LIVE BLOG: Saint Louis 31, Kamehameha 27

Saint Louis and Kamehameha have split the last 10 meetings.
Saint Louis and Kamehameha have split the last 10 meetings.

It was this regular season game last season between Saint Louis and Kamehameha that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa introduced himself to the Hawaii high school football scene.

The Crusaders quarterback threw for 397 yards and four touchdowns and rushed for 172 yards and another score to lead the Crusaders to a wild 46-38 win.

The teams open ILH Division I play this season in one of two regular season meetings between the schools. A third could potentially happen in the ILH playoffs (or second round or whatever it’s called now.)

Kamehameha beat Saint Louis two years ago when quarterback Noah Sua-Godinet was a sophomore. Now a senior, Sua-Godinet has been hurt but we expect to see him tonight. Will he take snaps at QB or is this Thomas Yam‘s team now? Kickoff is at 7:45 p.m. Live updates will follow below from Aloha Stadium.

Been told abut 10 minutes before kickoff that Yam will indeed start at QB and Sua-Godinet is healthy and starting at receiver.

Saint Louis will kickoff. Here we go.

Yam indeed is at QB and hits Jaykob Cabunoc for 2 yards. Jordan Bayudan gets the nod at running back and goes 13 yards on his first carry. Kamehameha gets tricky as they run the reverse to Sua-Godinet who then hits Kumoku Noa for 40 yards down to the 20. Third-and-goal at the 7 and the pass is incomplete but Saint Louis is called for roughing the passer. First-and-goal from the 3. Yam with the QB draw for a 3-yard TD run to cap an 8-play, 61-yard drive to open the game. 7-0 Warriors, 8:49, Q1.

Nate Herbig starts at right tackle for the Crusaders. Jon Manalo gets the nod at RB and picks up 13 and 7 on the first two plays. Tagovailoa then dances around in the backfield before breaking out for a 6-yard gain and a first down. Tagovailoa has all day and hits Leelan Oasay on a crossing route deep down the middle for 31 yards as Oasay breaks two tackles. Manalo loses 4 as Caleb Chow gets the TFL but the Warriors are called for a personal foul. A 5-yard pass to Oasay sets up the 10-yard TD run on a keeper by Tagovailoa. 7-7, 6:23, Q1.

Jordan Iosefa with a tackle for loss and them Yam is picked off by Noa Purcell who returns it to the Kamehameha 29. Manalo has a TD run wiped off by a personal foul. Tagovailoa has all day and eventually finds Oasay for a 19-yard TD pass. 14-7, 4:53, Q1.

Warriors pick up a first down on a Yam pass to Ah Mook Sang but face fourth-and-4 at the StL 40. Kamehameha lines up unbalanced but then comes back and tries to run it with 270-pound Nakoa Pauole, who picks up 2 yards but is stopped. Crusaders take over on downs.

Saint Louis goes three-and-out as Tagovailoa is sacked on second down and then pressured into an incomplete pass on third down. Couldn’t see who got the sack on second down. Saint Louis punts.

A good punt backs Kamehameha up inside its 15. Yam picks up two first downs passing, hitting Cabunoc for 12 yards and 9 yards but the Warriors will punt from their 40 with 17 seconds left in the first quarter.

Crusaders take over on their 37 after a personal foul on the Warriors. Tagovailoa is flushed out on a blitz and throws deep to Kobayashi, who is interfered with on an under-thrown ball. Easy call. We should have one untimed down. Tagovailoa runs for 7 yards to end the quarter.

Tagovailoa 4-6, 76 yds, TD. 5 car, 23 yds, TD. Oasay 3 rec, 55 yds, TD.

Yam 7-11, 50 yds, INT. 3-yard TD run. Bayudan 6 car, 27 yds. Noa 1 rec, 40 yds.

Lanakila Wilson does some shakin’ and bakin’ on a 22-yard reception, breaking a couple of ankles in the process. A 6-yard pass to Jahvin Spear is aided by a face-mask penalty. Third-and-goal at the 10. Tagovailoa tries to buy time and makes an incredible throw to the receiver on the sideline but it’s dropped. Warriors doing a great job of getting pressure now, especially in third-down situations. Crusaders will try a 27-yard field goal. Make that from 32 as Crusaders are whistled for a false start.

