OIA not counting ILH games brings strategy into question

Back in June, the exact details of the OIA-ILH alliance began to take root.

The concept of reuniting the two leagues for football had been around since the breakup in 1970. So, this fall, the leagues returned to an integrated regular-season schedule for the first time in nearly five decades. But there is one catch: while the Interscholastic League of Honolulu counts games against Oahu Interscholastic Association teams in its standings, the OIA does not.

The pilot-program approach by the public-school OIA isn’t a shock. Still, at least one OIA coach was not aware of this when the regular season began last week. Saint Louis’ longtime coach, Cal Lee, wondered aloud about it then. He wondered about a number of stipulations and limitations that gave the larger league, the OIA, steep advantages in every way from gate revenue to bus rental costs.

“It’s done. What can you do? You can’t keep complaining. You’ve got to focus on what’s going on, but at the time it was like put a gun to your head,” Lee said on Tuesday.

Punahou coach and co-athletic director Kale Ane sees the positives of the alliance. Without it, the ILH’s top teams, Saint Louis, Kamehameha and Punahou, would’ve been stuck in a double-round robin format with byes of one to two weeks.

But the flip side is coaching strategy. So far, OIA teams have been healthy and playing to the hilt. What happens, though, when midseason arrives and an OIA coach has to decide on whether to utilize a key player who has a nagging injury like a sprained knee or ankle. If that team has an ILH opponent coming up, the risk to the player isn’t worth the result since it doesn’t count for the OIA team. In a 50-50 injury situation, what OIA coach would play someone who could use an extra week to heal?

Roosevelt coach Kui Kahooilihala saw his team beat Pac-Five, 17-15, on a game-winning kick with no time left on the clock on Saturday at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium.

The Rough Riders drove the length of the field in the final minutes after Pac-Five took the lead with 4:45 on a field goal of its own.

There were a combined seven turnovers and after the game, Kahooilihala was honest about the situation, knowing the game wouldn’t count in Roosevelt’s OIA standings.

“We wasn’t looking to score — get rid of this game and get off the field actually,” Kahooilihala told Hawaii Prep World’s Billy Hull. “We didn’t want to make this game any longer than it is for us, but that’s how it was.”

Not all coaches share this sentiment. Kahuku coach Sterling Carvalho has said multiple times the Red Raiders are treating every game the same.

“We’ve accomplished one of our big goals, which is to win our first (Open Division) game, in a new era with a new coach, to take down an ILH team,” Carvalho said. “We take every game as a game we want to win, and we must win, so count or no count, we play to win. This is what the Open is all about. Great games, great competition bringing out the best out of everybody. That’s why when we play, we want to play the best.”

The question still remains. How will the majority of OIA teams approach it? The usual wear and tear on every team could easily lead OIA coaches up and down Open Division, Division I and Division II to treat ILH games as exhibitions by that point. That’s why Lee was perturbed about the OIA’s decision to discount ILH games. Coaches are confident there will be integrity, but the practicality of sitting key players, even the ones who aren’t injured, to save them for OIA games can’t be denied.

“It might happen, but as coaches we’re all thrilled with this opportunity. Both sides will play to win. Coaches love to compete for as long as they can,” Ane said.

Ane’s Punahou squad led in the first half at Kahuku before succumbing 41-28. Carleton E. Weimer Field was roughly three-fourths filled up despite the game being televised live.

“It was great. People were supportive and made a lot of noise. It was a lot of fun,” Ane said.

‘Iolani’s veteran coach, Wendell Look, is just stoked for a change in the system even though, like all ILH teams, nearly every one of the Raiders’ games is at an opponent’s site.

“It’s been exciting to see a lot of different matchups we haven’t seen and the interest level will continue to grow. Everybody’s getting in the flow it and you’ll see some good football,” he said. “I think it’s just the integrity of all the coaches and the fact that we’re in this to play the game right. I don’t see that to be an issue or problem. People are here to compete and do what’s best for our team and our league, and for this alliance.”


  1. Awrite!! August 15, 2018 4:34 pm

    Well it sounds like not only does the ILH want to play and beat the OIA teams they want it to sting too. Why so mad ILH? STL and PUNs can do things that no OIA team can do, recruit and give scholarships!

