Boys 145

2019 State Championships

Moanalua’s Noah Wusstig will go for a second state title after winning at 138 pounds in 2018. Photo by Jay Metzger/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Noah Wusstig (Moan) vs. (3) Billy Treu (Bald)
— Wusstig, D 7-3

Wusstig: “I’ve been working really hard for this — me and my training partners — to make sure we improved on everything and I feel like we did. I improved on my shots. I got my takedowns. I did better this time. Last time it was pretty close. But now I dominated and it feels good to win.”

Notes: 4-3 match heading to the third with Wusstig ahead. Wusstig pours it on to go out with his second state title.


Naikoa Simao (Lei) vs. Manaia Wolfgramm (KSK)
— Simao, D 6-4


Devin Shimabukuro (Mryk) vs. Mark Butcher (Kalh)
— Butcher, D 6-2



(1) Noah Wusstig (Moan) vs. Devin Shimabukuro (Maryknoll)
— Wusstig, D 8-4
(3) Billy Treu (Bald) vs. Mark Butcher (Kalh)
— Treu, D 7-5


(1) Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) vs. Manaia Wolfgramm (Kamehameha)
— Wusstig, dec. 5-4
(4) Kamalu Anahu (KS-Hawaii) vs. Devin Shimabukuro (Maryknoll)
— Shimabukuro, dec. 3-2
(3) Billy Treu (Baldwin) vs. Naikoa Simao (Leilehua)
— Treu, dec. 9-7
(2) Vincent Terrell (Punahou) vs. Mark Butcher (Kalaheo)
— Butcher, dec. 5-1


(1) Noah Wusstig (Moan) vs. Pookela Moses-Espanto (PC)
–Wusstig fall, 0:31
Jacob Taguiham (Lah) vs. Manaia Wolfgramm (KSK)
–Wolfgramm fall, 3:17
Lowen Matsusaka (Kauai) vs. Devin Shimabukuro (Mryk)
–Shimabukuro fall, 3:35
(4) Kamalu Anahu (KSH) vs. Thomas McCreadie (Kais)
— Anahu dec., 10-4
(3) Billy Treu (Bald) vs. Colton Millet (Rad)
–Treu fall, 2:55
Lyle Silva (Hilo) vs. Naikoa Simao (Lei)
–Simao, TF, 20-5
Kelii Pelekane (Keal) vs. Mark Butcher (Kalh)
–Butcher Dec. 8-2
(2) Vincent Terrell (Pun) vs. Cameron Hirota (Mil)
–Terrell fall, 1:47


Pookela Moses-Espanto (PC) vs. Jack Rose (HPA)
— Moses-Espanto, fall 3:00
Zander Pavao (Keaau) vs. Thomas McCreadie (Kais)
— McCreadie, fall 3:27
Colton Millet (Rad) vs. Kamakana Rivera (StL)
— Millet, fall 3:36
Mason New (Wain) vs. Cameron Hirota (Mil)
— Hirota, fall 3:25


Pookela Moses-Espanto (PC) vs. Jacob Taguiham (Lah)
— Moses-Espanto, fall 4:07
Lowen Matsusaka (Kauai) vs. Thomas McCreadie (Kais)
— McCreadie, fall 4:33
Colton Millet (Rad) vs. Lyle Silva (Hilo)
— Millet, MD 11-2
Kelii Pelekane (Keal) vs. Cameron Hirota (Mil)
— Pelekane, fall :38

Pookela Moses-Espanto (PC) vs. (2) Vincent Terrell (Pun)
— Terrell, fall 3:35
Thomas McCreadie (Kais) vs. Naikoa Simao (Lei)
— Simao, dec. 5-4
Colton Millet (Rad) vs. (4) Kamalu Anahu (KSH)
— Anahu, fall 2:39
Kelii Pelekane (Keal) vs. Manaia Wolfgramm (KSK)
— Wolfgramm, MD 10-1

(2) Vincent Terrell (Pun) vs. Naikoa Simao (Lei)
— Simao, D 8-5
(4) Kamalu Anahu (KSH) vs. Manaia Wolfgramm (KSK)
— Wolfgramm, D 6-5

Naikoa Simao (Lei) vs. Devin Shimabukuro (Mryk)
— Simao, D 11-4
Manaia Wolfgramm (KSK) vs. Mark Butcher (Kalh)
— Wolfgramm, D 3-1