Punahou hires Kuehu as girls hoops coach

Shawna-Lei Kuehu greeted fans prior to Senior night festivities after a women's college basketball game between the Cal State Fullerton Titans and the Hawaii Rainbow Wahine on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at the Stan Sheriff Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kuehu coached the Punahou girls varsity basketball team last season and has stepped away for the time being. (Jamm Aquino/Honolulu Star-Advertiser).

Former University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine and Punahou standout Shawna Kuehu is the new girls varsity basketball coach at Punahou.

Co-Athletic Director Kale Ane confirmed the news this afternoon.

“We have a former player who has had outstanding success in the high school and college Division I level. She’s excited about giving back,” Ane said. “She’s thrilled to build the program up to something everybody can be proud of.”

Kuehu was the most dominant player of her generation as a low-post offensive force and defender. Last year, she was an assistant under then-coach Liz Kam.

“I think she still has that same competitive edge that she had a as a player, but now it’s more about teaching and sharing that with others,” Ane said. “I’m looking forward to others discovering the fire she has, putting in the time, studying film, practicing skills, all the important values on and off the court. She’s got her degree and she’s played at an extremely high level, been through the ups and downs of life. She’s a great role model.

Kuehu was a dominant player at Punahou despite suffering a knee injury during her junior season. She was a three-time All-State selection — named player of the year each time — by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, helping the Buffanblu win state championships in 2005, ’06 and ’08. She went on to earn team MVP honors at UH and was a two-time All-Big West selection. Kuehu became the 10th player to reach the 1,000-point, 500-rebound milestones.

In ’06, she set the scoring record in a state final game with 37 points in a win over Roosevelt.

Punahou went 4-8 and finished fourth in the five-team ILH Division I race last year and did not qualify for the state tournament.


  1. $$BUFF$$ October 31, 2017 4:07 pm

    Congratulations Shawna….
    but Kale Ane & his son should step down from running the Football Program…
    It’s Punahou School not Ane & Son’s Special ED..

  2. Dayton Ohana October 31, 2017 11:00 pm

    Congrats to Shawna Lei! A sincerely great person! How fortunate for the players and school!

  3. Buff N Who November 1, 2017 10:13 am

    So Miss Kuehu isn’t doing so good so far. Last year she took over for Elizabeth Kam. Their team with Kuehu as the head got blown away on several occasions with 3 of their starters now playing NCAA Basketball. The only team they beat while Kuehu was the head was Sacred Hearts who really isn’t that good.

    Barely into 1-2 weeks of the season, and her intermediate head coach has already resigned. She never gave the school a reason, but those close to her said that she didn’t want to work with Kuehu since the coaches’ opinions in the program don’t matter much.

    I also heard the JV coach and D2 coach also have similar concerns.

    Before the season even started, Kuehu has been fielding parental complaints regarding communication, organization, and other things a more seasoned veteran coach would be able to do.

    Watching her practices and games, it looks like she is copying what she learned at UH with Coach Beeman. High School is a different beast with far less talent. The philosophy and methodology between High School and college is different. Much of the things being done is over the kids’ head, especially given the large freshman class that has many girls who will make varsity.

    Would have been nice to provide a mentor for Kuehu to show her the ropes. Maybe someone like a Pacarro, Velasco, or Kimi.

    Right now she is overwhelmed and the kids and the program is suffering. It’s no coincidence that admin let in so many basketball kids to increase the talent level and make her successful. Would have been nice if they also did that for the 3 previous coaches.

  4. An Observer November 1, 2017 12:58 pm

    I also heard Coach Ciana quit cuz she wasn’t allowed to give any input regarding cuts for the intermediate team. Coach Ciana and her assistant weren’t given the opportunity to give feedback regarding cuts. Shawna cut kids they wanted to keep and kept kids they wanted to cut. It sounds like they were lame duck coaches. So much dysfunction in the girls basketball coach.

  5. Burned and Blue November 1, 2017 1:42 pm

    The girls Varsity Volleyball team at Punahou need new coaches too, all three must go back to club, constantly getting out coached, poor comunication skills period, favortism, no team unity between players, coaches constantly blame the players for thier loses, truly a dismal season going on 3 years in a row, SAD, all that talent, many parental complaints this year fell on deaf ears with the AD’s who are all smoke, no fire…..smh…..