    Another ILH fan on here said he is glad that this alliance is exposing the OIA and showing how much stronger the ILH is over the OIA, now this loop hole of the games not counting toward the OIA record is now a problem for Cal Lee bcause his games wont be so meaningful. Kale Ane and W.Look seems grateful just for the opportunity to play the OIA but that politician Cal Lee gotta complain and make huu huu!

    FYI – Similar to the NBA where they are concerned that at the end of the season, maybe the last 10 games when the playoff standings are final that the top teams will start to rest their star players. Why are they concerned? Because of TV ratings and Pleasing the FANS!

    STL is only looking out for themselves, pleasing their fans and pleasing their program. GREED at its finest!

  2. Afan August 15, 2018 4:51 pm

    All this OIA/ILH back and forth is crazy! Just sit back and enjoy the games! The ILH recruits is an old and dated statement. The OIA teams sitting players could happen but I doubt it! I’m sure the kids wanna play against the best! Who cares if the ILH recruits or if OIA is getting more money and sitting players. Let’s be happy HS football is back.

  3. 88 August 15, 2018 5:15 pm

    Roosevelt’s Coach needs to hit the road. What kind of coach, at any level of sports, thinks like that?…. wow.

  4. Neva Mind August 15, 2018 5:23 pm

    Punahou recruit? If they recruit how come they don’t have the top guys? How come their numbers are low? Everyone thinks punahou recruits but there’s also a test they need to pass.
    Punahou is not an easy school to get in.

  5. Kountry August 15, 2018 5:23 pm

    Recruiting: Public schools also recruit. It’s no secret how Mililani got so talented. Kahuku has been getting talent transferred from Utah for decades. Yes, ILH schools recruit, but what ever is best for the student athlete is what’s most important.

    Stars from smaller schools will shine no matter what so it’s not an issue for them. Check Kaimuki and their star. I remember Moanalua having a kid that turned heads and got heavily recruited by many colleges. HS level recruiting is only an issue for fans. Not important.

    I am loving the open division. I’m an ILH grad, but it’s great watching Kahuku ground and pound on Punahou. I’m looking forward to Mililani airing all over the field over Kamehameha. In the end, we know it’s Kahuku vs St Louis. Darn, it never gets any better than that. Seeing that red sea of tamahawk chops never gets old.

  6. anywaaaays!! August 15, 2018 5:43 pm

    I agree. We all know that this ILH-OIA “alliance’ is a sham, designed to just target Kahuku and other successful OIA schools. They want to increase their exposure to public school communities in order to recruit more and destroy our very neighborhoods. Now that the ILH got what they wanted, they complain even more because it’s not enough to play in this sham alliance, they want to ensure that even the football programs themselves are destroyed too!!!!

    Here’s an idea: cal lee, you wanna complain? Kale ane, you’re pissed that OIA will treat these games as exhibition? Then GO BACK TO THE ILH AND PLAY THE SAME THREE TEAMS 8 TIMES A SEASON. We don’t need you. So here’s our demand from Red Raider Nation: stop your recruiting and play on a fair playing field or just stay in your own league with the rest of the football factory private “schools.” WE don’t need you. RRFL!

  7. 88 August 15, 2018 5:45 pm

    4 straight ILH Championships and a good # of kids from the North Shore beg to differ buddy.

  8. anywaaaays!! August 15, 2018 5:47 pm

    The ILH has been a cancer to public school football since the beginning, which is why the OIA split from the private “schools.” We don’t need them. Let them play in a new game called the Recruiting Bowl, at the end of the year while the true football teams in the OIA and outer island have a real state championship. So cal, if you have any more complaints about this “alliance,”then you can always just play on your own. good luck playing punahou and kam 8 times a year. HAHA. if not, shut your mouth and play. RRFL!

  9. Coach C August 15, 2018 5:57 pm

    Here’s another twist of arms. Couple days before ILH double header at Aloha Stadium, officials announce, No Tail gating and bag size coming in are half the size of last year.??? Let me tell you that when RR nation drives in 1 and a half hours to the stadium, they usually have dinner with family there. It’s a family affair. Babies,toddlers,keiki,moopuna,teens, all eat together as RRFL. This is why their program is great. Now for security to come around to stop that,good luck katoosh. If you eat in your car or van or truck, nobody can stop you. If you pay $5. to park it’s your right. With the bag size now, and all the RRFL kids and babies coming in, unless stadium sells pampers,formula,wipes,etc. then bring them in. So silly for the State to draconize high school Obama football. IGE, you taking notes.

