LIVE BLOG: ‘Iolani Classic, Day 2


Update 10:15 p.m.
No. 2-ranked Archbishop Mitty will meet No. 9 Clovis West in the championship game of the ‘Iolani Prep Classic on Saturday night. Mitty overpowered ‘Iolani and Clovis West escaped with an overtime win over Long Beach Poly in tonight’s semifinals.

Semifinal: Archbishop Mitty (Calif.) 67, ‘Iolani 33
Semifinal: Clovis West (Calif.) 70, Long Beach Poly (Calif.) 67, OT
Consolation: Maryknoll 57, Leilehua 27
Consolation: Salesian College Prep (Calif.) 57, Konawaena 32

Saturday’s games
2 p.m. Leilehua vs. Konawaena, seventh place
3:30 p.m. Maryknoll vs. Salesian College Prep, fifth place
5 p.m. Long Beach Poly vs. ‘Iolani, third place
6:30 p.m. Clovis West vs. Archbishop Mitty, championship

The consolation round begins at 3:30 p.m. I was tempted to catch at least one game at the OIA-ILH Challenge (boys) before coming to the ‘Iolani Prep Classic, but thought better of it. Too much Friday traffic; I’m still recovering from a two-hour stretch on the roads on Tuesday afternoon. Also, I’m very curious about Konawaena-Salesian in the 5 p.m. game.

Game 8, 8 p.m.
Semifinal: Archbishop MItty (Calif.) (3-0) 67, ‘Iolani (7-3) 33

Q4: Conventional wisdom is for a smaller team to go zone against a much bigger team. ‘Iolani hasn’t gone zone in any game I’ve seen this season. They are all-in and they do it pretty well. They’ve been a bit lucky, too. Mitty could pound the rock into the paint every single time if it wanted to. They don’t run isos on the low post, but they could. Both teams are doing what they believe in, which has made this a fairly fluid game to watch.

Q3: Raiders running their five-out and getting some nice execution. Taylor Wu with a nice drive a ndish to Emily Nomura for a layup. Skylar Nakata with two treys in the first 3 minutes of this quarter. Wu with a straightaway trey. Witty, though, just keeps passing and cutting, passing and cutting, getting easy layups against a much smaller foe. Raiders coach Dean Young sending in three reserves at a time, not a lot of dropoff, if at all.

Kawai Kahalehoe on the fastbreak, fees Kayla Malta for a corner 3, all net, 46-26. Or was that Kellie Okamura? Time out, Mitty, 3:39.

Nice corner 3 by Kelsi Ikeda, but Mitty answers with a really nice pick and wide pop by Guglielmo. That was Dirk style, going wide after the screen. Guglielmo drains another 3, 56-28. Camy Aguinaldo challenges the 6-2 center, Tahlia Garza and is waxed. This is a 10-0 run since the time out by Mitty coach Susan Phillips.

Kayla Malta hits a runner off the glass and Coach Phillips is whistling in short bursts like Kamehameha boys coach Greg Tacon. Here goes Guglielmo again, a wing 3, all net near the close of the quarter.

End Q3: Mitty 59, ‘Iolani 33.

Q2: Daniella Guglielmo with a nice catch-and-shoot wing 3 on the fastbreak, and the Monarchs dent the Raiders’ momentum with a 5-0 mini-run, 27-11.

The Monarchs are a machine. Karisma Ortz swishes a trey from the top at the buzzer to end the half. That have been flawless in 1.5 games so far. They are a high school team, yes, but when it comes to discipline, playing hard and under control, they have a college vibe. Absolutely.

End Q2: Mitty 39, ‘Iolani 13.

Q1: The Monarchs are disrupting ‘Iolani in the backcourt and at midcourt, using their length and defensive skills relentlessly. They lead 16-4, but with :34 left in the quarter, they’re already over the foul limit. Haley Jones, their 6-1 sophomore, do-anything point guard/forward/post, is roaming and making plays. Fun to watch.

End Q1: Mitty 18, ‘Iolani 6.

