Boys 106

2019 State Championships

Punahou’s Mason Stefanelli won the 106-pound title at Officials in December after beating Baldwin’s Tobey Ravida, the No. 1 seed at 106 pounds in the state tournament, in the final. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Tobey Ravida (Bald) vs. (3) Mason Stefanelli (Pun)
— Stefanelli, MD 13-0

Stefanelli: “I just felt like I was ready going into this match and the one before it. I trusted all my work done and it paid off. Just one at a time.”

Notes: Stefanelli won at Officials but was given the third seed behind Ravida. Stefanelli wrestling early like a man possessed nearly finishes it and leads 5-0. Now 8-0 in the second with an escape and a takedown. Domination from the Punahou wrestler going for the Buffanblu’s third individual boys title. He finishes it off 13-0.


Robert Frias (Iol) vs. (2) Nicholas Cordeiro (Wain)
— Cordeiro, D 3-0


Chaz Kuikahi-Molina (KSK) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Lei)
— Chanthabouasith, MD 13-1



(1) Tobey Ravida (Bald) vs. Robert Frias (Iol)
— Ravida, D 8-4
(3) Mason Stefanelli (Pun) vs. (2) Nicholas Cordeiro (Wain)
— Steffanelli

Freshman phenoms abound in this semifinal with Ravida and Steffaneli. Frias can lose to a Ravida in the main bracket for the second straight year, falling to Colby last year. Both Frias, the ILH runner up, and Cordeiro have state experience and both figure to improve on last year when Frias didn’t make the podium and Cordeiro only made it to the first step with a sixth-place finish. Cordeiro didn’t wrestle at Officials, but Stefanelli-Ravida-Frias finished 1-2-3 at 106 in that order.


(1) Tobey Ravida (Bald) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Lei)
— Ravida, dec. 8-6
Robert Frias (Iol) vs. Randy Kubo (DMS)
— Frias, fall 1:00
(3) Mason Stefanelli (Pun) vs. Luke Herchelman (Kona)
— Stefanelli, fall 3:25
Raizen Aina (KSH) vs. (2) Nicholas Cordeiro (Wain)
— Cordeiro, TF 16-0


(1) Tobey Ravida (Bald) vs. Jarren Seson (HBA)
— Ravida, fall :53
Chaz Kuikahi-Molina (KSK) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Lei)
— Chanthabouasith, dec. 8-1
Robert Frias (Iol) vs. Dayne Takai (Moan)
— Frias, MD 8-0
(4) Siosi Tulensru (Keal) vs. Randy Kubo (DMS)
— Kubo, fall 5:12
(3) Mason Stefanelli (Pun) vs. Brayden Kamimura (Kaln)
— Stefanelli, fall 3:24
Antonio Paulino (Lah) vs. Luke Herchelman (Kona)
— Herchelman, MD 10-2
Kapena Vitcovich (KSM) vs. Raizen Aina (KSH)
— Aina, dec. 9-6
(2) Nicholas Cordeiro (Wain) vs. Cyrus Bucsit (StL)
— Cordeiro, fall 1:14


Brendan Lauronal (Kalh) vs. Jarren Seson (HBA)
— Seson, MD 12-1
Randy Kubo (DMS) vs. Keane Foster (Far)
— Kubo, fall 3:35
Bronson Maele (Camp) vs. Brayden Kamimura (Kaln)
— Kamimura, fall 2:16
Kauhane Harding (Kapo) vs. Cyrus Bucsit (StL)
— Bucsit, fall 1:58


Jarren Seson (HBA) vs. Chaz Kuikahi-Molina (KSK)
— Kuikahi-Molina, dec. 5-1
Dayne Takai (Moan) vs. (4) Siosi Tulensru (Keal)
— Takai, dec. 6-4
Brayden Kamimura (Kaln) vs. Antonio Paulino (Lah)
— Kamimura, fall 4:19
Kapena Vitcovich (KSM) vs. Cyrus Bucsit (StL)
— Bucsit, fall 2:37

Chaz Kuikahi-Molina (KSK) vs. Raizen Aina (KSH)
— Kuikahi-Molina, MD 12-2
Dayne Takai (Moan) vs. Luke Herchelman (Kona)
— Takai, MD 9-1
Brayden Kamimura (Kaln) vs. Randy Kubo (DMS)
— Kamimura, dec. 7-0
Cyrus Bucsit (StL) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Lei)
— Chanthabouasith, dec. 8-4

Chaz Kuikahi-Molina (KSK) vs. Dayne Takai (Moan)
— Kuikahi-Molina, D 3-2
Brayden Kamimura (Kaln) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Lei)
— Chanthabouasith, D 18-12

Chaz Kuikahi-Molina (KSK) vs. Robert Frias (Iol)
— Frias, D 1-0
Khansith Chanthabouasith (Lei) vs. (2) Nicholas Cordeiro (Wain)
— Cordeiro, fall 2:46