Waianae to No. 7; Campbell enters Top 10

Campbell's Pokii Adkins-Kupukaa is one of the top juniors in the state this season. Photo by Darryl Oumi/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

The quest to be No. 1 is a no brainer right now. Saint Louis again remains the unanimous No. 1 in the state.

After that, however, there are a wide range of opinions from two to 10 in the latest Honolulu Star-Advertiser Football Top 10 released today.

Kahuku, which was shut out 17-0 by Bingham (Utah) in the Polynesian Football Classic on Saturday without quarterback Sol-Jay Maiava (shoulder), remained the No. 2 team in the state. However, the gap between the Red Raiders and No. 3 Mililani and No. 4 Punahou closed with the Trojans blowing out Farrington, 42-6, and the Buffanblu shutting out Kamehameha 21-0.

Mililani and Punahou flip-flopped spots for the third straight week with the Trojans earning one more vote than the Buffablu.

Kahuku’s vote lead on the No. 3 spot has shrunk from 14 four weeks ago to 12, 10 and now just four. Kahuku was listed fourth on more ballots (three) than Punahou (two), but also had six of the 10 second-place votes.

The Star-Advertiser’s Billy Hull, who has voted Kahuku No. 2 all season, dropped the Red Raiders to No. 4 after the loss to Bingham.

“From a resume standpoint, I think Punahou and Mililani both have better wins than Kahuku right now,” Hull said. “(Bingham) was the first big test for Kahuku all year and the Red Raiders were shut out for the first time in almost a decade.

“I’m not saying I’d take a Mililani or a Punahou over Kahuku in a game played this week, but I don’t think it’s a definite ‘yes’ that Kahuku would beat both teams. For now I’ll take the teams with a perfect record over a 1-loss Kahuku squad that wasn’t overly impressive against Leilehua or Moanalua either.”

Another team battling quarterback issues, Kamehameha, remained at No. 5 despite a second straight shutout loss. The Warriors were without senior Thomas Yam, but hung tough with the Buffanblu before wearing down in the second half.

Hilo’s unprecedented run in the rankings continued yet again this week as the Vikings are a program-best No. 6 after a 54-0 shutout of Waiakea. Running back Kahale Huddleston failed to return a kickoff for a TD for the first time this year, but did rush for 92 yards and two TD’s and had touchdown receptions of 21 and 25 yards to give him 18 total TD’s this season.

Waianae jumped up three spots to No. 7, ahead of No. 8 Farrington, which dropped two spots after losing to the Trojans. Division II defending state champion Lahainaluna again is No. 9, followed by Campbell, which returned to the rankings after throttling Moanalua 51-6.

Kapolei (11 votes), finished one vote outside of the top 10 after shutting out Kailua, which fell out of the top 10, 33-0.

Damien (nine), St. Francis (four), Kapaa (three) and the Surfriders (two) also received votes.

Friday, Sept. 15
>> No. 3 Mililani at Kapolei, 7:30 p.m.
>> No. 6 Hilo at Konawaena, 7 p.m.
>> No. 9 Lahainaluna vs. KS-Maui, 7 p.m.
>> No. 10 Campbell at Radford, 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, Sept. 16
>> No. 4 Punahou vs. No. 1 Saint Louis, 6 p.m., Aloha Stadium
>> No. 2 Kahuku def. Kaiser (Forfeit)
IDLE: No. 3 Punahou, No. 7 Waianae, No. 8 Farrington

Updated: 10/23
1.Kahuku (10)100
5.Saint Louis53


  1. Awrite!! September 11, 2017 3:04 pm

    One word comes to my mind right now, perception. Rankings are always based on perceptions about how fast and easy a team can score points. Thats about it.

    My RRnation is a second half team as well as a late season team. We dont usually wake up till the second half of games and we finish the season better then when we started. Not worried about how fast Mill or PUN are closing in on Kahuku because we still have all the pieces to finish the season #1 and im definitely not worried about the perceptions that SA voters view teams at any point of the season.