  10. anywaaaays!! August 15, 2018 6:00 pm

    You’re right, Coach C. This really is “Obama Football.” That’s why I voted for trump. RRFL!

  11. Coach C August 15, 2018 6:01 pm

    Lol,internet dictionary check has Obama as Ohana.

  12. Hawaii five 0 August 15, 2018 6:07 pm

    Punahou doesn’t recruit hahaha back when Manti teo was playing for the buff n blue was when the pipeline from hauula began. Its good too see Polynesian kids get the opportunity to receive a private school education. Back in the early 2000 when i played punahou squad was majority filled with Japanese and white kids.

  13. ToppDoggs August 15, 2018 6:19 pm

    Nothing wrong for a family wanting to send their kid to a private school but I would also mention the “tuition waiver” as a benefit for the gifted and talented.

  14. Hawaii five 0 August 15, 2018 7:05 pm

    Exactly… tuition waiver thats another way of saying football scholarship. Punahou does recruit for sports.

  15. Dennis Tadio August 15, 2018 7:16 pm

    All these cry babies about recruiting is silly, If you choose to send your kid to Public school then that’s your choice.. This is more then football we talking about, we talking about the future of our kids and their education.. you only Crying about recruiting cause you chasing a high school trophy that has no meaning In Real Life after high school.. We looking for a free college education, Now that’s what it’s all about.. For the record, I wish Saint Louis had Athletic scholarships, If they do and you know about it can you call me 389-9888 Because I would Love to Apply for that if it really exist…Dennis Tadio.. I no hide behind code names

  16. JUST KEEPING IT REAL August 15, 2018 7:33 pm

    If the ILH recruits then it is still up to the family to accept…I’m sure any ILH school on their resume is more attractive than any public school. You can’t fault a family to want a better education their kid. If you are opposed to this maybe you are just jealous that the ILH ain’t knocking on your door to give your family an opportunity…. Want to make it fair in the open league…make all the games count and the top four team regardless who it is….3 ILH and 1 OIA for example….just an example….don’t get upset…play in the tournament…That way there is no question who is the out the out right champ….BOOM!!!!!

  17. TigerBred August 15, 2018 8:04 pm

    What if OIA Open Division schools become more attractive to football players because of the opportunity to play ILH teams and no tuition? College recruiters will see players compete against top competition regardless of public/private school affiliation. Student athletes won’t have to commute into town anymore. This could actually strengthen the public schools.

  18. Cryhyn August 15, 2018 8:09 pm

    You see what’s happening right. The ILH wants the OIA to count all games. So at the end of the season, Kahuku might be 8-0, St.Louis ,7-1, Mililani 6-2 and Punahou 5-3. That way the ILH get their 2 teams in the championship brackets. They will cry foul :we got the better record”! After the 2 year pilot, go back to 8 team OIA open. “It will be fair,level and wonderful”. Week #1. StL. 69 Waianae 6….?????? A team like Waianae have no $$$, no new turf, and rusted door on players lockers. Oh, and a good number of the tuff Waianae kids play for ILH teams. Why would they stay at a stale program?

  19. Awrite!! August 15, 2018 8:17 pm

    Why is the ILH not joining with the OIA in all sports?

    Oh! because they already dominate every other sport and dont need the OIA to improve their schedule. What happened to the saying “Help all the Hawaii kids get better!” I guess it only applies when its the ILH that stands to benefit.

  20. Ldub Twenty August 15, 2018 8:22 pm

    anywaaaays! is a disgrace to Kahuku fans and the whole North Shore community. Has anybody played the victim more than he?

  21. anywaaaays!! August 15, 2018 8:35 pm

    Wow, Ldub Twenty. Just, wow. I come here looking for civil discourse on football and instead I get personally attacked for no reason at all. But that’s what we kind of expect because we’re enemies of the state. Keep hating and we’ll keep winning! RRFL!

  22. Opinion August 15, 2018 8:56 pm

    Nevamind. It’s called the BRIDGE Program. Ask around, you’ll find out quick what that’s all about.

  23. Paul Honda August 15, 2018 9:01 pm

    For the record…
    1. Kale Ane hasn’t complained about a single thing.
    2. Parking at Aloha Stadium is now $8.

