HALL PASS: Kahuku’s Kesi Ah-Hoy

Kesi Ah-Hoy helped Kahuku win state titles in football and basketball.

Over the next 24 hours, Hawaii Prep World and the Star-Advertiser will release 12 small features on the 2017 inductees into the Hall of Honor ahead of Sunday’s ceremony.

All Kesi Ah-Hoy does is deliver state championships.

For all of his accolades in football, where the Oregon State commit’s future resides, Ah-Hoy’s varsity career began in basketball where he was Kahuku’s best defensive player as a freshman. He joined the varsity for football for Lee Leslie as a sophomore and was immediately tabbed by the new coach as a player to build around, earning team MVP honors as a running back in a run to the state semifinals. He tasted the state semis again in basketball, where he repeated as Kahuku’s best defensive player.

Ah-Hoy’s junior season brought a new football coach in Vavae Tata, and he joined Leslie in trying to put the ball in his best athlete’s hands as often as possible with a position switch to wildcat quarterback. Ah-Hoy led the Red Raiders to their first state championship in three years, which is an eternity on the North Shore. He enjoyed his first mention on the Star-Advertiser’s All-State team and was named the OIA Offensive Player of the Year. A football injury after 70 carries in two state games knocked him out of the basketball season but he stayed around to support a team that reached the state semifinals.

Kesi Ah-Hoy was a stopper in basketball, but could score enough to be dangerous. Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser

Tata switched Ah-Hoy to defense for his senior year of football, and all the player did was deliver another dominating performance. Ah-Hoy teamed with Stokes Botelho and fellow Hall of Honor inductee Kekaula Kaniho to run roughshod over the OIA and a second-straight appearance in the state final. He came up with an interception but the Red Raiders lost to Saint Louis.

Ah-Hoy was first-team all state as a quarterback as a junior and defensive back as a senior. Only two other guys in history have moved from one side of the ball to the other and made first team for a newspaper. Kahuku’s Pisa Finai went from offensive end in 1972 to defensive back in 1973 and Wayne Apuna of Saint Louis went from defensive line in 1977 to tight end in 1978. Ah-Hoy did it off of the line, making him a one of a kind talent not seen since old-school legends like Kurt Gouveia.

Kahuku loaded up for the basketball season with a number of new starters, but Ah-Hoy’s role from his sophomore year didn’t change. He was the defensive stopper, voted to the all-defensive team by the Star-Advertiser, and held captain duties for Kahuku’s first state title in basketball since taking the A division in 1974.

Ah-Hoy is one of six players in the Hall of Honor to participate on state championship football and basketball teams, joining Kamehameha’s Chaz Bajet and Punahou trio Manti Teo, Kanawai Noa and Micah Ma’a.

