LIVE BLOG: Mililani 45, Waianae 20, F

Mililani WR Roman Tovi and the Trojans get ready for Waianae. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.
Mililani WR Roman Tovi and the Trojans get ready for Waianae. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

The defending OIA and state champion Mililani Trojans put their 21-game winning streak against Hawaii teams on the line in Friday night’s second OIA semifinal against the Waianae Seasiders at Aloha Stadium.

Mililani will again be without injured quarterback McKenzie Milton but has plenty of offensive firepower with RB Vavae Malepeai, who is chasing the all-time rushing record held by ‘Iolani’s Joe Igber.

Waianae is coming off a really good 15-point win against Kailua and wants to play spoiler. Live updates to follow. Kickoff should be around 8 p.m. exactly.

Milton not in pads and is out at midfield for the coin toss. Mililani will receive.

Freshman Dillon Gabriel starts at QB. Malepeai runs for 2 to start the game and Gabriel’s first pass is overthrown. Waianae jumps offsides to make it third-and-3. Quick pass to Rico Sallas goes for 8. Mililani goes quick and Kalakaua Timoteo gets wide open deep for a 40-yard TD pass from Gabriel. Great throw. Mililani 7, Waianae 0, 10:15, Q1.

That catch is the 35th receiving touchdown of Timoteo’s career and puts him into rarified air as he surpasses 2,000 career yards.

Jurick Valdez carries twice for 2 yards and Jaren Ulu‘s deep ball is incomplete. Seariders punt.

Malepeai stopped for a 3-yard loss. Sallas with a 17-yard reception after a penalty to make it third-and-1. Gabriel’s pass is incomplete but Waianae with an obvious late hit that will give up 15 yards and the first down. Bad, bad penalty. Malepeai rips off a 25-yard run and Gabriel scores on a keeper. 6-yard TD run. Mililani 14, Waianae 0, 6:54, Q1.

Waianae starts first-and-5 at the Mililani 48 after a nice kickoff return and a penalty.

A 2-yard run by Royce Carrick to start and a Mililani defensive player is down. Looks like a left knee injury for DL Kahe Kaaiawaawa. He is helped off the field. Valdez for 6 yards and a first down. Ulu is sacked by Elias Pritchard to force third-and-long. LB Ma’a Tanuvasa with another sack and Waianae punts.

Another 15-yard penalty on Waianae which is whistled for a face-mask penalty.

Mililani mixes it up and then Gabriel with his third TD of the quarter on a 31-yard pass to Malepeai to make it 21-0 with 2:36 left in the first quarter. That will be a Paul Honda highlight video worth watching.

Another three-and-out as Kaimana Padello comes around the edge for the Trojans’ third sack of the game already.

Trojans are three-and-out after two incomplete passes and a 1-yard loss by Gabriel. Nice play by Waianae’s Joey Nuuanu-Kuhiki as the quarter ends with Mililani about to punt.

Another three-and-out by Waianae. Illegal formation penalty on first down put the Seasiders in a big hole. Not sure they can afford a penalty on an offense churning out 2-3 yards a play.

Timoteo wide open again. 42-yard TD. 36th of his career. Way too easy. Gabriel 10-14, 184 yards, 4 TD (1 rush).

Start the Kahuku/Mililani countdown if you haven’t already.

Waianae into Mililani territory after a 15-yard penalty on the kickoff and a 15-yard defensive pass interference. Waianae then opens a HUGE hole for Valdez who outraces the defense. 41-yard TD run for Jurick Valdez puts Waianae on the board. 28-7, 8:45, Q2.

Malepeai runs twice for 5 yards as Waianae’s DL does a good job. Third down pass and Gabriel’s first option is taken away. He tries to come back over the middle but the throw is low. Second three-and-out for the Mililani offense. Seasiders settling in.

A manageable third-and-3 becomes third-and-8 as Waianae moves early. That moves the ball on the Waianae side of the 50. Padello blows up an inside run and Waianae has to punt.