Pre-game: There’s no Archbishop quite like Mitty this season. They are, clearly, a juggernaut in girls basketball, deep, skilled, tall and long. Beatable? Maybe. They pressure end to end for all 32 minutes, which takes a toll on most teams. Four Monarchs have signed with Division I colleges: Maddy Holland (St. Mary’s), Tahlia Garza (UC Irvine), Heleyna Hill (San Jose State) and Dani Guglielmo (UC Irvine). The Monarchs routed Konawaena 81-31 in the opening round.

‘Iolani is the smallest team in the tourney, featuring a center who is 5-foot-7, but like her teammates, they all can knock down the 3 and run the floor. Of all the island teams playing with this 30-second shot clock in the tournament, the Raiders are probably best suited for it. The Raiders ousted Salesian in the opening round, 57-45.

Game 7, 6:30 p.m.
Semifinal: Clovis West (Calif.) (7-0) vs. Long Beach Poly (Calif.) (1-0) 67, OT


OVERTIME: Headspeth fouls out, Amundsen to the line, 3:37. Misses the first. Makes the second, 63-62.

Clark with the layup, Poly up 64-63. Jones with a steal after a CW rebound, layup, 66-63. Poly has possession and it’s a wild cross court pass. Woh, the scream was primal from the Poly bench, out of bounds.

Putback by Clovis West, 66-65, 2:08.

Poly with a miss from 3, Clovis West ball. Time out, Poly, 1:34.

Nice play, an entry pass to Sanders at the elbow, pick and roll layup. 67-66, Clovis West, 1:11. Poly misses a wing 3. Anderson slips as she drives from the wing, turnover. Brady drives hard on the fastbreak, collides with Bates. Slow to get up but she’ll shoot two, :32.4. First shot is all net. Nice rotation. Second shot off left, rebound CW.

Clovis West has a time out, but they play through. Campbell fouled on the drive, shooting two, :14.6. Time out, Poly. Campbell all net on the first FT, 68-67, CW. Both teams have one time out. Second shot good. Clutch. Poly advances past halfcourt and this time Coach Buggs calls time out. None left for Poly. One left for Clovis West. :09.3 on the clock, CW up 69-67.

Williams to inbound. She will get the ball back and launch, a la Toni Kukoc. No. The ball swings to the left side and Miller launches from 23 feet, off left, rebound Clovis West. Amundsen at the line. Hits the first FT, 70-67, :00.7. Misses the second, ball tipped before Poly can get a Hail Mary throw off.

Q4: Bates at the line shooting two. Not sure if that was a technical foul, had to be. They’ve cleared out the key. CW ball, 50-44, 7:41. Also shooting double bonus.

Time out, Poly, 50-44, 7:19. They’ve lost most of the momentum they gained during the third quarter. Making any comeback that large will sap the gas tank.

Jones hustles for a putback, great footwork and double clutch shot. 50-46. Poly backs off, no press, but their tight man defense forces CW into problems. Loose ball, jump ball, Poly has possession, 6:39.

Poly breaks the press, ball reversal to Brady, 3 from the top all net, 50-49. CW throws the ball out of bounds. Clark hustles for a putback, 51-50, POLY, 6:04. WOW.

Marquez in the corner, dribbling and dribbling, charging foul. Defender was standing there at the block the whole time. Poly ball, 5:44, 51-50 Poly leads.

CW sets up in halfcourt, then sprints to press fullcourt. Sneaky sneaky. It works. Poly throws the ball away, Amundsen scores a layup, 52-51, CW. Assist Madison Campbell. Another bad pass by Poly, turnover. Amundsen at the line, makes both FTs, 54-51, 5:02.

Another turnover by Poly, their third in a row. Amundsen drives the middle, layup good, 56-51. Poly shot misses, rebound Sanders. All momentum with Clovis West, 4:06.

Bates shooting two, 3:57, makes both, 58-51. CW looks like they own prime time.

Headspeth with a layup, 58-53, Coach Campbell wanted a travel call.

Clark hustles for an offensive board, but powers over a Clovis West defender and it’s a charging foul, 3:17. Foul on Campbell after a missed 3 by CW, Jones to the line for a 1-and-1, 2:47. She sinks one, 58-54.

