No. 6 Lahainaluna, Kauai only unbeaten neighbors

Kauai, which hosted Damien in the Division I state tournament last year, is one of two undefeated teams remaining on the Neighbor Islands. Photo by Ron Kosen/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

Two football teams on the Neighbor Islands are still unbeaten after eight weeks of the season.

Lahainaluna, which checked in tied with Kamehameha at No. 6 on Monday in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Top 10, is 5-0. The Lunas are the defending Division II state champions.

Kauai High is also 5-0.

Ka’u (2-0) is the only unbeaten in 8-man football.

Updated BIIF, MIL and KIF standings and all scores from the Neighbor Islands through eight weeks are below.

Neighbor Islands standings

Updated: Nov. 25


Hawaii Prep0-7482621-768281




King Kekaulike0-81093580-10142409

BIIF 8-Man



Seabury Hall0-6982550-698255
d - co-champions
x-clinched first-round title
y-clinched second-round title
c-clinched playoff spot
r-clinched regular-season title
z-clinched overall title

Week 8

>> At Konawaena 62, Hawaii Prep 13

>> Hilo 45, at Kealakehe 23
>> At Kamehameha-Hawaii 42, Honokaa 7
>> Kauai 13, Waimea 6, at Hanapepe Stadium
>> Maui 41, King Kekaulike 13, at War Memorial Stadium

>> At Waiakea 14, Keaau 13
>> At No. 7 Lahainaluna 34, Baldwin 7
BIIF 8-man
>> Pahoa 40, Kohala 0, at Keaau High field
MIL 8-man
>> At Molokai 48, Seabury Hall 8
Interleague 8-man
>> At Ka’u 62, Lanai 42

Week 7

>> At Konawaena 41, Waiakea 7
>> At Keaau 22, Hawaii Prep 10
>> Kapaa 38, Waimea 0, at Hanapepe Stadium

>> At Kealakehe 35, Honokaa 14
>> Maui 44, Baldwin 6, at War Memorial Stadium
>> Kamehameha-Maui 42, at King Kekaulike 0
BIIF 8-man
>> Ka’u 30, at Kohala 6
MIL 8-man
>> At Molokai 44, Hana 13
>> Lanai 60, Seabury Hall 36, at King Kekaulike High field

Week 6

BIIF 8-man
>> Ka’u 20, at Pahoa 6

>> Hilo 24, at Honokaa 0
>> Kealakehe 49, at Kamehameha-Hawaii 42
>> Kauai 13, Kapaa 3, at Vidinha Stadium
>> Baldwin 37, at King Kekaulike 22

>> Waiakea 39, at Hawaii Prep 0
>> Konawaena 55, at Keaau 7
>> At No. 7 Lahainaluna 14, Kamehameha-Maui 0
MIL 8-man
>> Molokai 26, Seabury Hall 14, at War Memorial Stadium
>> Lanai 36, Hana 23, at War Memorial Stadium, noon

Week 5

>> At Hilo 32, Hawaii Prep 0
>> Kamehameha-Hawaii 21, at Keaau 14
>> Kauai 32, Waimea 0, at Vidinha Stadium
>> Kamehameha-Maui 29, Baldwin 28 (OT), at War Memorial Stadium
>> Desert Hills (St. George, Utah) 42, Kealakehe 0

>> At Waiakea 21, Honokaa 19
>> No. 7 Lahainaluna 28, Maui 3, at War Memorial Stadium
BIIF 8-man
>> Pahoa 40, at Kohala 6
MIL 8-man
>> At Lanai 44, Molokai 16
>> Hana 26, at Seabury Hall 20

Week 4

>> No games played in Hawaii due to Hurricane Lane.

