Boys 182

2018 State Championships

Leilehua’s Brett Barefoot is looking for a repeat state title. Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser


(1) Brett Barefoot (Lei) vs. Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Barefoot fall :43
THIRD: (2) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. Marvin Weilbacher (McK)
— Bates 6-3
FIFTH: Charles Naone (Nan) vs. (3) Kalea Correa (StL)
— Naone 10-3


(1) Brett Barefoot (Lei) vs. Charles Naone (Nan)
— Barefoot fall 5:43
(3) Kalea Correa (StL) vs. Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Keliihoomalu 11-3


(1) Brett Barefoot (Lei) vs. Frank Galios (Bald)
— Barefoot fall :49
Lahaina Kane (Kail) vs. Charles Naone (Nan)
— Naone fall 3:20
(3) Kalea Correa (StL) vs. Atui Valu (Wain)
— Correa fall 5:06
Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo) vs. (2) Ty Bates (Lah)
— Keliihoomalu 7-6

Recap: Controversy at the end of the Keliihoomalu/Bates match as Keliihoomalu is given four points in the final seconds to win 7-6. Two near falls which the Lunas coaching staff clearly doesn’t agree with.


(1) Brett Barefoot (Lei) vs. Kurvon Battle (Mil)
— Barefoot fall 2:53
Frank Galios (Bald) vs. Kaimipono Fisher (KSK)
— Galios fall 1:04
(5) Levi Eulalio (Kapaa) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kail)
— Kane fall 5:50
(4) Noah Armstrong-Smith (Keaau) vs. Charles Naone (Nan)
— Naone fall 2:23
(3) Kalea Correa (StL) vs. Andrew Stewart (Rad)
— Correa fall 3:47
Atui Valu (Wain) vs. Marvin Weilbacher (McK)
— Valu 11-6
Andrew Canonico (Pun) vs. Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapo)
— Keliihoomalu fall :55
(2) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. Kyairese Diego-Pula (Maui)
— Bates fall :25


Kurvon Battle (Mil) vs. Kaimipono Fisher (KSK)
— Fisher 8-4
(5) Levi Eulalio (Kapaa) vs. (4) Noah Armstrong-Smith (Keaau)
— Armstrong-Smith 8-2
Andrew Stewart (Rad) vs. Marvin Weilbacher (McK)
— Weilbacher 8-2
Andrew Canonico (Pun) vs. Kyairese Diego-Pula (Maui)
— Canonico fall 2:19

Kaimipono Fisher (KSK) vs. (2) Ty Bates (Lah)
— Bates fall 2:39
(4) Noah Armstrong-Smith (Keaau) vs. Atui Valu (Wain)
— Vain 3-2
Marvin Weilbacher (McK) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kail)
— Weilbacher 7-4
Andrew Canonico (Pun) vs. Frank Galios (Bald)
— Galios fall 3:49

(2) Ty Bates (Lah) vs. Atui Valu (Wain)
Marvin Weilbacher (McK) vs. Frank Galios (Bald)

OIA: Brett Barefoot, Leilehua
ILH: Kalea Correa, Saint Louis
MIL: Ty Bates, Lahainaluna
BIIF: Isaac Pavao, Waiakea
KIF: Levi Eulalio, Kapaa