No certainty after the top 4 in Star-Advertiser Top 10

Kamehameha's Skyler Ramos caught a pass in front of Punahou defensive back Tanner Ono on Friday. The Warriors remained No. 5 in the Star-Advertiser Top 10 this week despite losing their third straight. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Uncertainty remains after the top four teams in the state, and as a result, there are two ties in the latest Honolulu Star-Advertiser Football Top 10 released today.

Nothing has changed at the top, where No. 1 Saint Louis (5-0) remains unanimous following a 56-50 win over Narbonne (Calif.) on Saturday at Aloha Stadium. (If you haven’t seen the video highlights, watch them here, some amazing plays made in that game).

Senior receiver Mitchell Quinn went off for four touchdowns in the fourth quarter and 232 total receiving yards. He talked about it after the game.

No. 2 Kahuku remains two votes ahead of No. 3 Mililani, which clinched the OIA Red while playing a lot of its backups in a 44-33 win over Nanakuli on Saturday.

Punahou was ranked fourth on all 10 ballots this week to keep the No. 4 spot.

After that, it got interesting.

Despite losing its third consecutive game to drop to 3-3, Kamehameha remains No. 5 in the state, tied with Waianae. The Seariders will finish the regular season with five consecutive wins after starting the year 0-3 and have a chance to earn a first-round bye in the OIA playoffs if Kahuku can beat Campbell this weekend.

The Sabers leapfrogged Farrington for No. 7 with the Govs at No. 8 and Lahainaluna again at No. 9.

The second tie in the poll came for the final spot with Damien, which was ranked last week for the first time in 14 years, earning the same amount of votes as Leilehua.

The Monarchs fell behind 28-0 to ‘Iolani before rallying to win in overtime 42-35. Leilehua has a coach of the year candidate in Mark Kurisu after throttling Kailua 38-14 behind James McGary‘s 329-yard rushing performance.

Leilehua plays Farrington to close the regular season this week with the winner earning a first-round bye in the OIA playoffs.

Damien and Leilehua do have a common opponent in St. Francis. The Monarchs rallied from 20-7 down in the third quarter to score 20 unanswered and win 27-20 against the Saints 10 days ago. The Mules started the season with a 13-9 win over St. Francis after the Saints fumbled inside the 2-yard line in the final minute.

Only the top four teams this week were ranked on all 10 ballots. Kamehameha, Waianae, Campbell and Farrington were left off of one ballot and Damien and Lahainaluna were each left off of two ballots.

Also receiving votes this week were Kapolei (four), Waipahu (three) and Konawaena (one). Kapolei earned a seventh-place vote on one ballot and Waipahu was ranked eighth on one ballot.

There are three games involving two ranked teams this week, all on Friday.


No. 1 Saint Louis vs. No. 5 Kamehameha, 7:30 p.m., Aloha Stadium
No. 2 Kahuku at No. 7 Campbell, 7:30 p.m.
No. 10 Leilehua at No. 8 Farrington, 7:30 p.m.
No. 9 Lahainaluna vs. King Kekaulike, 7 p.m., War Memorial Stadium
Kailua at No. 3 Mililani, 6:30 p.m.
No. 10 Damien vs. Pac-Five, 10 a.m., Skippa Diaz Stadium

Honolulu Star-Advertiser Top 10

Updated: 10/23
1.Kahuku (10)100
5.Saint Louis53


  1. HI HS FAN September 25, 2017 12:59 pm

    Here we go. It’s crunch time for the OIA. Kahuku-Campbell is for the Blue Division championship and top seed. A Sabers win , means they get top seed, Kahuku second, and Waianae third. A Red Raider victory puts Waianae second and Campbell third. Therefore, this game has important implications for Campbell. Kahuku displayed an improved running game this pass week. The defense went back to their swarming, attacking self and created turnovers, which they lacked in the Bingham game. They also scored on a punt return. The offensive play calling also showed improvement from the Bingham game. However, it did come at the expense of an out-manned Radford team. Campbell will prove to be a formidable foe. They are coming off a bye week, had opportunity to scout Kahuku, and put together a game plan. It’ll be a true test for both teams. For Kahuku it is a time to overcome all the critics who say their schedule and victory were over weak teams or teams that weren’t at full strength, in both Leilehua and Waianae. For Campbell it’s also time to prove they real contenders and make Coach Johnson’s statement that he wanted to win, now. The anticipation is that it’ll be a packed house at Campbell. Plus Kahuku has a long drive to the Ewa side.

