York has message for Kahuku, true Hawaii fans

Mililani coach Rod York took the time to write a congratulatory message to the Kahuku football team and to the
Mililani coach Rod York took the time to write a congratulatory message to the Kahuku football team and to the “true fans of our kids of Hawaii.” Jamm Aquino / Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

The following verbatim message is from Mililani football head coach Rod York:

My message to Hawaii High School True Fans of our KIDS of Hawaii

To the Kahuku Football Team….to the players and coaches and supporters, but especially the KIDS AND KAHUKU FAMILY AND PARENTS ….KAHUKU EARNED THAT OIA CHAMPIONSHIP. Football is a physically and 90% mentally demanding team sport. The BEST team that night won. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO THE 2015 RED RAIDERS OF KAHUKU HIGH. Injuries are part of the game, but please DO NOT TAKE AWAY even 1% of what Kahuku did. I am a fan of HARD WORK AND EARNING RESULTS……Kahuku went out and beat us….PERIOD. They won because they EXECUTED. The game is won on the field. Kahuku did just that. Kahuku is going through what EVERY team goes through. We congratulate Kahuku Football because they earned it. Our hearts go out to the players and coaches because they worked VERY HARD to achieve it. Much of the work is put in way before we all put pads on. The SEPARATION IS IN THE PREPARATION. Kahuku won the title because of their EXECUTION OF THEIR GAMEPLAN.

On another note, Im very proud of Vavae Tata and staff and especially the Kahuku players. Vavae Tata is obviously doing an OUTSTANDING job.

Story that doesnt get told……after the game as I walked w my wife to her car I walked through the Kahuku players and team moms and they graciously congratulated me and my team on a great game and effort. They offered us to eat with them and one of the players approached me with an ice cold bottle of water. Actions speak much louder than words and that is a reflection of Kahuku Football and our Hawaii kids and families. In todays world of negative talk and social media bad mouthing…..Im so happy to see the old school ALOHA SPIRIT rides deep in our hearts during great competion.

Congrats again to my man Vavae Tata and the Kahuku Football team.

It will be a great state tournament as great stories are being created every week such as Vavae Tata at Kahuku and Walter Young of Waianae.


High school coaches dont pay their bills from coaching……the reward for us are the life lessons taught and learned through our experiences to our kids. They learn to work hard, prepare, endure, and persevere. Most of all, they learn to set goals and WORK HARD to reach them. They learn to pick themselves up, improve, and go back at it. win or lose. That is what I call…..THE EVERYDAY GRIND!! But the MOST USEFUL lesson these kids learn among all important lessons is that they learn to work together as a team!!!! They will need that skill to be successful in every aspect of their lives until the day they leave this earth. The championship is what the sports culture breeds us to yearn, but the life lessons is the ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!


  1. Realistic November 3, 2015 3:31 pm

    Wow that is really artist and scholarly. Tell your mom thanks for helping you. With your education I know you didn’t think of that yourself, haha. BTW, please explain to me why the education is so much lower than that state average? Now that’s funny! I am wrong, it isn’t. I am sorry. It’s tragic. No kidding around.

  2. Realistic November 3, 2015 3:39 pm

    And I guess Kahuku 82 cannot figure out sarcasm. He actually went online to get the definition for the word. Hahaha, I am killing it! These guys keep spending more and more time.

  3. Kahuku 82 November 3, 2015 4:35 pm

    I got no problem figuring out sarcasm! It’s your ignorance that baffles me…

    As for my mom, myself along with thousands of other kids have her to thank for their EDUCATION. She was a school teacher for 36 years…

    As for your mom, watching you get on the short bus to school everyday must have been heartbreaking…

  4. Kahuku 82 November 3, 2015 5:02 pm

    @Realistic my last post was very disrespectful, I apologize for that, but enough with putting other people down, no need for that, blame the DOE for not providing enough tools for all our kids to succeed in life. If you truly want to better the future of all Hawaiis kids maybe you should run for Governor and do something about it, not make fun of it..

    Anyways I’m done wasting time with you, have a good life,


  5. McGruff November 3, 2015 6:24 pm

    Watching the replay of the game and all four Quarters Mililani’s Defensive line was chop blocking. At the 5 minute mark of the 1st quarter Mililani Dline shot at the knees of (not the person in front of him) but #72 Olineman to the side and injured him (Can’t get any more dirty then that).

    Coach York forgot to put an apology in his letter for teaching his DLinemen how to break knees.

  6. REALTALK November 4, 2015 2:59 pm

    I was straight trippin reading your comments. Reggie Torres…Randall Okimoto? Their demeanor on the field is way better then York no doubt. But to say their actions speak louder then words shows that you know nothing! And that all you know is game time and that is all! Which is such a small portion of everything. Let me be clear I disdain Yorks sideline demeanor. I cant stand it. But I know its not who he is. This letter is a great reflection of who he is and its sad that even when he tries people HATE.
    That’s the damn problem. You see some guy getting emo and mark him as a bad coach.
    Yet these ‘calm’ fools whose actions speak louder then words are actually bad coaches.
    One didn’t do anything to help his players move up to the next level, let interest for his players slip right through when parents and player trusted him. Scholarships, opportunity, stacks of letters from colleges sitting on a pile on his desk for months because he ‘forgot’. Then he felt he didn’t even need to apply like everyone else…because WHY?
    And another who doesn’t even acknowledge his team aside from his star players. Don’t even know who his own players are. Imagine calling the coach about a incident at practice and he responds with “WHO? Are you sure you he’s on the team?” almost at the end of the season. Talk to him about concerns in the locker room and he could care LESS. Unless you a star player then he’s all ears.
    York is a mess on the field and its less then desirable. But of all my family that has played around the island he seems to be the most sincere. Cares about all of the players. Refers all his players to every combine, calls when he hears from colleges, follows up with parents or has someone make sure to follow up. Eats with them. Spends the summer with them. Cooks for them. Is he perfect HELL NO? I do not like the way he talks to them sometimes but he is a great coach and much better then those who don’t need to write these types of letters.
    You killin me with these ‘real coaches don’t print phrases on shirts’ BS. THEY ALL HAVE DONE THAT! Rebuilt not recruited. Homegrown. One Team. Come off that lame excuse.

    A persons perception is their reality…but it is NOT THE TRUTH. In fact its far from it.

  7. Paper Crane November 5, 2015 12:18 pm

    Great read Coach York like professionally well thought out and written yet reading in between the lines spells out no better way but to use the media to clear up your unprofessional temper tandrum conduct that you’re known for;…sorry but great MO this write but the truth sometime hits the spot for those who know how you over do it;…good luck tomorrow and stay calm kay.

  8. SimpleSimon November 5, 2015 3:48 pm

    This can’t be the same coach that was throwing temper tantrums all game long? It can’t be!!!

  9. Paper Crane November 5, 2015 8:06 pm

    @Simon,…eesszzzzz him Coach York the Big Apple,…like he may have all the pre-requisite to become a future sports writer but not an announcer,…anyway not while Darren is still around.

    Still this write here doesn’t clear him from all his unprofessional misconduct like displaying his temper tantrum at the games or even at practice sessions;..yet with him using the media to
    make it OK will sure back fire,…like first we all need to know what he’s all about like he great with smoke screening and camouflages;…good luck Coach York and don’t lose it kay.

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