VIDEO: Punahou routs Castle, 42-0

Defensive end Kekai Burnett's explosive plays off the edge were a big factor in Punahou's 35-0 win over Castle on a rainy Thursday night. Paul Honda/Star-Advertiser (Aug. 18, 2022)

Punahou’s defense was in terminator mode again, led by Travis Ross and Kekai Burnett.

Burnett tallied two sacks and Ross returned a punt for a touchdown as No. 3 Punahou blanked Castle, 42-0 on Thursday night.


  1. All facts August 19, 2022 6:43 am

    Wait till they play KAHUKU

  2. "UNITY=STRENGTH" August 19, 2022 5:52 pm

    To All Teams playing tonight 8/19/2022 Hit Hard Play Hard quick of mind is quick of action train those Synapses HeHe anyway what happened posting the games on the day enjoyed posting comments!!!:)

  3. No Cap August 19, 2022 6:15 pm

    @All Facts, guarantee punahou is gonna learn real quick where they belong when they play kahuku. But why these ilh fans be saying kahuku has no class for shutting out kamehameha. But when punahou shut out a div 1(castle) and ex div 1 (moanalua) team, they’re praised. I don’t understand the hate on kahuku forreal.

  4. Ilh August 20, 2022 9:26 am

    Punahou loves to run up scores too, leaving lots of 1st stringers in till real late in the game, when St. Louis has a huge lead they already using there 2nd and 3rd team, and keeps the ball on the ground and runs out the clock, Classy Coaches at St. Louis

  5. MiliLouis September 4, 2022 1:18 am

    #1 all facts
    They just played kahuku and what is punahou suppose to be waiting for?

    #3 no cap
    So did punahou learn real quick with your guarantee where they belong? Where do they belong?

  6. No Cap September 4, 2022 9:06 am

    @MiliLouis, Yes they belong right where they stand. Behind of Kahuku. I would have Punahou as my favorites for the ilh right now though. But Kahuku was not Kahuku, they lacked disciplined and respect for there opponent. Like Manulele said they thought they was going to kill Punahou. There dominant runs against other teams probably made them cocky and prideful. Kahuku needed to be humbled. With that being said I still think Kahuku is undisciplined. How Toilolo was taunting and staring down the wr after the plays the 2nd to last drive could’ve been all penalties. But Kahuku was stunned when they actually played a qb that can actually throw the ball on the dot in McCutcheon, Punahou’s back up can zip it. I look forward for him to start. They also never had an answer for Ala’i, he kept hitting the holes with authority. Kahuku secondary also played far off against these fast Punahou receivers and Punahou wrs still got past the secondary. So when Kahuku played really far off, it led Punahou to get throws off underneath . I would say Punahou just couldn’t finish the game because the Punahou defense was so good until that final drive. Kahuku lacked production in both passing and running all game but found a little bit of space on the ground. Even if Crawford threw for 200+ yards I would say Kahuku had a lot of breaks when the dbs would drop the ball. Punahou secondary was baiting Crawford like crazy but they was too short or took a bad angle at the ball. It’s crazy how Kahuku only used #35 rb as the power back later in the game. But yeah I thought Kahuku got it in the bag for states, I was wrong. Hopefully Kaikai heals up so Kahuku can have a better offense when they play Campbell and Mililani. So even if Punahou made it a close game. This is Punahou’s playing at full potential and Kahuku didn’t reach half of there’s this game. If they play a healthy and disciplined Kahuku team 8 times out of 10 Kahuku is going to win.

  7. MiliLouis September 4, 2022 3:08 pm

    Punahou learned that they can keep up with the best. I don’t think after 3 games they were no where near at their full potential.
    Kahuku expected to mop up punahou and obviously it didn’t happened. In fact, either team could have won.
    If they meet again, I’d expect another big battle.

  8. No Cap September 4, 2022 7:43 pm

    @MiliLouis, I totally agree. They can compete with best. But when I mentioned full potential I meant like the wrs, line, backs, and qb did all they could to drive down the field. Like you couldn’t ask for more than that from offensive side. The Punahou offense did a phenomenal job but I don’t think they can be better than they already are unless they somehow have a training regimen that cuts off .7 secs off there 40 and add 15lbs of muscle within these upcoming weeks. But on the other side Kahuku can improve with discipline. Punahou’s disciplined is amazing and that what kept them in this game. Like especially when #6 let go of the qb because he thought he threw the ball was amazing disciplined to not get roughing the passer. On the other side Kahuku was licking the qb no matter if he had the ball or not. Kahuku was killing themselves this game. They fix that up, I see a margin in score. In my opinion, this game hopefully inspired and brought out that instinct in Kahuku. Like they need to stop thinking they’re the best and don’t underestimate opponents. I hope they do meet up again in the states and see the adjustments made on both teams.

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