Adrian Murrell, Leilehua, 1989 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Agenhart Ellis, Kamehameha, 1991 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kamuela Borden, Iolani, 2015 (Photo by Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser
Gabbie Ewing, Hawaii Prep, 2015 (Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser)
Lena Hayakawa, Mid-Pacific, 2015 (Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Sabrina Hollins, Waipahu, 2015 (Cindy Ellen Russell)
BJ Hosaka, Hawaii Baptist, 2015 (Bruce Asato)
Ian Kahaloa, Campbell, 2015 (Craig Kojima)
Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Kamehameha, 2015 (Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Kawika Lam, Punahou, 2015 (Jay Metzger / Special to the Star-Advertiser
Sarah Lau, Kamehameha, 2015 (Craig Kojima)
Micah Ma'a, Punahou, 2015 (Cindy Ellen Russell)
Kanawai Noa, Punahou, 2015 (Dennis Oda)
Tiyana Hallums, Kamehameha, 2015 (Cindy Ellen Russell)
Teshya Alo, Kamehameha, 2016
Emalia Eichelberger, Punahou, 2016
Mariel Galdiano, Punahou, 2016
La'akea Kaho'ohanohano-Davis, Baldwin, 2016
Kaeo Kruse, Kamehameha, 2016
'Aukai Lileikis, Punahou, 2016
Vavae Malepeai, Mililani, 2016
Lalelei Mata'afa, Lahainaluna, 2016
Austin Matautia, Moanalua, 2016
Chanelle Molina, Konawena, 2016
Shandon Hopeau, Kapolei, 2016
Emma Taylor, Hawaii Prep, 2016
Kayla Afoa, Kamehameha, 2017 (Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Jocelyn Alo, Campbell and Kahuku, 2017 (Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Lia Foster, Punahou, 2017 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Hugh Hogland, Iolani, 2017 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Kekaula Kaniho, Kahuku, 2017 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Kesi Ah Hoy, Kahuku, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Celena Molina, Konawaena, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Kristen O'Handley, Kaiser, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
K.J. Pascua, Iolani, 2017 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Ava Shipman, Seabury Hall, 2017, (photo by Barry Frankel / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Tua Tagovailoa, Saint Louis, 2017 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Dane Yamashiro, Iolani, 2017 (Photo by Craig Kojima / Star-Advertiser)
Saydee Aganus, Kamehameha-Hawaii
Teniya Alo, Hawaii Technology Academy
Corey Cabanban, Saint Louis
Andre Ilagan, Farrington
Teagan Keep, Kauai
Gwen Maeha, Leilehua
Cherilyn Molina, Konawaena
Taysia Pimentel, Seabury Hall (right)
Mikayla Tablit, Konawaena
Ally Wada, Hawaii Baptist
Ryan Wilcox, Punahou
Veronica Winham, Seabury Hall
Alohi Robins-Hardy, Kamehameha, 2013 (Photo by Craig T. Kojima / Star-Advertiser)
Alyssa Tobita, Mililani, 2014 (Photo by Michael Darden / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Amosa Amosa, Campbell, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Ana Vidinha, Punahou, 1992 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Ashley Ruff, Kamehameha, 2002. (Star-Advertiser photo)
Bern Brostek, 'Iolani, 1985 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Brandon Brooks, Punahou, 1999 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Breland Almadova, 'Iolani, 2009 (Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Brendyn Agbayani, Saint Louis, 1993 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Brian Norwood, Radford, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Bryan Clay, Castle, 1998 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Byron Beatty, Kahuku, 1987 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Carl Fraticelli, Kalaheo, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Carly Kan, Punahou, 2013 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Casey Flores, Konawaena, 1996 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Courtney Kessell, Kailua, 2005 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Dakota Grossman, Seabury Hall, 2014 (Photo by Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser)
Debbie Lambert, Punahou, 1994 (Star-Advertiser photo)
