Boys 182

2019 State Championships

Kapolei’s Vance Keliihoomalu looks to break through at 182 pounds at states after making the final last year. Photo by Jerry Campany/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Kainalu Huddy (KSK) vs. Zander Manuel (Pun)
— Manuel, D 3-2

Manuel: “It just feels incredible, you know? I worked so hard, I didn’t expect anything coming in. I just wanted to wrestle my hardest.”

Notes: Huddy dominated Manuel, 14-5, in the ILH final but Manuel has been on a roll in states … Manuel avoids the takedown and it’s scoreless after one period … Huddy allows Manuel up to start and it’s 1-0 Manuel … Manuel gets the takedown and then lets Huddy up so it’s 3-1 Manuel … Huddy nearly with the takedown with five seconds to go but it’s ruled out of the mat, 3-1 after two … Huddy starts the third on the bottom is and is up quickly. 3-2…. Huddy shoots a single leg but Manuel gets out … Another close takedown but it’s out of the circle. … Manuel hanging on … Huddy shoots for a double but Manuel backpedals out of the circle … 30 seconds … IT’S OVER. Manuel does it after losing 14-5 at ILH.


Lahaina Kane (Kail) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan)
— Crisostomo, D 3-2


(3) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. (2) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Bates, Fft.



(1) Kainalu Huddy (KSK) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kail)
— Huddy, D 4-3
Zander Manuel (Pun) vs. (2) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Manuel, DQ

ILH and OIA battles abound here, with the private school champ earning a date with the Cinderella of the tournament after Kane rose from third in the OIA to the state semifinals. Huddy can match his three wins last year but will almost definitely improve upon his sixth-place finish. Kane won won match last year and has already doubled it. Huddy won Officials over Keliihoomalu, but the Hurricane looks like a different animal from the guy who reached the state final against Brett Barefoot last year. Speaking of a different animal, Manuel, the ILH runner up, entered the Blaisdell with an 0-2 record at states and went 2-0 on Wednesday. Kane and Manuel are assured their first state medals and Huddy and Keliihoomalu will earn their second.


(1) Kainalu Huddy (KSK) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan)
— Huddy, dec. 6-4
Lahaina Kane (Kail) vs. (4) Thaze Gomes (KSH)
— Kane, dec. 5-3
(3) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. Zander Manuel (Pun)
— Manuel, dec. 5-3
Alejandro Blanco (Waik) vs. (2) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Keliihoomalu, fall :25


(1) Kainalu Huddy (KSK) vs. Parker Stockdale (Mil)
— Huddy, fall 2:42
Akuila Kolomatongi (Bald) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan)
— Crisostomo, fall 2:42
Zayden Sarmiento (Waim) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kail)
— Kane, fall 2:13
(4) Thaze Gomes (KSH) vs. Kyairese Diego Pula (Maui)
— Gomes, fall :59
(3) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. Tray Tharpe (Kalh)
— Bates, MD 13-2
Theo Watkins (Hon) vs. Zander Manuel (Pun)
— Manuel, dec. 9-3
Alejandro Blanco (Waik) vs. Hoala Meyer (StL)
— Blanco, fall 5:29
(2) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo) vs. Kayzehn Aiwohi-Frisby (Wain)
— Keliihoomalu, fall 1:44


Parker Stockdale (Mil) vs. Cody Evile (Keaau)
— Stockdale, fall :40
Kyairese Diego Pala (Maui) vs. Oliver Park (Iol)
— Diego Pala, fall 2:58
Chaz Tom (Cast) vs. Tray Tharpe (Kalh)
— Tharpe, dec. 8-6
Cesar Caoili II (Camp) vs. Kayzehn Aiwohi-Frisby (Wain)
— Aiwohi-Frisby, fall 3:47


Parker Stockdale (Mil) vs. Akuila Kolomatongi (Bald)
— Kolomatongi, fall 1:00
Zayden Sarmiento (Waim) vs. Kyairese Diego Pula (Maui)
— Pula, fall 2:52
Tray Tharpe (Kalh) vs. Theo Watkins (Hon)
— Tharpe, dec. 5-4
Hoala Meyer (StL) vs. Kayzehn Aiwohi-Frisby (Wain)
— Aiwohi-Frisby, fall 1:59

Akuila Kolomatongi (Bald) vs. Alejandro Blanco (Waik)
— Blanco, fall 2:57
Kyairese Diego Pula (Maui) vs. (3) Ty Bates (Lah)
— Bates, fall 3:35
Tray Tharpe (Kalh) vs. (4) Thaze Gomes (KSH)
— Gomes, dec. 7-6
Kayzehn Aiwohi-Frisby (Wain) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan)
— Crisostomo, fall 2:53

Alejandro Blanco (Waik) vs. (3) Ty Bates (Lah)
— Bates, MD 14-3
(4) Thaze Gomes (KSH) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan)
— MD, 13-5

(3) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kail)
— Kane, 9-8
Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan) vs. (2) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Crisostomo, Fft.