Week 3

>> No. 7 Lahainaluna 49, Baldwin 6, at War Memorial Stadium
>> At Kamehameha-Maui 51, American Leadership Academy (Gilbert, Ariz.) 18
>> Waimea 35, Classical Academy (Escondido, Calif.) 14, at Hanapepe Stadium

>> Maui 41, at King Kekaulike 20


>> Kauai 28, Maui 14, at War Memorial Stadium
>> At Honokaa 20, Waimea 14

>> At Hawaii Prep 20, King Kekaulike 19
>> Bartlett (Anchorage, Alaska) 74, Baldwin 55, at War Memorial Stadium
>> Kapaa 37, at Konawaena 0
8-man nonleague
>> Molokai 14, at Pahoa 8


>> McKinley 31, at King Kekaulike 14
>> Kauai 40, Kalaheo 6, at Vidinha Stadium

>> At No. 2 Kahuku 61, Konawaena 9
>> At No. 5 Campbell 54, No. 10 Hilo 14
>> At Kealakehe 33, Pearl City 20
>> No. 8 Lahainaluna 30, Kapaa 10, at Vidinha Stadium


  1. BangkokJoe September 25, 2018 10:43 am

    How is Lahainaluna not MIL Division I ?

  2. Sea Dog September 25, 2018 11:41 am

    Good comment BigkokJoe. Lahainaluna has been dominating Maui HS Football for the last 2 years. Sad that they want to poach the bottom Div 2 level. Its actually worse than what Iolani has done in the past because now there are 3 divisions and they’re the best team on Maui playing in the lowest division in the state.

  3. Suisan September 25, 2018 11:48 am

    None of the polls matter anyway because the cheating OIA will have 3 teams in the Open Div, 3 teams in Div I and 2 teams in Div 2. Additionally, they retain 80% of the gate receipts, forced all officials to essentially be part of one organization that they control, none of their losses against ILH teams count, but the ILH counts its wins and losses against the OIA teams. Pathetic and the HHSAA ratifies this sh!t.
    Punahou will likely be left out of the State Tourney in the Open Div and Mililani who got blasted by Punahou and dodged a Hurricane Lane bullet against St. Louis will be in. Polls mean nothing as long as the OIA holds onto their grudge from 50 years ago.

  4. Haoleboy September 25, 2018 12:01 pm

    To the ILH haters out there like ??? and TooMeke and all of their aliases. Many families choose to send their children to ILH schools over their public school counterparts with the hope of getting a better education. Not athletics and most kids were never recruited. The fact that Punahou, St. Louis, and Kamehameha get a lot of good players is often a byproduct of a school that has superior educational programs that give their children better college/educational opportunities. Until Hawaii puts more money into our public schools we will continue to have many choose private schools over public schools, including those families who can barely afford to do so. The disparity that exists on the football field has less to do with recruiting as it does with academic and safety deficiencies in the public school system. Write to your local senator and representative. Hawaii needs to fund its public schools with at least the same vigor as it funds its prison system. Right…Go Figure????

  5. Idunnonuttin September 25, 2018 12:19 pm

    This is a junk league. (Zero)
    Hawaii warrior world

  6. Idunnonuttin September 25, 2018 12:21 pm

    Who the hell is Kenny Estes? Junk league.

  7. To Da House September 25, 2018 1:14 pm

    I luv Idunnnonuttin so classic brah!

  8. lunatics September 25, 2018 6:41 pm

    @bangkokjoe and seadog. You both are so right. It is sad that Lahainaluna plays down in D2. They are a very good football team that deserves better and only have their coaches to blame. The kids want to play up because they are competitors, but it’s not their call. The excuse I’ve heard from the co-head coach is that they want to send the two best teams from Maui to represent in the state tournament. This means them playing D2 so one of the other perennial top teams, Maui High or Baldwin would represent D1, not a lesser team like King K or Kamehameha Maui. Blahblahblah!!!
    Since when you ever care about Maui High and Baldwin lol. The truth is it’s always been about the coaches at Lahainaluna, not the kids. Championships feed their ego, which to them is more important than letting the kids reach their potential through better competition. This is no secret though, even coaches in other sports at the school that DO compete at the D1 level laugh and say what a joke it is. Too bad cuz it’s only hurting these great kids.