Clark rebounds and overthrows an open teammate downcourt, would’ve been an easy layup. Fastbreak, Poly, this time Clark scores on a layup, 58-56.

Aiyana Barnes with a key offensive board for Clovis West. Marquez fouled on a drive, two shots, 1:29. She misses the first, full time out, Poly. Second shot no good.

Jones fouled, it’s a 1-and-1, 1:17. Way off to the left, no rim, violation. CW inbounds pass to Bates, fouled immediately, 1:15. Shooting two. She makes both FTs, 60-56.

Clark works the low post, too close to the baseline and is stuck in the air with a tough angle shot for an air ball. But CW rebounds and travels.

CW staying in a zone, Danae Miller with an NBA 3 from 25 feet straighaway, all net. CLUTCH. Clovis West gets the ball over midcourt just in time and calls time out. :21.4 left, 60-59. WHAT A GAME.

Shot clock at :12, drive and dish, Sanders fouled in the post. Shooting two. Coach Buggs wanted a travel call on the passer. Sanders hits the first FT, 61-59, :13.8. She hits the second, 62-59. Poly has two time outs. Coach Buggs won’t call one.

At the buzzer! It’s Williams with a straightaway 3 off the dribble, all net to tie the game. OVERTIME.

End Q4: Poly 62, Clovis West 62.

Q3: All this being equal, for the most part, the difference is Sanders. She keeps offensive boards alive, finishes at the rim against bigger defenders, runs like the wind, defends, can do anything on the court. What they need her most for is to be their version of (good) Draymond Green.

Wing 3 by Poly, 39-28, and Campbell calls a timeout before the 5-second violation, 5:59.

Amundsen drives for a lefty layup, 41-28. Jackrabbits break the press and Jasmine Jones is fouled by Sanders. Jones makes the second, 41-29, 5:40. Offensive foul by Maldonado and Campbell is rolling players back in.

Poly breaks the press easily, One free throw, 41-30. Golden Eagles a big fatigued. Campbell tells them the traps are too soft. He will never stop pressing.

Turnover, Jones with the steal and coast to coast layup, 41-32. CW misses a mid-range J, Kathryn Headspeth rebounds and launches a long baseball pass, too far. She had two teammates open in the key.

Clovis West’s press is like water now, with the Jackrabbits hopping through. Jones with a nice drive, contact, bucket and hits the FT, 43-35, 3:30. Ruh-rohh…

Clovis West doesn’t rely on any semblance of a low-post offense, but usually gets high-percentage looks. But the turnovers are mounting and Poly won’t back off either. CW with a 2-2-1 three-quarter press, Poly easy pass downcourt to Jones, who spins and scores with the left. Smooooooooth. 43-37.

A tough miss on a 10-foot off-balance bank shot, Ayanna Clark rebounds and Jones scores downcourt again. They can’t stop her. 43-39, time out by Clovis West, 2:07.

Another miss by CW, this one on a 7-foot runner, and Poly rebounds. Instant double-team pressure, Poly breaks it but the ball is deflected out. High-low pass by Poly is perfect, missed layup by Clark. Still halfcourt man for both teams. Lob pass inside and this time Clark scores, 41-39. What a comeback.

Sarah Bates drives hard from the top and is capped, but there’s contact on the body and she’ll shoot two. No, no FTs, foul before the shot. Coach Carl Buggs is chatting with an official about this one. Inbounds pass to Bates, who is off balance as she shoots, but Kyra Brady is called for a foul. That was very close to a charge. Bates swishes both FTs.

Deja Williams deep 3, all net, 45-44. Wow.

CW to Sanders, who scores inside and takes the hit. Misses the FT, 47-44.

CW in a 2-3 zone, a lot of gaps. They’re not used to playing zone like Hawaii teams. Wing 3 by Poly, misses. Corner 3 wide open, misses. They almost have to zone, the way they’ve been pummeled in the paint. It works. Bates takes a charge from Clark, offensive foul all the way, :08.3. No pivot, just power dribble into the chest. Now Bates dribbles upcourt and Williams takes the charge. Nice work

End Q3: Clovis West 47, Long Beach Poly 44.

