Private schools own 80 percent of state titles so far in 2018-19

Kamehameha forward Leah Feato (1), right, was embraced by teammates after scoring the only goal in the D-I girls soccer state title game against Campbell. It's one of four state titles won by the Warriors in the 2018-2019 school year. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Private schools have won 80 percent (24 of 30) of the state championships through the fall and winter seasons of 2018-19.

And of those 24 private-school championships, 23 were by ILH schools and one by Hawaii Prep, a private school on the Big Island.

State titles will be determined in 15 more sports this spring to conclude the school year.

For all of 2017-18, private schools won 67 percent of the state titles (31 out of 46). Twenty-five of those 31 private school state titles were won by ILH teams, with six private-school championships won by teams on the Neighbor Islands.

Percentages since 2000 of ILH dominance (not including private schools on Neighbor Islands) are below:

>> 2019: 77 percent (so far)
>> 2018: 54 percent
>> 2017: 51 percent
>> 2016: 52 percent
>> 2015: 48 percent
>> 2014: 58 percent
>> 2013: 60 percent
>> 2012: 74 percent
>> 2011: 69 percent
>> 2010: 74 percent
>> 2009: 76 percent
>> 2008: 70 percent
>> 2007: 66 percent
>> 2006: 66 percent
>> 2005: 67 percent
>> 2004: 53 percent
>> 2003: 59 percent
>> 2002: 63 percent
>> 2001: 52 percent
>> 2000: 68 percent

State championships so far in 2018-19:

>> Boys air riflery: Mid-Pacific (ILH)
>> Girls air riflery: Mid-Pacific (ILH)
>> Boys bowling: Mililani (OIA)
>> Girls bowling: ‘Iolani (ILH)
>> Cheerleading large: Moanalua (OIA)
>> Cheerleading medium: Sacred Hearts (ILH)
>> Division I boys cross country: Maui (MIL)
>> Division II boys cross country: Hawaii Baptist (ILH)
>> Division I girls cross country: Punahou (ILH)
>> Division II girls cross country: Hawaii Baptist (ILH)
>> Open Division football: Saint Louis (ILH)
>> Division I football: Waipahu (OIA)
>> Division II football: Lahainaluna (MIL)
>> Division I girls volleyball: ‘Iolani (ILH)
>> Division II girls volleyball: Sacred Hearts (ILH)
>> Division I boys basketball: Maryknoll (ILH)
>> Division II boys basketball: Damien (ILH)
>> Division I girls basketball: ‘Iolani (ILH)
>> Division II girls basketball: Hawaii Baptist (ILH)
>> Boys paddling: Kamehameha (ILH)
>> Girls paddling: Punahou (ILH)
>> Mixed paddling: Punahou (ILH)
>> Division I boys soccer: Punahou (ILH)
>> Division II boys soccer: Kapaa (KIF)
>> Division I girls soccer: Kamehameha (ILH)
>> Division II girls soccer: Hawaii Prep (BIIF)
>> Boys swimming: Punahou (ILH)
>> Girls swimming: Punahou (ILH)
>> Boys wrestling: Kamehameha (ILH)
>> Girls wrestling: Kamehameha (ILH)

State championships so far in 2018-19 (by school):

Open/Division I
>> Punahou (ILH): 6
>> Kamehameha (ILH): 4
>> ‘Iolani (ILH): 3
>> Mid-Pacific (ILH): 2
>> Maryknoll (ILH): 1
>> Maui (MIL): 1
>> Mililani (OIA): 1
>> Moanalua (OIA): 1
>> Sacred Hearts (ILH): 1
>> Saint Louis (ILH): 1
>> Waipahu (OIA): 1

Division II
>> Hawaii Baptist (ILH): 3
>> Damien (ILH): 1
>> Hawaii Prep (BIIF): 1
>> Kapaa (KIF): 1
>> Lahainaluna (MIL): 1
>> Sacred Hearts (ILH): 1

State championships so far in 2018-19 (by league):
>> ILH: 23
>> OIA: 3
>> MIL: 2
>> BIIF: 1
>> KIF: 1


  1. ILH February 28, 2019 3:37 pm

    Gosh. Some schools only exist if they win football.

  2. KEEPING IT RIO February 28, 2019 4:23 pm

    Yup some schools need sports to survive, no sports no school. Serious

  3. Ldub20 Owl316 February 28, 2019 4:53 pm

    There is one sport that’s kind of an “OIA sport”—softball. There might be more, too.

  4. Coach C February 28, 2019 7:34 pm

    Case in point. St.Francis goes coed. Stacks basketball team. Stack football team. Get criticized for D2 BB and gets disqualified for football. School falls apart, a woman institute in Hawaii destroyed. Why? Testosterone mentality. In reality, the academic cost to educate the athletes, many on scholarship, bought the school down. Tragic. This is in response to Keeping it RIO.

  5. Mahatma Gadhi March 1, 2019 2:30 pm

    of course, cuz the ILH is stealing top athletes from the OIA. The recruits used to play both basketball and football, now they can play just 1 sport. Volleyball too. It has grown in popularity worldwide that now the ILH schools also want their state volleyball championships. State champion Iolani wahine team had plenty recruits on the team. Used to only football and basketball had recruits. I don’t think they recruit baseball players. Just cuz a dominant pitcher only goes every 4th day and a domniant batter only comes to bat every 9th at bat and then he can be pitched around (intentionally walked).

  6. ??? March 2, 2019 7:38 pm

    SMH: NO ILH alumni, fan or student wants to admit that recruiting wins championships!
    Thanks HPW for showing these stats, it just proves the point for all the non believers.
    Rich Miano would never have won a championship at Kaiser without recruiting “period”. Cal Lee would not win a championship at Kalani “period” end of Story!!

  7. hwnstyll March 4, 2019 11:24 am

    I think the difference is coaching. Lets face it kids that are in an ILH school tries harder in school then OIA kids as a whole, its demanded of staying in the school. These kids are not super athletes but might be overachievers and more goal oriented.
    FOOTBALL had champion form 3 different leagues so throw that recruiting theory out the door.
    Basketball perhaps.
    Soccer, not much recruiting but maybe superior coaching and numbers of players that participate in that sport, same goes for swimming.
    Dont tell me that bowling is an ILH thing when I think the school with the best program can always win, just like riflery. IMHO

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