Third-and-8 for Mililani and Bryson Ventura gets behind the defense for an apparent 80-yard TD but it’s called back by a holding penalty. Big penalty but man, Mililani’s WR’s are getting behind the Seasiders secondary with way too much ease. Now it’s third-and-21 from the Mililani 7. Gabriel runs for 17 and it’s fourth down. Trojans lineup but I can’t imagine they run a play. And WOW. They get Waianae to jump…nope they call false start. Trojans to punt.

Game has really slowed down. Lots of penalties. Not nearly as clean as the first game. Waianae with a third-and-8. Ulu tries to throw deep but it’s way overthrown. Still no completions. Waianae punt.

Trojans start on their 24. Gabriel finds Timoteo for 38 yards to the Waianae 31. Timoteo already with 155 receiving yards on six catches. Now Gabriel over the middle to Ventura for a 31-yard TD. Malepeai runs in the 2 after Waianae jumps early on the extra point. 36-7, 2:30, Q2.

Gabriel 12-17, 253 yards, 5 TD (1 rush). Vavae Malepeai is at exactly 4,000 rushing yards for his career. Fourth player all-time to reach 4k.

Ulu with his first completion, 16 yards over the middle to Jorell Pontes-Borje. Ulu runs for 13 yards to the 45 and Mililani is flagged for targeting. No Waianae is called for targeting. The flags continue as Valdez rips off a 10-yard run and then Waianae moves early. Third-and-9 at the 43 and the pass is overthrown. Another punt.

at Aloha Stadium
Waianae (7-2) 0 7
Mililani (8-1) 21 15
Mil—Kalakaua Timoteo 40 pass from Dillon Gabriel (Isaiah Kuloloia kick)
Mil—Gabriel 6 run (Kuloloia kick)
Mil—Vavae Malepeai 31 pass from Gabriel (Kuloloia kick)
Mil—Timoteo 42 pass from Gabriel (Kuloloia kick)
Wain—Jurick Valdez 41 run (Tate Ebel kick)
Mil—Bryson Ventura 31 pass from Gabriel (Malepeai run)

RUSHING—Waianae: Valdez 9-68, Kade Ambrocio 3-8, Javen Towne 2-7, Royce Carrick 2-3, Jaren Ulu 5-(minus 3). Mililani: Malepeai 14-67, Gabriel 4-24, Makana Tauai 1-7.
PASSING—Waianae: Ulu 1-6-0-16. Mililani: Gabriel 13-19-0-282.
RECEIVING—Waianae: Jorell Pontes-Borje 1-16. Mililani: Timoteo 7-184, Rico Sallas 4-36, Ventura 1-31, Malepeai 1-31.

Timoteo with 184 receiving yards on seven receptions. He holds the school record with 193 yards in a game (twice).

Second-half kickoff coming around 9:55 p.m.

Valdez picking up some good yardage with a first-down run out to midfield. After a false start, handoff to Towne who cuts back to a huge hole and he’s gone. 55-yard TD run for Javen Towne makes it 36-14, 9:00, Q3.

Jaylen Gonzales gets the award for hit of the night as he lays out the returner.

Three straight incomplete passes to start the second half by Gabriel and Mililani will punt. Waianae starting to really gain some momentum. Another score and we’d be onto something.

All of a sudden Waianae with 160 rushing yards in this game.

Waianae with three runs to get to fourth-and-1 on its 31 and it will go for it. Handoff is to Carrick and Padello completely blows it up for a 2-yard loss. Trojans ball on the 29.

Timoteo breaks his own school record on a 15-yard reception as he now has 199 yards receiving in the game. Malepeai 1-yard TD run and it’s 42-14, 5:01, Q3.

