Girls 225

2018 State Championships

Kahuku’s Tangiteina Niutupuivaha won an OIA title at 225 pounds earlier this month. Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.


(1) Tangiteina Niutupuivaha vs. (2) Celine Gomes (Baldwin)
— Niutupuivaha fall 1:16
THIRD: Luhiehua Pedro (Mol) vs. (4) Tanielle Ellis (Pun)
— Ellis 4-0
FIFTH: Shannlynne Mahoe (Nan) vs. (3) Myra Liufau (Keal)
— Mahoe fall 2:15


(1) Tangiteina Niutupuivaha vs. (4) Tenielle Ellis (Punahou)
— Niutupuivaha fall 2:38
(3) Myra Liufau (Keaau) vs. (2) Celine Gomes (Baldwin)
— Gomes fall 2:30


(1) Tangiteina Niutupuivaha vs. Leona Toledo (Hilo)
— Niutupuivaha fall 2:37
(4) Tenielle Ellis (Punahou) vs. Luhiehua Pedro (Molokai)
— Ellis 2-1
(3) Myra Liufau (Keaau) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nanakuli)
— Liufau fall 1:10
(2) Celine Gomes (Baldwin) vs. Kahani Siuta (Aiea)
— Gomes fall 1:41


(1) Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kah) vs. BYE
— Niutupuivaha gets a bye
Elizabeth Sesepasara Jennings (Mil) vs. Leona Toledo (Hilo)
— Toledo pin, 2:47
Luhiehua Pedro (Mol) vs. Jane Hironaka (Kais)
Pedro pin, 1:11
(4) Tanielle Ellis (Pun) vs. Chloe Yuen (Moan)
Ellis pin, 0:38
(3) Myra Liufau (Keal) vs. BYE
–Liufau advances unopposed
Kailani Badajos-Hawelu (Lei) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nan)
— Mahoe pin, 1:55
Jamie Ohia (Hon) vs. Kehani Siuta (Aiea)
— Siuta pin, 0:13
(2) Celine Gomes (Bald) vs. BYE
— Gomes advances unopposed

Recap: The only seed in action needs just 38 seconds to move on, Aiea’s Kehani Siuta needs only 13 seconds to set up a match with Gomes.


Elizabeth Sesepasara Jennings (Mililani) gets a bye
— Jennings
Jane Hironaka (Kaiser) vs. Chloe Yuen (Moanalua)
— Yuen fall 2:21
Kailani Badajos-Hawelu (Leilehua) gets a bye
— Badajos-Hawelu
Jamie Ohia (Honokaa) gets a bye
— Ohia

Elizabeth Sesepasara Jennings (Mililani) vs. Kehani Siuta (Aiea)
— Siuta fall 2:17
Chloe Yuen (Moanalua) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nan)
— Mahoe fall :45
Kailani Badajos-Hawelu (Leilehua) vs. Luhiehua Pedro (Mol)
— Pedro fall :28
Jamie Ohia (Honokaa) vs. Leona Toledo (Hilo)
— Toledo fall :13

Kehani Siuta (Aiea) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nan)
— Mahoe fall 4:21
Luhiehua Pedro (Mol) vs. Leona Toledo (Hilo)
— Pedroa 3-1

Shannlynne Mahoe (Nan) vs. (4) Tanielle Ellis (Pun)
— Ellis fall 4:24
Luhiehua Pedro (Mol) vs. (3) Myra Liufau (Keal)
— Pedro 8-3

OIA: Tangiteina Niutupuivaha, Kahuku
ILH: Tenielle Ellis, Punahou
MIL: Celine Gomes, Baldwin
BIIF: Myra Liufau, Kealakehe