Boys 120

2019 State Championships

Kamehameha’s Brant Porter beat Moanalua’s Elijah Asuncion to win the 120-pound title at Officials and will try to win states two divisions up from his 106-pound title a year ago. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Brant Porter (KSK) vs. Branson Magsayo (StL)
— Porter, fall 5:16

Porter: “It’s amazing. Trained hard for this. Dozens of hours just for a six-minute match. It doesn’t really matter as long as I came out with the victory I’d be happy. The pin was just for team points.”

Notes: Rematch of the ILH final won by Porter, who was second at states last year. Porter in full control of this match and he works the pin in the third. His No. 10 pound-for-pound ranking could go up regardless of where people in front of him won or not. Impressive performance on a night that the league rematches in the state final have not been necessarily going to the repeat winner.


(3) Kanoa Lanoza (Lah) vs. Koby Chun (Kais)
— Chun, D 6-4


(4) Kobby Faeldonea (Keal) vs. (2) Elijah Asuncion (Moan)
— Asuncion, D 6-2



(1) Brant Porter (KSK) vs. (4) Kobby Faeldonea (Keal)
— Porter, D 8-2
Branson Magsayo (StL) vs. (2) Elijah Asuncion (Moan)
— Magsayo, MD 8-0

The tournament’s most competitive bracket might have its most competitive semifinals. Porter and Asuncion have each won 10 times at the Blaisdell, with Asuncion already holding a state championship and both elites in line for their third medals. Porter has finished second and third and never lost twice in a tournament, Asuncion lost twice two years ago in finishing fourth. For all of his accomplishments, Porter doesn’t get much of an edge in state experience over Faeldonea, who has taken the mat 13 times to Porter’s 12, going 7-6 but earning only a fifth-place medal last year. ILH runner-up Magsayo is the wild card, participating in his first state tournament after taking apart Lanoza and Vento. Looking ahead to the final, Porter beat Asuncion for the Officials title in December.


(1) Brant Porter (KSK) vs. Koby Chun (Kais)
— Porter, dec. 12-6
Mason Stoll Tolentino (Kauai) vs. (4) Kobby Faeldonea (Keal)
— Faeldonea, fft.
(3) Kanoa Lanoza (Lah) vs. Branson Magsayo (StL)
— Magsayo, MD 14-0
Carmello Castillo (Hilo) vs. (2) Elijah Asuncion (Moan)
— Asuncion, fall 1:35


(1) Brant Porter (KSK) vs. Carlos Masuko (KSH)
— Porter, fall 1:45
Gabriel Valdez (Bald) vs. Koby Chun (Kais)
— Chun, MD 9-0
Mason Stoll Tolentino (Kauai) vs. Peter Natividad (Lei)
— Tolentino, Def.
(4) Kobby Faeldonea (Keal) vs. Trystan Ah Yat (KSM)
— Faeldonea, fall 3:17
(3) Kanoa Lanoza (Lah) vs. Gabriel Daquioag (Far)
— Lanoza, fall 2:45
Joseph Vento (Waik) vs. Branson Magsayo (StL)
— Magsayo, fall 1:38
Carmello Castillo (Hilo) vs. Ammen Tawfik (MPI)
— Castillo, dec. 6-4
(2) Elijah Asuncion (Moan) vs. Blake Takamori (Kail)
— Asuncion, fall :34


Alden Anderson (McK) vs. Carlos Masuko (KSH)
— Masuko, fall 4:53
Trystan Ah Yat (KSM) vs. Dustin Bajarin-Freitas (Iol)
— Ah Yat, MD 16-5
Gabriel Daquioag (Far) vs. Atalbert Debrum (Kapo)
— Daquioag, fall 3:14
Jack Kobayashi (Kaln) vs. Blake Takamori (Kail)
— Takamori, dec. 6-5


Carlos Masuko (KSH) vs. Gabriel Valdez (Bald)
— Valdez, fall 2:14
Peter Natividad (Lei) vs. Trystan Ah Yat (KSM)
— Ah Yat, Fft.
Gabriel Daquioag (Far) vs. Joseph Vento (Waik)
— Vento, fall 2:28
Ammen Tawfik (MPI) vs. Blake Takamori (Kail)
— Tawfik, fall 1:58

Gabriel Valdez (Bald) vs. Carmello Castillo (Hilo)
— Valdez, dec. 14-9
Trystan Ah Yat (KSM) vs. (3) Kanoa Lanoza (Lah)
— Lanoza, fall 3:49
Joseph Vento (Waik) vs. Mason Stoll Tolentino (Kauai)
— Vento, Fft.
Ammen Tawfik (MPI) vs. Koby Chun (Kais)
— Chun, fall 2:19

Gabriel Valdez (Bald) vs. (3) Kanoa Lanoza (Lah)
— Lanoza, D 8-4
Joseph Vento (Waik) vs. Koby Chun (Kais)
— Chun, MD 10-0

(3) Kanoa Lanoza (Lah) vs. (4) Kobby Faeldonea (Keal)
— Lanoza, D 7-6
Koby Chun (Kais) vs. (2) Elijah Asuncion (Moan)
— Chun, D 4-3