Q2: Foul count is 7-1 in CW’s favor. 1-and-1 for Adriana Maldonado, 6:49, makes one, Sanders offensive board.

It has become a free-throw contest with CW in the bonus, but shooting around 50 percent. Golden Eagles lead 26-19, 2:38, Sanders at the line after a tough drive and foul. They don’t really ever set up to run a play, or call a play out loud. They just keep running out of the fastbreak continuously and if anyone stops to catch a breath, their coach lights a fire and people cut or move to a spot on the arc.

For all the running in this quarter, though, there are still more turnovers than baskets. And still entertaining.

Boom here comes Sanders. They run a pin-down screen from the right wing, she pops out to the wing from the post, and the ballhandler on top dribbles to the elbow before kicking to Sanders, all net for 3. Then she turns a midcourt steal into a layup, then sprints full speed back to the other end to alter a layup attempt by the Jackrabbits.

Another 3 by Clovis West, and it’s 34-19, just like that. Last few seconds of the half, CW misses a 3 and Sanders whistled for going over the back, :02.5 left. Poly misses the 1-and-1, Sanders tries to dribble up after rebounding and Campbell hollers at her. She might be the best player but she is not immune to her coach’s constructive criticism.

End Q2: Clovis West 34, Long Beach Poly 21.

Q1: Breakneck speed, pace up and down like I haven’t seen in this gym since Yates (Texas) played here some years back. Clovis West led 7-2 and started getting sloppy. Poly is here to play, no question, both teams pressing fullcourt, but more turnovers combined than baskets so far. Still… lot of fun to watch.

Bre’yanna Sanders and Danae Marquez, the two who got into early foul trouble, then sparked the Golden Eagles in the third quarter against Maryknoll, connect here. Sanders hustles on the break, pushes through the middle and kicks to Marquez for the wing 3. 10-6.

Tess Amundsen with the lefty drive and layup, pushed in the back, no call. 12-6. Loose ball, Clovis dives on it, Coach Craig Campbell calls time out, 3:29. Press is giving Poly major problems. PG travels. No trap, no tight pressure, but completely warping some minds.

3-point shot in for Clovis West, Madison Campbell goes down near the low post. CW subs her out. Turnover by Poly, which has only three players in the backcourt or midcourt to break the press. They won’t use four, and certainly not five. All the pressure to pressbreak is on their guards. Huge corner 3 by the Jackrabbits, and then a putback, and they’re within 15-11.

Huge 3 from the top by Sanders, and another turnover by Poly has CW running. 18-11.

Pre-game: Clovis West is ranked No. 9 nationally by USA Today. Long Beach Poly is No. 14. Clovis West relies heavily on a drive-and-dish offensive that requires multiple players to dribble, jump stop and either lateral to cutters for layups or dish to the 3-point line. This is a team that made 35 3-pointers in the last two games of its tournament last week. Poly is a more straight-ahead fullcourt pressing, man defense, fastbreaking team. Clovis will press full or half court, but two CIF teams that are already used to the shot clock back home, this will be interesting.

As a fan, I’d love to see Clovis get hot and knock down at least 18 3-pointers, which they did last week in their Nike Central Valley Showdown title game. And I’d love to see Poly run and gun for at least 90 points. Yeah, a 107-104 game would be awesome. But we’re more likely heading for a game in the 50s, lots of defense and physical play between two Cali powerhouses. Can’t complain at all.




Game 6, 5 p.m.
Consolation: Salesian Preparatory College (Calif.) (4-1) 57, Konawaena (7-2) 32


Q4: Kaupu is there for a putback and misses. Cherilyn Molina picks up her fourth foul. That was almost a 10-sec violation by Salesian. Power move inside by Jackson over Celena Jane Molina. Fastbreak, Salesian, layup by Galbraith, 44-25.

Pass to Kaupu, layup, but Salesian pushes and gets an easy layup. Another steal, Galbraith scores on a layup, 48-27. The Wildcats are running on fumes now. Salesian with its great conditioning and deep bench, fresh as new. Time out, Kona, 5:47.

:25.1 left, Edwards departs, a great game offensively. Power on the post and a nice 3-point shot. First time in the game Coach Stephen Pezzola has all reserves in the game.