DeForest Buckner, Punahou, 2012 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Derrick Low, 'Iolani, 2004 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Endia Abrante, Kaiser, 1998 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Eri Macdonald, Punahou, 1999 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Erin Stovall, Iolani, 1997 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Fiona Nepo, McKinley, 1995 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Gerald Welch, Saint Louis, 2000 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Glenn Freitas, Waianae, 1992 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Hoku Nohara, Kamehameha, 2007 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Jacob Edwards, Kau, 2010 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Jarrett Arakawa, 'Iolani, 2009 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Jasmine Mau, Punahou, 2014 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Harrison "Jeeter" Ishida, Punahou, 2008 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Jodi Jackson, Punahou, 1995 (Craig T. Kojima / Star-Advertiser)
Joe Igber, 'Iolani, 1999 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Joel Lane, Saint Louis, 1993 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Joelynn Naki, Baldwin, 1993 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Joey Bunch, Radford, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Jonathan Spiker, Saint Louis, 2003 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Joshua Terao, Mid-Pac, 2014 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
K. Mark Takai, Pearl City, 1985 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kanani Herring, Kamehameha, 2008 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Kawehena Johnson, Kahuku, 2013 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Kawika Shoji, 'Iolani, 2006 (George F. Lee / Star-Advertiser)
Kealoha Pilares, Damien, 2006 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Keelan Ewailiko, Baldwin, 2013 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Keiko Price, Mililani, 1996 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Kekoa Kaluhiokalani, Waianae, 1990 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kena Heffernan, Punahou, 1992 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Keoni Ruth, Kamehameha, 2003 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kirk Uejio, 'Iolani, 1998 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Kolten Wong. Kamehameha-Hawaii, 2008 (Photo by Bruce N. Omori / Special to the Star-Advertiser)
Kyle Pape, 'Iolani, 2005 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Larry Khan-Smith, Campbell, 1986 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Larry Tuileta, Punahou, 2014 (Photo by Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser)
Lauran Dignam, 'Iolani, 2002 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Lia Galdeira, Konawaena, 2012 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Lauren Ho, HBA, 2006 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Maile Golden, Waimea, 1988 (SB Photo)
Manti Te'o, Punahou, 2009 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)
Marcus Mariota, Saint Louis, 2011 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Matt Bell, Farrington, 2004 (Photo by George F. Lee / Star-Advertiser)
Matt Stevens, Hawaii Baptist, 1997 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Miah Ostrowski, Punahou, 2007 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Micah Christenson, Kamehameha, 2011 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Mysha Sataraka, Punahou, 2012 (Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell / Star-Advertiser)
Nancy Hoist, Konawaena, 2004 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Natasha Kai, Kahuku , 2001 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Pam Nihipali, Kahuku, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Pomai Kapule, Kailua, 1997 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Richard Torres, Kahuku, 2007 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Robynn Bicoy, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Sarah Palmer, HBA, 2010 (Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Stewart Chong, Punahou, 1993 (Star-Advertiser file)
Tamari Miyashiro, Kalani, 2005 (Photo by George F. Lee / Star-Advertiser)
Tani Costa, Kalani, 2009 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Tino Sellitto, Pac-Five, 1983 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Tita Ahuna, Kamehameha, 1984 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Tuli Peters, Kahuku, 2003 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Vera Simms, Mililani, 2000 (Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser)
Billy Pieper, Kamehameha, 1996 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Yoshi Honda, Radford, 1983 (Star-Advertiser photo)
Zhane Santiago, Kahuku, 2011 (Photo by Jamm Aquino / Star-Advertiser)