  6. Punahou Athletic Program not "the Ane Program" November 1, 2017 11:58 pm

    Punaou gotta do something about Kale and his son…i feel sorry for the kids cuz they the ones suffering the most, not only football, but the whole program.

  7. Buff N'Bluff November 2, 2017 6:08 am

    RE: Burned and Blue
    Total agree the Punahou Girls Varsity Program is a disaster. The AD’s have done nothing . The team is run by a players mom who is way too involved and controlling and too tied into the school. No parents have no input and everything is decided by this team mom ( she does the same in every club she goes to in Hawaii). Three years with talent and not even getting into states.
    Sad to see always the same talented girls on the bench. Promises and false hope and blame. Can the media do investigative reporting on all Punahou Sports and the Coaches? Can parents be interviewed? Football, Volleyball, Basketball ,Tennis, Baseball?

  8. The Old Hala Tree November 2, 2017 8:35 am

    Kuehu has zero experience. Watching her run practices is like watching a first year mom coach i9, KAC, or KBA. It’s so Mickey Mouse out there. Nothing against Kuehu, but she should have started at the intermediate level and then groomed. She would then understand how the program works and what fundamental skills the kids need to develop. She struggles to make any game time adjustments (watched about 6 regular season games last year and almost all of summer league). Her teams have no identity. Do they want to play fast and push the pace? Do they want to be a half court team? Do they want to trap and press? Do they wanna sit back and zone? Her teams have no fingerprint of what she wants.

    Offensively she doesn’t take advantages of mismatched. Is this because she doesn’t see it or doesn’t know what do to exploit the mismatches?

    Defensively she cannot even teach something simple like the man/ball concept. Her teams play with their back of their hands to the ball. They are often flat footed.

    She yells very loud. But try and listen. What is she really yelling? She’s yelling like a rookie coach in youth leagues. There isn’t really anything of substance being said.

    I blame the school for hiring a coach that is nowhere near resy to coach varsity, let alone run the program. Like many other sports, there is rumbling going on across their coaching staffs and from the parents.

    You would think for the $20,000+ tuition you could find a competent coach. But in this case all they could find was a former player with zero or hardly any experience?

    The state of the girls program is so bad. I did also hear about the inter coach quitting. Who doesn’t allow their head coach of a team have any input regarding the selections of the teams.

  9. Ahinalu November 2, 2017 9:06 am

    WOW I’m glad that my children go to Kamehameha Schools.
    Well Coach Ane you just can’t Please Everyone !

  10. Buff N Failed November 2, 2017 2:30 pm


    The Punahou Girls Varsity Basketball program has been a disaster for the past four years in a row. Coaches have come and gone. Broken promises have kept on fueling this dysfunctional program. Kuehu WILL be just another coach gone bad to add to the program. They need a coach that is willing to STAND UP to the administration and take their program to the next level. Kuehu cannot handle all the needs of these Punahou parents.

    It doesn’t matter who they hire as a head coach at Punahou, these coaches are set up to fail from the start. The athletic administration has no balls to deal with these Punahou parents that pay ‘full’ tuition or who have been ‘recruited’ and try to make every parent with a complaint ‘happy’. It doesn’t work that way! This is sports, what happened to stepping up to the challenge!

    Admin will tell the coaches who they need to play vs. who should be playing. The more you grumble the more playing time is given. Can you imagine if ALL the players of the parents were complaining! Surprisingly, NOT all parents complain, it’s just a few that make it terrible for everyone else.

    So many parents want their kid to be a “star”, that’s the problem! Punahou had/has many stars, the problem is they can’t play as a team. Due to bad coaching decisions, it allows those players to play individual ball not team ball. Put these athletes and parents in their place! Many schools are just like this, that’s why Maryknoll couldn’t win states the past few years. Did they have talent? Hell YES! But, we all know why they can’t win states.

    It’s a fact that people watch Punahou games thinking why is that same girl in there making the same mistakes, over, and over, and over again or why is that girl even playing at all? Do something, make an adjustment! Make changes! But, no that doesn’t happen at Punahou. If you grumble your child will play. That’s what’s KILLING the program. Or, maybe the coach is too ignorant to make a change. The athletes that should be playing are the ones that can make things happen with their skill set, work as a team, and are commited, not because of Punahou politics.