  2. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 3:23 pm

    What I saw out of Kahuku D, was number one in the state. But the offense looks like number five. This Defense will carry this team like in most of Red Raider State Champ teams. We’ll be there at the end, but can we finish to bring home the Koa? That is the question. So everyone can sleep on Kahuku, but remember what happened Tua’s Junior year. No one picked Kahuku that year either. Same situation. Kahuku’s O struggled against Waianae, then exploded against St. Louis in the championship game. So goodnight everyone go sleep on the Big Red. Ha ha ha. RR4L._.

  3. phILHarmonic September 11, 2017 3:24 pm

    In that case, maybe you guys should schedule the mainland game at the end of the year. When you are all wake up.

  4. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 3:39 pm

    Wait your saying you would not pick your number two or your number three to beat your number four? I dont get it. Ha ha. I get it, it’s a joke. Im from Kahuku and I know they dont deserve a number one ranking. But to say #2 or #3 cant beat a #4, then why do you have them ranked higher. Too funny. Dont worry, you guys rank your top five better than ScoringLive. They have Kahuku number one this whole time, when our boys havent proven anything yet… YET! RR4L._.

  5. Insideoutsidein September 11, 2017 3:41 pm

    Kahuku did not play an ordinary mainland team. I’m seeing the BIG RED feeding off this loss. With the Kaiser forfeit, They will have this week and next to adjust.

  6. phILHarmonic September 11, 2017 3:48 pm

    I also remember what happened Tua’s Senior season. The ball when explode up in the air on the 1 yard line and St. Lulu recovered it as well as the KOA.

    Is it confidence/arrogance or fear that drives you guys to write this stuff?

    No need. Your team is a beast, no doubt. But some of you need to act like you been here before.


  7. phILHarmonic September 11, 2017 3:50 pm

    LOL. Kaiser will have lost by the smallest margin than any other team that Kahuku has beat. GoCougs!!!!!! Great Job Martinez.

  8. Awrite!! September 11, 2017 4:06 pm

    Bingham was good but not very impressive to me. I think STL or Mill could have put up 30 pts on Bingham but only STL would have a D to beat them. You forget that bingham can stop the run but STL and MILL are so quick at getting the ball out to the WR it would nullify that big DT from bingham that was eating up the RR run game. My RR nation just flat out stunk. The offense was non-existent partly due to terrible play calling but mostly due to Binghams front 7 overpowering them.

    Mill and PUN beating mainland teams have proven that these high flying passing offenses in Hawaii are no joke, while Kahukus offense need to get it together because the past 2 years they have been looking like a joke to the rest of the nation.

  9. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 4:12 pm

    I did not say one word to boast. I was simply stating no one picked kahuku to win that year either. You too funny. So go nigh nigh and talk all the smack you like. All I said was sleep on us and we will see. I even questioned if we could bring home the Koa trophy. Yet you have the nerve to say Im talking smack. Ha ha ha. Too funny, all these characters on here. Too fun. RR4L._.

  10. Awrite!! September 11, 2017 4:20 pm

    I heard tomeke,hyn and 88 were having a pantie party this weekend, maybe hauulaboy and philarmonic should join them so you can all be friends. se keste!

  11. PhILHarmonic September 11, 2017 4:28 pm

    I’m just curious what is your definition of “boast” or “talking smack”?

    Epiphany- I think we have discovered the problem, they don’t even know they being arrogant or #fakehumble.

    And it’s signed RRFL. Can’t make this stuff up.

  12. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 6:43 pm

    Sole, only if you hosting? I’ll be in the Red 4 Red Raider thong. Ha ha. Sorry, Im just boasting. Too much fun dis guy._.

  13. 88 September 11, 2017 6:50 pm

    Phil this is a sports forum. We come on here to talk $het to eachother. It’s purely for entertainment. But If it’s too much for you please feel free to go join a recipe sharing blog or book reading blog. As for Kahuku, there is NO team on this island or any island in the State of Hawaii that stands a chance against them. Everybody has been posting “who has Kahuku played” well who the Faak has the Crusaders played? Or The Trojans or the BuffnBlue? There is no offense on this island that can break this defense. NONE! Kahuku will win the State Title this year and the topic will change from “who has Kahuku played” to ” they win because they went back to their caveman offense”.

