LIVE BLOG: Konawaena 44, Maryknoll 34, F




The championship game of the OC-16/HHSAA Girls Basketball Division I State Championships is 27 minutes away. Defending champion Konawaena will face ILH champion Maryknoll. It’s the old guard against the new school. The cagey veterans against the army-platoon deep women of Sparta.

Maryknoll, guided by Chico Furtado, has not won a state title in girls basketball since 1977 and ’78 when Russell Dung was head coach.

Konawaena, the No. 1 seed and 24-1 this season, has won six of the last 12 HHSAA state titles. Like Konawaena, Maryknoll is a mid-sized school. If there’s a dynasty emerging in the ILH, it looks to be the program at Maryknoll.

I’m looking for Maryknoll to push the tempo when possible. Furtado loves to go 10 deep and that, in theory, could wear down a Konawaena team that doesn’t go more than seven deep. Compounding that point is the ankle injury of returning all-state player of the year Chanelle Molina. She’s played well despite being less than 100 percent. It’s Konawaena’s immensely high basketball IQ and execution against Maryknoll’s youth and full-tilt fastbreak game.

I’ve polled almost everyone on press row tonight and no one has picked Maryknoll to win so far.


The Wildcats are running the same sets that were so successful in this tournament, including that modified flex play and that double high screen (elevator). Golden State ran the elevator quite a bit in recent years with success. Konawaena led 8-3 after a straightaway 3 by Ihi Victor, but the Spartans have pulled within 12-11 after a transition corner 3 by Chayse Milne. Knockout swings early. Love it.

TV time out, 2:30.

Maryknoll had just four players on the floor out of the time out and Chanelle Molina got free for a low-post shot and was fouled. Hits the second and its 13-11.

Furtado rolls his subs in. Depth. Length. Maryknoll has those aspects. Freshman Kamalu Kamakawiwo‘ole (5-foot-9) and Ysabelle Halemano in, and veteran Lindsey Lee.

Victor to Chanelle Molina on an inbounds lob and easy 5-foot J. 15-11.

Opening quarter ends with Konawaena ahead 15-11.

Wildcats switch from man to a 1-2-2 zone, possibly to protect from fouls, but Maryknoll goes on a 9-0 run. Kodee Viena with a corner 3 on a drive and dish by Lindsey Lee, and Milne scores on a pass from Alexis Delovio to give the Spartans the lead. Then Delovio cuts and scores on a pass from Lee, and Delovio drives for another layup and it’s 20-15.

Mikayla Tablit hits a foul-line runner to cut the lead to three. TV time out with 2:46 left before the half. Maryknoll 20-17.

That zone surprised the Spartans and they handled it well with Lee on the floor recognizing the defense. Delovio not settling for perimeter shots. She’s driving hard and forcing the issue. Smart move.

Wildcats still patient offensively. Celena Jane Molina with a pass from the low post to Victor on the elbow for a 16-foot J. Kona cuts it to 20-19. Time out, Maryknoll, 1:39.

Milne drives from near midcourt all the way to the rim uncontested for an easy deuce. 22-19.

Chanelle Molina with the backdoor pass to sister Celena Jane Molina and it’s 22-21.

Milne’s 23-foot attempt rattles in and out at the buzzer. Halftime, Maryknoll leads Konawaena 22-21.

HALF: The Wildcats played only five in the first half while the Spartans used eight players. Chanelle Molina has seven points and three assists with two turnovers. Milne has seven points while Omori and Viena each have five for Maryknoll.

Konawaena took 15 shots without a turnover in the opening quarter, then had just six field-goal attempts with three turnovers in the second quarter. Fatigue? It might explain why Coach Bobbie Awa went to that 1-2-2 zone.

The Wildcats have a 14-10 edge on the boards, but have taken just two foul shots (1-for-2). Maryknoll is 3-for-4 at the line. FG: Konawaena 9-for-21, Maryknoll 8-for-19, including 3-for-7 from the arc. Konawaena is 2-for-5 from deep.

See-sawing back and forth early in the third. Viena splashed another corner 3, but Konawaena went on a 7-0 run to take a 28-25 lead. Chanelle Molina with a sharp drive from the wing for an and-1 play, and then hustled downcourt to follow Cherilyn Molina’s fastbreak layup miss.