Jacob Tobias 32-yard field goal is good. Saint Louis 17, Kamehameha 7, 10:08, Q2.

Noa with a nice 45-yard return on the kickoff a personal foul allows Kamehameha to start the Crusaders 38. Warriors don’t go anywhere as Yam has nowhere to go twice with the ball. Kamehameha going to go for it though and Yam misses a wide-open Noa for what would have been an easy first down. Ran a 10-yard out to the far side of the field which isn’t the easiest throw but it was there. Crusaders ball.

Tagovailoa threads the needle and hits Wilson in stride for a 44-yard gain as he splits the defender. Jahred Silofau in at running back and he carries 8 yards to the 10. Touchdown from Tagovailoa to Chandler Washington-Villanueva and just like that it’s 24-7, 7:58, Q2. Three plays, 62 yards, TD.

Kamehameha goes with a trick play as Noa catches a pass and then hands it off to Bayudan who picks up 14 yards. Yam then hits a wide-open Noa for a 55-yard TD. 24-14.

Tagovailoa hits Silofau on a screen for 34 yards. And Crusaders quickly back to work but Wilson has a ball go right through his hands and it’s intercepted by Koolau Feltman.

Yam runs twice for 13 yards and Bayudan with a 17-yard gainer to the 30. Kamehameha tries a 44-yard field goal and misses to keep the game 24-14 with 4:24 left in the half.

Crusaders go three-and-out as a dropped ball on third down forces a punt from their own 25. Kamehameha hanging around.

First play and Yam is picked off by Isaac Slade-Matautia who dropped back and cut off the route. Slade-Matautia now heads down the right side into a throng of players and somehow gets out of it. He breaks the last tackle and gets it to the middle of the field. The race to the corner is on and Slade-Matautia is in on the 39-yard pick-six. Saint Louis 31, Kamehameha 14, 2:46, Q2.

Warriors drive down quickly as Ah Mook Sang catches passes of 14 and 9 yards and then Yam runs for 22 yards to the 19. Kamehameha has second-and-goal at the 7 and Yam tries to throw a slant to Ah Mook Sang in the end zone but the ball gets deflected into the air and is picked off by Kainalu Paikai. Third INT of the half by Yam. Crusaders take over.

Saint Louis runs it twice and we go to the break.

Saint Louis 31, Kamehameha 14
at Aloha Stadium
Saint Louis (2-0, 0-0) 14 17
Kamehameha (3-0, 0-0) 7 7
Kam—Thomas Yam 3 run (Adam Stack kick)
StL—Tua Tagovailoa 10 run (Jacob Tobias kick)
StL—Leelan Oasay 19 pass from Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
StL—FG Tobias 32
StL—Chandler Washington-Villanueva 10 pass from Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
Kam—Kumoku Noa 55 pass from Yam (Stack kick)
StL—Isaac Slade-Matautia 39 interception return (Tobias kick)

RUSHING—Saint Louis: Jon Manalo 6-26, Tagovailoa 5-23, Jahred Silofau 3-13, Jimmy Gonsalves 2-9. Kamehameha: Jordan Bayudan 8-44, Yam 6-35, Nakoa Pauole 1-2, Kanoa Shannon 1-(minus 3).
PASSING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 9-16-1-192. Kamehameha: Yam 14-25-3-153, Noah Sua-Godinet 1-1-0-40, Jaykob Cabunoc 0-1-0-0.
RECEIVING—Saint Louis: Oasay 3-55, Lanakila Wilson 2-66, Silofau 1-34, Drew Kobayashi 1-21, Washington-Villanueva 1-10, Jahvin Spear 1-6. Kamehameha: Cabunoc 5-30, Christopher Ah Mook Sang 4-42, Noa 3-92, Sua-Godinet 2-9, Brenen Roberts 1-6, Bayudan 0-14.

Second-half kick at about 9:28.

A short run and a short pass sets up an early third down for the Crusaders. Tagoaviloa drops back and then steps through the line and high steps out of a tackle attempt and he’s off to the races. Blockers in front and he’s all the way to the Kamehameha 26. 49-yard run. Miscommunication there as Tagovailoa goes deep but Kobayashi breaks off the route. Third-and-22 and Tagovailoa fires an absolute missile at Wilson for 17 yards to make it fourth-and-5. Perfect ball to Oasay for a 17-yard TD but it’s called back by a hold. Fourth-and-21 from the 37. Kobayashi gets WIDE OPEN over the middle and Tagovailoa misses him by a step. Oh man. Turnover on downs.

