2013 OIA football all stars

Mililani's Kelii Padello is the OIA Red West defensive player of the year. (Krystle Marcellus / Star-Advertiser)
Mililani’s Kelii Padello is the OIA Red West defensive player of the year. (Krystle Marcellus / Star-Advertiser)

The OIA released its league all stars today:


Co-offensive players of the year—Isaac Hurd, QB, Campbell; Vavae Malepeai, So, Mililani.
Defensive player of the year—Kelii Padello, Sr, Mililani.
Co-coaches of the year—Rod York, Mililani; Amosa Amosa, Campbell.
QB—Isaac Hurd, Sr, Campbell.
RB—Vavae Malepeai, So, Mililani; Triston Pebria Sr, Kapolei.
WR—Tristin Kamaka, Sr, Leilehua; Bronson Ader, Sr, Mililani; Pookela Noa-Nakamoto, Sr, Waianae.
OL—Jordan Agasiva, Jr, Mililani; Adam Amosa, Sr, Campbell; Micah Kapoi, Sr, Kapolei; Stansen Fonoti, Sr, Waianae; Epeli Natoko, Sr, Leilehua.
Util—Jae Won Huh, Sr, Aiea.
DL—Kelii Padello, Sr, Mililani; Toese Tia, Sr, Campbell; Rex Manu, Sr, Mililani; Kingston Fernandez, Sr, Kapolei.
LB—Dayton Furuta, Sr, Mililani; Jacob Afele, Sr, Mililani; Micah Paris, Sr, Kapolei.
DB—Solomon Matautia, Jr, Campbell; Ian Namu, Sr, Mililani; Mata Leota, Sr, Mililani; Leejay Lauti, Jr, Leilehua.
Util—Elijah Tausaga, Sr, Aiea.
QB—Kekoa Kaluhiokalani, Sr, Waianae.
RB—Ikaika Piceno, Sr, Leilehua; Jemery Willes, Sr, Waianae.
WR—Kainoa Perry, Sr, Campbell; Shaenan Hernandez-Fonoti, Sr, Aiea; Kainoa Wilson, Jr, Mililani.
OL—Andru Tovi, So, Mililani; Kolby Castillo, Jr, Aiea; James Copeland, Jr, Campbell; Kalalena Mauga, Jr, Waianae; Derrick Fetui-Suapaia, Jr, Mililani.
DL—Senio Semisoni, Sr, Waianae; Maake Muti, Sr, Leilehua; Ben Taliulu, Sr, Aiea; Tamatoa Silva, Jr, Mililani.
LB—Unita Kea Cambra, Jr, Campbell; Ronald Matautia, Jr, LB; Jonathan Nagaseu, Sr, Waipahu.
DB—Jaren Dadlo, Jr, Mililani; Abiel Taito, Jr, Campbell; Josh Searle, Sr, Waianae; Jayson Cardines, Jr, Mililani.

OIA Red East

Co-offensive players of the year—Micah Kaneshiro, QB, Moanalua; Sanele Lavatai, RB, Farrington.
Defensive player of the year—Mathias Tuitele-Iafeta, McKinley.
Coach of the year—Randall Okimoto, Farrington.
QB—Micah Kaneshiro, Sr, Moanalua.
RB—Sanele Lavatai, Sr, Farrington; Polikapo Liua Jr., Jr, Kahuku.
WR—Ikaika Urusaki, Sr, Castle; Donald Lambert, Sr, Moanalua; Chad Aragon, Sr, Moanalua.
OL—Kai Kubera, Sr, Kahuku; Donald Bareneba-Setoki, Sr, Kahuku; Marcus Malepeai, Sr, Kailua; TJ Utai, Sr, Farrington; Mason Semisi, Sr, Farrington.
DL—Breiden Fehoko, Jr, Farrington; Lamone Williams, Sr, Kahuku; Nolan Eseroma, Sr, Farrington; Motu Heimuli, Sr, Farrington.
LB—Mathias Tuitele-Iafeta, Sr, McKinley; Manaia Atuaia, Jr, Kahuku; Aaron Kesi, Sr, Farrington.
DB—Ashley Kaka, Sr, Kahuku; Tyrell Tuiasosopo, Sr, McKinley; Roger Boyd, Sr, Farrington; Manly Williams, Sr, Farrington.
Util—Manly Williams, Sr, Farrington.
QB—Tuli Matagi-Wily, So, Kahuku.
RB—Soli Afalava, Jr, Kahuku; Mathias Tuitele-Iafeta, Sr, McKinley.
WR—Koolau Gaspar, So, Kailua; Jason Sharsh, Jr, Moanalua; Tyrell Tuiasosopo, Sr, McKinley.
OL—Herman Kanoa, Sr, Kahuku; Siotame Uluave, Jr, Kahuku; Kaleo Jones, Sr, Kaimuki; Jordan Sataraka, Sr, Farrington; Kit Taura, Sr, Moanalua.
DL—Salanoa Wily, Jr, Kahuku; Roman Salanoa, Jr, Kahuku; Taliauli Vaifoou, Sr, Kahuku; Ratu Mafileo, Sr, Moanalua.
LB—Pene Kaonohi, Sr, Kahuku; Christian Mejia, Fr, Kailua; Clifford Ramseyer, Sr, Kahuku.
DB—Keala Santiago, So, Kahuku; Hirkley Latu, So, Kahuku; Jameson White, Sr, Kailua; Jacob McEnroe, Sr, Farrington.