Ulu completes his second pass of the game, 16 yards to tight end Kanai Mauga, and then Kade Ambrocio with a nice 13-yard run on the pitch. Mililani jumps and Waianae is across midfield. Waianae calls another pass play but Pritchard blows it up for his second sack of the game. Ulu throws one up and Faaoli Luafutu brings it in for 33 yards. Third-and-5 on the 20 now. Make that fourth-and-2 on the 17. Handoff to Valdez who pushes forward to the 15. This will be super close. They give it to him. First down on the 15. End of the third quarter.

Carrick is stopped on third-and-6 but a 5-yard face mask makes it fourth-and-1 at the 6. Ulu sneaks it for 2 yards but it’s blown dead. False start penalty. Killer. Sophomore linebacker Vinson Gerona comes in and blows it up for a sack. Trojans ball. Five sacks for the Trojans defense.

Third-and-2 and Malepeai spins out of a tackle for loss, gets outside and he can fly. 48 yards down to the 10 to put him at 132 in the game. 48-yard run. Malepeai is stopped twice inside the 5 and Trojans settle for a 24-yard field goal by Isaiah Kuloloia. 45-14, 7:18, Q4.

Waianae gets one first down but will punt with less than 5 minutes remaining.

Kaysen Higa will finish this out at QB for the Trojans.

Waianae gets the ball back and on the first play with 38 seconds left, Ulu goes deep to Isaiah Freeney for a 62-yard TD. 45-20 as the extra point goes off the post.

Mililani 45, Waianae 20

at Aloha Stadium
Waianae (7-3) 0 7 7 6 — 20
Mililani (9-1) 21 15 6 3 — 45
Mil—Kalakaua Timoteo 40 pass from Dillon Gabriel (Isaiah Kuloloia kick)
Mil—Gabriel 6 run (Kuloloia kick)
Mil—Vavae Malepeai 31 pass from Gabriel (Kuloloia kick)
Mil—Timoteo 42 pass from Gabriel (Kuloloia kick)
Wain—Jurick Valdez 41 run (Tate Ebel kick)
Mil—Bryson Ventura 31 pass from Gabriel (Malepeai run)
Wain—Javen Towne 55 run (Ebel kick)
Mil—Malepeai 1 run (pass failed)
MIl—FG Kuloloia 24
Wain—Isaiah Freeney 62 pass from Jaren Ulu (kick failed)

RUSHING—Waianae: Valdez 18-98, Towne 3-62, Kade Ambrocio 8-30, Solofua Grey 2-9, Jorell Pontes-Borje 1-4, Royce Carrick 6-3, Nicholas Keliikoa 1-0, Ulu 8-(minus 17). Mililani: Malepeai 22-135, Gabriel 4-24, Makana Tauai 1-7, Rico Sallas 1-5, Fabian Johnson-Slay 3-1, team 1-(minus 1), Kaysen Higa 1-(minus 2).
PASSING—Waianae: Ulu 4-10-0-127. Mililani: Gabriel 14-24-0-297, Higa 3-4-0-23.
RECEIVING—Waianae: Freeney 1-62, Faaoli Luafutu 1-33, Pontes-Borje 1-16, Kana’i Mauga 1-16. Mililani: Timoteo 8-199, Sallas 4-36, Ventura 1-31, Malepeai 1-31, Nicholas Culp 1-13, Roman Tovi 1-12, Johnson-Slay 1-(minus 2).


  1. red x October 23, 2015 8:36 pm

    Mililani offense and defense looks impressive and fast!

  2. GoBigRed October 23, 2015 8:59 pm

    YES!!! Can’t wait until next week!! I thought Waianae do better. But glad it will be the too two teams in the final!!

    Get ready Trijans!! Da Red Sea is COMING!!

  3. supadupafly October 23, 2015 9:53 pm

    Not sure what Waianae’s defensive plan was but the Corner’s were letting their receivers go and then try to play catch up. Not sure what kine strategy that is.

  4. GoBigRed October 23, 2015 10:18 pm

    @supa… das da kine defense da Trojans WON’T experience next week! Good game Trojans! Better strap up tighter next week!