  24. Awrite!! August 15, 2018 9:13 pm

    Anywaaaaays!!! is ‘Education First’ from last year, aka the Punahou grad. He just making trouble posing as a kahuku fan cause Who the hell in Kahuku uses the words “civil discourse”

    Also for the record in the 4th Quarter of the Kahuku/Pun game I believe I saw some Punahou players running half okole and giving up on plays. Does that qualify as a STRATEGY of ‘throwing in the towel’ and looking forward to the next week?

  25. Hawaii five 0 August 15, 2018 9:21 pm

    St. Louis is the cheapest private school to attend out of the big 3. And they also got a huge alumni that hold fundraisers aka beer buss every year in their gymnasium. And where you think that money raised from the night goes? to help kids pay their tuition. Which is awesome. But please dont tell me that each kid on the team pays full tuition because i know for a fact thats not true. Im all for this OIA and ILH merge playing in the regular season. More games to be played, equals more game film. But at the end of the day the last game of the year should be the best OIA vs the best ILH.

  26. What If? August 15, 2018 9:57 pm

    For the record, Kamehameha School has the private school lowest tuition. And what if Larry Tuileta graduated from St. Louis instead of Punahou, and was taught to properly read his receivers in 3-4 seconds, with his athletic skills, he could be playing in the NFL instead of college volleyball.

  27. Jayme Wight August 15, 2018 11:26 pm

    Hawaii five 0, I thought Kamehameha was (that is IF you’ve got Hawaiian blood, which is a big if).

  28. Ldub20 August 16, 2018 3:28 am

    I wonder if anywaaaays!! is Infidel/auffrey/Big Dog/STL79/The Real Deal, who’s posted about his love of Iolani and hatred of Obama.

  29. to good times August 16, 2018 3:49 am

    There are a couple of people here who season after season express their same old and if I can say hateful feelings. So sad. No league is perfect. No bowl or championship format is perfect. Let’s just enjoy the games. The players look like they are.

  30. TooMeke August 16, 2018 6:01 am

    Can Cal Lee please whine any more????? Faka killing me. Snowflake.

    St LuLu’s edu is the most expensive ‘public’ edu anyone can buy in HI. They ain’t there for edu…and we all know it. Their claim of a better edu is a joke. Many public schools edu is at the same level as them…or better. Puns, Iolani, and Kam? Legit edu schools (although Kam is steadily declining – but they have a lot of other things to offer). St LuLu is an athletic institution posing as a private school…just like St Johns Bosco, St This and St That all over the place.

    I don’t care if they recruit…all the private schools are recruiting EVERY student, athlete and non-athlete…that is the nature of a private school. It is what it is.

    Great season so far. Looking forward to St LuLu vs Narbonne.


  31. HBoy August 16, 2018 7:10 am

    At Kountry-Kahuku has gotten players from Utah but most of them are kids who left to play there as we have many who come back from an ill team as well. Children of Red Raider alumni want to have the Red Raider experience” their parents and family had and share with them. Our community may not be the richest, nicest, most educated, etc. But it will be hard to find a more supportive and closer knit, unified family/fan base especially in high school than the Red Sea.
    And by the way there are exponentially more kids who leave Kahuku to play football (mainland, ilh other OIA schools) than the few that return. We have several on each of the 3 open division ilh teams, a handful that joined Campbell, a few to Utah, another handful to Arizona and others i may not know.
    My point is, despite this our program continues to be competitive with the ilh schools and top OIA schools and it’s a great opportunity for the kids to maybe play on the next level and get an education. The bottom line is for the kids to get an education, learn skills that will help them be better people and more marketable no matter what career track they choose and be a positive contributor to their community.
    Side note: If Kahuku High school admin ever get their act together and leave a head coach in place, no other school would stand much of a chance with our team. RRFL and go Big Red.

  32. Northshore August 16, 2018 7:56 am

    If the leagues are in agreement to create an alliance, there shouldn’t be any restrictions as to how many ILH or OIA teams make it the state playoffs. It should be based on their win/loss record and the strength of their schedule…selected by a committee. As far as having the BIFF, MIL, KIF leagues having an automatic berth for their champions in the state playoffs is absurd. It must be earned to be in the state playoffs. It would be a loss of revenue just to have them travel and not be able to compete when other teams are more deserving. The state tournament is for the best teams playing each other at the conclusion of their division. It shouldn’t be an automatic berth, regardless if it’s the state tournament. Open division-top 4 teams. Division I-top 4 teams. Division II-top 4 teams. Losers go home regardless if it comes down to ILH against ILH. No question as to ILH games not being counted for the OIA teams. This ruling will make every game count. I know if it comes to ILH vs ILH for the state title, the gate receipt won’t be as enormous as if it ended with OIA vs ILH…it’s all about money! And by the way, if the stadium is charging $8 for parking, when will they resurface the parking lot? The parking lot sure looks terrible.