OIA White

Offensive player of the year—Noah Brum, QB, Kalani.
Defensive player of the year—Blake Cooper, LB, Pearl City.
Coach of the year—Robin Kami, Pearl City.
QB—Noah Brun, Sr, Kalani.
RB—Makena Johnston, Sr, Kalaheo; Tobias Powell, Sr, Radford.
WR—Trevor Yamashita, Sr, Kalani; Absolom Henry, Jr, Radford; Jameson Pasigan, Jr, Radford.
OL—Jordan Fuamatu, Sr, Pearl City; Dallas Garringer-Kaapuni, Sr, Nanakuli; Josh Tupouniua, Sr, Kalaheo; Jonah Magnenat, Sr, Kalani; Pablo Gonzalez, Sr, Radford.
Util—Chazz Troutman, Sr, Nanakuli.
DL—Ezekiel Taylor, Sr, Kalani; Alapati Scanlan, Sr, Pearl City; Kili Barrozo, Sr, Nanakuli; Manase Palu, Jr, Kaiser.
LB—Blake Cooper, Sr, Pearl City; Kainalu Pitoy, Sr, Roosevelt; Shane Ra, Sr, Kalani.
DB—Kristian Vaana-Kikuyama, Sr, Pearl City; Preston Dudoit, Jr, Kalani; Makena Johnston, Sr, Kalaheo; Andrew Killen, Sr, Radford.
QB—Cody Lui-Yuen, Sr, Radford.
RB—Reno Abero, Sr, Pearl City; Thomas Buntenbah-Leong, Sr, Kaiser.
WR—Timothy Rivera, Sr, Pearl City; Brandon Roberts, Sr, Kalani; Shaedon Kalei, Jr, Roosevelt.
OL—Kaimi Kamai, So, Waialua; Bradley Malinai, Sr, Waialua; Kimo Moses, Jr, Anuenue; Kaleo Lindsey, Sr, Anuenue; Tayvis Passos, So, Radford.
DL—Gabriel Suapaia, Sr, Kalaheo; Va’a Ierome, Jr, Radford; Lino Kauaula, Fr, Anuenue; Tiki Uemura, Jr, Roosevelt.
LB—Jordan Walker, Fr, Radford; Tommy Fisher, Sr, Kaiser; Keanu Keaweehu-Ancog, Sr, Radford.
DB—Cody Crail, Sr, Pearl City; Kaimana Eguires, Sr, Waialua; Taleon Lele, Sr, Waialua; Simon Cobbs, Jr, Radford.


  1. Nuuanu Kaulia November 25, 2013 8:31 pm

    Whoever voted for the White All-Star team is STUPID!

  2. Nanakulian November 25, 2013 8:33 pm

    Who votes for this!!! Kaiser smashed people all year, and only three players get recognized (1 on 1st team, 2 on 2nd team). If must be stats over everything, or somebody is salty that they lost.To me they should at least have 9 or 10 on the defense the way they shut most offenses down.

  3. SMH November 25, 2013 11:32 pm

    So when is the REAL OIA White Division All Star Teams gonna be published??? Teams voted on by OIA White Coaches? No wonder players no like stay home & play for you guys! Whatever BOYCOTT, SNUBB OR MESSAGE you trying to send is soo sad. Basically all you achieved in doing was taking this prestigious platform used to recognize players outstanding play on the gridiron & turning it into a mockery & a complete joke! No disrespect to the kids chosen bcuz they have no control over that. The OBVIOUS AGENDA The OIA White voters have towards Rich Miano is one thing but to take it out on the players is tragic! Congrats Kaiser on a State Championship, #1 D2 Ranking & for placing as many All Stars as winless Anuenue (3).

  4. ALLSTAR KRUSH November 26, 2013 12:52 am


  5. Billy Hull November 26, 2013 1:15 am

    These are voted on by the coaches. We will put out our all-state teams early next month I believe.

  6. patrick November 26, 2013 1:28 am

    before there was different picks between honolulu advertiser & honolulu star bulletin before it became in one—>the starAdvertiser, even the sun press pick their own all stars,, have too buy the paper too get the honor ro mention,,,was it todays paper?????