  14. 88 September 11, 2017 6:56 pm

    Awrite the past 2 years Kahuku has been playing in the SHIP and going 1-1. What has Mililani and Punahou been doing? That’s right, they’re high powered offense was watching the game from home. Your welcome.

  15. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 6:58 pm

    Um, I dont know where Ive been. But you need to stop being so serious. Sorry if what I said affects you so much that you have to come on this thread and comment on my comment… But again show me how I was being so arrogant. I clearly questioned if we could even bring home the Koa trophy. But then again I am boasting just a little when stating that the O blew up on St. Louis. Only a little. So sorry. RR4L._.

  16. ilh September 11, 2017 7:45 pm

    88- you need to have your brains examine, you know Kahuku’s schedule is so weak, that right now Damien would have beaten all of Kahuku’s foes, Kahuku will win there Division, but if they face Mililani in the play-offs Kahuku should be very afraid of Mililani this year. Kahuku is not a balanced team this year.

  17. Awrite!! September 11, 2017 7:59 pm

    STL and Mill fans should be rejoicing about Kahukus schedule not mocking it. Why? Because no matter we play Waianae, Aiea or Leilehua the Kahuku kids been seen injuries like no other. Thank you Kaiser for forfeiting because our kids not going make it through the season but if they do, the state better be on watch bcause like 88 said he going be throwing a pantie party lap dancing for tomeke and hyn when we win the ship!

    ps – even on a bye week (Kaiser forfeit) Kahuku cant stay healthy, they lost one player leaving school but small kine always going have part-time RedRaiders in the group, only the 4lifers stay till the end no matter what!

  18. PhILHarmonic September 11, 2017 8:34 pm

    88- what you think I doing brosef? Whispering sweet nothing’s into Hauulas Boys ears? Btw, what is a forum?

    I really think you guys cannot handle,but, (I love the unity) I don’t think Hauula Boy needed you to come to his defense.

    #ithinkihitanerve, #fakehumble

  19. Alpha September 11, 2017 8:45 pm

    If Kahuku wants to win states, their going to have to revert to their “caveman” offense. Theres no way that passing attack is going to get passed Stl, Mililani or Punahou D. Also, is Campbell really worth the 10th spot under Hilo and Lahainaluna? I mean “from a resume standpoint” does Hilo and Lahainaluna have better wins then Waianae, Farrington, Campbell and Kapolei? Can Billy brake that down since that’s the formula he used for rankings 2,3,4.

  20. 88 September 11, 2017 9:38 pm

    I aint coming to nobody’s rescue brad Phil. You just coming across a little femenish so I’m letting you know.

    ILH if you think Kahuku’s schedule is weak waite till you see what the #1 ranked team in Hawaii schedule is like. Soooooo lets take a look. They beat Waianae. Oh but waite, EVERYBODY beat Waianae. Next was Baldwin. How could I have been so blind? It was the Baldwin game, right? Thats the game that gave them the #1 nod. Baldwin is so good they can’t even play, no, they are not even invited to compete to play for a spot in the Open Division. Next is Kamehameha and I know you aint hanging your hat on the strength of that Kamehameha game. We all know how terrible that team is so it has to be the Baldwin game that makes the Crusaders the #1 team in the State. EVERYBODY schedule is weak because the powers that be refuse to combine the ILH and OIA. But if they did, Kahuku would whoop all their arses this year and next year and the year after that.

  21. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 9:47 pm

    Ooohhh, and its been broughten. Billy can you brake that down. Thats too funny. That formula that youve been using seems to be broke, no can fix, to da max, bra. Outter island teams that choose not to be in the open just so they can get one chance for win one ship. The whole HHSAA was created to have a real state rep, the best from each island compete, exposure for the kids on the outter islands to go up against the best in the state. They did, and Baldwin almost made it. Hilo even kept up with Kahuku for a half one year. What about all those upsets of Kailua and Farrington. To say they cant compete at the highest level is a joke. But then they opt out and go to this Division 1, or 2, or whatever it is just so they can get a trophy. Its a joke. Hilo cant beat Waianae because psychologically they already lost. You and everyone who put them in a lower division, have automatically put them below Waianae. And yes I say you because you’ve been in support of this three tiered system. So system flawed.

