Punahou-Kahuku exhibition game has one caveat: Buffanblu must win ILH

Astin Hange had nine receptions for 195 yards in Punahou's 33-28 win over Kamehameha on Aug. 27 at Aloha Stadium. Jamm Aquino/jaquino@staradvertiser.com.

There is one stipulation, if that, for Punahou and Kahuku to battle on the gridiron this season.

Punahou would need to win the ILH title. The fifth-ranked Buffanblu (1-3, 1-3 ILH Open) play second-ranked Saint Louis (2-3, 2-2) on Friday in an elimination playoff. The winner would need to beat Kamehameha the following week for the playoff tournament title, then defeat the regular-season winner one more time for the ILH crown.

Then, and only then, Punahou would play OIA powerhouse Kahuku in an exhibition game scheduled on Nov. 20.

“Yes, I was informed of that,” Kahuku coach Sterling Carvalho said. “It’s unfortunate.”

There is always the possibility that Punahou wins the league, plays Kahuku in an exhibition game, then plays the Red Raiders again at the state tournament.

In pre-pandemic times, Kahuku-Punahou would certainly fill the bleachers at Carleton Weimer Field. Or draw several thousand to Aloha Stadium.

It is a case of wants versus needs. A game in late November would be a valuable part of what would be an extended season for the Buffanblu. But without that state championship trophy in view, an extra game in a month from now is less practical.

In addition, an exhibition game requires separate insurance coverage since it would not be sanctioned by the ILH. Kahuku is not playing on its home field this season. Carleton Weimer Track and Field is under renovation.

Kahuku’s all-road slate includes a visit to Farrington on Saturday, followed by Leilehua (Oct. 30), Waianae (Nov. 6), Mililani (Nov. 13) and Campbell (Nov. 27).

The top two finishers in the OIA standings will play for the league title.

The HHSAA Open Division state tournament is set for late December and early January.

Over on Waialae Ave., Saint Louis coach Ron Lee said he has not explored any interleague games.

“We’ve just been focused on each week. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping we play Kamehameha again. That’s all I’m looking at right now,” he said.

Nearly two weeks ago, Kamehameha and Kahuku had a controlled scrimmage at Skippa Diaz Stadium. Last week, Moanalua hosted Damien and won, 26-6.

‘Iolani, the ILH’s D-I champion, is scheduled to visit Kailua on Oct. 30, then host Castle on Nov. 5. The Raiders will also visit Radford on Dec. 3.


  1. Kanak October 22, 2021 9:13 pm

    So there is a possibility?!?!

  2. Honest October 23, 2021 2:31 am

    After last night’s 35-0 shutout, Punahou needs Kale Ane back. Honest!

  3. Disgusted Pun parent October 23, 2021 6:46 am

    Punahou needs more than their old coach back. This season was an embarrassment. I am very disappointed with how the Punahou coaching staff treated the senior leadership this season. The boys deserved better. I hope Punahou takes a good look at this and changes how it treats its student athletes going forward. Honestly

  4. Pakelika October 23, 2021 9:30 am

    Disgusted Pun Parent, would you please substantiate your claims? For the sake of the uninformed but interested.

  5. Disappointed Pun parent October 23, 2021 11:20 am

    Pakelika, this is not really the place to get into the details of my claims but the results of the season and the last game in particular certainly substantiate that Punahou is not putting its best foot forward.

  6. Dafun October 24, 2021 12:43 am

    I must say though….I believe Punahou would beat all the public school teams for sure. They are still good but obviously St. Louis and Kamehameha are the better teams but still Punahou has been majorly disrespected this year being put below Mililani and Kahuku. Last night’s Mililani-Kapolei game was horrible and I can’t believe after that Mililani is ranked above Punahou. The voters just have to make sure they get a few public schools in the top 5 I take it just to make things “fair”

  7. Pakelika October 24, 2021 1:33 am

    Whether or not the Punahou football team put its best foot forward is open to question, certain gratuitous assertions have been made to account for why-in someone’s mind-the school or team did not present itself optimally, but without any supporting points, those criticisms are nothing more than gratuitous assertions; the fact that Punahou lost 4 times- twice very decisively-doesn’t necessarily substantiate the assertion that the school and team did not put itself forward in the best way. Do you, the accuser, believe that Punahou was unprepared, outcoached, and outperformed? How would any of your assertions have affected any of those measures of whether or not the school and team presented itself well?

  8. 88 October 24, 2021 1:44 am

    Losing to St. Louis is the best thing to happen to Punahou this year cause they would of got DESTROYED by Kahuku. The RedRaiders will take States this year! You heard it first here… There is no team in this State that can match up with them. NO ONE! The Crusaders ain’t the same Crusaders and Mililani’s transfers look terrible.