Hall of Honor Members

1983Joey BunchMRadford
1983Michael FettersMIolani
1983Eugene FontanillaMMaui
1983Guy GasparMWaimea
1983Yoshi HondaMRadford
1983Linda JacksonFMililani
1983Charles MoetuluiMFarrington
1983Pam NihipaliFKahuku
1983Brian NorwoodMRadford
1983Joy PurdyFHana
1983Tino SellittoMMaryknoll
1983Koldene WalshMLeilehua
1984Reydan "Tita" AhunaFKamehameha
1984Michael AmongMMaryknoll
1984Amosa AmosaMCampbell
1984Robynn BicoyFMolokai
1984Bradley EstabilioMKohala
1984Carl FraticelliMKalaheo
1984Ross KagawaMWaimea
1984Sean KinilauMSaint Louis
1984Donny MaaMPac Five
1984Thia PalakikoFWaianae
1984Kalani PerryMKamehameha
1984Troy YokoyamaMBaldwin
1985Todd ApoMKamehameha
1985Bern BrostekMIolani
1985Tracie HuddyFCampbell
1985Mike KuenzliMKamehameha
1985Anthony Lazaro Jr.MWaimea
1985Clayton MahukaMNanakuli
1985Debbie NamohalaFWaiakea
1985Souk NgonethongMKaiser
1985Peter RantaMKalaheo
1985Aaron SumidaMKonawaena
1985K. Mark TakaiMPearl City
1985William "J.J." VroomMMaui
1986Mona AfalavaFKahuku
1986Matthew CerizoMSt. Anthony
1986David CooperMSaint Louis
1986Garrett GabrielMMaryknoll
1986Naomi HelenihiFKamehameha
1986Patrick HigaMIolani
1986Lawrence Khan-SmithMCampbell
1986Nina LiahjellFKaiser
1986Talbert Lum HoMWaiakea
1986Melissa PachecoFWaimea
1986Trevor SchirmanMPunahou
1986Simanua TiatiaMFarrington
1987Byron BeattyMKahuku
1987Bruce FerreiraMHilo
1987Thomas Heffernan Jr.MSaint Louis
1987Tamara Al KaluauFKailua
1987Nuuanu KauliaMWaianae
1987Jennifer KokubunFMaui
1987Daniel MafuaMKaimuki
1987Teddi PilaFIolani
1987Pio SagapoluteleMMaryknoll
1987George Smith IVMAcademy of the Pacific
1987Richard StevensonMKahuku
1987Francine VillarmiaFAiea
1988Jarinn AkanaMMolokai
1988Shane BellMHonokaa
1988Shannon CabunocMSaint Louis
1988Dawson CarvalhoMKapaa
1988John CorreaMSaint Louis
1988John FeingaMKahuku
1988Jacob GarciaMPunahou
1988Maile GoldenFWaimea
1988D. Kalei NamohalaFWaiakea
1988Diana OtaFMililani
1988Walter SantiagoMKahuku
1988Nadine TakaiFPearl City
1989Benny AgbayaniMSaint Louis
1989Michelle ArnoldFKamehameha
1989Jason CabralMLaupahoehoe, Hilo
1989Gregory GonsalvesMKapaa
1989Jennifer KaeoFWaiakea
1989Micah MatsuzakiMSaint Louis
1989Adrian MurrellMLeilehua
1989Kanoa OstremMPunahou
1989Rynee RodriguesFBaldwin
1989George StewartMUniversity
1989Pablo VenencianoMMolokai
1989Peter ViliamuMWaipahu
1990Teddy AgullanaMCastle
1990Tupu AlualuMSaint Louis
1990Melanie AzamaFIolani
1990Solene DuvauchelleFMolokai
1990Alika FuentesMMaui
1990Jerry KaekaMKalaheo
1990Kekoa KaluhiokalaniMWaianae
1990Silila MalepeaiMSaint Louis
1990Christian MillerMPunahou
1990Jolynn SamanaFKailua
1990Charisse Kaui WakitaFHilo
1990Kevin WongMPunahou
1991Ink AleagaMMaryknoll
1991Agenhart Ellis IIIMKamehameha
1991Matthew GonsalvesMKapaa
1991John HaoMSaint Louis
1991Ryan HoopiiMIolani
1991John LimahaiMKailua
1991Jason LopezMBaldwin
1991Shon MalaniMLaupahoehoe, Hilo
1991Itula MiliMKahuku
1991Albert NihipaliMKamehameha
1991Stephen VierraMKahuku
1991Deirdre WisneskiFWaimea
1992Kalei ArnoldFKamehameha
1992Violet CarrilloFKapaa
1992Glenn FreitasMWaianae
