Girls 102

2018 State Championships

Three-time MIL champion Ira Navarro of Lahainaluna is looking for her second state title. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/Star-Advertiser.


(1) Ira Navarro (Lah) vs. (2) Kaitlin Ito (P5)
— Navarro 7-5
THIRD: Kennedy Javier (Mil) vs. Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun)
— Javier 5-2
FIFTH: Tianna Fernandez (Bald) vs. Shaina Miyasato Kawaguchi (Lei)
— Fernandez 15-0


(1) Ira Navarro (Lah) vs. *Shaina Miyasato Kawaguchi (Lei)
— Navarro fall 1:35
Tianna Fernandez (Bald) vs. (2) Kaitlin Ito (P5)
— Ito fall 2:54

*Campbell’s Majesty Terukina is out of the tournament due to an issue stemming from the OIA championships. She was not allowed to compete in the state tournament but officials missed it. Kealakehe’s Shanen Arellano and Leilehua’s Shaina Miyasato Kawaguchi, the two girls Terukina beat, wrestled for a spot in the semifinals with Kawaguchi winning by pin in 5:22.


(1) Ira Navarro (Lah) vs. Kennedy Javier (Mil)
— Navarro fall 3:24
BYE Shaina Miyasato Kawaguchi (Lei)
(3) Anjelynn Baron (Roos) vs. Tianna Fernandez (Bald)
— Fernandez 7-1
Giana Ragudos (Aiea) vs. (2) Kaitlin Ito (P5)
— Ito fall 3:39


(1) Ira Navarro (Lah) vs. BYE
— Navarro
Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) vs. Kennedy Javier (Mil)
— Javier 6-3
Shanen Arellano (Keal) vs. BYE
(4) Sarai Valdez (Kauai) vs. Shaina Miyasato Kawaguchi (Lei)
— Kawaguchi fall 3:23
(3) Anjelynn Baron (Roos) BYE
— Baron
Regine Gustilatar (Moan) vs. Tianna Fernandez (Bald)
— Fernandez fall 2:46
Giana Ragudos (Aiea) vs. Sydni Kim (Iol)
— Ragudos fall 1:58
(2) Kaitlin Ito (P5) BYE
— Ito

Recap: Kalaheo’s Caitlin Larkin and BIIF champion Tayla Lee did not compete so brackets were adjusted.


Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) BYE
(4) Sarai Valdez (Kauai) BYE
Regine Gustilatar (Moan) BYE
Sydni Kim (Iol) BYE


Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) vs. Giana Ragudos (Aiea)
— Kogachi 12-1
(4) Sarai Valdez (Kauai) vs. (3) Anjelynn Baron (Roos)
— Baron fall :40
Regine Gustilatar (Moan) vs. Shanen Arellano (Keal)
— Gusilatar fall 4:17
Kennedy Javier (Mil) vs. Sydni Kim (Iol)
— Javier 15-3


Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) vs. (3) Anjelynn Baron (Roos)
— Kogachi 1-0
Regine Gustilatar (Moan) vs. Kennedy Javier (Mil)
— Javier 9-2

Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) vs. Shaina Miyasato Kawaguchi (Lei)
Kennedy Javier (Mil) vs. Tianna Fernandez (Bald)

OIA: Anjelynn Baron, Roosevelt
ILH: Kaitlin Ito, Pac-Five
MIL: Ira Navarro, Lahainaluna
BIIF: Tayla Lee, Hilo
KIF: Sarai Valdez, Kauai