Red Raiders or Raiders: A legacy worth keeping or evolving?

Kahuku won its first ROIA football title in 1943 as the Ramberiers, or Ramblers. In '50, they adopted the Red Raiders nickname after receiving jerseys from ‘Iolani. The logo, or mascot, has changed over the years, but not enough for the liking of nearly 1,000 petitioners.

The debate continues for the passionate and compassionate fans of the Kahuku Red Raiders.

Monday’s story in the Star-Advertiser about the ongoing petitions for and against the nickname included interviews with three prominent voices in the discussion.

Generational, familial ties to the school are deeply rooted. Tanoai Reed played for Kahuku, as did his father and son. Kahuku graduate and Kamehameha high school teacher Norm “T-Man” Thompson also played for the Red Raiders, but has changed his perspective over time. Suzan Shown Harjo has been the most prominent activist in the country working to change the images and nicknames of Native Americans in sports.

Harjo was the lightning rod in the battle to change the nickname of the NFL’s Washington Redskins, beginning with a lawsuit (filed with Amanda Blackhorse) in 1992. Washington announced last week that it will change its nickname and logo, bowing to social and economic pressure. Harjo worked with the team’s partners, including FedEx, to extend and deepen the pressure. Now 75, the Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree took a close look at Kahuku’s logos of the past.

“This is worse than I imagined. The (previous) figure is a standard stereotype from the cult of the Indian head. The (current) image is a hybrid of stereotypes of Native and Polynesian Peoples and does not do justice or honor or pay homage to those they purport to revere. And the (oldest) image, oh my, that’s not even humanoid,” Harjo said. “It’s a cross between a troll, leprechaun, a devil. That’s an honorific? These images alone make their own case for why the Native Peoples and, really, all humans, should be removed from the entire sports identity. I would urge that they start all over, complete rebrand.”

Reed, whose son Samson was an all-state lineman and now plays for Virginia, believes it is possible to change the meaning of a term.

“It is funny because the only identity that the words, Red Raiders, have with racism is a 1920s silent movie that none of us have watched or even knew about. There was never any racist relations before that movie. We have redefined those two words into something beautiful,” said Reed, who is a longtime stunt double for actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “They shouldn’t let Hollywood create a racial slur that holds any weight 100 years later in a small countryside community of minorities on the North Shore of Oahu.”

Thompson also grew up on the North Shore without a second thought to the nickname. But he now is a member of the Native American Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) and is studying for his PhD at UH-Manoa. His nephew, Kainoa Kester, started the petition for change.

“I saw the counter petition before I saw Kainoa’s petition. The language, I think he could’ve reworded a few things. He’s banging from the beginning. Racism. Color. Too much too quick. I think the petition as a whole needed to be there, but I would’ve gone about differently. Originally, my Facebook post was not even about the logo. It was a focus on the response of our community to that. There’s so many deep rooted things, it’s why so many people send their kids to private schools. It’s not about academics or football. There’s so much drama, it’s not worth it,” Thompson said.

His nephew, Thompson noted, graduated from Kahuku in 2019 and achieved a near-perfect on the SAT. Thompson was disappointed by criticism of Kester on social media, including one post that dared Kester to get hit by a vehicle on the highway.

“Kainoa is not some rollover kid,” Thompson said. “He’s really intelligent, but as a community, why attack him already? You get educated not just for a good job, but to be a good contributor to society, but when they do that, (we) want them to do it to our liking?”

Without a nickname change, Thompson said he may take the issue to the state level. The school is expecting a renovation of its field after football season, which he believes would be problematic with the current nickname.

Harjo advises patience.

“It’s like going to your family and telling your sweetest aunt and uncle that what they’re doing is really bad, that it really is the wrong thing to do, and it has to be done carefully because this is your family,” she said. “You don’t want to say, ‘You’re behaving just like the white people.’ That’s not going to keep peace in the family. What has to be done is just talking it out and saying, think of the worst terms of colonization and the worst things they said about you. How about if we have a team called that? How would you explain it to us? It just takes talking and talking, making people understand why it hurts, that it does hurt, and we can all do better.”

As of Monday morning, Kainoa Kester’s petition, “Change Kahuku’s Racist Mascot,” has 1,013 signatures.

