Update: Kamehameha 34, Saint Louis 28, Final

Saint Louis and Kamehameha in a first-round playoff battle. (Paul Honda / Star-Advertiser)
Saint Louis and Kamehameha in a first-round playoff battle. (Paul Honda / Star-Advertiser)

Kamehameha RB Brandon Kahookele is out. He’s wearing a knee brace and not dressed for the game. I’m told he will have his left knee looked at (MRI) later. Could be a huge loss for the Warriors.

First quarter
A huge pass play from Ryder Kuhns to Devan Stubblefield put the Crusaders in the red zone. Adam Noga scored on a short run off right tackle. Saint Louis 7, Kamehameha 0.

5:36 – T.J. Fitzsimmons drills a 41-yard field goal to cap a Warrior drive. Two big Saint Louis penalties helped. QB Noah Sua-Godinet had an open receiver near the pylon and missed on key play. Saint Louis 7, Kamehameha 3.

Second quarter
11:09 –
Noah Sua-Godinet scores on a 26-yard quarterback draw. Right up the middle, then to the right sideline and scores easily. Kamehameha 10, Saint Louis 7.

10:49 – Next play from scrimmage, after a long kick return by Devan Stubblefield, Kuhns launches a bomb to Stubblefield down the right sideline for a 57-yard TD. Holy cow . . . Saint Louis 14, Kamehameha 10.

6:24 – Kaaumoana Gifford recovers a Saint Louis fumble in the end zone for a touchdown. Kamehameha’s defense needed to make a difference. Here they go. Kamehameha 17, Saint Louis 14.

3:26 – Crusaders drive almost effortlessly and score on a 2-yard pass from Kuhns to Stubblefield on an out pattern. Saint Louis 21, Kamehameha 17.

1:49 – A 62-yard TD run by Kamehameha RB Kainoa Simao has been called back due to a holding call.

:07 – Warriors line up in a goal-line formation at the 4-yard line, third and goal, no time outs left in the half. Saint Louis defense bites on the play-action and Sua-Godinet fires a perfect corner pass to Nicholas Young. Kamehameha 24, Saint Louis 21.

Third quarter
8:17 –
Kamehameha’s Mason Chow recovers a fumble by Saint Louis RB Adam Noga near midfield.

5:43 – Warriors RB Kainoa Simao runs through the Saint Louis defense with little resistance. Then Sua-Godinet finds Kaulana Werner for a 36-yard pass play, and Simao runs left for an easy 7-yard TD. Kamehameha 31, Saint Louis 21.

4:00 – Calen Holt picks off a pass by Kuhns on fourth and 6 and returns it past midfield. Big play again by Kamehameha’s defense.

1:36 – An 8-yard TD pass from Sua-Godinet to Kayson Nakatsu has been wiped out by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. That takes the ball back to the 26-yard line. Spot foul?

1:24 – Fitzsimmons has his second FG, a 44-yarder from the right hashmark. Kamehameha 34, Saint Louis 21.

Fourth quarter
5:40 –
Fourth down and 20 for Saint Louis at the Kamehameha 22. Couple notes: It’s been a sometimes ugly game to watch, just so many penalties, particularly by Saint Louis. Every kind you can think of. The latest one is sideline interference (dead ball). That and a run defense that was simply dominated by Kamehameha’s offensive line in the second half.

And with so many flags, it doesn’t help that this is, by far, the slowest officiating crew I’ve seen all season. They’ve been spot on, yes, but the white hat WALKS to every flag. And he’s not a fast walker with a long stride. Most white hats jog to get the process done quickly.

2:34 – Allan Cui scores on a 30-yard screen pass, Saint Louis’ second screen pass of the game. It’s getting interesting again. Kamehameha 34, Saint Louis 28.

Final: Kamehameha 34, Saint Louis 28.
The Crusaders managed to get the ball back with less than 1 minute left, but Kamehameha’s defense came up with another huge play. Mika Tafua provided the big pass rush, tipping a pass by Kuhns, and Dylan Kane made a tremendous diving interception to end the threat.


  1. Ronald Rezentes October 20, 2013 12:29 am

    The Officials of this game gave the game to Kamehameha, they were so terrible, that even i heard a Kamehameha fan say Kamehameha exscaped one tonight, St. Louis was on a roll when the refs started to do what they do every week when St. Louis plays, but this crew was the worst i ever seen. Hopefully this crew does not ref the Kamehameha-Punahou game next week, or Punahou might be in big trouble, Punahou should win this one with no problem, unless we have the same crew like tonight.

  2. Kanak October 20, 2013 12:50 am

    The refs definitely had their hands full tonight. I thought they did a great job!

  3. fan 1 October 20, 2013 5:51 am

    ronald if u can do a better job, u would be out there blowing the whistle, donʻt blame the officials, give credit where credit is due, both side had bad call….never blame the officals, thats how the ball bounced…congrads to kamehameha & congrads to the saints, a better team showed up saturday night, both teams, the kids played real HARD….

  4. Ronald Rezentes October 20, 2013 7:58 am

    They need to check all the officials backgrounds of where they graduated from or if they have any kids or grandkids that went to a certain school before officialating, today’s officials has alot of favortisium, maybe we need to bring the officials from the outside Islands to do the games here and send ours their, but ain’t going to happen because of travling expenses.