  22. Hau'ulaBoy September 11, 2017 9:55 pm

    So, peace hommie Im out. 88, Im just gonna drop the mic and walk away… You handle these sucka’s for me, RR4L and Im out._.

  23. PhILHarmonic September 11, 2017 10:08 pm

    Yeah you did, Brotato Chip.

    Are you suggesting that sounding “feminish” is a negative thing? Better not let your boyfriend know you feel that way.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, Kahuku takes the OIA, spoiler alert. And……i bet they make it to the state championship game, so we at least agree on that.

    St Lulu looks good, it’s building up to be an interesting playoffs, especially for the OIA. Thank you for OC16.

  24. Hyn September 11, 2017 11:10 pm

    Yeah everbody schedule is weak but let’s look at how dominating St. Louis has been in those wins. After three wins with a lopsided 154-7 and starters didn’t even play a full game yet. You guys talk about defense this is probably one of the best defense St. Louis had in years. Time will tell this weekend to see how good they really are. They also play a mainland team next week. If the offense keep putting up those numbers it’s going to be scary.

  25. Envy September 11, 2017 11:55 pm

    If it came down to strength of scheduled teams, Mililani, Punahou and even Kamehameha would be ranked above Kahuku. Heck, I’d even put Mililani and Punahou above St. Louis at this point in the season, however, if St. Louis makes it through September unbeaten, then they deserve the no.1 spot.

  26. Hyn September 12, 2017 2:11 am

    Mililani never played anybody other then farrington. The mainland team they played isn’t even ranked.
    Mililani- castle, unranked mainland,farrington
    Punahou-moanalua,torrey pine,Serra ,kam
    St. Louis -Waianae,Baldwin,kam
    Punahou had the hardest schedule in my opinion.

  27. Hyn September 12, 2017 2:12 am

    Forgot mililani also played leileihua.

  28. Alpha September 12, 2017 7:41 am

    @hyn STL defense is overrated…. 154-7 is an overrated number. Who has STL played that separates them from the other 3 schools. Stl might have one of the best defense “they” had in years, but for sure not in the state. You ain’t saying anything worth note. . .

  29. Hyn September 12, 2017 8:27 am

    alpha- ok so who did the other schools play that would separate them from St. Louis?

  30. Alpha September 12, 2017 8:45 am

    @hyn, the top 4 schools have yet to separate themselves . . But you asked to take a look at how dominating STL has been with their lopsided wins. Dominating Baldwin, Kam, Waianae is expected. Don’t overrate what is already an expectation.

  31. Hyn September 12, 2017 9:44 am

    Alpha- yes and it will be expected all year long.

  32. Havefun September 12, 2017 10:09 am

    I still don’t understand why this entire forum has a majority of kahuku people in it like this whole thing was made for kahuku people. They’re going to be biased about everything because they have nothing but football up there. Nobody here can reason with them about why they don’t deserve to be #1. And not only that but even scoring live bumped you guys down to #2. Your offense is not on that high caliber such as St. Louis, mililani, and Punahou. I see people are saying a blowout of Kam was expected but nobody expected a 44-0 outcome. That definitely was an eye opener to what’s to come and the mercy rule was put into effect in that game so it could have Been worse. It would be nice if we could have a forum not dominated by all biased kahuku fans because you guys need to really wake up and realize that yes your defense is good but your offense isn’t very good this year and no, you can’t pass at all. Your QB is a great runner, I’ll give him that, but he can’t do much else. Thank you

  33. Alpha September 12, 2017 10:37 am

    @hyn. . . Same expectations for Kahuku, Punahou and Mililani supporters for their schools. No separation yet.

  34. Awrite!! September 12, 2017 12:20 pm

    In every state you have teams that recruit and make competition uneven, look at BG #1 in nevada and #2 liberty isnt even close, then liberty had to up their recruiting and now they are head and heels above the #3.

    In Utah Bingham is wiping out everyone too, now days there are only 2 or 3 teams in every state that could matchup with each other. Thats what sports is turning into in America, pretty soon we gonna go to all club sports which only makes sense, like in new zealand and australia they do this stupid high school, college sports. america got it backwards.