  9. ILH October 24, 2021 8:01 am

    88: you must be a Kahuku fan, what makes you think Kahuku will win the States this year, they scrimmaged Kamehameha’s 2nd and 3rd teams, Kapolei Who’s that, Farrington worst then Kapolei, there is not much competition in the OIA, looks like Mililani and Kahuku will decide the OIA Championship and will get stonewalled by Kamehameha or even Saint Louis who still has a shot at the ILH crown. Kahuku not this year, look for Mililani to win the OIA.

  10. 88 October 24, 2021 11:00 am

    Watch the scrimmage against Kamehameha. The starters on both sides played. You can find it on YouTube. Mililani looks straight up garbage. There is no team chemistry and it shows in their play. And this years Crusader squad looks like they are living off the name of the Crusaders squads of the past. Kahuku will win States. If there was football last year they would of won States. That’s how good this team is.

  11. Dafun October 24, 2021 1:26 pm

    88 every year you say Kahuku will win but they haven’t won since what 2014? Their time has come and gone already. They can’t pass, they can’t run anymore. They have nothing now. Mililani and Kahuku are far behind Kamehameha and St. Louis and it shows. Sorry but I think Kamehameha and St. Louis both need more recognition than these other schools

  12. Honestly October 24, 2021 2:18 pm

    Some one recently wrote on Hawaii Prep News that the upcoming Kamehameha-St. Louis game will be decided by 3 points. My Honest prediction is St. Louis by 3 touchdowns. Honestly!

  13. 88 October 24, 2021 2:24 pm

    Kahuku’s graduating class of 2016 were State Champs buddy. I know it’s difficult for you to comprehend but anybody with eyes that function properly can see that Mililani and St. Louis have not had enough time for all their transfers to gel and play well together. Kamehameha is benefiting big time from this. And if you watched what Kahuku’s 1st and 2nd units did to Kam’s 1st and 2nd unit you too would agree. There is a reason this game was changed to a scrimmage. Watch the video and you will know why. BigRed is at a whole other level this year.

  14. Honestly October 24, 2021 7:53 pm

    Let be honest! Winning is all about coaching. St. Louis wins because of the coaching staff. Smart school administrators are those who recognize this. Did you know that it is easier to find a new principal than it is to get a good football coach. Just look at the Kahuku Red Raiders who have a wealth of athletics. Every time Kahuku wins a football State Championship, the coach gets fired. Note that she also tried to change the Red Raiders name. Now the Punahou administration is trying to do the same thing. A perfectly good coach gets fired for reasons beyond his control. The boss is ultimately responsible, not the workers. Who is responsible for the Punahou last place finish? Should we change the name from Buff and Blue to Black and Blue? As was said 70 years ago, “winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing. Honest!

  15. 88 October 25, 2021 12:57 am

    If it’s about coaching then why wasn’t the Lee brothers winning at Nanakuli? You need athletes to win too buddy.

  16. ILoveHawaii October 25, 2021 8:03 am


    You must be talking about the QB situation.

    In my experience, any and all complaints, gripes, crying always come back to “playing time”.
    Which is probably why you dont want to share the details of your claim.

  17. ILoveHawaii October 25, 2021 8:24 am

    88 –
    Yeah buddy, keeping hope alive all these years.

    With regards to coaching:
    When both teams have talent, it comes down to coaching.
    When your pieces are just better than your opponents, its easy.
    I think this happens year in and out for RR’s until they match up with a team with just as much talent and they lose because they get outcoached.

  18. 88 October 25, 2021 9:11 am

    Keeping hope alive? The past 20 years Kahuku has made it to the state title game 13 times. That’s more than keeping hope alive buddy. As for coaching you need both Athletes and Coaches. That was my point. But to say that coaching in the ILH is better than the OIA is straight hogwash. It should be Coaches in the ILH have more to work with than Coaches in the OIA.

  19. ILoveHawaii October 25, 2021 9:57 am

    Oh yeah, that stat again.
    No forget Lulu’s dominance, in the 80’s and 90’s.
    RR’s was nowhere to be seen in the PREP Bowl Era not even in the conversation.
    So if we going back, lets not forget that.

    In this instance I never mentioned ILH or OIA.
    I spited a specific example, yes, but it was to prove that when two teams are evenly matched, coaching is the determining factor.

  20. Could have been better October 25, 2021 10:59 am

    In my opinion, Punahou was very unprepared, out coached and was definitely out-preformed. The results speak for themselves. The whole season was a joke. What goes around comes around I believe. I’ll bet some of the players felt a bit awkward because in your heart you know what is right and what is fair. I think those that are close to the program know what I mean. Kamehameha is my pick for the tittle. Go Warriors.