Q3: Wildcats get stops on the first three possessions of the second half, including two steals by Celena Jane Molina, but can’t score. Smith steals a pass and drives for a layup, 30-19. Time out Salesian.

Press by Salesian, Cabatbat drives for a layup, 30-21.

Edwards sees the shot clock winding down and drives from the high post. Nobody moves defensively, she misses a layup, gathers her own miss and scores. Like the Red Sea parting, everyone afraid to step in Edwards’ way. Time out, Kona. Coach Awa not pleased, 34-21.

At the other end, Edwards is walking as her man, Uchida, runs off a screen, gets the ball, drives and dishes to Cherilyn Molina for a sweet reverse layup, 34-23. Edwards never bothered to chase her man.

Cherilyn Molina drives through the middle, dishes to Kaawa, 5-foot bank shot good. 34-25.

Molina misses a runner, lands on a foot and tweaks an ankle. The Pride push upcourt, ball comes to a halt and officials call time. Molina leaves and Pride parents are screaming “We’ve got the ball!”

Edwards working the post, hits her shot and is fouled, misses the FT. 36-25. Molina may return, but the timing is tough. 2:09, she checks back in.

Edwards with a catch and shoot 2, all net, 38-25. Cherilyn Molina misses a corner 3, long rebound and nobody back for Kona. Easy layup, Salesian 40-25.

End Q3: Salesian 40, Konawaena 25.

Q2: Cherilyn Molina behind the back, drives, bumped and no call as she misses a short runner. Left wing 3, her shot tumbles in, 15-11. Her sister, Celena Jane, not getting help on the boards. Salesian gets a second shot, third shot and a foul on Celena Jane Molina. Fleming to the line. Makes the second, 16-11, 6:46.

Celena Jane Molina late getting out on rotation to the corner, called for a blocking foul, her second. Taimane Lesa-Hardee two FTs, makes the first, 17-11, 6:18.

Bianca Camello bank shot from 10, 19-11. Plethora of turnovers for Konawaena right now. Smith from the left wing, all net for 3. 22-11, 5:05, time out, Konawaena.

Wildcats break the press again, layup blocked and Edwards scores on the other end at the rim, 24-11.

Another fastbreak opportunity, but Tablit doesn’t see Cherilyn Molina ahead. They get the ball to Molina a few passes later and she’s fouled. Misses both FTs. Anjel Galbraith drives past her man, 10-foot floater good, 26-11.

Tablit drives, bounce pass to Kaupu, who drives for a lefty layup, 26-13. Cherilyn Molina picks up her third foul, 2:24. Galbraith to the line. Molina leaves the game. Galbraith two FTs, misses both.

Cabatbat brings it over midcourt and flings the ball out of bounds. Kona loses the ball on the next possession, standing around while Celena Jane Molina is the only one to dive for it. Kaawa fouled, 1-and-1, makes one of two, 28-14.

Fastbreak for Konawaena as Jackson passes it to the wrong team. Tablit scores on a layup and FT, 28-17. Salesian miss, Tablit goes coast to coast, foul-line jumper good, 28-19. Salesian pushing, pass out of bounds. Wildness. Time out, Salesian, :29.8.

Wildcats break the press, no open shots, they hold the ball. Tablit attacks from the top and draws the foul with :02.3 left. She misses both.

End Q2: Salesian 28, Konawaena 19.

Q1: Wildcats take a 4-2 lead, but Taisia Fleming sinks a wing 3, 5-4 Salesian. Wildcats break the press, miss the layup and Fleming scores on a layup, 7-4.

Layup by Caiyle Kaupu, 7-6. Salesian pounding the ball into the post, where Angel Jackson is posting up. She’s about 6-3. Two FTs, makes both, 9-6, 4:56.

Konawaena fastbreak, Mahie Kaawa with the layup, 9-8. Konawaena looks like a different team today, different body language, much more aggressive defensively. Sierra Smith coast to coast for a layup, nice crossover, 11-8. Cherilyn Molina drives, charging foul. Her second foul and she takes a seat on the bench, 3:00.