Yam with a nice throw to Noa for 26 yards and that puts Noa at 118 in the game. A personal foul moves the ball inside the Saint Louis 15. Yam is running that QB draw play well as he picks up 11 to the 3. First-and-goal. Slade-Matautia stops Alema Kapoi to force third-and-goal from the 2. Kapoi hurt on the play.

That doesn’t look good as Kapoi has to be carried off the field by two other linemen. He can’t put any pressure on his right leg. That would be a big loss on defense for the Warriors. Third-and-goal at the 2. Yam is in on the 2-yard QB draw. Touchdown Kamehameha. 31-21, 6:09, Q3.

Saint Louis again killing itself with penalties but Tagovailoa bails them out hooking up with Kobayashi for 47 yards on a perfectly thrown deep ball down the sideline. Saint Louis called for a personal foul after the play. Now Kamehameha comes back and the DB, Akili Gray, makes a great diving pass breakup but is called for PI. It’s offset by a hold but that’s a horrible call. Now a hold on Saint Louis. This has gotten ugly. Lokomaikai Recca and Andrew Aleki in on a sack and Aleki gets a sack on the next play. Tagovailoa is down on the play and has to be attended to. He can’t get up.

Cal Lee now out on the field to check on his QB, who is sitting up but clearly in pain. He’s up now and he quickly jogs off. That was scary but he looks OK. Chevan Cordeiro in at QB and Recca picks up the third sack on as many plays by the Warriors defense. Crusaders punt and Kamehameha has great field position.

Tagovailoa is getting his right knee check out as Sua-Godinet is in at QB. He runs for 11 yards and then gains another yard. Yam back in at QB and they run the same play. Pass to Noa who laterals to Bayudan and Bayudan is gone down the sideline. 50-yard TD but it’s CALLED BACK. Holding on Kamehameha. Doug Cosbie is not happy. Iosefa stops Yam in his tracks for no gain. Sua-Godinet with a 6-yard run on the reverse and Kamehameha will punt from the 50.

Tagovailoa back in at QB for the Crusaders. Silofau rips off a 24-yard run as we end the quarter.


at Aloha Stadium
Saint Louis (2-0, 0-0) 14 17 0
Kamehameha (3-0, 0-0) 7 7 7
Kam—Thomas Yam 3 run (Adam Stack kick)
StL—Tua Tagovailoa 10 run (Jacob Tobias kick)
StL—Leelan Oasay 19 pass from Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
StL—FG Tobias 32
StL—Chandler Washington-Villanueva 10 pass from Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
Kam—Kumoku Noa 55 pass from Yam (Stack kick)
StL—Isaac Slade-Matautia 39 interception return (Tobias kick)
Kam—Yam 2 run (Stack kick)

RUSHING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 8-55, Jon Manalo 7-28, Jahred Silofau 6-51, Jimmy Gonsalves 2-9, Chevan Cordeiro 1-(minus 7). Kamehameha: Jordan Bayudan 10-43, Yam 9-48, Noah Sua-Godinet 3-18, Trever Kahunahana 2-9, Nakoa Pauole 1-2, Alema Kapoi 1-1, Kanoa Shannon 1-(minus 3).
PASSING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 13-23-1-264. Kamehameha: Yam 15-26-3-179, Sua-Godinet 1-1-0-40, Jaykob Cabunoc 0-1-0-0.
RECEIVING—Saint Louis: Oasay 4-60, Lanakila Wilson 3-83, Silofau 1-34, Drew Kobayashi 2-68, Washington-Villanueva 1-10, Jahvin Spear 2-9. Kamehameha: Cabunoc 5-30, Christopher Ah Mook Sang 4-42, Noa 4-118, Sua-Godinet 2-9, Brenen Roberts 1-6, Bayudan 0-14.


Tagovailoa goes deep to start the fourth and it’s incomplete. Tagovailoa drops to the ground after the throw though. He was not hit. He went down himself. Tagovailoa comes off gingerly on that right leg and Cordeiro in.

Silofau rips off a big 17-yard run on third-and-8 for a first down. He might be carrying the load the rest of the way. Kamehameha whistled for a personal foul and it’s down to the 19.

