Oahu football statistical leaders: Week 8

Waipahu running back Alfred Failauga (25) blew away the state's career rushing mark during his senior season. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Overall leaders in every game played are shown first. Statistics for Division games only follow.

Statistics are updating through Week 8 (Sept. 21).

Overall Leaders

Updated: Dec. 22


Jayden de LauraSaint Louis13255366113,72531
Jayden MaiavaKaimuki1320236183,31741
RJ JavarMoanalua12269406143,26029
Sky OgataRoosevelt1320533018267723
Blaine HipaCampbell1219934818258231
John-Keawe SagapolutelePunahou1217428872,06816
Brendyn AgbayaniMililani13180343202,00018
Jonah ChongIolani1314027261,83922
Kekoa TuranganLeilehua12143250111,81923
Cameron FrielKailua11142289151,69419
Jake HoltzDamien912725251,63013
Easton YoshinoKaiser9125228111,61920
Noa BaileyKapolei8127237111,49411
Makana CanyonPearl City7105201141,40811
Cody MarquesWaipahu1010320171,3895
Kyler DicionWaialua98521581,27616
Kayson CastilloAiea991229131,2577
Sedric CrawfordNanakuli1098236121,21912
Chase HedaniPac-Five99820961,21410
Kila KaioCastle976172121,1648
Logan LimKalani981213121,0058
Alfred FailaugaWaipahu92801,876196.7208.4
Zealand MatagiKahuku132401,418195.9109.1
Naomas Asuega-FualaauKaimuki122311,361145.9113.4
Amo SuluDamien111771,307147.4118.8
Kolu Quisquirin-SabagalaWaianae91951,00965.2112.1
Vincent TerrellPunahou12165962135.880.2
Jemell VereenLeilehua1015191956.191.9
Jonan Aina-ChavesCampbell914780455.589.3
Storm QuilenderinoWaialua108679769.379.7
Tahj HauhioNanakuli815375684.994.5
Brock HedaniIolani13164744124.557.2
Malosi SamMililani1115870484.564.0
Nathaniel BalangitaoKalani914063584.570.6
Sedric CrawfordNanakuli1012659884.759.8
Jasiah AlcoverMililani1212159654.949.7
Samson RasayKailua119359336.453.9
Brody Logan BantolinaIolani13112575105.144.2
Kala MatthewsCastle910257065.663.3
Raymond MillareFarrington910455145.361.2
Alii GasparPearl City1013354734.154.7
Javon MillerAiea911352554.658.3
Jansen YorkMoanalua12841,2351014.7102.9
Koby MoananuKaimuki13641,1662118.289.7
Titus Mokiao-AtimalalaCampbell11621,1361818.3103.3
Roman WilsonSaint Louis13641,0701216.782.3
Koali NishigayaSaint Louis13791,020912.978.5
Jayzon RamosLeilehua13609821316.475.5
Rudy KealohiMoanalua1289977911.081.4
Kanoa GibsonMililani13579161116.170.5
De'Zhaun StriblingKapolei1064872913.687.2
Jarvis NatividadDamien1047845918.084.5
Wailoa ManuelIolani1357838414.764.5
Koa EldredgePunahou1270808511.567.3
Matt SykesSaint Louis1341769718.859.2
Mason YoshinoKaiser10497471115.274.7
Chase AkanaRoosevelt1139731818.766.5
Rayden Kiaaina-CairesPunahou1250694613.957.8
Zavier CerutiCampbell10406401016.064.0
Isaac SilvaSaint Louis1357602110.646.3
Joshua GleasonPearl City936589716.465.4
Jonah Fa'asoaKaimuki1235576416.548.0
Kai HoekstraWaialua10355631316.156.3
Dacryes DomingoMoanalua1146559512.250.8
Scott ChungRoosevelt1340535613.441.2
Dre FallsKaiser1133520915.847.3
Saint Louis quarterback Jayden de Laura (7) has thrown just one pick in five Open Division games this season. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Open Division

