Boys 138

2019 State Championships

Leilehua’s Kaena Desantos beat Kanai Tapia of Kamehameha to win Officials in December. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Kawehi Gillcoat (Lah) vs. (2) Kaena Desantos (Lei)
— Desantos, D 14-12

Desantos: “It’s the best feeling ever, man. I can’t explain my feeling right now. I worked so hard for this all season. I stayed undefeated and I sticked to my plan. I like the excitement, especially beating a good guy like that. He was undefeated. I was undefeated. I wanted that thing more. When it came to third round I knew he was dying out.”

Notes: Two ranked pound-for-pound wrestlers square off for the title. Desantos with the quick two. Gillcoat roars back though and is up 10-4 in the second … Desantos with four quick points to end the second and it’s 10-8 Gillcoat after two … Desantos storms back and gets control for a 12-10 lead with 40 seconds to go … Back and forth they go as Gillcoat gets an escape with seconds to go. He is chasing Desantos around the circle but not enough time. Desantos storms back from 10-4 in the second to win 14-12.


Elijah Diamond (Mil) vs. (3) Kanai Tapia (KSK)
— Tapia, MD 13-2


Blaze Sumiye (Moan) vs. (4) Elijah Apao (Hilo)
— Apao, Fft.



(1) Kawehi Gillcoat (Lah) vs. Elijah Diamond (Mil)
— Gillcoat, fall 1:33
(3) Kanai Tapia (KSK) vs. (2) Kaena Desantos (Lei)
— Desantos, D 5-3

There are TONS of state experience in these semis, as the athletes have combined to wrestle in 48 state matches in their careers. Gillcoat lead the way with 17 and is assured his fourth state medal but definitely wants more after finishing second last year, his first trip above the second step. Diamond won four matches at states last year and will be rewarded with his second state medal after taking fifth last year. He joins Zack (3), Isaac (2) and Chad (3) as members of the family with more than one medal and could be the first to win it all after those three all lost twice in the state final. Desantos beat Tapia for the Officials crown and can improve upon his third-place finish last year with a victory over the ILH champion. Desantos beat Diamond at states last year but lost to Gillcoat as a freshman.


(1) Kawehi Gillcoat (Lah) vs. Zachary Urabe (Pun)
— Gillcoat, def.
Elijah Diamond (Mil) vs. (4) Elijah Apao (Hilo)
— Diamond, dec. 10-7
(3) Kanai Tapia (KSK) vs. Kekoa Catiel (Lan)
— Tapia, MD 10-0
Bronson Adric (Bald) vs. (2) Kaena Desantos (Lei)
— Desantos, fall 1:58


(1) Kawehi Gillcoat (Lah) vs. Jayven Lomavita (PC)
— Gillcoat, fall 2:46
Zachary Urabe (Pun) vs. Blaze Sumiye (Moan)
— Urabe, def.
Jaiden Ogata (Kauai) vs. Elijah Diamond (Mil)
— Diamond, fall 1:27
(4) Elijah Apao (Hilo) vs. Evan Nishida (MPI)
— Apao, dec. 5-3
(3) Kanai Tapia (KSK) vs. Max Higa (Roos)
— Tapia, fall 1:54
Maxwell Ostrowski (Aiea) vs. Kekoa Catiel (Lan)
— Catiel, MD 13-0
Jayden Ferris (Kona) vs. Bronson Adric (Bald)
— Adric, dec. 5-1
(2) Kaena Desantos (Lei) vs. Noah Brigoli (Iol)
— Desantos, dec. 7-1


Jayven Lomavita (PC) vs. Carlos Lopez (Keaau)
— Lomavita, fall 5:16
Evan Nishida (MPI) vs. Trevor Tamashiro (Kais)
— Nishida, dec. 6-4
Max Higa (Roos) vs. Greyson Lee (Cast)
— Higa, dec. 8-3
Daniel Branigan (Wain) vs. Noah Brigoli (Iol)
— Brigoli, fall 2:22


Jayven Lomavita (PC) vs. Blaze Sumiye (Moan)
— Sumiye, fall :56
Jaiden Ogata (Kauai) vs. Evan Nishida (MPI)
— Nishida, TF 18-1
Max Higa (Roos) vs. Maxwell Ostrowski (Aiea)
— Higa, dec. 9-7
Jayden Ferris (Kona) vs. Noah Brigoli (Iol)
— Brigoli, dec. 9-5

Blaze Sumiye (Moan) vs. Bronson Adric (Bald)
— Sumiye, fall 4:30
Evan Nishida (MPI) vs. Kekoa Catiel (Lan)
— Caitel, dec. 8-1
Max Higa (Roos) vs. (4) Elijah Apao (Hilo)
— Apao, dec. 5-0
Noah Brigoli (Iol) vs. Zachary Urabe (Pun)
— Brigoli, Fft.

Blaze Sumiye (Moan) vs. Kekoa Catiel (Lan)
— Sumiye, D 5-0
(4) Elijah Apao (Hilo) vs. Noah Brigoli (Iol)
— Apao, D 7-3

Blaze Sumiye (Moan) vs. Elijah Diamond (Mil)
— Diamond, DQ
(4) Elijah Apao (Hilo) vs. (3) Kanai Tapia (KSK)
— Tapia, fall 3:25