  7. KB November 26, 2013 1:39 am

    Continuing the Trend of Tryin to Help “Themselves” versus Doin the Right Thing…

    Just Like NOT Having the Best Teams in the Playoffs…
    How Will Hawai’i ever be about Excellence versus Jealousy, SELF-Interest and Greed…

    Lt. Gov Schatz please save these guys from themselves…

  8. D November 26, 2013 7:26 am

    If the coaches voted for the white players then maybe Kaiser should stay in the white. They ONLY had 3 all-star players. Obviously the coaches don’t respect them and yet two teams didn’t even want to play them.

  9. J slade November 26, 2013 7:59 am

    OIA white voting is embarrassing….

  10. Lolo November 26, 2013 8:40 am

    What a joke the OIA White division has proven to be this year. Kaiser has been the only bright spot and they get three nominees! No wonder the kids at the other OIA schools are seeking GE’s from their home school. Who wants to play for a coach who knows nothing and plays favorites with those dear to him. Kalani, Kalaheo, Pearl City, Waialua, Kalaheo, etc. your coaches are pitiful and clueless!

  11. Aaron Kaapuni November 26, 2013 9:08 am

    Granted the accusations against Miano recruiting players from outside the district maybe wrong, but I still think that Leong, Fisiiahi and Slade-Matautia should’ve made the first team for their positions. I would’ve added Derek Costa on defense with Higgins. The reason I would add Costa, because my son said he was the toughest he faced this year, hands down.
    To my cousin Nuuanu Kaulia, you are definitely right!

  12. Turfwar November 26, 2013 4:05 pm

    Someone needs to call the White division coaches out on this one. Ridicules. Kids who made the team will be questioned about the legitimacy of the selection process and kids from Kaiser who played well all season were robbed by classless adults of deserved recognition earned by a lot of hard worked. These coaches need to be held accountable. You want to get back at Miano and Kaiser? Beat em on the field. If not shut up and get back to work. Our school lost a lot of kids to Kaiser too but if I was a parent I would be trying to give my kid the best possible chance to be the best he can be too.

  13. Thompson November 26, 2013 4:28 pm

    The Anueanu and Kalaheo coaches shouldn’t be allowed to vote since they forfeit against Kaiser. This vote is such a slap in the face of Kaiser, they worked hard all summer long they gave up so much. Nothing against Kalani’s QB Brum but who is the coaches more worried about Noah Brum or Kaiser’s Thomas Leong ? I seen this Kaiser kid play and I would take him over any player any day.

  14. Krusha November 27, 2013 9:53 am

    Yeah, that OIA White selections were a joke. When the SA releases their all state selections next month, you’ll see no bias there when some Kaiser players are listed that you won’t even see on the OIA White team chosen by those sore loser coaches.

  15. Dave November 27, 2013 10:06 am

    How is the Kalani coach not the coach of the year? They make the playoffs for the first time in 40 years! I know the Lee brothers get a lot of the credit, but man I remember decades going by where Kalani Football never won a single game.

  16. USC Dad November 27, 2013 1:09 pm

    Welcome to the real world where favorites are played and politics do matter. This is no different from selecting All Star teams for Little League (any parent who has been through that knows). I’m just glad the Kaiser coaches and players let their performance on the field do the talking. And as far as on the field, 2 words: State Champs.

  17. Baboos November 27, 2013 3:50 pm

    Defeating teams by wide margins because you believe this will elevate you to the next level. Recruiting athletes from far away districts (15 per Star Advertiser article) and even from neighbor islands. Getting a GE should be about affording better educational opportunities….and if you agree then students should be made to sit out a year in sports because it is secondary to their education. This was about the Coaches in a whole division not agreeing with the tactics of a single Coach. Quite telling…don’t you think?

  18. Bryan November 28, 2013 9:30 am

    The selection is perfect if you don’t factor in the BEST team in the WHITE…..

    Kaiser wanted to play RED. The schools they play can pick up players from all over the Island. Look at Punahou. You’d think the school was located in Kahuku. Mililani did a great job and they have a massive base to choose from – just like their baseball. Young community who can afford to life in the area etc.

    Congrats to the boys who are the list. It’s not accurate in the least but congrats to those.

  19. Bryan November 28, 2013 9:42 am

    I forgot to add.. Kalaheo and Aneunue didn’t even want to play Kaiser and last year Aneunue turned their back during the playing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM and mumbled something the whole time that was loud enough for me to hear across the field in the stands. If I was a parent, coach or OIA Official I wouldn’t even let them play football with that much disrespect. Go roll rocks threw sticks….