    Kuehu is NOT Varsity head coach material. Not saying that she will never be head coach material but she definitely needs a mentor for a few years. Watched more than a few games than I’d like to and she cannot make proper game adjustments under pressure. Kuehu will keep on looking at her bench then looking back at the court like “hmmm…what should I do”? Back and forth, back and forth, with no adjustment made. MAKE A DECISION COACH! That’s what you are there for.

    The games that Punahou won last year under Kuehu were mostly due to Kyle Pape helping her make adjustments as an assistant coach. The games that Kyle was not there, they lost all of those games. They could barely keep up with Sacred Hearts, and that’s with the 3 girls that are playing NCAA in college this year. You must ask yourself, ‘why’ or ‘how’ is that possible? It comes down to coaching.

    Remember the saying, ‘just because you where a good player, doesn’t mean you will be a good coach’. It really shows. Punahou will be on the next coach soon. Blaming Kuehu for everything that goes wrong with this upcoming season.

  11. BUFF BEGONE? November 2, 2017 3:42 pm

    Totally Agree with both Buff N’ Blue and Burned and Blue.

    The Punahou Volleyball Program needs to change in order for the program to see success in the upcoming years. They have the most girls in the ILH with 5 girls that are committed to a school already, AND THEY STILL CAN’T GO TO STATES. Not only do the coaches blame the players for losing but also manipulating them and telling them that they are selfish. It’s either their way or the high way, the players are always wrong. All three coaches can’t communicate and play their favorites. Obviously, when a player is better than the favorite, that player should play. But that’s not the case, they would put a lame excuse to use so that they don’t have to play that player.
    Besides in this day and age of volleyball “who plays a 4/2 system”? You will always run out of subs. Unless you are running a park and rec. team. It went out in the 80’s. TOTALLY OUT COACHED Buff N’ Whooooo.

  12. Coach/Fan November 2, 2017 5:26 pm

    Why do you think private schools are referred to as college prep schools? Because it prepares these kids for college. You’re on scholarship, you’ll get your shot. You’re a walk on, you gotta work twice as hard just to get a shot. Same like schools like Punahou. They recruit you to the school, you’ll get your shot, even if someone else is better.
    As for the coaching, too much politics. It happens at all schools, but most notably at schools like Punahou and Iolani. As much as people don’t care for Dunn Muramaru at MPI, he plays who is deserving of playing time. That’s why his teams are always in contention.

  13. Buff N Failed November 2, 2017 6:25 pm

    @ Flyin O

    Nope. Don’t think that Pape is a great coach. Just mentioned that Kuehu doesn’t really know what to do in a game situation and the few times he was there he told her to make adjustments and it worked.

    Agreed. They are both not ready yet. They need mentoring.

  14. One Team 4 Life November 2, 2017 8:57 pm

    Why are we even talking about this? Both Kuehu and Pape suck. If Pape was good he would be at Iolani coaching. He tried but they never kept him. So what? He’s coaching chick basketball now. Cmon.

    They both are crappy. With great talent last year they did jack. Can you guys stop talking about this unless they both step down or get fired.

    And yes I agree that Ane’s Boy sucks as a coach.

  15. Pun Parent - Sick and Tired November 3, 2017 8:24 am

    We are so sick and tired. It’s like Punahou is purposely hiring the most incompetent coaches in the state. Let’s examine. These are all the coaches who have been head varsity coaches for Punahou Girls Basketball since Coach Taylor retired.

    Kekoa Taliaferro – Coach Taliaferro was fired about 1 month into his first year as coach. “Allegations” of drinking aroudn his team at a bowling alley while at the Konawaena Tourney is that did him and one of his assistants in.

    Which led us to:

    Courtney Robinson – This is one of many Jeaney Garcia’s poor decisions. She was hired after Coach Taliaferro was removed from the head position. She was just a bad coach and a worse fit. Parents complained to the AD’s often. Potential lawsuits were threatened. After numerous complaints and underachieving, Coach Robinson wasn’tt retained.