  9. Sea Dog September 26, 2018 4:37 pm

    Hey Lunatics. thank you for the insight. Last year I saw Iolani lose to Lahainaluna in a very close game. The Lunas are for real and I actually think that they are better than some of the teams in the Open Division and definitely better than many in Division 1. Over the years I’ve watched some very good Baldwin teams play against St. Louis, Kahuku and other Oahu powers. I remember Kaluka Maiava’s team that had a really tough little RB. MIL gotta do something about this bc Maui teams can compete at a higher level for sure.

  10. M September 26, 2018 7:07 pm

    No worriezzz bah!!! They goin come D1! Always goin have naysayers to whoever is successful. Just like everything else..”opinions are like a-holes, everybody’s got one”. Unfortunately, in this case, most get bigger and no stinkier ones than others. Lahainaluna no need rankings or to be known. We better “unknown” and just play for the ring bu-nutts! Everything is a progress, and we progressing just fine. Sea Dog, dominating in Maui HS Football the past 2 years? that’s a very BIG compliment dude! But, the boys actually fought through those wins against Maui High and Baldwin. Won in OT against each of those 2 teams. Kamehameha Maui and King K we’re not as tough at that time but, they did have special players that prepped the boys for the big dance! ALL OF MAUI had a role for Lahainaluna’s success. Lahaina is the only team to beat the neighbor islands “TOP TEAM” in Kona, Kapaa, (ILH) Iolani and (OIA) Waipahu (Iolani and Waipahu smashing D1 right now). MIL is our sparring partners, and it paid off! If you don’t know, zip it! Cause you goin look dumb! Poaching? I guess it’s poaching when majority of your players is 5’6” 140lbs? (Past 2 years) but eh!…I would be mad at my team too if these little hammahz was running the table against my big sole’z from the “BIG CITY” of Oahu. Worst than Iolani?..again, your opinion (a-hole) is just bigger and stinkier than most. Have a BLESSED FOOTBALL SEASON BROTHA!!

  11. M September 26, 2018 7:27 pm

    Lunatics, (I think I know who dis) your right on most bro but, I gotta agree to disagree on a small portion. How often does Lahainaluna get an athlete that has the size and speed and power of an average football player? I talk about size cause size does matter. No matter how fast you are, a solid POP and that player goin have to take a break or 2. I’m sure that’s the reason why Lahaina is known to have multiple players per position and not having just 1 “Star”. Yep, not moving up to D1 this year was kinda nutts because we do have size and speed. But, gotta trust the coaches and the program..only because of the inconsistency of the turnout per year. Not only by the numbers but by the physical attributes of the players too. Just like goin to Iraq with one knife bro! can! We gotta go there with guns, and make sure we get more than enough bullets too!! Nemine what these guys sayin!! They dunno bah! We goin D1, and the boyz goin take that too!! Should have one Fantasy, winner take all D1 vs D2 at the end of the year! Ah, winner take all for everybody!! Get smashed by the open guys hahaha! Can say “at least we tried” haha

  12. Bobby C September 26, 2018 7:49 pm

    For those of you who think you know about our Lahainaluna football team or coaches, it’s obvious you don’t know what they represent or teach our kids. They have a proven system, that not only wins championships, but teaches these young men to be upstanding citizens. I know how hard these coaches work, and it’s not about their egos or winning. I don’t know how D1/D2 works, but I know this team Buss okole every season for get where they at.
    If you from Lahaina, and you one true LUNATIC, then you know that we support ALL LAHAINALUNA athletics. If you crying about which division the football team stay in, MOVE!

  13. Lunamom4Life September 26, 2018 9:07 pm

    Eh “LUNATIC”…sounds like you stay all butthurt behind your screen. What, coaches never play you enough? Or you was always on crutches on the sideline? My family has been through TWO generations of Lahainaluna coaches, my son was a third-generation Player, and I am forever grateful for what he learned from that staff, not only on the field, but most importantly, how to act off the field!
    Maybe if those OTHER coaches focused on how to be a positive role model for their athletes instead of laughing about a SUCCESSFUL coaching staff, they might start bringing home some state championships too…