  20. Bryan November 28, 2013 9:43 am

    … through sticks… 🙂

  21. Kawai Kelii November 29, 2013 11:50 am

    Rich Miano embarassed and humiliated a lot of teams this year by running up the scores in trying to make a STATEMENT. Of course this was done by recruiting, which everyone knows occurred even the DOE. For those who forfeited the game, because most of their players were on the injured list and they couldn’t safely field a team with the numbers that were healthy. I’m sure the players wanted to go to battle but safety is paramount, my hats off to those coaches. In all of this, unfortunately someone had to pay the price for Miano’s decisions… which were the Kaiser players. If I lived in the Kaiser district and my son couldn’t play because of Miano’s recruiting promises, I would be upset and would be speaking out… The old saying, “What goes around, comes around!” In fact the score against Kauai proved that Miano isn’t all that… Maybe he should try to coach at the next level, if someone would have him… where recruitment is allowed.

  22. shoop November 29, 2013 4:36 pm

    how come get 11th graders playing in the senior bowl? get plenty seniors who can and should play! auwe!

  23. Bryan November 29, 2013 7:19 pm

    The scores were no different than many other scores on other teams – go look it up. Second and Third string players were put in. If the other team is that bad.. what are they supposed to do… this isn’t I9 Sports. Get an interception and return the ball back to them? Running up the scores is nonsense. If a team wants to play ball – they’ll play ball. If you’re that thin with players – time to join another school. OIA can limit exemptions is they want, they can look at the private schools as well. Mililani under player restrictions but a private school isn’t? They can factor in exemptions based on school size. In the meantime, sounds like a bunch of soar losers.

    Kauai played well. Lahainaluna did as well and had some critical injuries. Kaiser never game up and dominated second half like they have all year.

  24. Leeward Coaster November 30, 2013 8:03 am

    Rich Miano did run up the scores. Kalaheo and Anuenue, if they wanted could’ve played Kaiser, but then again what for? 100-0 scores? If they can place 70 points on Nanakuli, what makes you think they wouldn’t post 100 points against any of those other two teams. The first team stayed in for the Nanakuli game all the way till late in the fourth quarter, and they were trying to pass with seconds in the first half after a huge lead. Karma sucks, but the OIA knows that with 17 recruits that’s a red flag, unless, the Hawaii Kai area now became affordable housing . . . . yeah right! True, some of the best kids (Kaiser) in the white division got shafted, but then again, didn’t those other kids from different schools got robbed of a chance to play in a championship game because they too got shafted by a school who brought in illegal players?

  25. SMH November 30, 2013 4:39 pm

    Nuff with da cheating/recruiting/illegal transfer cries already! If Kaiser was in violation then the OIA & HHSAA would have took action. If the powers that be never punish the Kaiser players then there is NOTHING to hold against these kids. If the other OIA coaches think that Rich Miano is classless…They all need to look in da mirror bcuz they aren’t any better themselves for voting the way they did. Kaiser wasn’t the only D2 team blowing OIA white teams out. Go check out Kalani & Radford scores this season. They got up into the 60’s too. Instead of grumbling about the Kaiser program maybe these coaches need to teach better tackling/blocking techniques, spend more time in the weight room getting stronger, improve your kids cardio by running them more so they don’t bog down in the 2nd half & also make better halftime adjustments so you don’t get mercy ruled every week!. Or….fire everybody! Hire a high profile Coach who knows what he’s doing along with a professional strength & conditioning coach who gets paid to prepare pro prospects for the NFL combine but offers his expertise for FREE to the program & the players in it. Your phone will be blowing up too from parents who insist on the best for their kids!

  26. Bryan December 1, 2013 11:16 am

    Roger… Kalani/Anuenue 60-6, Kalani/ Pearl City 40-8, Radford/ Anuenue 60-0, Radford/Waialua 65-7, Lahainaluna 49-0, 55-6, 48-3, Punahou 63-8, 56-0, 59-7, 48-6, Kamehameha 61-26, 65-0, St. Louis 55-0, 73-6 etc. etc. etc…….

    During the Kaiser game – Nanakuli came out firing.. on side kick, pick etc.. it was 21-14 in the first Q, added another 27 in the second, only 16 in the 3rd and 6 in the 4th with Nanakuli scoring 6 in the 4th. Being what happened last year – there wasn’t a concern for mercy especially after they came out firing (good for Nanakuli to have heart!). It is true that replacements were late in that game compared to others later in the season but who’s going to go crying about that??

    Kaiser parents were checked and checked again.. nothing illegal. It’s up to the OIA to make the rules – and it’s up to everyone else to act like mature adults.

  27. shame December 2, 2013 7:48 am

    so sad how they went choose the OIA white team. i aint from that side of the island but i watch all football games regardless the school. and im pretty sure Kaiser should have more recognize players. this is so shame on whoever went vote this roster out. smdh

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