  2. HI HS FAN September 25, 2017 1:22 pm

    Why is Kamehameha ranked higher than Waianae, Campbell, and Farrington? They have lost ALL three of their ILH games. Their three wins were against Farrington, who had many players ineligible early in the pre-season, Lahainaluna, a D2 team, and Carson, a team that just started their season. Do the pollsters and voters believe that the ILH D1teams play a tougher schedule? Even though St. Louis, Punahou, and Kamehameha plays each other three times, does that justify they have a harder schedule than Waianae, Campbell, and Farrington? True that polls are subjective, but how can voters quantify Kamehameha’s ranking?

  3. phILHarmonic September 25, 2017 1:32 pm

    You know the answer. You just dont agree with it.

    This is why there should be a merger of the leagues. My opinion. More evenly matched teams, great games week in and out and would transition into the State Tournament seamlessly.

    The difficult part is how do you separate the teams.

    How would you split it?
    D1- ?

    D2- ?

    D3- ?

  4. "UNITY=STRENGTH" September 25, 2017 2:04 pm

    This is why the open division made sense the best competition you can get from the OIA and ILH if not it will just give you the same looks year in and year out must move forward if our best will take on the best.

  5. Bullballs September 25, 2017 3:30 pm

    Your poll is week and has no merit after the top 2……..but it’s fun entertainment

  6. Mahatma Gandhi September 25, 2017 4:18 pm

    HI HS FAN , I went to the Punahou – Kamehameha game last weekend. I thought Kamehameha should have won. I still don’t know how that Punahou WR came down with the ball on that critical play. Kamehameha shut down Punahou’s running game, they had the Punahou QB’s on the run all night long. So if Punahou is a solid #4 team in the state, Kamehameha must be right behind them. Which is #5. Kamehameha had 3 straight losses to top 4 teams.

  7. Coach C September 25, 2017 5:26 pm

    HI Hs Fan, with the blow out of teams by Kahuku, and StL. Do we say StL has a weak schedule? As for a D1 league, as far as money,equipment,facilities and paid coaches and staff, OIA cannot hold a candle to the ILH $$$. I’m not a Robot.

  8. Awrite!! September 25, 2017 5:48 pm

    Coach C – you got a point, if STL has blown out all their ILH and OIA games then maybe they have a weak schedule? ..but you know you will never hear the media say that because they are too busy trying to prove Kahuku has a weak schedule in order to get their agenda of ILH /OIA merger to happen… if STL continues to smash PUN/Kam then it weakens the case to merge leagues.

  9. "UNITY=STRENGTH" September 25, 2017 6:30 pm

    To solve this it would be suggested to dissolve the district exceptions that way any team in hawaii has the chance to make it to the Championship etc and to stack up to the ILH level playing field just like Milillani did which I believe will make some noise in the playoffs this year. Because if not you will see the same teams making it to the playoffs that way it all depends on the community and parents Coaches etc to do some thing about there high school Team it opens the districts up for more competiveness. Year in and year out the same teams make it why there districts and when Millilani made it to the Championship and States it was all because they were doing something about it not just depending of what they had if that was the case I think they wouldnt make it that far but if the players like playing for that Coach then to me it is more than fair because some Coaches just wait for there team to be reloaded which to me its like expecting a good team regardless with no hussel on there part but when another district bust there asses to make there team successful then by all means let it be districts will grumble but thats if there losing right winning you dont hear it that often this whole process needs to be revamped lol!!!

  10. Awrite!! September 25, 2017 8:19 pm

    ^ You sir are a genius, actually in the OIA I think anyone can get a DE and play anywhere but the rule is that you have to sit one year. So if you remove that rule then you will have players possibly switch teams once or twice during their 4 year HS career which would probably create a nightmare on the admin transferring paper work but better for Hawaii HS football. I agree that there are some lousy coaches out there that do the bare minimum for their kids, if the kids have an avenue to transfer it is a way of protesting that districts coach and force him to get better or get the hell out and let a newer fresher coach take over. I guarantee there are many former UH players that would love to take on a HC job at the local schools.

    However! Here is another thing to think about. Why is everyone complaining about the same ole teams winning when it comes to Football? No complaints in the 90s when STL was winning and I dont hear this argument in any other sport, you know, all the other sports that the ILH are dominating!

    ..oh wait, when a public school like Kahuku consistently dominates everyone get jealous and want changes made, for example merging leagues, or adding a 2nd ILH team in the Open div.

