VIDEO: No. 2 Mililani’s ground-and-pound win over No. 9 Kamehameha

Mililani receiver Kanoa Gibson (1) escaped the grasp of Kamehameha defensive lineman Ezra Evaimalo (43) during the second half of the Trojans' 34-0 win on Saturday. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

The Mililani Trojans entered the weekend averaging 30 carries per game.

By the time they were done with a 34-0 win over No. 9 Kamehameha, the Trojans had run the ball 45 times for 171 yards. Deliberate at times, far from the hurry-up pace of the past. Sergio Muasau, one of their cogs in the trenches, was a key reason why. Jasiah Alcover rushed for 124 yards on 18 carries, and Malosi Sam tallied 88 yards and two TDs on 19 attempts. Kanoa Gibson hauled in five passes for 94 yards and two TDs.

Coming into the game, Mililani had run the ball 153 times and passed it 131 more, a run-pass ratio of 54-46 percent. On Saturday, in the midst of showers on the synthetic turf of Aloha Stadium, the run-pass ratio was 63-37 percent. Muasau, who was invited to play in the Polynesian Bowl last week, chatted with Hawaii Prep World after the game.


  1. Reality September 16, 2019 9:47 am

    If Mililani wants to hang with Punahou and Saint Louis, their offense needs to step it up. This is the worst offense that Mililani has had in the past years. Maybe because they had Dillon Gabriel and Mckenzie Milton? Any OC could call plays with those QB’s. If Mililani think that that can ground and pound against Punahou and Saint Louis, they are going to get a beat down. They are going to have to throw the ball and how it looks now, the air game is sadly downhill. Yah the Defense is legit, but if you going to be having 3 and outs against punahou and Saint Louis, that D is going to get tired and then the game will get out of hand. Mililani OC needs to come up with a better game plan if they plan on Winning the state title.

  2. 94 September 16, 2019 10:28 am


    Why do you think you they need to always throw the ball???. I am glad you agree that Mililani has a great D and that’s how they win games. They just need to slow down the game and throw when they need too. Especially a team that throws a lot. Have you check the stats yet? Their offense is balance. They will get you on the ground and the air. Their running back are quick and strong and pounding is the name of their game especially with the best Oline in the OIA. Don’t be surprised if they beat down on Punahou who barely beat Kamehameha and beat St. Louis. They have a promising year and only team that has guts to play a top 5 team St. John Bosco is Mililani win or lose they will be ready for St. Louis on the 27th.

  3. reality September 16, 2019 10:40 am


    look at the teams they are running against? The OIA is weak this year. You think they can ground and pound agains Saint Louis and Punahou? Cmon Man , we talking reality here. Aint no way they going ground and pound against St Louis and Punahou. The air game aint that good as well. All they have is one reciever Gibson. Double team him and make them throw to the others. 123 Punt, then the wear down begins with Mililani Defense getting tired, then the pull away with the score. Im sorry but the top 3 teams are Mililani Punahou and Saint louis, after that its a far drop off, and between those 3 teams, Saint Louis is at another level, Punahou is right below. All im saying is that Mililani Offense hasnt been producing, and this is facts. The win against Kahuku, they only had 100 something yards total offense. Now if Mililani had last years offense with this years defense, i think they have a chance. But as far as this year, I see no way Mililani coming close to beating Saint Louis, Punahou? Yah Trojans has a chance but will be a tight game.

  4. 94 September 16, 2019 11:08 am


    They just dont have Gibson, If they double good that’s what they want they have speedy SB and they have a Kalama kid who is tall and can catch. They also have number #5 and number #20. They move the ball around. Plus you probably haven’t watch any of there games. They can control games and that’s facts. Last time I check defense win games and last game they never showed any passing attack. Why, when they could run the ball down their throats and it was rainy.

    If St. Louis was in a different level why they not playing teams like Bosco. Bishop Gorman is not a great team like when they had Tate as QB and the kid from Arizona. So who else did they play in the open league no one. They playing the same teams Mililani is playing. Strength of schedule Trojans should be where they are at right now. Now that is facts.

  5. ReLity September 16, 2019 11:44 am

    Before you talk about playing beating saint Louis , try beat Punahou first lol. Saint Louis going be a 4 touchdown favorite against the Trojans . Facts

  6. 94 September 16, 2019 12:11 pm


    You need to check the schedule lol. We play St. Louis first, I can tell you just another hater…now whose laughing now. Lol. Now that is facts lol. You and your facts.

  7. Lou September 16, 2019 1:11 pm

    Reality is right but gives too much credit to the secondary, which I believe is suspect (Campbell).game. That will get exposed by Bosco. Plus the D gets too many unsportsmanlike penalties even York cannot reprimand the “elite”recruits. They might leave next year.

  8. reality, jokes on you 94 September 16, 2019 1:41 pm

    Yah Mililani is good, but they cant play with Saint Louis. And will probably have a hard time against Punahou. Like i said, when Mililani go 3 and out , the D will get tired and that when the game will be bust wide open. These guys really think that Mililani can run the ball on these guys. Im dying laughing. Its people who dont know real football. They only look at scores and the weak opponents they play. Double team Gibson, let the other guys go one on one cuz the other mililani recievers hasnt done anything. I mean, Mililani played a tight game with Campbell , Campbell aint that good either. They got smashed by Kahuku. Cant Wait till play offs, its going to be a walk in the park for the crusaders. Sad cuz punahou going be on sidelines with season ending early and yet still be ranked # 3 . aole aole

  9. 94 September 16, 2019 2:24 pm


    You guys keep talking about Campbell. Only was close because they never blitz the QB and if I am not mistaken the HC was not there. Would of been a different story. You blitz the QB I don’t think #1 would get any touch downs probably getting the ball intercepted by Mililani because QB can’t handle pressure. I dont think you Reality should worry about Mililani right now. If you a Louie Fan, you should worry about Punahou. I like how both reality and lou are big haters. Just watch the game and we will see. Stop hating…lol

  10. Reality of the true story uneducated football fans September 16, 2019 2:31 pm

    Straight up Saint Louis Going Pound Mililani. Mililani will get embarrassed this week, next week, a break the following week, then poundings from Punahou. Mililani goes 1-3 the next 4 weeks. True story all the way right there.

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