Makayla Edwards fouled on a drive. She played strong yesterday in their loss to ‘Iolani. Misses both FTs. Konawaena has Mikayla Tablit, Celena Jane Molina, Tanniya Uchida, Tayvia Cabatbat and Mahie Kaawa on the floor.

Celena Jane Molina thinks about driving, takes the wing 3. She misses, but she’s getting more assertive. They need that. Pride pushing and Jackson, one of their centers, scores inside, 13-8.

End Q1: Salesian 15, Konawaena 8.

Pre-game: Salesian is the only mainland team here that is not ranked nationally. They’re still solid, a lot of end-to-end defensive pressure. The Pride was 27-6 last season, lost their top two scorers to graduation. Will Konawaena arise from last night’s lopsided loss to national powerhouse Archbishop Mitty?

The Salesian College Preparatory Pride warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
The Salesian College Preparatory Pride warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
The Konawaena Wildcats warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
The Konawaena Wildcats warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
Maryknoll coach Chico Furtado chats with his team during a time out at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
Maryknoll coach Chico Furtado chats with his team during a time out at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.

Game 5, 3:30 p.m.
Consolation: Maryknoll (14-1) 57, Leilehua (6-7) 27


Q4: Coach Furtado mixing his reserves and starters through that third quarter. Cravens and Milne are the only starters on the floor at the beginning of the fourth.

Owens great defense, picks a backup guard dribbling armpit high, pushes upcourt, draws two defenders in the low post and feeds a teammate for a wing 3.

Taryn Holeso-Aki with a corner 3, time out, Maryknoll, 4:31, 47-25.

Notoa with a nice pivot on the low post, right-handed 7-footer is good. She is left-handed. 49-25. Notoa working inside, fouled, goes to the line. Makes both FTs, 51-25, 3:30.

Final 3 minutes, all reserves in for Maryknoll. 2-3 zone, too. Owens leaves at 1:10. I think she is awesome. Never stops playing hard on offense and defense. Great hands, smart. Lady Mules have a solid backcourt with Owens and Kamelamela. Flores is very interesting with her combination of skills: shot blocker, rebounder, 3-point range. They could run pick and rolls and pick and pops between the three of them all night if desired.

Q3: Quick bucket by Maryknoll to start the second half. Milne with a steal in the backcourt, but she leans her shoulder into the defender on a layup and is called for an offensive foul.

Steal by Viena, pass upcourt, gets it back from Milne, Viena behind-the-back pass to Milne, layup. Nicely done. Time out, Leilehua, 6:06, MS leads 29-17.

Sloppy pass by Viena, stolen by Kamelamela, but Viena hustles downcourt and blocks the layup attempt.

Good ball movement again by Maryknoll, quick pass from Murobayashi to Sisilia Kaufusi for a layup and foul. Short on the FT, Omori hustles in and ties up for the jump ball. Arrow to Maryknoll, 31-17, 4:25.

Palmer fouled on a baseline drive. Misses both FTs.

Turnover, LEI, Murobayashi pushes upcourt, Omori in the paint, no room, ball reverses to Murobayashi, inside to Kaufusi, out to Kehau Gilliland on the elbow, all net and a foul. Misses the FT.

33-17, 2:48. Kamelamela with a wing 3, 33-20. The pace increasing, teams exchange buckets. Murobayashi all net from the left corner, 38-22.

End Q4: Maryknoll 40, Leilehua 22.

Q2: Feed inside to Isabella Cravens and she’s fouled on the catch. Maryknoll coach Chico Furtado calls a 30-second time out, 7:42. Owens steals the inbounds pass and she’s off to the races. Fouled again, shooting two. She is easily one of the two best offensive weapons they have. She makes the second, 13-10. Mules in their halfcourt press again.

Pass into the paint, Cravens triple teamed and Chyel Palmer battles on the floor, snatches it away from Cravens. The Mules aren’t extremely tall, but they’re willing to be physical. Kamelamela drives for a deuce, and again another layup to give her team a 14-13 lead. Cravens scores, 15-14, Spartans.