Great catch and run by Oasay who is in for a 19-yard TD recap…NO. IT IS CALLED BACK BY ANOTHER PENALTY. That’s at least three TDs combined called back by penalties tonight. OL Jacob Russell hobbles off for Saint Louis. Cordeiro with a perfect throw to the back of the end zone on third down and Kobayashi drops it. Should have been six. Great throw. Fourth-and-11 from the 20 and Cordeiro is sacked by Kapoi who is back into the game at the 35. Kamehameha takes over.

Cabunoc with an 18-yard reception and then Noa picks up 5 yards on the pass. Yam scrambles for 8 and a first down at the Crusaders 34. 9 min left. Yam has Koby Ford deep in the end zone. He puts it on him but Ford drops it. Should have been a 34-yard TD. Instead it’s fourth-and-10. Yam scrambles to his left and throws it up and Ah Mook Sang gets it for 24 yards down to the 10. Kamehameha has to use a timeout after Yam scrambles to the 5 and the Kamehameha coaching box to my right expressed its displeasure with the furniture in the press box.

Yam tries the slant to Ah Mook Sang again and it’s broken up. Third-and-goal. Yam has to scramble as Iosefa applies the pressure and it’s incomplete. Fourth down. Quick throw to Ford as Crusaders bring the blitz and Purcell makes the tackle for loss. Turnover on downs.

6:45 remaining. Gotta start writing for the paper.

Saint Louis three-and-out.

Yam hits Noa for a 62-yard gain on the first play and scores on a 1-yard TD run on the next but takes a vicious shot in the end zone and is down. He is helped off by trainers but he looks wobbly. Touchdown is good and it’s 31-27 with 4:30 remaining as the kick is blocked. Slade-Matautia on the block.

Tagovailoa back in at QB. Crusaders trying to run the clock out. Silofau with 14 and a first down.

Saint Louis will have to punt from its own 49 with 1:47 remaining. Kamehameha is out of timeouts. Crusaders line up as if they will go for it. Rolling the dice here.

Saint Louis calls timeout to think it over.

Crusaders go for it. Tagovailoa’s pass to Oasay is under thrown and Kamehameha takes over on the StL 49.

Sua-Godinet in at QB.

Isaiah Tufaga intercepts Sua-Godinet on fourth down. Crusaders will hold on.

at Aloha Stadium
Saint Louis (3-0, 1-0) 14 17 0 0 — 31
Kamehameha (3-1, 0-1) 7 7 7 6 — 27
Kam—Thomas Yam 3 run (Adam Stack kick)
StL—Tua Tagovailoa 10 run (Jacob Tobias kick)
StL—Leelan Oasay 19 pass from Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
StL—FG Tobias 32
StL—Chandler Washington-Villanueva 10 pass from Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
Kam—Kumoku Noa 55 pass from Yam (Stack kick)
StL—Isaac Slade-Matautia 39 interception return (Tobias kick)
Kam—Yam 2 run (Stack kick)
Kam—Yam 1 run (kick blocked)

RUSHING—Saint Louis: Jahred Silofau 14-101, Tagovailoa 8-55, Jon Manalo 7-28, Jimmy Gonsalves 2-9, team 2-(minus 2), Chevan Cordeiro 4-(minus 24). Kamehameha: Yam 12-62, Jordan Bayudan 10-43, Noah Sua-Godinet 4-18, Trever Kahunahana 2-9, Nakoa Pauole 1-2, Alema Kapoi 1-1, Kanoa Shannon 1-(minus 3).
PASSING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 14-26-1-267, Cordeiro 3-4-0-17. Kamehameha: Yam 20-36-3-282, Sua-Godinet 2-4-1-46, Jaykob Cabunoc 0-1-0-0.
RECEIVING—Saint Louis: Oasay 7-74, Lanakila Wilson 3-83, Drew Kobayashi 2-68, Jahvin Spear 2-9, Silofau 1-34, Washington-Villanueva 1-10, Ronson Young 1-6. Kamehameha: Cabunoc 6-48, Noa 5-180, Christopher Ah Mook Sang 6-72, Sua-Godinet 3-14, Brenen Roberts 1-6, Koby Ford, 1-(minus 6), Bayudan 0-14.


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