  35. Alpha September 12, 2017 12:36 pm

    @Awrite. . . It’s all about the money in America. . . . Football is king when it comes to making money.

  36. Mahatma Gandhi September 12, 2017 4:15 pm

    Hau’ula Boy, it was the haka. Nobody thought Kahuku could beat St Lulu in 2015. But it was power of the on-field haka that gave Kahuku superhuman strength to win that game.

  37. Mahatma Gandhi September 12, 2017 4:49 pm

    Awrite, who are the schools that run a win-at-all-costs football program? St Lulu in Honolulu, Bishop Gorman in Nevada. Who else? Punahou and the Iolani Reds did it the right way for decades. Recruit a few bonafide Pac-12 players to make their teams competitive with the OIA. St Louis ruined everything with their excessive recruiting, win-at-all-costs mentality. It’s always the Catholic schools that have the win-at-all-costs football programs.

  38. Awrite!! September 12, 2017 6:19 pm

    @Alpha and Mahatma – Yes, I agree it is all about the money on all levels of Football (HS,College,NFL) which is the answer to why Mahatma said all Catholic schools recruit. They are tuition based and operate with private money, recruit to make your football program dominate and reap the rewards with ticket sales, alumni donations, booster support and fan merchandise. Nothing wrong with that because kids benefit by having a great catholic program and all their adult staffers get paid too.

    Kahuku needs to start training their young kids to play QB and WR, problem is that they dont have programs or coaches out there that can do it, they only breed linemen and defenders. You know what they say to the WR that are too stupid to run a route and have butter finger hands right? they tell um to go play defense.

  39. 88 September 12, 2017 6:20 pm

    AHH shudup already with your win at all cost. I have a few cousins and nephews(currently on the roster) that played at St. louis and went on to play D1 and graduate. They have successful careers and give back to the community. If that is the price for “win at all cost” than i will take that every time.

  40. Alpha September 12, 2017 7:08 pm

    @HPW. . . Wassup with the Hilo and Lahainaluna rankings. They have quality wins over Farrington, Waianae, Campbell and Kapolei?. . .

  41. Bullballs September 12, 2017 8:03 pm

    No way in hell Hilo and lahaina is better than leilehua ,campbell,or farington, hpw is full of it….catering to outter island football….so as to not make them feal left out

  42. Education First September 12, 2017 10:01 pm

    88 September 11, 2017 6:56 pm
    Awrite the past 2 years Kahuku has been playing in the SHIP and going 1-1. What has Mililani and Punahou been doing? That’s right, they’re high powered offense was watching the game from home. Your welcome.
    I cannot speak for Mililani. But the Punahou kids were doing their homework and preparing for the ACT and SAT’s. That is why they are not borderline idiots that attribute to the horrible test scores that would only be impressive if you were retarded.

    Keep bragging about football. It’s pathetic that most of the kids you boast about peak at 17 and don’t have much of a future if they can graduate.

    You are the perfect example of what happens to someone who plays football for Kahuku. They call themselves 88 on a blog.

  43. Education First September 12, 2017 10:04 pm

    Havefun September 12, 2017 10:09 am
    I still don’t understand why this entire forum has a majority of kahuku people in it like this whole thing was made for kahuku people.
    @havefun, It’s easy to figure it out. Most of them are living in poverty and are unemployed. They are living off our tax monies and use their free time to blog instead of looking for a minimum wage job.

    Look at the stats for that area. It doesn’t lie.

  44. Grabum.by.da.puppy September 13, 2017 11:27 am

    kahu poeple post on blog in spare time, edufirst n his punahou people kill birds spare time

  45. Education First September 13, 2017 1:17 pm

    Grabum.by.da.puppy September 13, 2017 11:27 am
    kahu poeple post on blog in spare time, edufirst n his punahou people kill birds spare time
    Just more proof that Kahuku should take their academics more seriously.

  46. Education First September 14, 2017 1:51 pm

    I’m excited to see this weekend’s Pun-StL game. Will make a day of it at Aloha Stadium. Swap Meet to look for cheap hip hop swag and antique bird houses then catch the doubleheader (Pac5 vs Iolani). Will try to climb the the chain link fence and get in free. I need the $ for my swap meet treasures!

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