Notoa battling inside, fouled as the shot almost falls in. The junior makes one of two, 16-14. Leilehua in a 2-3 matchup zone, giving Maryknoll difficulty. Offensive foul away from the ball by Palmer and Cravens goes to the line for 1-and-1. Officials confer and decide it’s not a shooting situation. Cravens pinning the center, nobody passes the ball, 3-second violation. Maryknoll practices what it preaches: man defense. Teams like this do well in the long run, usually, but in the short term, they don’t get a lot of zone offense reps, especially this early in the season.

Nice ball movement, Omori swishes a 3 from the top, MS 19-14. Time out, LEI, 3:33. Dumlao making all the adjustments he can, and they’re working for the most part, but if Omori gets more open looks, she could turn this into a a big lead quickly.

Sideline play and Kamelamela swishes a corner 3, 19-17. Spartans have the fullcourt press back on. Mules still in zone. Chayse Milne misses a straightaway 3, contested slightly, but with the shot clock, not bad.

Kodee Viena coast to coast for a layup and the foul. She misses the FT, 21-17, :49.6. Spartans hustle for the offensive board, Omori drives and is fouled. She makes both FTs, 23-17, :41. Turnover Leilehua on a sideline pass against the press. Normally, Maryknoll would hold for the final shot, but the shot clock about 8 seconds difference.

Long 3 by Viena misses, follow shot from the foul line by Ysballe Halemano misses, half ends.

End Q2: Maryknoll 23, Leilehua 17.

Q1: The Lady Spartans are pressing right from the first minute. Abigail Flores banks in a wing 3, LEI 3-0. Two FTs, lead is 5-0 and Leilehua springs a halfcourt press. Maryknoll handles it and gets a layup by Moe Notoa. Press is giving Leilehua trouble, 10-second violation. Mules had trouble against Long Beach Poly’s press yesterday. It only makes more sense to press in this scenario with a 30-second shot clock.

3 by the Spartans and it’s tied 5-all. Steal by Omori, leans in for contact and hits the layup. FT good, MS 8-5, 3:58. Kaylen Kamelamela baseline J, 8-7. I like Kamelamela, always balanced and aggressive with the ball. This is a nice opportunity for Leilehua center Flores to establish her defensive skills. She’s got one block already.

Spartans going deep early. Reserve guard Sierra Murobayashi with two jumpers, one from 3-land and Coach Dumlao calls time out with :09.3 left in the first. He’s upset. 13-7.

Kimberly Owens, a freshman, drives and draws a foul. Two FTs good at :02, 13-9. Rhianne Omori’s halfcourt shot misses at the buzzer.

End Q1: Maryknoll 13, Leilehua 9.

Pre-game: The Lady Mules of Leilehua are defending OIA champions, but really, Coach Elroy Dumlao is working with a group that is a mix of returnees and new players. This is not last year’s championship team, but Dumlao is one of the better coaches at extracting effort and unity from his teams.

The Lady Spartans are without Kamalu Kamakawiwo‘ole (ankle), who was injured during Thursday’s opening-round game with No. 9 Clovis West. Maryknoll is ranked No. 2 in the Star-Advertiser Girls Basketball Top 10.

The Maryknoll Spartans warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
The Maryknoll Spartans warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
The Leilehua Mules warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.
The Leilehua Mules warm up at the ‘Iolani Prep Classic.


  1. jazzpt55 December 9, 2016 3:46 pm

    I agree the Konawaena-Salesian should be very interesting. Salesian’s PG Sierra Smith…
    is she OK Salesian was expecting big things from her this year…

  2. JOJO December 9, 2016 7:45 pm

    Salesian pounded Kona by like 24-26. It was never close. Hilo or Waiakea might come out of the BIIF if Kona doesn’t improve.

  3. Paul Honda December 9, 2016 11:24 pm

    I never found out what happened to her in the second half against ‘Iolani. I wasn’t statting so she may have fouled out or just had a minor injury. But she is a big-time player, period.

  4. red x December 10, 2016 9:03 am

    all of these 7th and 8th place games. There should only be first and second place. Everything else is just a participation trophy, just like division I and II football. In our “PC” culture now we just have people getting trophies just for showing up. RR4L

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