    Which took us to:

    Kevin Velasco – I have nothing bad to say about this good solider. This seemed to be more a reward due to a career of supporting the kids and school. With Coach Taylor as his assistant, they won a state title upsetting Lahainaluna. After Coach Taylor retired again, the team struggled. I think Coach Velasco was better as an assistant. He is a good man though. He stepped down after 2-3 seasons due to family reasons. Also, one of his assistants after Coach Taylor stepped down, Kii Spencer-Vasconcellos did not have her contract renewed due to “allegations” of foul language and threatening. Some parents who were lawyers threated the school with a lawsuit if Coach Kii was retained. She was not.

    Which took us to:

    Elizabeth Kam – For how bad Courtney Robinson was, Coach Kam was 10 times worse. Coach Kam was the Mid Pacific coach for 3 seasons prior to coming to Punahou. Their ILH league record was something like 2-28. Yes she was that bad. “Allegation” of favortism was thrown arounds. They dropped their JV program since many girls were unhappy with the preferential treatment that Coach Kam showed certain girls. Mid Pac hasn’t recovered yet and struggles to field a JV team. Somehow she was hired to coach at Punahou. She was just bad. Once again “allegations” of favortism divided her team. Her lack of court presence and basketball knowledge hurt her team, one that featured 3 girls playing at the NCAA D1 level and two others playing NCAA D2 and D3 respectively. She was often out-coached. She was just bad. Admin spent 2-3 year fielding complaints. Coach Kam stepped down mid season last year since it was clear that the admin was grooming the next coach and even went as far as putting one of the AD’s, Tita Ahuna on the bench with Coach Kam, making them Co-Head Coaches.

    Which led us to:

    Shawna Kuehu – For how bad Elizabeth Kam and Courtney Robinson were, Miss Kuehu is just much worse. She has no senses of how to coach a team. She is unable to teach any fundamentals or make any game time adjustments. She cannot recall on simple coaching skills that most coaches learn in community leagues or intermediate. Her Intermediate coach resigned 2 weeks ago, sending an email to all of the intermediate players. “Rumors” of being unhappy working with Coach Kuehu is the number one culprit. There are numerous coaches within the program that are also unhappy. They are frustrated that their opinions are not taken seriously. They are unhappy with the lack of organziation and direction.

    Parents are also frustrated that their childen are subjected to a coaching staff with a lack of experience. Coach Kuehu has half a season of coaching experience. She has shown little to nothing in her short time. She surrounded herself with Kyle Pape who coudl not secure a coaching job at Iolani, his alma mater, thus having to coach girls basketball at a rival school. Then there is Kanisha Bello who pissed away her college scholarship at Idaho to come home to Hawaii. She has less coaching experience than Kuehu. And finally there is Scott from UH who is a video guy. But at Punahou he is a coach.

    It just amazes me how bad this coaching staff is. It’s like Punahou purposely went out and tried to find the worse coaches they could find.

    It’s no coincidence that parents have started to complain months before the season even started.

  16. Coach/Fan November 3, 2017 1:49 pm

    Hmmmm. The one common theme I’m hearing, besides bad coaching, is parental grumbling. Maybe that’s why Punahou is getting those kinds of coaches. No one else wants to coach there.
    Back in the “good ole days,” if a player went home and grumbled to their parents about the coaching, the parent would tell’um “Shut up and listen to the coach. You don’t like it, then quit.”
    Nowadays, a kid goes home and grumbles to their parents, the parents are in the AD’s office the next day, filing a complaint and threatening a lawsuit.
    Especially at Punahou.

  17. Not surprised November 3, 2017 10:31 pm

    I heard about parents complaints being a problem at this school. Matt Martinson won back-to-back-to-back State Championships, and then steps down. Starr Johnson takes over and does the best she could with the players she had, no State championships, but steps down. Word through the grapevine is they both stepped down for the same reason: Parents and their complaints. You guys ever think maybe…just maybe…that the “good” coaches leave because even with ILH and/or State Championships, parents only care about their kid, and not the program or the school, and complain why their kid (who most likely sucks) doesn’t get play-time? Then when the good coaches leave, you get stuck with sloppy seconds? Listen, when your school’s team of whatever sport is doing well…even if your kid barely gets out there…accept it as that’s what’s best for the team. Because if enough parents bit-h and complain, you ruin a good thing, not only for now and YOUR kid, but the future players, team, program, and school.