“Racism, matters of racial and gender justice should never be put up to a referendum seven days a week,” Harjo said. “You can set your watch by it. We’re such a small population that 2.5 million (Native Americans), that’s almost minuscule in a country of nearly 350 million. We can’t really fight with numbers. Our numbers have been so diminished that all we can fight with is our reason, our moral imperative and the fact that we’re persistent.”

Fatu Te‘o-Tafiti’s “Petition Against Dumb Petition” has 1,328 signatures. The petitions are at

“We have a whole memorial wall of fallen Red Raiders,” Reed said. “To erase those two words from our culture, from our community, from our identity, is disrespectful to them. We can’t be covered under the same blanket as the Washington Redskins. One needs to literally be a Red Raider to understand it, or actually try to come with an open mind, hear us and be accepting and inclusive of our feelings, as well. There’s no offense intended, therefore there should be no offense taken. We as a community will be addressing the tomahawk chop, the FSU chant and any other traditions that may seem inappropriate.”

Reed also likened the adjective in the nickname to Punahou’s Buffanblu.

“In 2014, Auntie Kela Miller received a letter from the Oahu Intertribal Council stating that the only thing that was offensive was wearing a Native American headdress. That is sacred and worn only by chiefs. They said nothing was wrong with the word ‘red’ in Red Raider as red referred to the color of our jerseys. Like Buffanblu doesn’t represent the color of anybody’s skin.”

Harjo has lived through the bigger effects. Whether it is “Redskin” or “Red Raider,” it leads to less humanity, particularly on the mainland.

“It all has to go. One image gives rise to all the drunken racist activity from fans who are painting themselves and going ‘Woo-woo-woo,’ and when they actually see native people, they throw things or grab your hair because you’re an object, a thing.”

The current logo, Thompson said, is something he actually likes. However, it is not accurate.

“I called my wife’s uncle, Brook Parker, one of the most prolific artists of Hawaiian warriors and battle scenes. His dad, David Parker, is a historian and genealogist. I said, ‘Uncs, have you ever seen in all your research, was there anywhere you saw or read a ti leaf in the hair?’ He said, ‘Absolutely not.’ So if we call it a Hawaiian warrior, people say the (facial) tattoo is Hawaiian, yet anyone can get the tattoo. I don’t mind the logo. It’s cool, modern enough, but if it’s a Hawaiian warrior, we have to understand why,” Thompson said. “Obviously, we’re going backwards, calling it Hawaiian because of a row of triangles in a tatau. Or did a haole designer decide, ‘This is cool.’”

Thompson’s questions about appropriation and accountability translate to administrative levels.

“I won’t stop until we review this. Then, if the administration says, ‘Let’s get some community members, coaches to review the logo and name, just to make sure we’re good on all fronts,’ then if you say, ‘We’re good,’ then whatever. Then I would have to change our target. It wouldn’t be the community. I would go to associations, other schools and universities, maybe our district representative. But right now, it’s a community thing, keep it in house,” he said.

The coming renovation of Kahuku’s Carleton Weimer Field has been long overdue, scheduled to begin after football season.

“Who’s pressing the buttons? Who earmarks the money for the Kahuku football field? Maybe they say, ‘Before we fund this field, we should get this right with the logo.’ We’ve been waiting for the field for generations. Keep it civil, then go to the representatives and senators,” Thompson said.

In an ideal scenario, he added, it’s just about the image and the adjective.

“Raiders. We have our Laie Park Raiders (youth team). North Shore Raiders. Neither adopted the ‘red.’ Raiders, I would be completely satisfied, just Kahuku Raiders,” Thompson said. “The name, Kahuku, there’s nothing in it that says warrior. If we’re all stuck on definition and authenticity, kahu is the guardian protector. Ku is in reference to the war god. Guardian of Ku.”

Thompson sees change in practical terms. He believes it might be two years before a nickname change happens, if at all.

“Our kindergartener goes to Kamehameha. The rest go to Kahuku middle and elementary. They’re off social media, but I sat down with them and explained what is happening. The whole thing is to make this a learning tool. I want them to be aware of what daddy’s doing,” he said. “We can be more responsible.”


  1. ILoveHawaii July 20, 2020 12:53 pm

    “It just takes talking and talking, making people understand why it hurts, that it does hurt, and we can all do better.”

    – Well said.

