VIDEO: Mililani’s Rod York, Kini McMillan post-game chat

All is well in Mill Vill after a 28-7 win by the Mililani Trojans over Saint Louis. Paul Honda/Star-Advertiser (Aug. 5, 2022)

Coach Rod York is a stickler to the end, but he also has the perspective of a sage.

Mililani’s 28-7 win over Saint Louis on Friday ended a six-game losing streak to the dynastic ILH program. Nothing changes, however, in the eyes of the Trojans. Quarterback Kini McMillan says the team goes back to work this week with the same mentality, win or lose. Coach York cautioned about putting too much value on what amounts to a preseason game.

“You know and I know, Kahuku, Saint Louis, they are postseason teams,” York said.

The win is his 100th victory as a head coach.


  1. Oahu Trojans August 9, 2022 1:14 pm

    The Oahu Trojans !!!!!!!!

  2. nolongerMillVille August 9, 2022 6:39 pm

    I respect that Coach York is dedicated to the sport and to the kids BUT he is doing it in the wrong environment. He should be in a private school system, Iolani is his almamater, where recruiting kids around the island is normal.

    Or he should be a college coach where recruiting is expected. To recruit at the lowly public school level where ALL the other public schools are not doing it is like taking the easy road, ya know, hitting on the fat chick. The homegrown kids in Mililani no longer want to play football because some bigger/stronger poly from Town or Waipahu is going to come and take their spot.

    Cal Lee only won because he got all the top athletes that knew how to play ball from a young age, all he had to do was draw up a play and watch the High IQ kids execute against low IQ public school kids. What happened when Cal and Ron Lee coached in College when the playing field was even? they were waaay below average coaches.

    Look at the game last week when Mililani beat STL 28-7, what happened to the great coaching of Cal/Ron Lee? They can only win with talented kids. OVERRATED!

    York is recruiting talented kids at all costs, just to put a title under his name. At the very least I can appreciate the number of kids he and his staff are sending to college on scholarships, maybe we need to look at it in a positive light.

    Kahuku on the other hand won state titles with homegrown yet terrible IQ kids, the hard way. Now days everyone want the easy route, instant gratification, instant pot, instand championship. Pay your dues, Kahuku paid their dues and now reeping the rewards with High IQ homegrown talent, development of the younger generation at Laie Park.

    York is trying to establish the same thing with Mililani little league but the homegrown kids in mililani are not footbal talent, they are soccer talent. So like I said York is in the wrong environment, maybe he should go Waianae or Kapolei where get plenty Football talent, but those schools get discipline issues.

  3. OAHU TROJANS AT ITS FINEST August 12, 2022 10:55 am

    Let me correct you . Kahuku was always bigger and stronger than st louis. But st louis beat them with the passing game with undersized recievers. THATS COACHING. You think if the Lee brothers went head up with Kahuku the past 25 years they wouldve won all those state championships ? No. IF saint louis went head up with kahuku , kahuku wins that 90% of the time. AGAIN SO IT IS COACHING.

    As far as Rod York, all his great seasons came with athletes. Example , qbs. Rod York had nothing to do with producing QBS , the Qbs were natural talent guys , Mckenzie Milton and Dillon Gabriel. To be honest , they shouldve won about 3-4 state championships. NOW THATS COACHING.

    Can the state of hawaii honestly say , if Rod York had homegrown kids and only homegrown kids playing for mililani , that they would be in this position the past 10 years ? Of course not, they’d be a 50% win team or below that. And thats the truth. Ive seen so many times The mililani head coach sets his own self up and kids for failure in the big games and thats y he cant win the big one . Again he had multiple years with major talent and couldnt win the big one. SAD. And right now they think they are on cloud 9 because they beat the DEPLETED crusaders . The crusaders arent that good this year.


    As far as Kahuku , cmon guys home grown? its all family members from UTAH and Samoa living with families in Kahuku. So dont make like Kahuku is the innocent one here with recruiting. CMON MAN

  4. Letsplayfootball August 13, 2022 5:26 pm

    Kahuku rarely recruits, if you call kids wanting to play with there old friends that moved away to try get exposure but ends up coming back because of there pride for Kahuku football then yes call it recruiting. If you do some research all these transfers to kahuku this year, like 90% was born and raised in Kahuku or played at Laie Park. In my opinion Kahuku doesn’t need to recruit. There football program is a magnet to kids. Everybody knows if you play for a program like St Louis or Kahuku you are guaranteed to be seen by college coaches. Yes there may be kids not even from Kahuku but I guarantee you no one is asking them to come and as pov, a coach if the player are actually good no coach is dumb enough to turn them away from there program. And the situation at Mililani is unfortunate for the homegrown talent. The only thing you can do is complain to the school board and hope they fire York.

  5. Fanofthegame August 13, 2022 5:29 pm

    It baffles me that people think 10 is a good qb. Yeah the kid got an arm and his pocket awareness is pretty nice but that’s it. MV defense showed that. When Mil played STL, STL just had a bad secondary. 10 is literally just throwing that ball up and just prays that his receiver comes down with it. But I don’t know if he does the underthrown ball on purpose but I predict that’s going to be his deadly ball. When he threw that touchdown because it was underthrown to 88 really looked identical to all this touchdowns vs STL. If you turn your back to the line of scrimmage, there is going to be a lot of PI calls. So I think if you just zone that and don’t face your back to the line of scrimmage, you are going to look like an all-star db against 10.

  6. 88 August 14, 2022 3:14 pm

    Bigger and Stronger, what are you blind? There was NO ONE bigger or stronger than Kruetz and Maafala during that time. ST.Louis won because they had better athletes, period! You need the Athletes for a coaches system to work. You take those same St. Louis and Kahuku teams and switch out the head coach with, let’s say Nelson Maeda(the old castle coach) and Nelson Maeda is the new all winningest coach in Hawaii Football history.

  7. nolongerMillVille August 15, 2022 5:36 pm

    Thats why Cal Lee is overrated. All he did was recruit Oahu in the 90s then all the islands in the 2000’s.

    easy to win when you recruit 10 all stars away from the public schools into your St. Loius school.

    Only a legend at recruiting not coaching.

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