  18. Bufflly disappointed November 4, 2017 3:08 pm

    Kuehu needs to go ASAP. She should have never even been a consideration. Kuehu has no qualifications to be a coach at all. The only background she has is that she played basketball at one point in life? Let’s not forget however, she played under a very successful coach. What used to be a prestigious program at Punahou is now a laughing stock. They can say what they want about Pape, but at least he brought home a title last year in his first season. He brings a wealth of knowledge, and is able to conduct himself professionally. He doesn’t play favorites, and really cares for his players. Kuehu on the other hand has nothing to show, has no idea what it takes to build a program, lacks experience, and has zero class. I can’t believe Punahou would even let her represent the school. Watch closely this season. The team has ultra skilled players that will warm the bench to other players who have no business even playing basketball. But, they have vocal parents or are simply her favorites, and the team will suffer. Sadly, you won’t get to see the amazing stuff Pape showcased last year on his JV team which was electric, and had simply swept the division hands down. If they don’t want to hear so many complaints, maybe they should do something about it. Ask them how many complaints they had about Pape last year? Well, I guess you won’t hear about it because it’s zero. This program can be rebuilt. Get rid of the cause at the source and see what happens…don’t, and also see how shameful this will be. If Kuehu has any care for the program, she would remove herself.

  19. Overrated November 5, 2017 9:54 am

    Cmon Kyle, stop writing about yourself, lol.

    Let’s get this straight, Pape is an assistant coach on the girls JV Team at Punahou to his wife, lol. He is in charge of sitting on the bench and being very quiet.

    As for a wealth of knowledge, from where? He has maybe 1 or 2 years of coaching high school ball. When did our standards get so low.

    And JV, really? All the good kids skip JV and play varsity. JV is for the average players. They lost to a Kam team by 20. And he just sat there making no adjustments other than watching his wife sub players.

    Nothing wrong with him, but don’t make like he has so much experience. If he was so good sitting on Kuehu’s bench they would have beaten another team other than Sacred Hearts. At least Liz Kam beat Kamhamehs last year. Kuehu and Pape only best SHA. And two times it was close.

    So please stop pumping him or yourself up. He is just like 50 other coaches nowadays, very inexperienced and the kids suffer because of that.

    Let’s see how he does this year with average talent. Maryknoll will spank them.

  20. Overrated November 5, 2017 9:57 am

    Swept the division hand down? The got smoked by Kam. Barely beat Mid Pac. Are you being serious? The guy sits there and doesn’t talk. Is he teaching through ESP?

    Maybe that’s it. Pape is inventing a new style of coaching. It’s cslled using non-verbal cues and esp. wow that guys is gifted, hahaha!

    The only thing electric in the gym where Pape is coaching are the gym lights and scoreboard.

    Stop pumping up a guy that Iolani chose not to hire, instead choosing Hirata and Kawazoe at the time.

    And if you wanna know why JV has minimal complaints it’s cux it’s JV and also his wife Tessa does an amazing job with the girls.

    Haha pumping up a JV assistant coach for his wife. Now that’s the best one I heard.

  21. You’re welcome November 5, 2017 5:04 pm

    You know why a soft spoken Pape is good on any day? The answer is because I will take that any day vs the yelling, biligerent, vest wearing guy who thinks he works at the school. You guys know who. A guy with a few words wouldn’t put up with someone in his ear trying to push his weight around. He should be banned, again.

  22. One Team 4 Life November 6, 2017 8:32 am

    @ You’re welcome, there is a big difference between being soft spoken and sitting on the bench being a spectator. The guy sits and watches. I’ve never seen a board and Ken in his hand drawing up anythjng and I’ve seen about 12-15 games. Like others said, unless he speaks without using words, what is he saying? How can kids get instruction if the guy doesn’t speak. I also heard Pape has broken rules by coaching more than 3 Punahou kids during their training sessions during the blackout period. He lucky he hasn’t been caught and suspended like 2 ILH coaches have in the last couple of years for doing the same thing.