  2. roots July 20, 2020 1:54 pm

    After reading Suzan Shown Harjo’s quote, “This is worse than I imagined. The (previous) figure is a standard stereotype from the cult of the Indian head. The (current) image is a hybrid of stereotypes of Native and Polynesian Peoples and does not do justice or honor or pay homage to those they purport to revere. And the (oldest) image, oh my, that’s not even humanoid,” Harjo said. “It’s a cross between a troll, leprechaun, a devil. That’s an honorific? These images alone make their own case for why the Native Peoples and, really, all humans, should be removed from the entire sports identity. I would urge that they start all over, complete rebrand.”

    This is a person who is highly intelligent and has experience dealing with this. I trust what she just wrote. It is time to change. This is sickening.

  3. HailFromDaNorth July 20, 2020 2:48 pm


  4. bumbuchas July 20, 2020 3:57 pm

    Harjo from the mainland, does not understand the local culture. to out it more bluntly, “simply ignorant” of what Red Raiders mean to the North Shore & trying to link to Native American Indians. Mind boggling that Thompson and Kester both Kahuku grads, cannot that understand as well. Jump off the Bandwagon! Keep that stuff on the mainland, don’t bring it here. Next thing you know, they’ll be petitions to get rid of: Falcons, Bulldogs, Cougars, Govs, Chargers, Na Alii’s, Menehune’s, Hawks, Seariders, Trojans, Mules, Mustangs, Surfriders, Knights, Rams, Saints, Puns, Warriors, Monarchs, WolfPack, Eagles, Tigers, etc. because one finds the Mascot offensive to their well being.

  5. Wala'au July 20, 2020 3:59 pm

    Borrowed and adopted name from hand me down jerseys. Not really “for life”. Now if Kahuku didn’t have such a rich history in football, would this even be an issue?

    Many don’t feel that Red Raiders is offense and it’s okay for them to feel that way. My immediate thought of the nickname is racially reminiscent of the Red Man, or the Native American. Many institutions bigger and better then Kahuku have decided to make changes in the name of being socially tolerant of things that have gone on much too long and that are found to be offensive by the ethnicity that’s being made fun of.

    I pray people can put themselves in others shoes before calling it tradition that needs to continue. Not all traditions are good and pure. Enough with the RED…it’s not because of the red dirt.

  6. roots July 20, 2020 6:29 pm

    it doesn’t matter if an American Indian isn’t from Hawaii. The chanting. The tomahawk motion. It originates from Native Americans.

    That alone makes it racist. Stop making excuses for insensitivity and ignorance.

    Red Raiders, the logo, the Native American Chanting, and the tomahawk motion have nothing to do with a trojan or a mustang.

    Please do not try to compare it to logos and nicknames that have nothing to do with this debate.

    It’s very sad that some people continue to defend it.

    I guess some Caucasians in Indiana could do the Haka in the stands since they thought it was cool and everyone would be okay with it since it’s all in good fun? And it makes them feel good and it brings pride to the school?

  7. roots July 20, 2020 6:30 pm

    @ Wala’au,

    I totally agree with you. I find it hilarious that some people manipulate the narrative for their own personal interest.

    The “RED” has nothing to do with the red dirt. Stop begging. LOL.

  8. Go fund me July 20, 2020 7:55 pm

    You know I’ve come across many native Americans and The football team names come up a time or two and most if not all don’t care one way or the other! Surprisingly they say that’s one of the only time their people are remembered and sadly that’s what’s been fought over for them. Not the terrible conditions of their reservations, not their sad decline into alcoholism. Not the high rate of suicide, or the very poor conditions of their entire nation! People want to argue and fight about a name? Here…cheers and up yours!

  9. Simple Simon July 20, 2020 8:05 pm

    Anything we name, any name or mascot out there can be deemed offensive to any person on any given day. This is ridiculous. I’m offended that you want to drop the RED and leave RAIDERS. Have you looked up the definition of RAIDERS? It is a person who attacks an enemy in the enemy’s territory; a marauder or a person who attacks business premises in order to steal. Why would I want to affiliate myself with any of those either? Change the name to BLUE RAIDERS. I’m sure the POLICE of this world wold be offended. What about PINK RAIDERS? All the Panthers in the world would be offended LOL. What about GRAY RAIDERS? All the old people will get offended. What about PURPLE RAIDERS? Prince will get offended. C’mon now. This is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!! What about WHITE RAIDERS? It’s just represents the LONG WHITE CLOUDS. LOL Oh wait, the MAORI people will get offended. Yada yada yada!!! What about the KAHUKUK TWEEKERS? OH wait the CHRONICS will get offended. Shake it off already!!! TOO RIDICULOUS!!!