Omori scores on a drive through the middle. TV time out with 2:24 left. Konawaena 28, Maryknoll 27. Instant Classic?

Delovio misses a hanging bank shot and Kona pushes the other way. Cherilyn Molina pass to Chanelle Molina, 10-foot bank shot and it’s 30-27. Maryknoll holding the ball in the last 2 minutes of the quarter. Furtado playing it safe for the last shot, but Cherilyn Molina takes the ball away from Milne. Can’t dribble in front of her without making a move.

Cherilyn Molina and Tablit miss shots in the final 10 seconds as the quarter comes to a close. Konawaena leads 30-27.

Foul situation: each team has 3 in this half.

Chanelle Molina gambles with a trap on the top, but Viena passes to Kamakawiwo‘ole for a layup over the outstretched hand of Victor. 30-29.

Cherilyn Molina misses a tough lefty jump hook in the post, Maryknoll ball. Omori slips and is on her knees, Furtado quickly calls time out with 6:47 left.

Omori open look from the left wing, misses the 3. Milne chases down the rebound (no pun intended), misses her corner 3. Foul on MS, Kona ball.

Spartan fans all over the officials for a foul call on Isabella Cravens on a block against Cherilyn Molina. She hits the second shot, Kona up 31-29, 5:13.

Awa irate over a push off by a Maryknoll ballhandler. Kamakawiwo‘ole misses a baseline runner, foul on Maryknoll on the rebound. Kona ball 4:24.

Victor to Chanelle Molina, elbow J is good, Kona 33-29.

Right back go the Spartans, Kamakawiwo‘ole hits a wing 3 in transition, all net. Time out Maryknoll, Kona leads 33-32 with 3:15 left. What a game!

Chanelle Molina nearly knocked off balance, no call. Not sure about this crew tonight. Allowing too much contact on both ends. She’s fouled a second later, hits both shots on a 1-and-1. Kona 35-32, 2:28.

Milne drives hard and misses down the middle, runs over a Wildcat, no call. She rebounds, misses. Delovio rebounds point-blank shot, misses. Kona rebound. Cherilyn Molina 1-and-1. Makes the first and second, 37-32.

Then Omori races downcourt and hits a layup, fouled, misses the FT. 37-34, 1:07.

Cherilyn Molina fouled, hits one of two, 38-34, :50.

Viena rushes a wing 3 and misses. Chanelle Molina fouled, hits two FTs with :40 left. Kona leads 40-34. Time out Maryknoll, :33.8.

Cherilyn Molina hits two more FTs, 42-34, :16.2.

Chanelle Molina steal, hits two FTs, :00.6.

FINAL: Konawaena 44, Maryknoll 34.



  1. rabbit ears February 12, 2016 9:57 pm

    coach who only plays five players shouldn’t coach.

  2. Wildcat February 13, 2016 6:58 am

    Rabbit Ears, worry about your own self.
    Straight Outta Kona, to Oahu, with another State title.
    Kicking down doors and taking names.
    Eo Kona!

  3. Old Fashioned February 13, 2016 9:49 am

    First of all I would like to congratulate both Kona and Maryknoll for a hard fought game. I believe that adults are and should be role models for the kids. High School athletics are far more than winning a basketball game. It is to teach character, have fun, and build relationships. I believe its mostly to prepare kids for life after high school. I believe the adults should hold themselves to high standards so the kid can learn from it.

    No matter who much Kona wins he is a pet peeve I will always have. This is regarding the coaching staff attire. How does wearing t-shirts, baseball caps, slippers to games teach the young ladies to dress for success. On college interviews will they think it is okay to wear slippers and a cap to talk to a college recruiter or adviser? If they go for a job interview will they wear a t-shirt instead of a blouse or collared shirt? I understand monies might be tough to come by. But is it really hard to wear a polo and nice pants? And sneakers if you cannot afford dress shoes?

    I think too much emphasis is put on winning. Most of the players in high school will not go to college to play sports. This is the end of the line. How about we teach the kids who to hold themselves to higher standards so they can accomplish great things in their lives.

    I will probably get ripped for writing this. Just like in Coach Carter, “Are we too proud to shop at the Goodwill?”