Updated: Oct. 13, 2019
(Divisional games only)
Jayden de LauraSaint Louis815120452,41924
Blaine HipaCampbell8130227121,80923
John-Keawe SagapolutelePunahou812020151,50911
Brendyn AgbayaniMililani8115212121,34314
Noa BaileyKapolei69117179646
Sheldon McLeodWaianae66111846526
Kiai KeoneKamehameha679145116041
Darius ChaffinFarrington84510754451
Jonah YuenKamehameha5367654382
Tiger AdolphoKahuku8367823342
Shaydon LopesWaianae6235903331
Zealand MatagiKahuku8130895136.9111.9
Kolu Quisquirin-SabagalaWaianae818185954.7107.4
Vincent TerrellPunahou8116722116.290.3
Jonan Aina-ChavesCampbell813168945.386.1
Malosi SamMililani712060465.086.3
Raymond MillareFarrington810254345.367.9
Jasiah AlcoverMililani78140135.057.3
Jayven ReyesKapolei89036724.145.9
Kawika ClementeKamehameha87832944.241.1
Lailo KalunaKahuku86527014.233.8
Jayden de LauraSaint Louis84822544.728.1
Titus Mokiao-AtimalalaCampbell8529321417.9116.5
Koali NishigayaSaint Louis846728715.891.0
Kanoa GibsonMililani839655816.881.9
Koa EldredgePunahou848589312.373.6
De'Zhaun StriblingKapolei844560612.770.0
Roman WilsonSaint Louis833557716.969.6
Matt SykesSaint Louis828507718.163.4
Nainoa MachadoWaianae821400319.050.0
Isaac SilvaSaint Louis832384112.048.0
Rayden Kiaaina-CairesPunahou830375312.546.9
Tamatoa Mokiao-AtimalalaCampbell827341112.642.6
Zavier CerutiCampbell619332717.555.3
Bula WhiteKapolei822309214.038.6
Christopher PaigePunahou618287315.947.8
Christian HaveaFarrington520277113.955.4
Moku Dancil-EvansPunahou721276113.139.4
Damien’s Amo Sulu (25) finished with a career-high 225 rushing yards against ‘Iolani to become the second running back in DIvision I with more than 500 yards in division games. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Division I

Updated: Oct. 13, 2019
(Divisional games only)
RJ JavarMoanalua818127482,29022
Kekoa TuranganLeilehua78913541,21018
Cameron FrielKailua810220591,14815
Cody MarquesWaipahu88316251,1415
Kayson CastilloAiea876187101,0856
Jake HoltzDamien69017631,0798
Jonah ChongIolani88516241,07414
Kila KaioCastle864152129955
Alfred FailaugaWaipahu72251,530166.8218.6
Amo SuluDamien81341,021107.6127.6
Kala MatthewsCastle810257065.671.3
Javon MillerAiea810652254.965.3
Brock HedaniIolani89045895.157.3
Samson RasayKailua86544026.855.0
Jemell VereenLeilehua66042527.170.8
Brody Logan BantolinaIolani86937675.447.0
DJ AlphaRadford77033224.747.4
Jansen YorkMoanalua852892717.2111.5
Jarvis NatividadDamien842796919.099.5
Jayzon RamosLeilehua840685917.185.6
Rudy KealohiMoanalua864684610.785.5
Wailoa ManuelIolani838577315.272.1
Dylan SoberanoAiea623358115.659.7
Dacryes DomingoMoanalua726342413.248.9
Lawsen LeeMoanalua730332411.147.4
Kala MatthewsCastle722330315.047.1
Josh CanosaAiea718302116.843.1
Makanalea MeyerDamien82928619.935.8
Koali'i KohatsuKailua728283510.140.4
Nanakuli’s Tahj Hauhio (11), shown in a game against Molokai, rushed for a career-high 229 yards in a win over McKinley on Saturday to take over the lead in rushing in Division II. Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

Division II

Updated: Oct. 13, 2019
(Divisional games only)
Jayden MaiavaKaimuki913122342,22728
Sky OgataRoosevelt9154236102,13720
Easton YoshinoKaiser8118212111,56420
Makana CanyonPearl City7105201141,40811
Chase HedaniPac-Five99820961,21410
Kyler DicionWaialua764165799312
Sedric CrawfordNanakuli984209109657
Logan LimKalani867187128287
Isaiah AkiuKalaheo988212137111
Kaena LeopoldoMcKinley75512567113
Justyce LacarWaialua95710535817
Brock PerrieraKaiser8286334228
Naomas Asuega-FualaauKaimuki8139950136.8118.8
Storm QuilenderinoWaialua98579369.388.1
Tahj HauhioNanakuli815375684.994.5
Nathaniel BalangitaoKalani812653874.367.3
Alii GasparPearl City912153434.459.3
Sedric CrawfordNanakuli911550984.456.6
Jordan NeufeldtKalaheo810346264.557.8
Myka KukahiwaRoosevelt965299104.633.2
Cavin LimeKaiser85229025.636.3
Ian CanutePac-Five927280310.431.1
Jayden MaiavaKaimuki83525857.432.3
Micah KongPac-Five65225114.841.8
Koby MoananuKaimuki9417271317.780.8
Mason YoshinoKaiser9436761015.775.1
Kaulana KalunaKaimuki934608717.967.6
Joshua GleasonPearl City834551716.268.9
Chase AkanaRoosevelt826536720.667.0
Isaiah Cruz-AmeperosaPearl City622423319.270.5
Devin NaiheRoosevelt931393112.743.7
Scott ChungRoosevelt930388412.943.1
Kai HoekstraWaialua827382914.147.8
Dre FallsKaiser929375812.941.7
Kamakana MahikoKaiser924370515.441.1
Jesse StroedeKaiser821348316.643.5
Nainoa PazNanakuli932340310.637.8
Jonah Fa'asoaKaimuki822333315.141.6
Naomas Asuega-FualaauKaimuki820289214.536.1
Dillon CortezKalani819275214.534.4
Ian CanutePac-Five916271216.930.1
Dylan YadaoWaialua72726809.938.3