    As for Uncle Puni, he’s harmless. Yes his vest is tasteless, but he’s just a yeller. It’s Kuehu’s fault that she cannot stand up to him. I won’t be surprised when Kuehu starts Uncle Puni’s daughter since she won’t stand up to him and do what’s right.

    And when was Uncle Puni banned? And was he banned for yelling or wearing that ugly vest?

  23. Anthony Piano November 6, 2017 10:18 pm

    Girls Volleyball program has been in decline since Peter Balding quit 5 years ago. Peter’s protege Tanya got rid of long time assistant coach Lehua Kadooka. Instead of a school program, It became a club program with 5 captains, 5 team moms, pot luck, outside “bonding” functions, coaches played their club girls, favoritism ruled, coaches blamed girls for the mounting losses. ADs turned deaf ears to parent complaints, enabling program to get worse and miss state tournament for 3 straight years. “All that talent…” It is well known in the volleyball community that talented young volleyball players stay away from Punahou because of the coaches; going instead to Iolani, Kapalama etc. I believe the ADs will reward Tanya with another 5 years as she finished 3rd instead of last in ILH. KSK Chris Blake has easy pickings now, continuing to outcoach Tanya.

    Football is a perfect example of the coaching factor – how could Punahou go from the top to the bottom of ILH in two years? Cal Lee came back to StLouis and families send their boys there.

    Kale has failed as an AD and has been passed by as a effective coach. My kids want to go to Iolani.

  24. Dance Fever November 7, 2017 12:13 pm


  25. Dance Fever November 7, 2017 12:30 pm

    I actually think Coach Puni would be an excellent coach at Punahou. If you’re talking about coaching. My opinion!

  26. PunParent82 November 7, 2017 7:19 pm

    BUFF BEGONE is right!!
    Punahou Girls Volleyball program has not won ILH in 5 years! Peter Balding did coach girls to 2011-12 ILH & State championships. Tanya “my way or da highway” coach took over 2013 and it’s been downhill and getting worse. Last 2 seasons team mom Hilliard literally and blatantly manages program and coaches always favoring her daughter.

    How do ADs and school justify its losing record and losing to last place Maryknoll twice this year?

    As BuffBegone wrote “5 Girls are D-1 commits and can’t make it to states”. If a parent complains to coach or ADs, girl gets cut or no playing time.

    School officials could care less what students and parents feel about the program. ADs Kakos and Scott cover up and protect their athletic “family”. It’s really pathetic. Students not coaches deserve better from this school that claims 175 years of excellence.

  27. No Thank You! November 8, 2017 6:21 pm

    @ Dance Fever

    Get outta here!

    Now that’s even worse than what everyone is talking about on this blog.

    What a joke!

  28. Alicia November 14, 2017 2:27 pm

    Shawna has no experience some of y’all say? I beg to differ. She was a three-year letter winner in basketball. led punahou to three state titles, was a two- time Hawaii state player of the year… named first team All State her freshman year, scored HHSAA state tournament record.. was the most highly recruited talents out of oahu. In college Granted she had suffered some injuries during her career but came back strong. Finished her Rookie season in college with 45 steals, 26 blocks, and 64 assists. Sophomore year- first two career double-doubles, earned the 2012-2013 Big West Conferences Sixth Woman of the Year Award and Big West honaorable mention was selected the teams Most Improved Player. Junior year in college- appeared in 31 games, 29 starting averaging 10.1 rebounds leading hawaii with 32 steals, 23 block shots and was on the UH career book with 84 blocked shots, was voted the teams Ah Chew Goo Achievement Award winner. Senior year college- Earned first-team All Big west honors, finished her career span of 6 years ranked top 10 in 13 different categories. 645 total rebounds, 186 offensive rebounds, 459 defensive rebounds, 125 blocked shots, 161 steals. Was the only Hawaii Player to be voted to the Bank Of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Classic and Waikiki Marriot Wahine shootout tournament teams… now that’s just a quick summary of accomplishments. I say she has a lot of experience. I no see anybody else stepping up to the plate only talking a bunch of gibberish. I only see Shawna trying to make a team that y’all said was horrible before she even got there. All she can do is take her experience that she learned and incorporate that in the these kids. This is highschool we talking about here granted you pay 20,000+ I would figure you paying for education not one damn basketball program. She doing the best she can with the talent she got. All you crybaby parents who only worried about the basketball program should worry about the education you paying for. Maybe you should apply for head coach and I like see where you bring the program. To be more blunt maybe your kids ain’t all that talented as you think they are who knows. Or better yet you no like what is happening or how Shawna is coaching take your kid off the team. Y’all should just give it a chance and see where she takes it instead of being HATERS.