  4. Action Jackson February 13, 2016 11:30 am

    That’s right! No reason why that Konawaena coach couldn’t have subbed in girls getting everyone involved. Just plain ridiculous!

  5. rabbits ears February 13, 2016 2:43 pm

    Wildcat, you are just as sad

  6. Rams33 February 13, 2016 4:12 pm

    Congrats wildcats on another title. I liked seeing them tested against Maryknoll and was impressed as always with the girls’ spirit and character. Was neat to see the smaller Kona team fighting for and getting a number of O-rebounds against the bigger Maryknoll team.

    I thought it was smart of coach Awa to have Tablit apply most of the on-ball pressure in the first half and save Chanelles legs for the second, especially with her gimpy ankle.

  7. Bball Fan February 13, 2016 4:39 pm

    Amazing how you can win a title with inferior coaching running only the Wheel Play and reads…

  8. The Rim February 13, 2016 7:29 pm

    Amazing how they win and you keep talking about inferior coaching. The other coaches must be horrible according to you, to not be able to stop this machine. Keep putting her down and she’ll keep winning State Titles with a small pool of girls. Amazing is how dumb you sound. And for those of you who think all kids should play…. this is the State Championship and it was a close game till the last minute. You all sound like sore losers….YES, SORE LOSERS!

  9. FUKI February 13, 2016 10:52 pm

    Good job Konawaena. This is a nationally ranked team, a state champion, and great coaches. These girls come from a small town, got no money (not like ILH teams), but they just scrappy and smart. 3 sisters on the same team…this is book material that they could do this. What a legacy these coaches and girls are creating? Girls on Oahu have the benefit of playing year round basketball against more teams, better competition. The girls from Kona probably get better by beating each other up every day in practice. They don’t have the luxury of playing against all these club teams like Kalakaua, or Mike Taylor’s teams, or whatever other club teams that are out there. Just old fashioned Hoosier style basketball. Love it!!!!

  10. Bball Fan February 14, 2016 2:42 am

    They have more talent. If I took 5 friends and we beat a bunch of 8th graders that isn’t impressive. They should pound teams with the talent they have. I was taught you try to be the best you can be. The proof is what happens after high school.

    Kona has the biggest advantage. They play with each other for 6-8 years and can play year round. The ILH kids cannot. Unlike the OIA and BIIF, the ILH enforces the coaches coaching during the blackout periods. Their coaches can coach all year round.

  11. Rams33 February 14, 2016 6:36 am

    Funny how Bball fan or whichever other alias confuses more talent for just being better polished.

    Also funny how he/she has to resort to baseless accusations about coaching violations. I thought you said the coaching was terrible, but now you’re saying they are illegally getting too much of this “bad coaching”?

  12. The Rim February 14, 2016 6:51 am

    Bball fan the Kona girls play Volleyball too, not just basketball year around. And if they did so what? Now its the poor ILH? Oh come on, Im sick of hearing how the neighbor islands shouldn’t be in DI sports and when they win at DI, they have an advantage? this is just idiotic.

  13. Old Fashioned February 14, 2016 8:36 am

    Coaches need to respect the game. Dressing in slippers, hats, and t-shirts is disrespectful of the game in my humble opinion. It’s a disservice to the children too.

  14. Old Fashioned February 14, 2016 8:40 am

    Fuki, old style Hoosier Basketball is based on sets, schemes, screen, continuity, and picks. These are things that the Wildcats are not known for around the basketball community. They are known for being extremely athletic, fearless, and play a street ball type of game based on reads with barely any sort of continuity within their offense. They would run plays over and over again testing the defense’s patience. If there was a shot clock, Kona would probably never get it under 10 seconds as they are not known as a deliberate team. They want to play fast and get more possessions due to their high amount of ability.

  15. The Rim February 14, 2016 9:07 am

    Old Fashion- and your point is???? Maybe 7 titles equates to playing pretty good basketball.

  16. Rams33 February 14, 2016 10:19 am

    As often is the case, a great sports team has riled up hate and jealousy for certain fans.

