Boys 126

2019 State Championships

Kamehameha’s Kysen Terukina, ranked No. 1 pound-for-pound, is going for his third state championship. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Kysen Terukina (KSK) vs. Elijah Kaawa (StL)
–Terukina, D 4-1

Terukina: “I wrestle these guys all the time and I know I don’t have to score a bunch of points to win. Just control the points, even if there is a little bit points on the board, it’s all right as long as I’m controlling the mat and staying on top. I wrestle these guys all season long so it gets pretty much repetitive. They change up here and there but I already got them on lockdown.”

Notes: Terukina going for his third here. Pretty workmanlike performance although Kaawa hasn’t rolled over by any means.


(2) Zeff Dudoit (Lah) vs. Brady Hoshino (Iol)
— Dudoit, D 6-2


(4) Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Kahilihiwa Joy (Bald)
— Joy, D 7-5



(1) Kysen Terukina (KSK) vs. (4) Weiyi Zheng (Aiea)
— Terukina, MD 15-2
Elijah Kaawa (StL) vs. Brady Hoshino (Iol)
— Kaawa, D 6-5

This semifinal has a decided ILH flavor, which might be a part of the reason for Terukina’s dominance. Zheng, who finished sixth at states last year, is no stranger to staring down a legend as he drew Corey Cabanaban in the first round last year and Zeff Dudoit in the consolation round. Hoshino and Kaawa are familiar league foes, finishing second and third to Terukina in both the ILH championships and states last year. Hoshino finished second to Terukina at Officials while Kaawa slipped to fifth.


(1) Kysen Terukina (KSK) vs. Kahilihiwa Joy (Bald)
— Terukina, fall 5:56
Kolee Pedro-Tabilangan (Mol) vs. (4) Weiyi Zheng (Aiea)
— Zheng, TF 16-0
(3) Caleb Shimaoka (Waik) vs. Elijah Kaawa (StL)
— Kaawa, dec. 5-3
Brady Hoshino (Iol) vs. (2) Zeff Dudoit (Lah)
— Hoshino, dec. 7-2


(1) Kysen Terukina (KSK) vs. Andrew Trent (McK)
— Terukina, fall 1:01
Legend Rasay (Hilo) vs. Kahilihiwa Joy (Bald)
— Joy, fall 1:16
Ian Sok (Waim) vs. Kolee Pedro-Tabilangan (Mol)
— Pedro-Tabilangan, fall 2:57
(4) Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Oliver Nishikawa (Pun)
— Zheng, fall 5:27
(3) Caleb Shimaoka (Waik) vs. James Lum (PC)
— Shimaoka, dec. 12-7
Ashton Manibusan (Rad) vs. Elijah Kaawa (StL)
— Kaawa, fall 3:14
Rylen Uyeno (Kais) vs. Brady Hoshino (Iol)
— Hoshino, TF 17-2
(2) Zeff Dudoit (Lah) vs. Joshua Paz (Camp)
— Dudoit, MD 17-5


Andrew Trent (McK) vs. Alec Fong (Moan)
— Trent, dec. 5-1
Jeremiah Borce (HPA) vs. Oliver Nishikawa (Pun)
— Nishikawa, dec. 5-4
Ridge Ono (Kaln) vs. James Lum (PC)
— Lum, fall 4:54
Joshua Paz (Camp) vs. Bronson Labra (Keaau)
— Paz, fall 3:17


Andrew Trent (McK) vs. Legend Rasay (Hilo)
— Rasay, dec. 4-2
Ian Sok (Waim) vs. Oliver Nishikawa (Pun)
— Nishikawa, Def.
James Lum (PC) vs. Ashton Manibusan (Rad)
— Lum, dec. 7-3
Rylen Uyeno (Kais) vs. Joshua Paz (Camp)
— Paz, fall 1:52

Legend Rasay (Hilo) vs. (2) Zeff Dudoit (Lah)
— Dudoit, MD 15-3
Oliver Nishikawa (Pun) vs. (3) Caleb Shimaoka (Waik)
— Shimaoka, fall :331
James Lum (PC) vs. Kolee Pedro-Tabilangan (Mol)
— Pedro-Tabilangan, dec. 8-3
Joshua Paz (Camp) vs. Kahilihiwa Joy (Bald)
— Joy, dec. 7-2

(2) Zeff Dudoit (Lah) vs. (3) Caleb Shimaoka (Waik)
— Dudoit, 10-7
Kolee Pedro-Tabilangan (Mol) vs. Kahilihiwa Joy (Bald)
— Joy, MD 10-1

(2) Zeff Dudoit (Lah) vs. (4) Weiyi Zheng (Aiea)
— Dudoit, D 9-6
Kahilihiwa Joy (Bald) vs. Brady Hoshino (Iol)
— Hoshino, D 9-4