  14. lunatics September 26, 2018 10:01 pm

    @ M and @ Bobby C I want to walk my comment back “The truth is it’s always been about the coaches at Lahainaluna, not the kids. Championships feed their ego.” Pretty harsh and I apologize, I know not all the coaches feel this way and would love to play up, but I think the one or two making that decision, it could be applied, the optics aren’t great. I’ve been a supporter of this program for a couple decades and I know there are plenty of other lunatics that have expressed the same views/opinions. Why else would you use the excuse that it’s because you want to send the two best teams from Maui to represent at states. Just worry about what’s best for your team and if Baldwin and Maui High can’t compete then that’s their problem/fault. I do stand by my comment that other coaches at the school laugh about it because I’ve heard it straight from their mouths. When you’re easily the best team on Maui you shouldn’t be playing in the lowest division in the state. When there were only two divisions then I agree, but three, no way, they’re too good and I’ll give the coaches all the credit in the world (and players) for that. Nobody is questioning that they have a great program, one of the best in the state. I’ll double down and say the players that I know (many on that team) all wish they could play D1 because they are athletes and competitors and want to beat the best. My money would be on them to take the D1 title this year and by the rankings I’m not the only one that thinks this. Let’s hope they move up next year and when they do the D1 title will be that much sweeter. It’ll show those boys from the ILH and OIA that the MIL is for real. I know these boys have it in them, they just need to be given the chance and nobody will be rooting for them more than me.


  15. Northshore September 27, 2018 4:47 am

    @Haoleboy: You failed to mention the the how and why talented athletes are attending ILH schools and playing sports. I agree, many families chose to send their children to ILH schools with the hope of getting a better education because parents are able to afford the full tuition. The fact that Punahou, St Louis and other ILH schools get several talented athletes is not because it has superior educational program but because they are able to offer “financial aid” to “talented athletes” whose parents cannot afford to pay the full tuition. The fact that the school does not offer “sports scholarship” is a known fact. The “financial aid” are provided by the Booster Club or rich alumnus. Oh yeah, it’s a known fact that superior educational programs by the ILH schools provide better college/education opportunities but don’t try to sugar coat how these “talented athletes” are recruited to play sports especially when the salary of their parents won’t qualify to pay the full tuition. Not complaining or whining…this type of known recruiting has been going on for years and it’s surely an opportunity for the athlete to further their athletic endeavors and college education and I say good for them. It’s a known fact…Go figa!!!

  16. Haoleboy September 27, 2018 8:03 am

    Northshore: I was mostly referring to the the greater Honolulu District where most of the ILH schools and their OIA counterparts,Kaiser, Kalani, Kaimuki, McKinley and Roosevelt are situated. The school districts that I referenced have relatively affluent neighborhoods from Hawaii Kai to Manoa so if you’re being honest, a lot of those families prefer to send their children to ILH schools. As a St. Louis Alum I can tell you that the financial aid gravy train has vastly been depleted over the years (verify this with Russell Valente). As you may recall, until 4 years ago, St. Louis was on the verge of closing due to financial hardship and the School is leveraged to the hilt. The recruiting and scholarship theories are largely b.s. but its still a very viable excuse that Kahuku and Mililani like to tout.

  17. Northshore September 27, 2018 4:18 pm

    @Haoleboy: Factually figured it out. The affluent neighborhoods from Hawaii Kai to Manoa as you’ve mentioned, are primarily the upper class and surely they are the parents that prefer to send their children to ILH schools because they are able to afford the full tuition. If “financial aid” has vastly been depleted and recruiting theories are BS” why are talented athletes throughout the state still attending ILH schools whose parents can’t afford the full tuition? Something is definitely wrong cuz you’re not looking out of the box or can’t bring yourself to admit that “financial aid” is helping these athletes to attend the ILH schools. It’s part of their program and I’m just stating the facts and that’s OK but when the ILH people try to sugar coat the “Financial Aid” for recruiting talented athletes from public schools…auwe. Better yet, all ILH schools should field their teams in all sports with full paying tuition athletes and that becomes playing on the same playing field. No touting from OIA schools.

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