  10. Wala’au July 20, 2020 8:37 pm

    @roots – certain people can’t or won’t see the hurt until it smacks them In the face.

    You said, “I guess some Caucasians in Indiana could do the Haka in the stands since they thought it was cool and everyone would be okay with it since it’s all in good fun? And it makes them feel good and it brings pride to the school?” This scenario would cause all kinds of hurt okole amid calls for the offending school to cease and desist! Why should they? It isn’t their intent to be racially insensitive right?

    When the shoe gets put on the other foot – then it’s obviously no good but only because it hits so close to home.

  11. justaguy July 20, 2020 9:54 pm

    That lady from the mainland gotta stay in her lane. Hawaii is different!


    Keep RED to signify the 90yr association of its school colors. Change raiders.
    RED Bulls
    RED warriors
    RED Uso’s
    RED Lions
    RED Wave
    RED Polys
    RED Rebels
    RED Islanders

    *RED Warriors has potential, Kamehamea is the blue warriors.

  12. I BLEED RED!!! July 20, 2020 10:32 pm

    RED RAIDER FOR LIFE! I mean that when I say it! Unlike t-man, if you don’t like it close your eyes and jam to the mainland. We ain’t changing nothing! We ain’t changing anything until McKinley high school changes it’s name! T-man you are a member of the Native American Indigenous Studies Association but why would you not put ur time, energy, and effort into something that actually pertains to us Hawaiian people? Like how Hawaii’s oldest public high school Is named after the president who brought about the annexation of Hawaii! This is an insult to Native Hawaiians like you and I! This lead to and aided in my family and ancestors and yours to losing their land and Monarchy!!! Are you Hawaiian or just fake like you are a fake red raider? Also you better not be pushing to hold up the renovation of our track and football field if you aren’t satisfied with a name change because by doing that all you will be doing is hurting and depriving our community and most of all our CHILDREN of something they badly need and deserve! The kids in our community have done nothing wrong and have nothing to do with all this drama. SO DON’T DO SOMETHING THAT WILL ONLY PUNISH INNOCENT CHILDREN IN THE END! RED RAIDER FOR LIFE!!!

  13. Mika Tufuga-Valai July 20, 2020 10:40 pm

    Funny how everybody has an opinion but hides being fake names.

    I just want to say to all you cowards that your opinions are like trees falling in the Forest.

    I would like an Indian chief to tell me to my face that we have demeaned their name, not this professional activist.

    The Red Raider Nation has done nothing but bring honor and pride, and have culturalized this name into our lives. It has become the heartbeat of this community. Where’s the bad in that?

    Outsiders looking in are the ones that promote the bad. If you don’t live in this community or are a big part of it, then you will never know that these two words have become more than just words, they have become an identity.

    You want to change our identity? Bring it on!

    Bring your politically motivated agendas and we will show you that the hearts of the Indians have become our hearts.

  14. KBB July 20, 2020 10:55 pm

    Lol this is ridiculous. Why throw all this negativity and start drama when this world is already dealing with enough. There’s history in Kahuku and the Red Raider stamp for generations, and none of it is because racism! People always try to bring negativity to a positive situation which is the great things that Kahuku stands for. Seriously this is a joke. Take this mainland mentality back to the mainland. Also talking about not upgrading the track and facilities due to this argument is also ridiculous. It’s for the students! It’s an opportunity for them that no other kahuku student had… a legit track and field to train and compete on! Stop the drama and negativity. Aloha! Yup I said Aloha cuz that’s what we all need to share!

  15. ALWAYS ASK WHY July 20, 2020 11:58 pm

    What exactly is a Red Raider? Roots and friends say it’s Native Americans. Really! What is their proof? Texas Tech Red Raiders got their name in the 1930’s from a newspaper writer because of their red football uniform playing a tough schedule coast to coast, not from Native Americans. Iolani School likely got their Red Raider name some 85 years ago from the comic strip Terry and the Pirates, with Terry’s arch enemy the Chinese Bandits and fierce fighting Red Raiders. What is my proof? In the comic strip, the Red Raiders worn black and red garments, just like the Iolani colors for the past 85 years. Was the school colors red and black accidental, or was it Fr. Kenneth Bray way of motivating his undersize Asian athletes to play the like of Punahou, Kamehameha, and St. Louis. Fr. Bray knew that the world is a tough place and that school and sports were important preparations for life. His graduates successes speaks loud. The intent of the Red Raider name was not racism as some would like us to believe. You can’t please everyone. The next topic will soon be to change the names Kamehameha Warriors, who drove a lots of Oahu Hawaiians over the Pali, the Crusaders who massacre the Muslims, the Spartans who killed the Greeks, and the negative connotation of Raider as in thief.

