Boys 132

2019 State Championships

Saint Louis’ Ansen Ursua, top, enters the state tournament No. 1 at 132 pounds after winning the ILH title. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Ansen Ursua (StL) vs. Casen Watanabe (Pun)
— Ursua, D 3-1

Ursua: “I can’t explain it right now. I’ve been wanting this for like two years and I finally got it. I placed fourth two times in a row. It added more fuel to the fire. I’m thankful. I’m not surprised because I’ve been on top of my weight class this whole entire season. I knew I was confident because I had beaten this guy before and I knew I could do it again. I’m so happy I accomplished it.”

Notes: Rematch of ILH final won by Urusa. Buffanblu boys have been on a run in the finals tonight though. Watanabe with a tough battle but Ursua stays ahead the whole way.


(4) Jediah Borge (Kalh) vs. Jules Marinas (Bald)
— Borge, fall 2:55


Isaac Ignacio (Iol) vs. (2) Jesse Dudoit (Lah)
— Dudoit, MD 13-0


(1) Ansen Ursua (StL) vs. (4) Jediah Borge (Kalh)
— Ursua, MD 16-5
Casen Watanabe (Pun) vs. (2) Jesse Dudoit (Lah)
— Watanabe, MD 17-8

Whatever Rysan Leong has cooking in the Kalaheo wrestling room, it is working for Borge, who burst into the state semifinals as the OIA champion after taking a meager sixth in this weight class at Officials. He can expect to have his hands full with Ursua, who beat Watanabe in the finals at Officials and has placed fourth at states the last two years. Watanabe, the runner up to Ursua in last week’s ILH championships, will get his third state medal as well after losing to Cabanban in last year’s final. Watanabe has reached the semis for the third straight year, but two years ago he forfeited through the consolation bracket to take sixth. Dudoit, the MIL champion, took fourth at states last year and is coming down from 145 where he took sixth at Officials.


(1) Ansen Ursua (StL) vs. Noa Helm (KSM)
— Ursua, fall 1:34
Jules Marinas (Bald) vs. (4) Jediah Borge (Kalh)
— Borge, MD 11-1
(3) Waylon Spain (Waik) vs. Casen Watanabe (Pun)
— Watanabe, MD 16-4
Josiah Lum (HBA) vs. (2) Jesse Dudoit (Lah)
— Dudoit, fall 1:45


(1) Ansen Ursua (StL) vs. Brock Gooman (Camp)
— Ursua, TF 16-1
Noa Helm (KSM) vs. Arjun Thompson (Keal)
— Heim, dec. 13-6
Jules Marinas (Bald) vs. Maka Aiwohi (Keaau)
— Marinas, MD 12-3
(4) Jediah Borge (Kalh) vs. Isaac Ignacio (Iol)
— Borge, dec. 7-2
(3) Waylon Spain (Waik) vs. Dante Bareng (Aiea)
— Spain, fall 1:02
Logan Leialoha (Rad) vs. Casen Watanabe (Pun)
— Watanabe, MD 12-2
Kade Okura (Kaln) vs. Josiah Lum (HBA)
— Lum, dec. 10-3
(2) Jesse Dudoit (Lah) vs. Rustin Kauhane (Nan)
— Dudoit, fall 4:25


Nicholas Christoff (Kais) vs. Brock Gooman (Camp)
— Gooman, fall 3:49
Fenua Aiu (Kah) vs. Isaac Ignacio (Iol)
— Ignacio, dec. 7-2
Cheyse Amburgey (Mil) vs. Dante Bareng (Aiea)
— Bareng, dec. 4-0
Rustin Kauhane (Nan) vs. Kamaehu Akina (KSH)
— Kauhane, fall 2:19


Brock Gooman (Camp) vs. Arjun Thompson (Keal)
— Gooman, MD 10-2
Maka Aiwohi (Keaau) vs. Isaac Ignacio (Iol)
— Ignacio, dec. 4-2
Dante Bareng (Aiea) vs. Logan Leialoha (Rad)
— Leialoha, dec. 2-1
Kade Okura (Kaln) vs. Rustin Kauhane (Nan)
— Okura

Brock Gooman (Camp) vs. Josiah Lum (HBA)
— Gooman, dec. 6-3
Isaac Ignacio (Iol) vs. (3) Waylon Spain (Waik)
— Ignacio, dec. 3-1
Logan Leialoha (Rad) vs. Jules Marinas (Bald)
— Marinas, dec. 7-4
Kade Okura (Kaln) vs. Noa Helm (KSM)
— Okura, fall 2:01

Brock Gooman (Camp) vs. Isaac Ignacio (Iol)
— Ignacio, D 5-3
Jules Marinas (Bald) vs. Kade Okura (Kaln)
— Marinas, D 6-4

Isaac Ignacio (Iol) vs. (4) Jediah Borge (Kalh)
— Borge, D 3-0
Jules Marinas (Bald) vs. (2) Jesse Dudoit (Lah)
— Marinas, D 5-3