  11. ilh September 25, 2017 10:52 pm

    Everything is Kahuku this Kahuku that, Mililani is standing in your way this year, let’s see if you have enough Offense to outscore Mililani

  12. 88 September 26, 2017 8:13 am

    Kahuku doesn’t have to out score Mililani cause Mililani ain’t scoring.

  13. 88 September 26, 2017 8:18 am

    And YES, a merger between the best from the OIA and ILH needs to happen. Do you football expert wannabes know how much better our high school athletes will become by playing the best every week. The people in charge just need to put aside their petty differences and think of what’s best for the kids.

  14. Education First September 26, 2017 8:45 am

    88 September 26, 2017 8:13 am
    Kahuku doesn’t have to out score Mililani cause Mililani ain’t scoring.
    So you are saying this game will be a tie? If Mililani is not scoring that mean that will have 0. And if Kahuku doesn’t have to outscore Mililani, that means they will also have 0 since you cannot have negative points in a football game. And, doesn’t have to outscore means it must be equal, hence the 0-0 tie.

    Great post 88!

  15. RidgeRunnerE-5 September 26, 2017 9:32 am

    Just toss Kahuku, Mililani and Kapolei in the ILH. Public vs private, recruits vs transfers.

  16. phILHarmonic September 26, 2017 11:28 am

    recruits vs. transfers or recruits vs. recruits. lol.

  17. Awrite!! September 26, 2017 12:38 pm

    recruits vs. transfers vs. family

  18. Awrite!! September 26, 2017 12:43 pm

    last year Mill didnt even qulaify for open div, and kapolei had one lucky year so why would they be considered a top 5 team when next year they could drop off the planet.

    Because in public school we cant recruit and prepare our rosters 5 years in advance like how the ILH have atheletes lined up to enroll aka recruit. Only Kahuku has the bloodline to be consistent in the top 3 every year.

  19. TIME September 26, 2017 1:46 pm

    Kahuku has a weak schedule! It’s not their fault, the OIA is just weak,after Kahuku, Mililani, that’s it! So it’s overdue for a merge! So top 4 from OIA and ILH, 2 from Big Island and 2 from Maui and let’s get it on. Get rid of district restrictions and let the kids go wherever they want!

  20. Alpha September 26, 2017 2:39 pm

    Lmao, Recruits vs Transfers. . . That’s classic.

  21. Awrite!! September 26, 2017 2:44 pm

    Why dont you merge the OIA with ILH in all sports? It will make the OIA stronger to let them play better competition…..oh wait the ILH enjoy their own competitive games in all their other sports and dont need the OIA…..but in football when the ILH need the OIA to save them from their crappy 3 team div1 conference now you want to be friends.

  22. Robocop September 26, 2017 3:57 pm

    Lmao yeah recruits vs transfers that’s awesome. So I guess that’s Kahuku vs an ILH team because everyone seems to believe all ILH teams are recruited, and Kahuku has all those transfers from Utah, Punahou, etc.

    So we should do a game where you take out all the transfers and recruits that you can 100% prove are transfers or recruits. Not sure if you guys can name current ILH players and prove they were recruited, but for sure some of Kahuku’s stronger players are transfers this year, and that includes Nawahine the best RB on the team. I cop all the robots

  23. phILHarmonic September 26, 2017 4:05 pm

    You nailed it on the head, other sports field more teams, there is no need to merge.

    Why NOT merge?

    OIA, ILH football is dying. You think the OIA will survive, nope, it needs the merge also. You will most likely disagree with me and I understand. But the signs are there, football is dying. It needs to pivot and try something new that will rejuvenate it.

    Or stay the same, ILH will continue to play each other, quite possibly become independents in addition to ILH play while the OIA slowly eats itself and players leave in heaps to attend Big OIA schools or go private. Oh wait thats happening now.

    #kalaepohakusfault, #theydareasaonforD1&D2, #Br.Odonnellputhisfootdown

  24. Coach C September 26, 2017 5:16 pm

    Actually phil, the ILH football wil die. With 23 OIA programs, even if half drop fb, there would be 12. As Education First always harps about ILH and ILH parents being smarter, then the “concussion phenom” will do the eating. You cannot do a crossover of leagues for just football and not include ALL sports. ILH and OIA merger should include all sports on the table with shared revenues. If cannot, then ILH can stick to their 3 team super league and be in the HPW,Scoring Live,Cover 2 top 10 every year. As it is now, the OIA has many fb players being recruited to D1 programs. No need OIA to be fodder for ILH.

  25. BigSEPU September 26, 2017 10:10 pm

    Lmao Coach C

    ILH will die??? Well good luck with KAHUKU Killing everybody in the OIA every year.

