Boys 113

2019 State Championships

Baldwin’s Colby Ravida, top, will attempt to win the state title at 113 pounds after winning it at 106 last year. Photo by Dennis Oda/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Coby Ravida (Bald) vs. (2) Sheydon Tomisato (KSK)
— Ravida, D 6-4

Ravida: “People were expecting me to train hard and take first again so I did my best to try to live up to expectations and training hard, especially when I was out during the preseason tournaments (sprained ankle). That motivated me to try even harder.”

Notes: Ravida looks for a second straight state crown. Ravida with two impressive takedowns in the opening minute … Tomisato not going away without a fight though and the medical staff is out checking with Ravida on blood with Ravida ahead 4-2 with 11 seconds left in the second period … Tomisato with a last-gasp effort at the end getting a roar from the crowd. He gets two but that’s it. Over.


Thomas Nitta (Kalh) vs. Alan Sanchez Jr. (Lanai)
— Sanchez Jr., D 6-2


Cael Yasutake (Lah) vs. Scott Fujishima (MPI)
— Yasutake, D 8-3


(1) Coby Ravida (Bald) vs. (4) Thomas Nitta (Kalh)
— Ravida, fall 3:56
Alan Sanchez Jr. (Lanai) vs. (2) Sheydon Tomisato (KSK)
— Tomisato, D 11-4

Ravida, the defending state champ, got a late start to the season but is at full force now and has already assured his third medal. The rest of the semifinalists will receive their first state jewelry this year, giving Ravida a decided advantage. Nitta has made great strides since December when he finished fifth in this weight class at Officials. Tomisato won that tournament easily, but can’t overlook Sanchez, who beat Ravida 10-4 in the consolation semifinals two years ago but lost to him last week at the MIL championships. Sanchez has guaranteed a state placer from Lanai for the third straight year, the school has never done that before.


(1) Coby Ravida (Bald) vs. Scott Fujishima (MPI)
— Ravida, MD 14-0
Hale Robinson (Pun) vs. (4) Thomas Nitta (Kalh)
— Nitta, dec. 9-2
(3) Brayden Spain (Waik) vs. Alan Sanchez Jr. (Lanai)
— Sanchez Jr., MD 9-1
Cael Yasutake (Lah) vs. (2) Sheydon Tomisato (KSK)
— Tomisato, dec. 9-3


(1) Coby Ravida (Bald) vs. Dylan Cuesta (Mil)
— Ravida, fall 3:53
Colby Bowman (KSH) vs. Scott Fujishima (MPI)
— Fujishima, dec. 4-2
Kylen Aana (Waim) vs. Hale Robinson (Pun)
— Robinson, fall 1:46
(4) Thomas Nitta (Kalh) vs. Keane Escaba (Moan)
— Nitta, fall 1:30
(3) Brayden Spain (Waik) vs. Kinau McBrayer (Kapo)
— Spain, fall 5:20
Ramos Suzuki (Kaln) vs. Alan Sanchez Jr. (Lanai)
— Sanchez Jr., fall :33
Dylan Ramos (Lei) vs. Cael Yasutake (Lah)
— Yasutake, fall 3:15
(2) Sheydon Tomisato (KSK) vs. Danton Daquel (McK)
— Tomisato, fall :58


Micah Ongies-Vellalos (PC) vs. Dylan Cuesta (Mil)
— Cuesta, fall :49
Foti Tulensru (Keal) vs. Keane Escaba (Moan)
— Escaba, fall 1:12
Kinau McBrayer (Kapo) vs. Breyson Chang (Mryk)
— McBrayer, fall 3:57
Danton Daquel (McK) vs. Rajah Lowe (Lau)
— Daquel, fall 1:00


Dylan Cuesta (Mil) vs. Colby Bowman (KSH)
— Bowman, dec. 6-1
Kylen Aana (Waim) vs. Keane Escaba (Moan)
— Escaba, fall :27
Kinau McBrayer (Kapo) vs. Ramos Suzuki (Kaln)
— McBrayer, dec. 8-6
Dylan Ramos (Lei) vs. Danton Daquel (McK)
— Ramos, fall 3:34

Colby Bowman (KSH) vs. Cael Yasutake (Lah)
— Yasutake, dec. 8-5
Keane Escaba (Moan) vs. (3) Brayden Spain (Waik)
— Spain, dec. 5-2
Kinau McBrayer (Kapo) vs. Hale Robinson (Pun)
— McBrayer, fall 1:17
Dylan Ramos (Lei) vs. Scott Fujishima (MPI)
— Fujishima, fall 2:25

Cael Yasutake (Lah) vs. (3) Brayden Spain (Waik)
— Yasutake
Kinau McBrayer (Kapo) vs. Scott Fujishima (MPI)
— Fujishima, fall 4:27

Cael Yasutake (Lah) vs. (4) Thomas Nitta (Kalh)
— Nitta, D 4-2
Scott Fujishima (MPI) vs. Alan Sanchez Jr. (Lanai)
— Sanchez, D 9-6