  17. The Rim February 14, 2016 1:03 pm

    What is sad is they earned it playing really good basketball. They lost one game in a highly competitive invitation only tournament at DC the whole year, beating teams handily. Went through the BIIF without Chanelle and the State Tournament with her ankle still hurting. But this tool tries to take that away from them by posting nonsense. Give credit where credit is due. I’m not a parent nor am I from Kona, actually you might say back in the day they were rivals to me. But you can’t deny they’ve earned every single STATE championship by playing top level basketball. Using Bball Fans own words….”you like be the best, beat the best!” Kona is the best so go practice your sets and schemes that so far don’t seem to work.

  18. Old Fashioned February 14, 2016 6:38 pm

    My point is you said they played old fashioned Hoosier Basketball. An no they did not. They play more like Golden State, but with less sets. They like early offense. They like to push tempo. They like to attack. These are not traits of the old Hoosiers.

  19. The Rim February 14, 2016 7:10 pm

    Old Fashioned- that was Fuki who said that not me, but who cares, you’re a sore loser plain and simple. Go find all the excuses you want with no justification at all. Please read all your posts because you contradict yourself pretty bad. But hey, comparing them to Golden State is pretty good i think, unless you think in your mind that Golden State plays Street Ball at the NBA level and has bad coaching.

  20. Old Fashioned February 14, 2016 10:28 pm

    What are you talking about? You are asinine.

  21. Education First February 14, 2016 10:35 pm

    I find it odd (THE RIM) that you follow girls basketball too much. But hey, if that’s the only thing you guys can win I totally understand. When you win football or boys basketball or baseball let’s talk. When the kids on your teams end up at Ivy League Schools let’s talk. Your most famous Wildcat Alum, Galdeira, stopped going to class and flunked out. I mean, how pathetic is that? So she had to turn pro. I mean is that what you guys teach them out there? Waste the university’s money, not attend classes, flunk out.

    I would trade zero titles and know my kid can finish college for 7 or 8 or 9 state titles in girls basketball and unable to secure my college degree.

    Degree > Girls Basketball State Titles

    A Bowl of Soup > Girls Basketball State Titles

    Kona is also known for some of the worst academics in the state. With such a low curriculum, I am surprised you guys don’t dominate sports in Hawaii. How many AP classes do these kids take? They have so much extra time they should win, lol.

  22. The Rim February 15, 2016 9:02 am

    Odd that I follow girls basketball? If you pay any attention to this site, I follow all sports. I’m not one team specific but neighbor Island teams I support due to your attitude towards them. As for their academics, there are more than just athletes that factor in to those scores, and unfortunately public schools can’t pick and choose who attends the school.

    Old Fashion- don’t talk about yourself like that. You started the hate and now resort to name calling?

  23. Education First February 15, 2016 2:40 pm

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. How come the Kona basketball players rarely go to higher level academic colleges? It seems that they Al Bundy and max out at the HHSAA state tourney.

  24. Rams33 February 15, 2016 3:00 pm

    Once the Ed First alias jumps on this thread you know it’s really jumped the shark.

  25. The Rim February 15, 2016 4:58 pm

    @Rams33 yes, time for us sane people to move on.

  26. Education Frist February 16, 2016 1:31 pm

    Sane yes, high academics, nay! lol…


    Fast forward to 2030. “Hey can I please trade my 7 state titles for a bowl of soup, a collared shirt, and some sandals?”

  27. Greg February 16, 2016 11:52 pm

    Education First and all those negative people out there who just can’t take the success that Konawaena has been receiving. Just get over it because jealousy will just make you crazier than you already sound. Education First wish he had 7 state titles, but oops!! Konawaena and Bobby Awa did it again. As for high academics of course Konawaena has them, otherwise they wouldn’t be smart enough to WIN and outsmart teams. Fast forward to 2030- Konawaena winning 3 more state title and Education First still upset and jealous so he writes more bad comments to make him feel better about himself. HATERS gonna HATE and never satisfied with the result. I love how the sound of Konawaena winning upsets so much jealous fans out there. Just accept the lost and move on please before you end up jumping off a cliff, lol..

  28. STUDENT ATHLETE February 19, 2016 8:52 am

    As far as education goes…not all will move on to college and play at a higher level. But get your facts straight. There are a hand full of students out of the small Konawaena Student Body that do go on to D3 schools based on ACADEMIC scholarships and choose to continue to play sports. Get EDUCATED…..haters gonna hate. Life is what YOU make of it. Don’t hate on the kids….it all start’s at home.

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