Boys 195

2018 State Championships

Campbell’s Alize Wright, top, is looking to break through for a state title after finishing second last year. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.


(1) Alize Wright (Camp) vs. (3) Laakea Ane (KSK)
— Wright 10-3
THIRD: Tao Tuulima (Kapo) vs. (2) Jonathan Aunese (Maui)
— Tuulima fall 3:28
FIFTH: Aidan Fernandes (PC) vs. Damien Agao Casabar (Moan)
— Fernandes 4-3


(1) Alize Wright (Camp) vs. Damien Agao Casabar (Moan)
— Wright 4-2
(3) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. Aidan Fernandes (PC)
— Ane 5-3


(1) Alize Wright (Camp) vs. Hunter Guerrero (StL)
— Wright fall 1:06
John Egami (Pun) vs. Damien Agao Casabar (Moan)
— Casabar fall 4:14
(3) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. Tao Tuulima (Kapo)
— Ane 7-5
Aidan Fernandes (PC) vs. Jayce Gonzales (Wain)
— Fernandes 8-5

Recap: Fernandes pulls it out in the third overtime. We’ve had a string of great matches right here at the end of the day.


(1) Alize Wright (Camp) vs. Abraham Mamizuka (Kais)
— Wright fall 1:35
Nyles Poikapala-Waiohu (Lah) vs. Hunter Guerrero (StL)
— Guerrero fall :31
(5) Jaime Mararagan (Waim) vs. John Egami (Pun)
— Egami fall 1:10
(4) Malosi Abraham (Keal) vs. Damien Agao Casabar (Moan)
— Casabar fall 5:38
(3) Laakea Ane (KSK) vs. Jesus Gerardo (McK)
— Ane 16-0
Kamea Konrad (HPA) vs. Tao Tuulima (Kapo)
— Tuulima fall 1:15
Travis Mabomba (Keaau) vs. Aidan Fernandes (PC)
— Fernandes fall 1:00
(2) Jonathan Aunese (Maui) vs. Jayce Gonzales (Wain)
— Gonzales 14-10

Recap: Waianae’s Gonzales is first wrestler to beat a 2 seed in the tournament.


Abraham Mamizuka (Kais) vs. Nyles Poikapala-Waiohu (Lah)
— Poikapala-Waiohu 6-5
(5) Jaime Mararagan (Waim) vs. (4) Malosi Abraham (Keal)
— Abraham fall :39
Jesus Gerardo (McK) vs. Kamea Konrad (HPA)
— Gerardo 4-0
Travis Mabomba (Keaau) vs. (2) Jonathan Aunese (Maui)
— Aunese fall :36

Nyles Poikapala-Waiohu (Lah) vs. Jayce Gonzales (Wain)
— Gonzales 5-2
(4) Malosi Abraham (Keal) vs. Tao Tuulima (Kapo)
— Tuulima fall 3:47
Jesus Gerardo (McK) vs. John Egami (Pun)
— Gerardo fall 3:44
(2) Jonathan Aunese (Maui) vs. Hunter Guerrero (StL)
— Aunese fall 5:51

Jayce Gonzales (Wain) vs. Tao Tuulima (Kapo)
Jesus Gerardo (McK) vs. (2) Jonathan Aunese (Maui)

OIA: Alize Wright, Campbell
ILH: Laakea Ane, Kamehameha
MIL: Jonathan Aunese, Maui
BIIF: Malosi Abraham, Kealakehe
KIF: Jaime Mararagan, Waimea