Boys 170

2019 State Championships

Kalaheo’s Rysan Leong scored one of the biggest upsets in the state finals in 2018 and is going for a repeat this year. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Rysan Leong (Kalh) vs. (2) Blaze Pascua (Iol)
— Leong, D 7-1

Leong: “When I heard I was last I wanted to get it over with but then save the best for last. My last minutes of my high school career was just great to perform in front of my family and friends and be the first at Kalaheo to be a two-time champ. Both situations drive me to be better. The underdog, I have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and when I’m the No. 1 seed, this is my time and my place. I gotta do what I gotta do.”


Andrew Adiniwin (Moan) vs. (4) Elijah Oliveira Kalalau (Lah)
— Adiniwin, D 1-0


Zachary Genobia (KSM) vs. Kekoa Schatz (KSK)
— Genobia, Fft.



(1) Rysan Leong (Kalh) vs. Kekoa Schatz (KSK)
— Leong, fall 5:43
Zachary Genobia (KSM) vs. (2) Blaze Pascua (Iol)
— Pascua, fall 5:20

At first glance, Leong would look like the heavy favorite here as a defending state champion and Officials king. But don’t sleep on Pascua, who is 7-0 at the state tournament since losing his first match last year and pushed Leong in the Officials final before losing 7-3. Genobia, the MIL runner up, finished fourth at Officials and Kamehameha’s Schatz took fifth but was at 152 pounds two months ago. Schatz is in his first state tournament and lost the ILH title to Pascua last week.


(1) Rysan Leong (Kalh) vs. Andrew Canonico (Pun)
— Leong, MD 14-6
Kekoa Schatz (KSK) vs. (4) Elijah Oliveira Kalalau (Lah)
— Schatz, dec. 8-7
Matai Mataafa (StL) vs. Zachary Genobia (KSM)
— Genobia, MD 13-5
Andrew Adiniwin (Moan) vs. (2) Blaze Pascua (Iol)
— Pascua, dec. 5-3


(1) Rysan Leong (Kalh) vs. Vinny Schmidt (Camp)
— Leong, fall 1:28
Andrew Canonico (Pun) vs. Kona Rapoza (Hilo)
— Canonico, MD 9-0
Kekoa Schatz (KSK) vs. Ake Chaul (Keaau)
— Schatz, dec. 11-4
(4) Elijah Oliveira Kalalau (Lah) vs. Kento Ibarra (Kapo)
— Kalalau, fall :47
(3) Dean Miura (Waik) vs. Matai Mataafa (StL)
— Mataafa, fall 3:00
Taylor Daack (Rad) vs. Zachary Genobia (KSM)
— Genobia, dec. 15-8
Andrew Adiniwin (Moan) vs. Louis Cambra (Maui)
— Adiniwin, fall :24
(2) Blaze Pascua (Iol) vs. Hans Limstrom (HPA)
—- Pascua, fall 3:45


Vinny Schmidt (Camp) vs. Joshua Arcayena (Mryk)
— Schmidt, fall :29
Jeffry Garcia (McK) vs. Kento Ibarra (Kapo)
— Ibarra, fall :31
Jordan Chang (Waip) vs. Matai Mataafa (StL)
— Mataafa, fall 4:23
Ryan Marumoto (Mil) vs. Hans Limstrom (HPA)
— Limstrom, dec. 7-3


Vinny Schmidt (Camp) vs. Kona Rapoza (Hilo)
— Schmidt, dec. 11-7
Ake Chaul (Keaau) vs. Kento Ibarra (Kapo)
— Chaul, fall 2:41
(3) Dean Miura (Waik) vs. Taylor Daack (Rad)
— Daack, fall 1:58
Louis Cambra (Maui) vs. Hans Limstrom (HPA)
— Limstrom, fall 1:25

Vinny Schmidt (Camp) vs. Andrew Adiniwin (Moan)
— Adiniwin, fall :22
Ake Chaul (Keaau) vs. Matai Mataafa (StL)
— Mataafa, fall 4:50
Taylor Daack (Rad) vs. (4) Elijah Oliveira Kalalau (Lah)
— Kalalau, MD 14-5
Hans Limstrom (HPA) vs. Andrew Canonico (Pun)
— Canonico, fall 4:41

Andrew Adiniwin (Moan) vs. Matai Mataafa (StL)
— Adiniwin, fall 1:30
(4) Elijah Oliveira Kalalau (Lah) vs. Andrew Canonico (Pun)
— Kalalau, D 11-4

Andrew Adiniwin (Moan) vs. Kekoa Schatz (KSK)
— Adiniwin, D 3-1
(4) Elijah Oliveira Kalalau (Lah) vs. Zachary Genobia (KSM)
— Kalalau, D 8-2