  26. phILHarmonic September 27, 2017 8:03 am

    Coach C-

    Lets do it, crossover all sports then I dont have a problem with it. Kind of funny that you mention revenue, I not even talking about money, but thats how small minded you are and how much people like you focus on the “unfairness of it all”.

    So your opposition to the merger is what?

  27. Coach C September 27, 2017 8:36 am

    Phil,,phil, small minded? “Quote” Let’s do it. Crossover all sports”. Dude, it’s not that simple. Small example, OIA team gotta make prior bus reservation for team travel. Bus break down, sub bus shows up, 30 minutes late the whole team is now press for time and pre game prep. ILH get on their own bus, gas and ready. Short drive to stadium. How far do teams travel for Waianae or Kahuku? Yes, 2 hours plus if traffic is bad. Now times that by 10 games per weekend. Get it. The bigger picture?

  28. Education First September 27, 2017 2:22 pm

    To Coach C, just a regular day at Punahou –

    It’s too bad Kahuku never (or rarely, I could be wrong) has stories like this about high level academics.

  29. phILHarmonic September 27, 2017 2:56 pm

    You killing me. You da one that brought it up:

    -“You cannot do a crossover of leagues for just football and not include ALL sports. ILH and OIA merger should include all sports on the table with shared revenues. If cannot, then ILH can stick to their 3 team super league and be in the HPW,Scoring Live,Cover 2 top 10 every year. ”

    I agreed with you, its not a point of contention for me. Do it or dont, Im an advocate for merging football, but you insist that we do it across the board with all sports, then you come up with reasons why cannot. I should step out and let you debate yourself, cuz thats what you doing.

    Dont hurt your brain thinking about the logistics, btw, is that your answer to the question? Logistics is the reason why there shouldnt be a merger??
    Lets agree to table merging all the sports and focus on just football. What then would be your reasons for not having the merge?

    Please read twice before you answer and then read your answer twice before saying you not one robot. thx.

  30. Dafun September 27, 2017 6:59 pm

    As a St. Louis graduate and someone who has went there since middle school and has played football, all talks of us recruiting are stupid and have no merit and everyone just makes this crap up because our program is top notch and we have developed a system to provide the kids with the best possible scenario to win

  31. phILHarmonic September 28, 2017 7:58 am

    Dafun- how do you define recruiting? some of the bloggers may disagree with you.

    Is it a coach actively going to BB Leagues, PW games?
    Some Alumnus suggesting to friends with an exceptional athlete son, “ever thought of sending your son to St. Lulu?
    Maybe, holding clinics on Sunday for QBS and Rec’s?

    I guess there are degrees of recruiting depending on how some look at it.

    I dont have a problem with recruiting, it ultimately comes down to parents making the decision and sacrifice to send their son or daughter to private school for academics, opportunities to excel at whatever sport they participate in and to establish a network they can utilize for the rest of their life for professional and personal gain.

    But lets not say it doesn’t exist.

  32. Recruit dis September 28, 2017 6:20 pm

    If you call that recruiting that’s a bunch of bs. It’s still your decision and money. Also it’s the program that sells itself. Just like public schools and transfers it’s the same thing . If St. Louis had a shitty program it wouldn’t matter how much asking you do people would not send there kid there.

  33. dafun September 29, 2017 9:19 am

    exactly recruit dis. that’s what i’ve been trying to say but these people don’t understand how regular people send their children to a private school like how my dad did with me.

  34. phILHarmonic September 29, 2017 11:25 am

    Is it too hard to accept that there are other experiences different from your own?

    I like recruiting. I think that it is the greatest thing for families that would not if they werent approached or asked the question, what about so and so School???

    I agree with the thought that the program sells itself, but, it has to get to that point first. Case in point, when Puns was running the ILH, before Cal came back, it was misery at kalaepohaku, but a few key players brought in that enhanced the players already there completely rejuvenated the program.

    If you still disagree, lets go talk to our uso’s out of Mayor Wrights in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s or Mrs. C, the benefactor that helped them attend St. Lulu.

    Finally, we are talking about the kids who are great athletes, that do not have a dime to pay for their tuition, fees, books, uniforms, lunch, etc, etc. The ones that benefactors are paying for not the ones who’s parents struggle every month to pay tuition. The ones that would be at their home school if not recruited and assisted to attend your school. Oh yeah, this not one bash St. Lulu post, all the private schools have varying levels of recruiting as well as some OIA schools.

    As I have mentioned before, recruiting helps families. Its not a bad thing.

    But it is a thing.

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