1992Kena HeffernanMPunahou
1992Ryan IdetaMLahainaluna
1992Marcus MalepeaiMKailua
1992Ikaika MalloeMKamehameha
1992Kaipo McGuireMSaint Louis
1992Robert MedeirosMHilo
1992Alyson "Kahea" SchuckertFHonokaa
1992Ana VidinhaFPunahou
1992Simeon VierraMKahuku
1993Brendyn AgbayaniMSaint Louis
1993Tod BelloMHilo
1993Stewart ChongMKamehameha
1993Nani CockettFKamehameha
1993Auli'i EllisFKamehameha
1993Perry LamMPunahou
1993Joel LaneMSaint Louis
1993Joelynn NakiFBaldwin
1993Dustin PetersonMHawaii Prep
1993Robby RobinsonMMid-Pacific
1993Taylor ShigemotoMKauai
1993Kevin WilsonMAiea
1994Brian Ah YatMIolani
1994Davin AlipMHonokaa
1994Jodi BensonFMoanalua
1994Eleu KaneMKamehameha
1994Leah KarrattiFWaimea
1994Todd KingMIolani
1994Debbie LambertFPunahou
1994Jerry LeaenoMCampbell
1994Alika SmithMKalaheo
1994Kahi VillaMKamehameha
1994Ray WilhelmMBaldwin
1994Adam WongMIolani
1995Prestine FosterFBaldwin and Hilo
1995BJ ItomanFIolani
1995Jodi JacksonFPunahou
1995Regina KaaihiliFKamehameha
1995Greg MillerMKalaheo
1995Fiona NepoFMcKinley
1995Kautai OlevaoMKahuku
1995Heather OnumaFHawaii Prep
1995George Ornellas IIIMSaint Louis
1995Fred RobinsMKamehameha
1995Donny UtuMPunahou
1995Kenn WakakuwaMHilo
1996Darnell ArceneauxMSaint Louis
1996Richard CarlisleMIolani
1996Jason ChingMPunahou
1996Sarah ClarkFHawaii Prep
1996Darolyn CustodioFMcKinley
1996Casey FloresMKonawaena
1996Tiana FuertesFIolani
1996Robert KemfortMMaui
1996William Pieper IIMKamehameha
1996Keiko PriceFMililani
1996Valasi SepulonaFFarrington
1996Rachel WatsonFKamehameha
1997Kristin AndersonFMililani
1997Sean JardinMWaimea
1997Pomai KapuleFKailua
1997Melanie KeolanuiFHilo
1997Parker McLachlinMPunahou
1997Robert McLeanMSt. Anthony
1997Tehani MiyashiroFPunahou
1997Marjorie NepoFMcKinley
1997Michael SouzaMPunahou
1997Matthew StevensMHawaii Baptist
1997Erin StovallFIolani
1997Edward Ta'amuMIolani
1998Endia AbranteFKaiser
1998Ing AleagaMAiea
1998Brandy Choy FooFKailua
1998Bryan ClayMCastle
1998Jason GesserMSaint Louis
1998Kelly KaaihiliFKamehameha
1998Aina KohlerFLahainaluna
1998Mindy MarquesFWaimea
1998Onaona MillerFPunahou, Hilo
1998Jill OnoFIolani
1998Alohalani SantiagoFBaldwin
1998Kirk UejioMIolani
1999Cord AndersonMIolani, Hawaii Prep
1999Brandon BrooksMPunahou
1999Kristopher Cuaresma-PrimmMMid-Pacific
1999Toniuolevaiavea FonotiMKahuku
1999Kyle FukuchiMMililani
1999Joe IgberMIolani
1999Lily KahumokuFKamehameha
1999Mi-Suk LeeFKonawaena
1999Eri MacdonaldFPunahou
1999Dana Navarro-AriasMMaui
1999Joseph SiofeleMSaint Louis
1999Shane VictorinoMSaint Anthony
2000Houston AlaMKamehameha
2000Kawika CascoMLahianaluna
2000Timothy ChangMSaint Louis
2000Victoria ChangFPunahou
2000Erin HoeFMililani
2000Mitzi IngFIolani
2000Chad KapanuiMRoosevelt
2000Kealani KimballFKamehameha
2000Bradlee Lum-TuckerMKauai
2000Jason MandaquitMHilo
2000Vera SimmsFMililani
2000Gerald WelchMSaint Louis
2001Pesefea FiaseuMSaint Louis
2001Aaron FranciscoMKahuku
2001Nicole GarbinFBaldwin
2001Natasha KaiFKahuku
2001Rachel KyonoFKauai
2001Aritta LaneFAiea
2001Milia MacfarlaneFPunahou