  1. Falcon Future September 24, 2019 3:31 pm

    Does anybody know the reasons why the Waipahu RB Failauga has 0 D1 college offers? Not even UH? He’s not that small and he runs bigger than his size. The kid is putting up unreal numbers and has been good since his freshman year and I think he should be able to compete in mid-major college.

  2. Auwe September 24, 2019 4:38 pm

    It doesn’t make sense given his performance on the field. He’s very good and it would be unfair to speculate because this kid is never involved in chippy play or personal fouls.

  3. Dafun September 24, 2019 9:09 pm

    Well honestly it’s because he’s playing crappy teams and probably wouldn’t be able to do the same thing if he were to play on one of the top 3 teams in the state. When you’re running like 50 times a game and also against those not that good, you’re bound to get a lot of yards.

  4. Chow Fun September 25, 2019 4:18 am

    Oh thank you Mr. Honestly but if you’re going to speculate (your use of the word probably) and hypothesize by your use of the word “if” we could also argue that if he played on any of the top 3 teams in the state, he’d have even more yards because he’d have better blockers. and a more diverse offense. I submit that if he played head to head against STL RB, Punahou RB and Mililani’s RB, Albert is a better and more complete back than all 3 hands down…since we’ve resorted to speculating.

  5. Dafun September 25, 2019 8:24 am

    Sure mr chow fun. Sure. Highly doubt that. But hey whatever. Running 50 times a game sounds good to collect records.

  6. Friday the 13th September 25, 2019 8:36 am

    RJ Moanaloa – transfer from mililani
    Jenson york Moanaloa – transfer from mililani

    HMMMMMM-SMH – whats wrong with that picture?

  7. Falcon Future September 25, 2019 10:50 am

    As a FYI, Waipahu has a linebacker who is being recruited by UH and Nebraska. This tells me that the scouts have already been to Waipahu and are willing to make offers. The competition of teams that Waipahu is playing doesn’t matter. And to me, the amount of times that Failauga carries the ball shows his toughness and endurance. The kid can play! The fact that Failauga is not getting any of these offers is super confusing.

  8. Dafun September 25, 2019 11:03 am

    Because he isn’t playing good teams. Doesn’t none get in. Less competition and you won’t be seeing anything

  9. OIA Central September 25, 2019 1:07 pm

    Isnt RJ the leading passer in the state and Jenson York the second leading reciever in the state?

    I think RJ wouldve been a great fit at mililani and Jenson York, just my opinion. Good Job to all the players out there working hard. Half a season done, half more to go.

  10. ??? September 25, 2019 5:02 pm

    @OIA Central I believe you RJ is better fit at Mililani than QB Agbayani. I heard Agbayani is related to Ma’a Tanuvasa and his dad is one of the coaches at Mililani thats why he starting QB.
    Coach Rod York you need to wake up on your decision not on favor to somebody else…If Agbayani still the QB for next year at Mililani they not gonna win State Championship Ever again …just my opinion

  11. Chow Fun September 25, 2019 5:09 pm

    Falcon Future and Dafun have valid points. Clearly FF is right on point with #9 biggest LB in the state at 6’4′ who has offers from Cal, Nebraska and HI and Dafun is correct that Waipahu gives 50 carries to Albert per game. But I still think that he’s the real deal and the best RB in the State. Vincent at Punahou is the quickest but Albert is an excellent runner, more power and good blocker so FF is also right when he says that the level of play DI shouldn’t matter. Don’t forget Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith Vontez Burfict all played JC ball initially. Finally, Dafun is being a little harsh on the DI especially since their are at least 3 teams in DI that would or have already beaten teams in the lower half of the Open Division.

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