Panuve (Bald)
— Panuve, fall 1:48
Kauwila Kaneapua (Waim) vs. Nyles Pokipala-Waiohu (Lah)
— Pokipala-Waiohu, dec. 9-6
Sean Waldrop (Kalh) vs. Braydon Bailey (Kona)
— Waldrop, fall 1:46
Travis Madamba (Keaau) vs. Shingo Narita (Moan)
— Madamba, Def.

Maake Panuve (Bald) vs. Kai Knitter (Iol)
— Panuve, fall 4:59
Nyles Pokipala-Waiohu (Lah) vs. John Egami (Pun)
— Egami, fall 1:49
Sean Waldrop (Kalh) vs. Khert Saing (McK)
— Saing, fall 4:06
Travis Madamba (Keaau) vs. Elijah James Ramos (Far)
— Ramos, dec. 7-1

Maake Panuve (Bald) vs. John Egami (Pun)
— Egami, fall 2:16
Khert Saing (McK) vs. Elijah James Ramos (Far)
— Ramos, MD 9-0

John Egami (Pun) vs. (4) Anthony Gopaul (Keal)
— Egami, fall :44
Elijah James Ramos (Far) vs. (3) Tao Tuulima (PC)
— Ramos, Fft.