2001Brandy RichardsonFKalaheo
2001Mark RodriguesMKauai
2001Edward RuhlandMHilo
2001Joelle SugaiFAiea
2001Shannon TabionFBaldwin
2002Brandon AlaMKamehameha
2002Ikaika Alama-FrancisMKalaheo
2002Abraham Apilado Jr.MWaimea
2002Mahie AtayFBaldwin
2002Bart-Thomas Kainoa CascoMLahainaluna
2002Lauran DignamFIolani
2002Jarett HamamotoMWaiakea
2002Todd IacovelliMPunahou
2002Tiana Lum-TuckerFKauai
2002Tyler PerkinsMKamehameha
2002Ashley RuffFKamehameha
2002Ashley SwartFKaiser
2003Krisha KaiFKahuku
2003Kanoe Kamana'oFIolani
2003Rachel KaneFPunahou
2003Ku'ulei KarrattiFKa'u
2003Tuli PetersFKahuku
2003Keoni RuthMKamehameha
2003Zoie SevillaFBaldwin
2003Jonathan SpikerMSaint Louis
2003Hongzhe SunMIolani
2003Koren TakeyamaFBaldwin
2003Daniel TautofiMKaimuki
2003Caylene ValdezFMoanalua
2004Matt BellMFarrington
2004Tamarah BinekFWaiakea
2004Todd BlankenshipMIolani
2004Jordon DizonMWaimea
2004Tia FergusonFSeabury Hall
2004Nancy HoistFKonawaena
2004Kami KapakuFBaldwin
2004Derrick LowMIolani
2004Kyle TevesMKealakehe
2004Sunshine Misa-UliFFarrington
2004Abel WernerMMcKinley
2004Sam WilhoiteMKalaheo
2005Shanna-Lei DacanayFPunahou
2005Spencer HafokaMKahuku
2005Jessica HanatoFKonawaena
2005Trenson HimalayaMBaldwin
2005Courtney KessellFKailua
2005Michael KopraMHawaii Prep
2005Tamari MiyashiroFKalani
2005Kyle PapeMIolani
2005Brashton SateleMWord of Life
2005C.J. TausagaMAiea
2005Futi TavanaMKauai
2005Fran WeemsFKealakehe
2006Lauren HoFHawaii Baptist
2006Kealoha PilaresMDamien
2006Dylan RushMKonawaena, Ka'u
2006Jeremy Kamaka'alaMKamehameha
2006Kenny EstesMWaimea
2006Junior AleMKahuku
2006Kawika ShojiMIolani
2006Tye PerdidoMSeabury Hall
2006Careena OnosaiFWord of Life
2006Brandon LowMSaint Louis
2006Camila Ah-HoyFKahuku
2006Gerritt VincentMKamehameha
2007Reece AlnasMKamehameha-Hawaii
2007Jazzmin Awa-WilliamsFKonawaena
2007Brandon HardinMKamehameha
2007Keisha KanekoaFHonokaa
2007Ashley MedcalfFChristian Academy
2007June Ann LuskFBaldwin
2007Spencer McLachlinMPunahou
2007Hoku NoharaFKamehameha
2007Miah OstrowskiMPunahou
2007Keone ReyesMKaimuki
2007Scott SmithMSaint Louis
2007Richard TorresMKahuku
2008Tani AderFFarrington
2008Lake CascoMLahainaluna
2008Daniel ChowMPunahou
2008Kanani HerringFKamehameha
2008Tiffany Ikeda-SimaoFKauai
2008Jeeter IshidaMPunahou
2008Shawna-Lei KuehuFPunahou
2008Dara PagaduanFKamehameha
2008Erik ShojiMPunahou
2008Jamie SmithFIolani
2008Kolten WongMKamehameha-Hawaii
2008Michelle YoshidaFPunahou
2009Breland AlmadovaMIolani
2009Tani CostaFKalani
2009Jray Galea’iMKahuku
2009Taylor IberaFFarrington
2009Bryce JenkinsMLeilehua
2009Kristin LimFPunahou
2009Kela MarcielMIolani
2009Bailey MassenburgFKing Kekaulike
2009Aisha PriceFPunahou
2009Meleana ShimFKamehameha
2009Christel SimmsFPunahou
2009Manti Te’oMPunahou
2010Jarrett ArakawaMIolani
2010Chaz BajetMKamehameha
2010Taylor CrabbMPunahou
2010Jacob EdwardsMKa'u
2010Ryan HoMKamehameha
2010Danna Lynn Hooper-JuarioFMolokai
2010Kamie ImaiFWaiakea
2010Lawrence LagafuainaMAiea
2010Ku’uipo NakoaFHawaii Prep
2010Sarah PalmerFHawaii Baptist
2010Courtney SenasFMililani