  16. ALLAN July 21, 2020 3:15 am



  17. Mika Tufuga-Valai July 21, 2020 5:58 am

    The morons who run this site are cowards as well for not posting my respond to this nonsense.

    Stay out of our community and mind your own business.

  18. RR4L85 July 21, 2020 6:57 am

    RR4L. All the years I was there and even when somebody put the NA image on a banner, me and everyone I know never once thought of Red Raiders as American Indians. I heard the stories of the red earth when I played and and when we donned the red uniform, never once thought we represented American Indians. We were as it was described to us “defenders of the red earth” which Kahuku has in abundance. Just because someone in the 90’s decided to put an Indian head on a flag does not mean that is what Red Raiders are. When I first saw that banner I didn’t like it but most everything from t-shirts to banners, to misc items with images, featured Polynesian style warriors including the stuff I got during the 90’s. Before that we had the Menehune and “Pride of the North Shore”.
    Now we have the native islander which represents our culture and our beliefs. We hold to this culture and just like what Kamehameha Warriors means to those students and that community, Red Raiders means the same to us out here on the North Shore. And someone “taking” it another way is too bad for them. It is not about Native Americans. Please don’t come here and tell us it is when we know it is not. As for the chop, tell the fans to stop. It is not part of being RR4L nor does it have anything to do with our community. People saw/heard it on TV and started copying it. The school didn’t come up with it and has nothing to do with the Red Raiders. Malosi Te’o told it best in Timeless when he said “we play for the community” not for championships. Red Raiders represents us from the North Shore, not some Native American’s from the mainland.

  19. RR4L85 July 21, 2020 7:18 am

    Bradda Norm, who said Hawaiian warrior? It is a Poly warrior. Our teams and our communities are made up of numerous Polynesian cultures. And if I recall, the Maori’s wore feathers. Fijians wore head dresses and some had feathers. Samoans too. And the Tongans. And the Tahitians. And the Hawaiians. We do the Haka and that is not Hawaiian. We do the slap dance. Again not Hawaiian. The marching band has used poi balls in the past. Not Hawaiian (matter of fact neither were the rifles or the flags). This is not a Hawaiian vs American Indian thing. This is a Kahuku thing and we are the ones that make the determination. Not an outsider to our community that has no idea what Red Raiders means. Anyone offended by it is looking to be offended.

  20. HI HS FAN July 21, 2020 7:21 am

    Yes or No?

  21. 88 July 21, 2020 7:58 am

    So when the Bradas & Friends imitate what they believe to be a Samoan Son & father on their OC16 show, wearing those stupid Afro wigs, jacked up teeth and accent, we should see that as racism and petition to have that removed?
    Or when Greg Hammer on his 96.3 morning radio show breaks into his Filipino accent we should be offended?
    How about Frank Delima cross dressing on The Hawaii Cab commercial, is that not an offensive depiction of an actual elderly Hawaiian lady?
    There is a BIG difference between being offended and Looking for an excuse to get offended.

  22. roots July 21, 2020 8:10 am


    You are comparing entertainment to a school? That is your comparison?


  23. roots July 21, 2020 8:13 am


    If this ever gets to the level where testimony is needed. Please testify and make the comparison between Kahuku Red Raiders and Greg Hammer, Frank DeLima, and the Braddah & Friends.

    I wonder if the committee in charge and media will bust out laughing. I’m sure they will.

    Thanks 88, your post just made the entire community of Hawaii dumber for reading it today.

  24. 88 July 21, 2020 8:14 am

    The Tomahawk Chop you always elude to is not part of the school. It’s entertainment that the community sitting in the stands do to encourage the players…

  25. roots July 21, 2020 9:40 am

    The families represent the school and community. The tomahawk chop is used since the school had Native American representation prior to the log being updated. And it stuck.

    Nice try……but no.

    It’s offensive.

    Can I ask a serious question 88? Do you write the things you do for s-h-i-t-s and giggles? Or are you serious?