  33. Braddah Bu August 16, 2018 7:57 am

    Kamehameha is the cheapest school, but you need to be hawaiian
    St Louis is the easiest school to get into, no real test. B it is not the cheapest. The school cost like 17k or 18K a year, not all is on a full ride there but they pay what they can.
    Punahou is the HARDEST school to get into and most expensive out of the big 3. Yeah they may recruit like any other school BUT at the end of the day, these kids need to pass a test. That you can ask around, if they were to let everyone in like STL, they would have one of the best teams in the country just like saint louis. They have solid players but they don’t have the depth of athletes like STL has.

    Kahuku is one of the most talented oia communities. The ones who venture out to the ILH, good for them.. they aren’t afraid to go against the grain. They are thinking further than football especially if you’re going to Punahou which I believe theres only 3 kids from Kahuku.

  34. Northshore August 16, 2018 8:13 am

    HBoy: I agree with you. Other schools do recruit from the talented Red Raiders and Kahuku doesn’t have to go out to other communities to have athletes play for the Big Red. Yes. our athletes have been recruited by the ILH and mainland schools BUT many have returned from the ILH and mainland and end up experiencing being a RRFL. It’s all about the community spirit. Kahuku doesn’t have to recruit, they come back to play …and that’s what it’s all about.

  35. Info Wars August 16, 2018 8:24 am

    More than a decade ago, a new Academy student came to the deans’ attention. After repeated absences, they learned that he was coming to school each morning, but felt so overwhelmed by Punahou’s social and academic culture that, after circling campus several times, he would simply go home. This bright, talented boy was losing faith in his ability to be here.

    Luckily, there was a group of deans, counselors and faculty who didn’t let him. They began to wonder how many other students were struggling with difficulties – from financial hardship to pronounced cultural differences – that might prevent them from flourishing at Punahou.

    The result of their inquiry was the Malama Bridge Program, a six-week summer course designed to introduce approximately 15 – 20 incoming Academy freshmen to Punahou’s rigorous academic rhythm. More importantly though, it provides a group of peers and supportive adults to accompany their entry into the School. The Admission Office identifies students that show a high degree of promise but also some transitional challenge. Many, but not all, of the Bridge students receive financial aid. Although admission to the School is contingent upon successful completion of the program, it functions more as a bridge into Punahou’s academic and social environment.

    “Our main focus is to get these students to realize that they have the tools, intelligence and drive to blend into our highly intelligent and motivated community,” explains Academy math teacher Lynn Kimura ’81 Kunishige, who coordinates the program.

    Bridge has evolved over the years, but its primary purpose remains the same: inspire students to gain confidence in their ability to succeed. Each day runs from 7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and covers an intensive introductory course in English, math and social studies. At the day’s end, Kunishige often gathers the students for a group seminar to reflect on their progress.

    During the seminar, students are free to share their difficulties and offer each other encouragement, which builds a sense of community and allows Kunishige to reassure and guide them through the transition. Many of them will continue to go to her and the other Bridge faculty for support and mentorship throughout their high-school years.

    Bridge students bring unique perspectives, talents and interests to Punahou. Many of them commute long distances to School; some come from households where English is a second language; and a number will be the first in their family to attend a private school or college. What the program has demonstrated, time and again, is that when given a safe space in which to flourish, these students enrich the social and academic environment of the School.

    Perhaps one of the greatest limitations of Bridge is that it reaches such a small number of individuals. The program has proven to be an effective model for easing the transition to Punahou – the question is whether there are more students who could use such support.

