Boys 152

2019 State Championships

Kapolei’s Branden Pagurayan will look to repeat at 152 pounds in the state tournament. Photo by Jerry Campany/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapo) vs. Pokela De Santos (Lei)
— Pagurayan, fall :51

Pagurayan: “It was only a minute, not much happened. I wanted to make it quick and fast. I didn’t want to risk losing anything so I tried to end it with a pin unlike my other matches where I try to go for points. Two down so far. I plan on continuing the rest of it — complete the grand slam. Set the bar high for my brothers.”


Cameron Nishida (MPI) vs. (2) Stone Franczyk (Han)
— Franczyk, D 7-3


Kanoa Aruba-Starwood (KSM) vs. Matai Suitonu (Rad)
— Suitonu, fall :34


(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapo) vs. Kanoa Aruba-Starwood (KSM)
— Pagurayan, TF 20-5
Pokela De Santos (Lei) vs. (2) Stone Franczyk (Han)
— De Santos, D 3-1

Pagurayan is just a sophomore but somehow eclipses the rest of the semifinalists in experience. He is the defending state champion and wasn’t pushed today while carnage erupted around him in the bracket. ILH champion Franzcyk got through and will face the OIA runner up while Aruba-Starwood somehow earned two pins and rose from third in the MIL last week to the final four in the state this week. The three other semifinalists are all in their first state tournament. If Aruba-Starwood can keep the upset train rolling, he will join Andrew Kahalewai in 2013 as KS-Maui’s only other state finalist.


(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) vs. Derek Perez (Lahainaluna)
— Pagurayan, TF 22-7
Kanoa Aruba-Starwood (KS-Maui) vs. Malcolm Bell (Campbell)
— Aruba-Starwood, fall 3:34
(3) Tekoa Torres-Umi (Baldwin) vs. Pokela De Santos (Leilehua)
— De Santos, fall 2:25
(2) Stone Franczyk (Hanalani) vs. Karter Nitahara (Moanalua)
— Franczyk, MD 11-3


(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapo) vs. Duncan Castro (Keaau)
–Pagurayan fall, 0:23
Cameron Nishida (MPI) vs. Derek Perez (Lah)
–Perez Dec., 8-4
Adrianne Quetula (Kauai) vs. Kanoa Aruba-Starwood (KSM)
–Aruba-Starwood fall, 1:23
(4) Hanalei Kahookaulana (Hilo) vs. Malcom Bell (Camp)
–Bell fall, 2:47
(3) Tekoa Torres-Umi (Bald) vs. Matthew Sugiki (Pun)
–Torres-Umi fall, 1:18
Koa Atkinson-Sioloa (Keal) vs. Pookela de Santos (Lei)
— De Santos fall, 1:44
Rusty Bowman (KSH) vs. Karter Nitahara (Moan)
–Nitahara dec., 6-0
(2) Stone Franczyk (Han) vs. Matai Suitonu (Rad)
–Franczyk dec., 10-5


Radien Miguel (Waip) vs. Duncan Castro (Keaau)
— Castro, fall 3:54
Jake Lee (Iol) vs. Malcom Bell (Camp)
— Bell, fall 3:37
Mieszko Stachowski (Mil) vs. Matthew Sugiki (Pun)
— Sugiki, MD 12-0
Enoch-Seven Vierra (Wain) vs. Matai Suitonu (Rad)
— Suitonu, fall 1:12


Duncan Castro (Keaau) vs. Cameron Nishida (MPI)
— Nishida, fall 1:58
Adrianne Quetula (Kauai) vs. (4) Hanalei Kahookaulana (Hilo)
— Kahookaulana, fall 1:53
Matthew Sugiki (Pun) vs. Koa Atkinson-Sioloa (Keal)
— Sugiki, dec. 12-8
Rusty Bowman (KSH) vs. Matai Suitonu (Rad)
— Suitonu, dec. 10-6

Cameron Nishida (MPI) vs. Karter Nitahara (Moanalua)
— Nishida, dec. 6-2
(4) Hanalei Kahookaulana (Hilo) vs. (3) Tekoa Torres-Umi (Baldwin)
— Kahookaulana, dec. 6-2
Matthew Sugiki (Pun) vs. Malcolm Bell (Campbell)
— Bell, fall 1:55
Matai Suitonu (Rad) vs. Derek Perez (Lahainaluna)
— Suitonu, dec. 9-3

Cameron Nishida (MPI) vs. (4) Hanalei Kahookaulana (Hilo)
— Nishida, MD 12-3
Malcolm Bell (Campbell) vs. Matai Suitonu (Rad)
— Suitonu, fall :52

Cameron Nishida (MPI) vs. Kanoa Aruba-Starwood (KSM)
— Nishida, MD 13-5
Matai Suitonu (Rad) vs. (2) Stone Franczyk (Han)
— Franczyk, MD 12-4