Boys 170

2018 State Championships

Leilehua’s Keanu Punley, top, is looking to win Officials, OIA and states in the same season. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.


(1) Keanu Punley (Lei) vs. (2) Kaysen Takenaka (Iol)
— Takenaka 5-0
THIRD: Kasey Kikuyama (PC) vs. Kachi Respicio (Camp)
— Kikuyama 5-0
FIFTH: Salvador Gonzalez (Roos) vs. Kainalu Huddy (KSK)
— Gonzalez fall 2:59


(1) Keanu Punley (Lei) vs. Salvador Gonzalez (Roos)
— Punley 8-6
Kachi Respicio (Camp) vs. (2) Kaysen Takenaka (Iol)
— Takenaka 12-7

Recap: Punley goes extra time to pull out the win in the match of the morning. He has had to battle in every round to get to the final. How much does he have left?


(1) Keanu Punley (Lei) vs. Kainalu Huddy (KSK)
— Punley 6-2
Jake Grimme (HPA) vs. Salvador Gonzalez (Roos)
— Gonzales fall :27
Gianni Oyadomari (Kapo) vs. Kachi Respicio (Camp)
— Respicio 9-3
Kasey Kikuyama (PC) vs. (2) Kaysen Takenaka (Iol)
— Takenaka 7-5

Recap: Drama in the Kikuyama/Takenaka match. Probably the best match of the day. Kikuyama with an escape and a stal in the final seconds that seemed to have tied it at 5-5 but after a long talk, the scoreboard was missing a near fall on Takenaka and so he is given a 7-5 win. More to come on this match. Pearl City protested a takedown they thought Kikuyama wasn’t given credit for but it didn’t go through.


(1) Keanu Punley (Lei) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan)
— Punley 1-0
Kainalu Huddy (KSK) vs. Kaleo Mello (Kona)
— Huddy 10-4
(5) Kalama Fernandez (Waim) vs. Jake Grimme (HPA)
— Grimme 5-3
(4) Reeno Pascual (Lah) vs. Salvador Gonzalez (Roos)
— Gonzalez 6-4
(3) PJ Matsuura (Waik) vs. Gianni Oyadomari (Kapo)
— Oyadomari 10-6
Hudson Pak (Pun) vs. Kachi Respicio (Camp)
— Respicio 11-4
Noah Honokaupu (Maui) vs. Kasey Kikuyama (PC)
— Kikuyama 17-2
(2) Kaysen Takenaka (Iol) vs. Sitaleki Tongi (Kah)
— Takenaka fall 1:46


Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan) vs. Kaleo Mello (Kona)
— Crisostomo 13-6
(5) Kalama Fernandez (Waim) vs. (4) Reeno Pascual (Lah)
— Pascual fall :59
(3) PJ Matsuura (Waik) vs. Hudson Pak (Pun)
— Pak fall 4:06
Noah Honokaupu (Maui) vs. Sitaleki Tongi (Kah)
— Tongi 15-0

Jaycen Crisostomo (Moan) vs. Kasey Kikuyama (PC)
— Kikuyama 7-1
(4) Reeno Pascual (Lah) vs. Gianni Oyadomari (Kapo)
— Oyadomari 10-1
Hudson Pak (Pun) vs. Jake Grimme (HPA)
— Pak fall :56
Sitaleki Tongi (Kah) vs. Kainalu Huddy (KSK)
— Huddy 6-5

Kasey Kikuyama (PC) vs. Gianni Oyadomari (Kapo)
Hudson Pak (Pun) vs. Kainalu Huddy (KSK)

OIA: Keanu Punley, Leilehua
ILH: Kaysen Takenaka, ‘Iolani
MIL: Reeno Pascual, Lahainaluna
BIIF: PJ Matsuura, Waiakea
KIF: Kalama Fernandez, Waimea