  21. DPP October 25, 2021 11:04 am


    Funny how you knew it was a QB thing. Was it that obvious?
    Again, the results speak for themselves. Oh, what could have been…..

  22. ILoveHawaii October 25, 2021 1:18 pm

    I will concede that. mid to late 90’s.
    Before that, crickets.

    And lost for the past 5 years with no championship. No identity. No parade.
    Reduced to reminiscing about the good ol days.

    Ok, so what is the determining factor if both teams are evenly matched??
    I honestly think that you wouldnt know what good coaching looks like if it was in front of you.
    Based on a program that relies heavily on being the bigger, faster stronger team has made it possible to win with mediocre coaching.

  23. 88 October 25, 2021 1:50 pm

    The determining factor is will. The ability to think and move when your body has got little to nothing left in the tank. Can tell you never played a down in a game where a championship was on the line.

  24. ILoveHawaii October 26, 2021 8:22 am

    Classic 88 with the personal jabs.
    Ammunition of the inept.

    I agree with WILL being somewhat of a determining factor, but must say that it looked like the RR’s wanted it way more than Lulu the last couple times they played but were still outplayed.
    Gosh, one game they used the lights as an excuse to not even play the 2nd half of a game.
    I dont think they had the will to continue that SASA that evening.

  25. 88 October 26, 2021 10:06 am

    What the heck are you talking about bro? The 2019 Crusaders squad was loaded bro. You had legit D1 players all over that roster. Not Boise St. or Oregon St. D1 players but Michigan, Wisconsin, Norte Dame D1 players. The BigBoys coaching staff could of called that game and won. 2017 however was different. Those 2 teams were evenly matched. It came down to who wanted the ball more. If you watched the game you would know cause that’s how the Crusaders pulled off the win. You try and come across like you know what it takes to win but buddy you have NO idea and it shows in your posts.

  26. ILoveHawaii October 26, 2021 11:44 am

    So if one team has better players they probably going win even with bad coaching.
    If they are evenly matched (players), the outcome is determined by who has more “Will” to win the game.

    Where does coaching factor in this and how do you measure “WILL”?
    The outcome or the effort??

    If I recall correctly, I dont think that DB wanted it less than that rec. on that TD play to go ahead OR that LB wanted it more than that rec on that interception to seal the play. But your perspective is that Lulu wanted it more because the outcome was in their favor. I see a poor defensive coaching call with a lead, short clock, and long field. That game should have been over but poor coaching lost that game. Not to mention poor clock management. That has everything to do with coaching not “will”.

    Its okay. I would think this way if I always won games because we had physically superior players. And blamed losses on the refs, recruiting, and the opponent had more “will” to win.

    Expand BRO, Expand.

  27. 88 October 26, 2021 1:30 pm

    “With regards to coaching: when your pieces are better than your opponent’s, it’s easy” You answered your own question and than forgot you answered it. Will is measured by the outcome. The Coach can call the perfect play but if you do not have the will to execute it, it don’t matter. All the close state championship games between Kahuku and the Crusaders came down to the players will to execute and win the game.

  28. ILoveHawaii October 27, 2021 8:56 am

    I think that along with physical superiority is what make RR’s great.
    Their WILL to win.
    Which is also the reason why they lose games when all that is canceled out.

    We will agree to disagree.
    Thank you for the semi respectful discourse.
    Good day.

  29. Pakelika October 27, 2021 8:02 pm

    From 2001 to 2019, Ku played in the HHSAA Division 1 or Open Division championship game 11? times, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011?, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019. Not certain about 2011, but it is included, thus the question mark. 7?of the 11? championship game appearances resulted in lanakila o Ku, translation: the red clad pseudo North American Aboriginals were victorious

  30. Pakelika October 27, 2021 8:12 pm

    From 2001 to 2019, Ku no Kahu, more commonly known as Kahuku, played in the HHSAA Division 1 or Open Division championship game 11 times, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019. Lanakila o Ku ehiku na kawa. Not certain about 2011, but included it to give the benefit of doubt

  31. Pakelika October 27, 2021 11:27 pm

    From 2001 to 2019, Ku no Kahu, more commonly known as Kahuku, played in the HHSAA Division 1 or Open Division championship game 11 times, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011?, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 Lanakila o Ku na kawa ehiku. Not certain about 2011, but included it to give the benefit of doubt

  32. Eddie K October 28, 2021 4:58 pm

    35-0……..brah, ??? Turn in the equipment and go babaque.

  33. OG RRFL! October 29, 2021 9:20 pm

    All I see from people here is hate for kahuku. But thats okay. We always overcome. RRFL!

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