    If it’s for laughs, then thank you! It’s super funny.

    If you are being serious, then……..

  26. 88 July 21, 2020 10:47 am

    Log? wtf…
    Can I ask a serious question Ed1st? Do you write the things you write before or after you take your medication? Ah neva mind, keep entertaining me Clown.

  27. The Reddest Raider July 21, 2020 10:51 am

    The words “Red Raider” are about family, heritage and pride. NOT appropriation, derogation or racism. It’s a positive for so many people that any “racism” concerns or concern about “teaching tolerance of racism” expressed by others are outweighed. It teaches self worth and pride not racism or being “less than.” We are Red Raiders For Life

  28. Simple Simon July 21, 2020 11:15 am

    I’m offended that you only wanna use Polynesian mascots. What about the Filipino’s at Kahuku? What about the Asians? What about the Spanish people? What about the other races? How dare you only want to do a Polynesian mascot. Why don’t we just name it Kahuku Kahuku? BUT, it’ll be offensive to all the Ku’s. What about all the Ka’s? I think they’ll be offended too. What about all the Hu’s? LOL So much offense no defense. LOL

  29. roots July 21, 2020 12:19 pm

    88 is delirious. He is comparing racially insensitive names, logos, and actions to comedians. What is worse is he is doing it after putting in thought.

    Oh my, I feel so sorry for his mother. She must be shame.

  30. roots July 21, 2020 12:21 pm


    I am just shocked by the ignorance and stupidity here. Most people writing in support are just ignorant.

    88 on the other hand is just stupid. I am shocked that the community is okay with 88 representing them. He is just making the entire community look like a bunch of town idiots.

  31. ILoveHawaii July 21, 2020 12:30 pm

    How come the youth leagues didnt adopt the RED Raiders name? Curious.

  32. roots July 21, 2020 12:38 pm


    I’m guessing they had more sense? Let’s wait for 88 to reply. He always has something dumb to say to lift everyone’s spirits.

    I think the SA should have 88 speak daily like how Ige does. 88 would say such dumb stuff that we all would laugh. He would keep our minds off COVID and the economy and fill everyone with laughter.

  33. 88 July 21, 2020 1:06 pm

    Because the Person that started the Youth team is an avid Raiders fan. Hence the name and original logo.
    And ED1st stop using this forum to make friends… lol

  34. Crusadersgottachangetheirnametoo July 21, 2020 3:07 pm

    Crusaders gotta change their name too.
    “the cold-blooded implementation of…’ethnic cleansing’.”

  35. roots July 21, 2020 4:22 pm

    Does 88 ever ad anything of interest or intelligence on this blog?

    Here is what he has written so far to strengthen his stance on keeping the Red Raiders Name.

    1) Post #21 – 88 compares these petitions to Greg Hammer, Da Braddahs & Friends, and Frank DeLima.
    (I am in shock by how ridiculous and stupid this analogy is.)

    2) Post #24 – The tomahawk chop has nothing to do with the school. It’s for entertainment only.
    (So if Kahuku’s nickname was the Bulldogs, then the fans would do the tomahawk chop? That’s so stupid. They do this chop since earlier renditions of the logo was that of a Native American).

    3) Post #26 – 88 writes, “Log? wtf…”
    (I am sorry. I do not speak idiot and have no idea what this means.)

    4) Post #33 – 88 writes, “Because the Person that started the Youth team is an avid Raiders fan. Hence the name and original logo. And ED1st stop using this forum to make friends… lol”
    (At no point does this comment strengthen his argument to keep the name).

    I am serious. 88 has spent hours composing these comments and thoughts. And this is what he wrote. Other than giving people headaches for reading such nonsense, what has 88 accomplished.

    88, can you please go back to school and learn how to debate using evidence and critical thought?

  36. 88 July 21, 2020 5:31 pm

    Obviously I do because it took you a little over 3hrs to comprehend my simple posts, get angry, formulate a response, write them down, proof read it, make corrections, proof read it again and finally post it.
    Listen lady, don’t get your panties in a bunch over my comments. Remember your purpose on the forum is to entertain me. Your doing a good job.

  37. justaguy July 21, 2020 7:42 pm

    Did Kainoa Kester approach Kahuku administration and community about his concern for the nickname first?

    The very fact that we changed the 1990s Indian head to the current Polynesian head means that we recognized an issue and dealt with it in house. Its a slap in the face if Kesters first action was to go directly to and start the petition.