2010Andrew SkalmanMIolani
2011Kalei AdolphoFMolokai
2011Micah ChristensonMKamehameha
2011Chrissy ChowFPunahou
2011Caprice DydascoFKamehameha
2011Koa Ka’aiMKamehameha
2011Leisha Li’ili’iFCastle
2011Marcus MariotaMSaint Louis
2011Pierce MurphyMIsland School
2011Zhane SantiagoFKahuku
2011Shea ShimabukuroMKauai
2011Kailea Tracy-VisintainerFSeabury Hall
2011Maiki VielaFLahainaluna
2012Dawnyelle AwaFKonawaena
2012Shane BrostekMHawaii Prep
2012DeForest BucknerMPunahou
2012Keiki CarlosFMid-Pacific
2012Lorens ChanMIolani
2012Mindy ChowFPunahou
2012Kristine FelixFBaldwin
2012Benetton FonuaMKahuku
2012Lia GaldeiraFKonawaena
2012Misty Ma’aFKamehameha
2012Mysha SatarakaFPunahou
2012Pasoni TasiniMBaldwin
2013Raion BlackFChristian Academy
2013Keelan EwalikoMBaldwin
2013Michael FisherMHawaii Baptist
2013Kawe JohnsonMKahuku
2013Shaun KagawaMKamehameha-Hawaii
2013Carly KanFPunahou
2013Alex MasaquelFIolani
2013Dane PestanoMKamehameha
2013Bree RapozaFKamehameha
2013Renny RichmondMSeabury Hall
2013Isaac SavaiinaeaMPunahou
2013Aofaga WilyMKahuku
2014Alyssa BettendorfFSeabury Hall
2014Evan EnriquesMKamehameha-Hawaii
2014Dayton FurutaMMililani
2014Dakota GrossmanFSeabury Hall
2014Sarah LivaFMililani and Hanalani
2014Jasmine MauFPunahou
2014Jacob McEnroeMFarrington
2014Alohi Robins-HardyFKamehameha
2014Ryan StackMKamehameha
2014Josh TeraoMMid-Pacific
2014Alyssa TobitaFMililani
2014Larry TuiletaMPunahou
2015Kamuela BordenMIolani
2015Gabbie EwingFHawaii Prep
2015Lena HayakawaFMid-Pacific
2015Tiyana HallumsFKamehameha
2015Sabrina HollinsFWaipahu
2015BJ HosakaMHawaii Baptist
2015Ian KahaloaMCampbell
2015Kanoa KaleoalohaMKamehameha
2015Kawika LamMPunahou
2015Sarah LauFKamehameha
2015Micah Ma'aMPunahou
2015Kanawai NoaMPunahou
2016Teshya AloFKamehameha
2016Emalia EichelbergerFPunahou
2016Mariel GaldianoFPunahou
2016Shandon HopeauMKapolei
2016Anthony Kahoohanohano-DavisMBaldwin
2016Kaeo KruseMKamehameha
2016Aukai LileikisMPunahou
2016Vavae MalepeaiMMililani
2016Lalelei MataafaFLahainaluna
2016Austin MatautiaMMoanalua
2016Chanelle MolinaFKonawaena
2016Emma TaylorFHawaii Prep
2017Kayla AfoaFKamehameha
2017Kesi Ah HoyMKahuku
2017Jocelyn AloFCampbell, Kahuku
2017Lia FosterFPunahou
2017Hugh HoglandMIolani
2017Kekaula KanihoMKahuku
2017Celena MolinaFKonawaena
2017Kristen O'HandleyFKaiser
2017KJ PascuaMIolani
2017Ava ShipmanFSeabury Hall
2017Tua TagovailoaMSaint Louis
2017Dane YamashiroMIolani
2018Saydee AganusFKamehameha-Hawaii
2018Teniya AloFHawaii Technology Academy
2018Corey CabanbanMSaint Louis
2018Andre IlaganMFarrington
2018Taegan KeepFKauai
2018Gwen MaehaFLeilehua
2018Cherilyn MolinaFKonawaena
2018Taysia PimentelFSeabury Hall
2018Mikayla TablitFKonawaena
2018Ally WadaFHawaii Baptist
2018Ryan WilcoxMPunahou
2018Veronica WinhamFSeabury Hall


  1. Salai June 2, 2017 11:00 am

    How awesome for Kesi… it’s in the bloodline… His mom and sister both in Hall of Fame as well.

  2. Alohalani June 2, 2017 12:15 pm

    Stokes Botelho-Nihipali should Have been in the hall of frame!

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