  36. Northshore August 16, 2018 8:50 am

    Dennis Tadio: St Louis might not have a “school scholarship” for athletes but I’m sure there’s two ways of obtaining “financial aid” for athletes that are recruited….Booster club and rich successful alumni. How do you think athletes from Waianae and Kahuku played for St Louis, surely not from the parents income and that goes for other ILH schools that have recruited exceptional talented athletes from public schools

  37. JustaMom August 16, 2018 10:00 am

    Again with the recruiting…this is a subject that has been going on and on and on. I’ve said it before, isn’t it the same concept as College recruiting? Why cry over something that could be a potential life changing experience not just for the student but his parents? The opportunities that this could possibly offer the student is something that I as a parent would jump at in a heartbeat. Most parents cannot afford a private school education. Who are we to say that St. Louis, Punahou or any other ILH school is bad for recruiting? I’m sure it’s not a decision that either the parents or student takes lightly. Football is only 2 1/2 months out of the school year and in the end, if they get an education from a college prep high school, I say AWESOME. Don’t we all wish that our athlete gets recruited into a great college with the possibility of reaching a PRO level? Even if it’s not to be a Professional Athlete, at least the athlete will have an education with a possible degree that could help them with his or her career choice. Stop with the recruiting blah blah blah’s….No one is forced to attend an ILH School if they are recruited, IT’S A CHOICE. Just because an Athlete lives in Kahuku or Waianae doesn’t mean that they want to attend public school there, they don’t have a choice. GE’s are hard to get. Being recruited gives them options.

  38. Northshore August 16, 2018 2:53 pm

    JustaMom: You have a valid point. But the fact of the matter is, the ILH, grant you, have better resources and a higher education system plus tutoring provided for the athletes. It’s also a fact that when the ILH are able to provide “Financial Aid” to exceptional athletes, not only in football, and stack their teams, than it becomes a disadvantage to the public schools. Total in agreement that any parent would want a better education for their kids especially if the athlete is college bound. Here’s the best scenario, with no qualms coming from the public school posters. All ILH schools should field their teams with full tuition paying athletes…no financial aid provided. Public schools, no DE for athletes from other communities. Settled, no more complaints.

  39. 88 August 16, 2018 3:24 pm

    That’s the dumbest idea ever! How about this idea, everybody just mind their own f@cking business and worry about their own kids. To say that a community or school suffers because a handful of kids are attending private school is the stoopidest thing I have ever heard. You should have your b@lls removed to prevent you from infecting the world with your offsprings. Those kids attending ILH schools bring notoriety to their family and community. If your football team, basketball team, soccer team etc is sh!tty it ain’t because a few kids went to private school. It’s because sports isn’t your thing.

  40. What if? August 16, 2018 3:29 pm

    Most of the comments are from people who have never coached properly or never coached…period. Recruiting is only one aspect of team sports. Successful coaches teach their players to play hard, play together, play smart. Team sports is a reflection of life itself.

  41. Realist808 August 16, 2018 9:11 pm

    Just let the kids play the season out. Too many complaints already. The best 2 teams in the state should play in the championship. Whether it be ILH/OIA, ILH/ILH, OIA/OIA. All games should count. Recruiting happens at every school. Some more than others. It’s sports. Recruiting happens at every level. People need to remember that these are still kids at the end of the day. Take it easy. Support Hawaii football as a whole.

  42. StopWithTheRecruiting August 16, 2018 9:38 pm

    Yall butt hurt because Punahou and St. Louis recruiting kids. But you see Mililani, Campbell, Kapolei recruiting Kids huh? I got a friends that is sophomore that lived in Aiea, that goes to Kapolei to just play football there, but you cannot play for your hometown in Aiea, I hate people that never played for their hometown. No wonder why Aiea football program isn’t that good, because they keep on recruiting these kids. That is not fair at all. If I see one more transfer outside of district just to play football, I will file a lawsuit and sue OIA, and HHSSA for this type of action this exasperating, and yall making this community looks embarrassing we lost 4 of our good players because of recruiting.

  43. Austin Chang August 16, 2018 9:52 pm

    Leilehua, Moanalua, and Radford, Campbell,
    Kaneohe always got some recruiting on track, but yall not complaining about that tho.

  44. RightChest!!! August 17, 2018 8:17 am

    The open division state playoff should be automatic bids for ILH champ, 1st and 2nd OIA, and the last spot should be a play in game between the 3rd place OIA and 2nd ILH.

  45. TooMeke August 17, 2018 11:19 am

    btw – is Narbonne game televised tonight? Who and where?

  46. Northshore August 18, 2018 8:10 am

    88: When you have to stoop low and attack the person, it only shows your ignorance. No class. I’m sure not everyone agrees with your opinions and that’s what makes this forum interesting. We all have the right to our opinion and attacking a person is uncalled for. An intelligent person would challenge the opinion and state their opinion or solution and surely that would be acceptable in any dialogue. Stick to the subject that is being discussed and not make a mockery of the person. Mahalo!

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