  38. justaguy July 21, 2020 8:36 pm

    Where is Kaino Kester in this article, It would seem that it wouldnt be to hard to get in contact with him since he brought this drama upon himself. Why is Uncle T-man speaking on his behalf. Kester wanted to take a stand so he should man up and address every news outlet that wants to hear from him, its pretty pathetic to post your thoughts with words typed in a national petition and then hide your voice.

    Come out and speak sir! man up! Let us know how you feel and how your “Native American” roots and heritage is infringed upon. I would like to hear more about your Native American culture and values and why you take offense to the Kahuku nickname.

  39. roots July 21, 2020 9:34 pm


    You have yet to make an intelligent comment. And you are not original at all. You say the same thing over and over again.

    I still can’t get over the analogy of comedians and the Kahuku Name, lol. I can’t believe any human being could be that stupid.


    if you compare our writing, mine has organization and is articulate. Yours lacks the writing process and any semblence of higher learning.

    Just curious, without using google, do you know what the writing process is?

  40. roots July 21, 2020 9:37 pm


    Please excuse me for my 3 hour break. I was busy in Laie hanging out with Junior Ah You (my uncle). He said to stop trying to rep Kahuku, since you are making the alumni look foolish with your comments.

    Kingsley and Harland (in Idaho) were laughing when Unk said that, lol.

  41. ALWAY ASK WHY July 21, 2020 11:27 pm

    Reply to Crusadersgottachangetheirnametoo July 21, 2020 3:07 pm. Accurate data is very important if you want to get to the right place. The reference massacre you made happened in Jerusalem in the Year 1099. King Louis IX, aka St. Louis, was born in Year 1215. His Crusaders fought in Egypt in the Years around 1260, more than 150 years later. His Crusaders did not massacre any body. Two separated group of people with the same name. Likewise, the Kahuku Red Raider and the Iolani Red Raiders did not wrong Native Americans. If a red raider did wrong or was wronged, it was fictional, ie movies. This reminds me of the biblical story of Lot’s wife. While escaping Sodom, she looked back and turned in a pillar of salt. The parable means don’t make the mistakes of the past but don’t live in the past. We all gotta move forward. Go Kahuku Red Raiders!

  42. ??? July 22, 2020 7:06 am

    Where was the PETITION when Castle used the term “BLACK KNIGHTS” ???
    Hawai’i is NOT the mainland so don’t get it twisted..

  43. 88 July 22, 2020 9:56 am

    @roots- if that’s your fam how the hell you don’t know how the youth team got there name and logo.. You ain’t gotta lie to kick it. I mean being ignorant is one thing but trying to pass bu//$hit off as facts is just pathetic. Maybe you need to add FakeNews to your long list of names.

  44. roots July 22, 2020 11:36 am

    Um, I was at Harland’s 1990 grad party at BYU Hawaii in June 1990. Were you there? I don’t think so. Uso, you probably not even one. Probably one cracker from Castle. I notice you like to talk about them a lot, lol.

    Try using your own material. I get it that you aren’t too bright. I get it you don’t know how to reference sources and probably have no idea what plagiarism is.

    But I have played the ignorant card on this strand for the past 2-3 days.

    Man, are least come up with your own stuff. (YAWN).

  45. 88 July 22, 2020 1:13 pm

    Ahhh so you a name dropper.. You one of those guys that gotta drop names cause you think it validates your story… You know like “ was me and …. and ….. and ..”…. You funny clown

  46. NorthShorePride July 22, 2020 5:40 pm

    Norman Thompson (Tman) did not play football for Kahuku… Maybe if he did he’d have a more better understanding of that Red Raider Mentality!

  47. ILoveHawaii July 23, 2020 8:59 am

    So if you didnt play football, you would be in support of the name change?

  48. 88 July 23, 2020 9:25 am

    @IloveHawaii- I think that’s part of the problem. Nobody talks about the water polo team or basketball team or even the State Champion Speech & debate team. They are all RedRaiders too. Everything seems to be just centered around the football team.

  49. roots July 23, 2020 3:23 pm


    You are the biggest clown in the history of this blog. You act all tuff. But we know you not. We all know you around the Laie area as one RAT. Always tattling on others to save you own okole.

  50. 88 July 23, 2020 4:44 pm

    Oh hey it’s the clown of the forum FakeNews.. How you doing buddy?.. F@kken waste time.

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