  29. Coach/Fan November 14, 2017 8:27 pm

    Being a great player doesn’t automatically make you a great coach. Think of the greatest high school coaches in each sport in Hawaii and I’ll bet you can’t name more than 5 that were considered great when they played. So what makes them great coaches? They were all students of the game, and they build relationships with their players. They know how to get their points across to their players, they have dependable assistants, and they play no favorites.
    Will Shawna be a great coach? Only time will tell. But just because she was a great player doesn’t mean squat when it comes to coaching.

  30. Alicia November 15, 2017 10:36 am

    @ coach/fan
    Like I said… HATERS. None of you step up and coach. You seem to know how to coach with all your opinions… so coach….take the program somewhere with All your opinions on coaching. Just cause you get coaching opinions no mean SQUAT.

  31. Coach/Fan November 15, 2017 12:20 pm

    Why so upset? Just saying, just because she was a great player doesn’t mean she’ll be a great coach. By the way, I’ve been an assistant on 3 State Championship teams, and wasn’t considered a great player in high school. Wanna see my gold medals?

  32. Alicia November 15, 2017 12:35 pm

    Not upset at all. By the way I never played any sports in my life. Coached a team who never lost a game for three seasons in a row. Took Championship all three seasons. Wanna see my Championship rings?

  33. Coach/Fan November 15, 2017 2:54 pm

    Congrats on your championships. Which brings me back to the point: don’t need to be a great player to be a great coach.

  34. That is All.... November 15, 2017 5:48 pm

    Bottom line: The greatest player, greatest coach, experienced or inexperienced can never coach untalented kids. They can give all their knowledge to these kids and if the kids don’t strive from it then they ain’t going no where. Shawna was a great player and IS a great coach. Cannot help these kids for some reason. All you sideline parents, sideline coaches and keyboard killahs ever taught of that. The team was horrible to begin with. At least Shawna is TRYING to coach nothing to something. Punahou had caliber talent way back when. Nobody had issues back then. Parents should ask their kid if they even like play. If nobody like step up and coach the team then sit down and shut up.

    SHAWNA KUEHU if you ever read this kind nonsense, Don’t EVER LOSE SLEEP OVER THE OPINIONS OF SHEEP. Keep doing what you do.. and let the HATERS HATE!!!!

  35. Aloha November 15, 2017 6:03 pm

    Bottom line: the greatest player, greatest coach experienced or inexperienced can never coach untalented kids. Punahou had caliber talent way back ….nobody had issues then. Anybody like step up and coach and bring your vision to the program then step up.

    SHAWNA KUEHU if you read this nonsense DONT EVER LOSE SLEEP OVER THE OPINIONS OF SHEEP. Keep doing what you doing. You not there to please the parents. Pay no mind to those sideline parents, sideline coaches and keyboard wanna be mafia. Let the haters HATE!!!!

  36. Puhi Adams December 31, 2017 1:45 pm

    Aloha kakou,

    I didn’t read it all, in fact not much at all. There is a lot of shame up above. Sounds like about 3 disgruntled parents, who changed their names 3 or 4 times, and bring up dirt about every coach who ever tried, anonymously. Just because you don’t have to give your real name, you think you have the right to say all of those things? What teams have YOU coached? Why haven’t they hired YOU?
    My name is Puhi Adams and I disapprove of most of the shameful messages above.

    Good luck Shawna Lei. Looks like the parents are the most challenging part of your job.

  37. PunParent82 December 14, 2018 10:20 pm

    Did Athletic Department really announce Tita Ahuna taking over girls volleyball program? Hopefully, this will be the end of Tanya’s 6 years with zero ILH titles and missing states last 4 years. Tita will be a huge improvement for the program and Punahou will once again be a respected.

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