  5. Ronald the Clown October 20, 2013 8:09 am

    Not only do we have to check all the high school backgrounds of the officials but we have to also find out what’s their favorite color. If it’s some kind of combination of blue and white and if they even have said the word “imua” sometime in their lives, it means they’re biased and what kamehameha to win. There can’t be any POSSIBLE way that St. Louis lost because they were out executed that night. It’s gotta be the officials.

  6. Grt808 October 20, 2013 11:30 am

    St.Louis Ron, just accept that your team aint all that this year. Blame the refs, or cheap shots, or whateva. One team came out ahead, and it wasn’t the Saints. Whatever the outcome next week, ILH gets screwed in the playoffs again. Until the leagues get their differences sorted out, the States will never have a true champion…even if Punahou takes it all.

  7. Warrior808 October 20, 2013 11:57 am

    Typical St. Louis fan, always coming up with excuses as to why their team lost. Maybe if st louis played with more discipline they wouldn’t have gotten the dozen or so personal fouls called against them. Get over it brah, your team lost to kamehameha twice and now their eliminated!

  8. my thoughts October 20, 2013 2:33 pm

    If anyone watching the game didn’t believe that majority of those penalties last night were warranted, they are obviously looking through red and blue tinted shades. It was sad to see the quantity of late hits and cheap shots throughout the night and if I have one criticism of the officials, it is that they were too lenient. I’m disappointed that they didn’t eject anyone, because it was probably warranted. I’m also disappointed that Paul, who was so critical of Kamehameha’s late hits in the first St. Louis game has decided not to even mention how many cheap shots and late hits St. Louis was guilty of last night.

  9. Big Koa October 20, 2013 3:19 pm

    Warrior808 said it in his first 3 words…Typical St. Louis…

  10. fan 1 October 20, 2013 3:29 pm

    QUIT crying, lost 2 game to the Warriors in a year maybe St. Louis should look into getting some real coaches..ashame on the Saints to lose to Kamehameha twice in a year. Sports fans sayʻs ” they got out coached twice”.

  11. boydhale October 20, 2013 6:15 pm

    Gotta agree with My Thoughts. I don’t think the game came down to officiating, but I was really surprised that they chose to not eject anyone. Double digit personal fouls…refs should have done a better job of getting a handle of this game before it got so out of hand. However if the coaches don’t do a better job of reeling in their players, then the behavior continues. The number of shots each team had against one another while around the pile was embarrassing.

    Kamehameha definitely was the better team last night. I was really impressed that their 2 man line essentially shut down St. Louis in the 2nd half until late in the 4th quarter. They dared St. Louis to run the ball, which isn’t St. Louis’ strength. Crusaders did have some success running the ball but you could definitely tell it wasn’t what they wanted to do. Really surprised that Kobayashi didn’t play a larger part of St. Louis’ game plan.

  12. 808Warriors October 21, 2013 6:53 am

    I have never seen St. Louis fans ever gracefully accept any loss. Always someone else’s fault. The penalties were against both sides. Heck, KS got hit with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty before the game even started by not taking the field as quickly as the officials wanted them to. That penalty lead to a short field for STL and a quick score. What was so disgusting was that the STL parents were fighting in the stands after the game. In reality, STL went 0-3 in their division, yes, winless in D1. Their only losses were to beat up on D2 teams and a forfeit. STL ran up the scores in those games. STL is never humble and I doubt it’s going to change. Maybe STL should consider moving to D2 and win a few D2 championships like Iolani. At least Iolani would have some competition. STL’s enrollment is less than Iolani’s enrollment so the numbers make sense.

  13. Kanak October 21, 2013 3:18 pm

    @My thoughts…I was thinking most of same things.

    ONE THING FOR SURE….I hope the officials keep a serious eye on Punahou’s infamous-uncalled holding penalties this coming Friday.

  14. Redraidernation October 21, 2013 7:52 pm

    Was a good game.

  15. Redraidernation October 21, 2013 8:01 pm

    But, alot of bad calls against St. Louis, St. Louis was about to go up 14-3, when refs was making some bad calls , but hey Warrior fans remember St. Louis ruled high school football for a long time from 1986 to 1999 Prep Bowls and a few in the 2000 yr, State Championships under Cal Lee which no team or coach will ever match. And for this weeks game against Punahou, Punahou should win in a blowout 27-7.

  16. mrmjstc October 22, 2013 8:29 am

    Typical KAM…so self-righteous.

  17. fan 1 October 22, 2013 3:53 pm

    remember St. Louis ruled high school football for a long time from 1986 to 1999 Prep Bowls and a few in the 2000 yr, State Championships under Cal Lee which no team or coach will ever match.
    Read the quote…..redraidernation, let that go…thats the 1980ʻs & 1990ʻs, we talking about right NOW……Its NOW we talking about, LMAO, u talking old school days…..Congrads to those guys, those guys probably got their kids @ Kamehameha…..Cal Lee had a great staff….st.louis donʻt have a staff even compatible to that of Mr. Lee staff….thats why the kids is like they are…..no discipline…

  18. Jimmy Kinimaka, '54 February 5, 2014 6:51 am

    Hey Cal, welcome back to the rugged slopes of Kalaepohaku. The young guns of St. Louis will be inspired by your authoritative and disciplinary approach to the game, the same the magnetic qualities in which you instilled to the young Crusaders when you were at the helm in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Good luck.

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