Boys 126

2018 State Championships

All eyes will be on Saint Louis’ Corey Cabanban, who will attempt to end his career with a fourth state title. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser

VIDEO: Cabanban wins final


(1) Corey Cabanban (StL) vs. Casen Watanabe (Pun)
— Cabanban 7-2
THIRD: (4) Zeff Dudoit (Lah) vs. (2) Logan Garcia (Moan)
— Garcia 16-6
FIFTH: Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Isaac Stalcup (Lei)
— Stalcup fall 2:51


(1) Corey Cabanban (StL) vs. (4) Zeff Dudoit (Lah)
— Cabanban 13-2
Casen Watanabe (Pun) vs. (2) Logan Garcia (Moan)
— Watanabe fall 4:21

Recap: Watanabe pulled off a pin after Garcia dominated the first two rounds of the match.


(1) Corey Cabanban (StL) vs. Isaac Stalcup (Lei)
— Cabanban 3-1
Talon Muramaru (Hon) vs. (4) Zeff Dudoit (Lah)
— Dudoit 20-5
Jace Graves (Kalh) vs. Casen Watanabe (Pun)
— Watanabe fall :48
Jules Marinas (Bald) vs. (2) Logan Garcia (Moan)
— Garcia fall :55


(1) Corey Cabanban (StL) vs. Weiyi Zheng (Aiea)
— Cabanban fall 1:17
Isaac Stalcup (Lei) vs. Carlos Lopez-Keaau (Keaau)
— Stalcup fall 1:06
(5) Kainoa Rivera (Kapaa) vs. Talon Muramaru (Hon)
— Muramaru fall 1:35
(4) Zeff Dudoit (Lah) vs. Brock Gooman (Camp)
Dudoit fall 3:17
(3) Wayland Spain (Waik) vs. Jace Graves (Kalh)
— Graves 6-5
Michael Stovall (McK) vs. Casen Watanabe (Pun)
— Watanabe 16-0
Jules Marinas (Bald) vs. Travis Kon (Iol)
— Marinas 8-4
(2) Logan Garcia (Moan) vs. Isaac Hokama (Roos)
— Garcia fall 4:39

Recap: The first top-3 seed in the tournament goes down as Kalaheo’s Jace Graves pulls off the 6-5 win.


Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Carlos Lopez-Keaau (Keaau)
— Zheng 16-1
(5) Kainoa Rivera (Kapaa) vs. Brock Gooman (Camp)
— Gooman fall 4:19
(3) Wayland Spain (Waik) vs. Michael Stovall (McK)
— Stovall fall 2:32
Travis Kon (Iol) vs. Isaac Hokama (Roos)
— Hokama fall 2:36

Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Jules Marinas (Bald)
— Zheng 8-4
Brock Gooman (Camp) vs. Jace Graves (Kalh)
— Graves 7-0
Michael Stovall (McK) vs. Talon Muramaru (Hon)
— Stovall 15-0
Isaac Hokama (Roos) vs. Isaac Stalcup (Lei)
— Stalcup fall :34

Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Jace Graves (Kalh)
— Zheng 8-5
Michael Stovall (McK) vs. Isaac Stalcup (Lei)
— Stalcup fall 1:57

Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. (4) Zeff Dudoit (Lah)
— Dudoit 11-6
Isaac Stalcup (Lei) vs. (2) Logan Garcia (Moan)
— Garcia fall 4:54

OIA: Logan Garcia, Moanalua
ILH: Corey Cabanban, Saint Louis
MIL: Zeff Dudoit, Lahainaluna
BIIF: Wayland Spain, Waiakea
KIF: Kainoa Rivera, Kapaa