  5. TGOD October 23, 2015 11:58 pm

    Nice win for Mililani. Waianae loaded the box in the 1st half to stop Vae, but that left Mililani’s receivers one on one with no safety help over the top. Props to Waianae for not quitting and playing to the end.
    Now for the game we’ve all been waiting for…

  6. hossana October 24, 2015 1:43 am

    Sad to say but Kahuku will run over and around Mililani’s defense as Kahuku is way too tough in their running game and when Mililani starts to load their front defensive line, Kahuku will open up their short passing game which will be costly for Mililani as these short passes will result in YDS. AFTER CATCH resulting in quick t.d.’s for Kahuku. Kahuku has been holding back that phase of the game for the OIA championship and I say, Kahuku will win by at least 21 pts. Yes. Mililani will score several t.d.’s but not enough to overpower Kahuku. State championship game will feature Punahou v. Kahuku with Kahuku coming out the eventual winner whoever is the ILH representative be it Punahou or St. Louis.

  7. 808polytics October 24, 2015 2:11 am

    waianae dbs played to soft coverage all night ..smh ..24 got torched all night… on to nex weeks game…kahuku will win 30-21

  8. Moses Moke Galletes October 24, 2015 5:44 am

    Be humble Big Red and stick to the recipe, the cream will rise too the top. RR4L!

  9. Lee Boy October 24, 2015 7:45 am

    Like, I said before the game Waianae DBs are suspects. They play that way because they don’t have the speed to cover the receivers. If Milton plays than this game will be close with the Trojans winning. If Milton is out then Kahuku will be OIA Champz. Hopefully that big DL The got hurt for Mililani comes back for the Kahuku game if not they will run wild.

  10. zero October 24, 2015 8:14 am

    ” Kahuku has been holding back that phase of the game for the OIA championship and I say, Kahuku will win by at least 21 pts. Yes. Mililani will score several t.d.’s but not enough to overpower Kahuku.”

    lol no. if milton plays, it’s a shootout. if he doesn’t play, kahuku might win, but not by 21 points. don’t be silly.

  11. Same Ol Same Ol October 24, 2015 8:17 am

    @LeeBoy – 24 got burned all night but like it was mentioned, they were lined up as if to play bump and run, and then they let ’em run right past them without even bumping. Adjustments should have been to at least leave a 10-yard cushion or some kind of cushion or play some kind of zone. It was weird

  12. 88 October 24, 2015 8:51 am

    One player does not influence the outcome of a game. Kahuku will win this game wether Milton plays or not. Kahuku’s defense is just too good. Some teams have maybe 2 or 3 standout players/leaders on defense with rest being good role players but with Kahuku its different. All 11 players on defense and the ones that rotate in are straight BANGERS! Than you got the Offense who runs a rugby scrum every play and just wears the opposing defense down. Dont forget about the special teams who are a threat to score every time. I know the game still needs to be played but C’mon man havent you guys seen enough over the course of 10 games to make you believe?

  13. GoBigRed October 24, 2015 9:45 am

    Waianae has good run D. Not so good pass D.

    Kahuku has FOUR D 1 prospects in their secondary.

    Not to mention our D 1 prospects all over our front 7.

    The biggest concern for Trojans is their O and D lines. Not nearly as good as last years team. And that will be the difference in the game. In the trenches plus excellent coverage by our secondary.

    Excited for next week!

  14. Manley October 24, 2015 11:41 am

    Too much penalties by Waianae. Especially in the first series. Geez.

  15. Lee Boy October 24, 2015 12:26 pm

    88- I see where you coming from brah but one player does makes a difference. With Milton as QB your D has to worry about him taking off with the rock. He also has the ability to extend plays. Let’s not forget this kid isn’t you average Joe. He is the returning offensive player of the year and a legitimate 4.4 runner.

  16. TGOD October 24, 2015 2:54 pm

    Kenzie not ready, hopefully states. Still going to be a good game with the 2 best teams in the OIA. Not doubt it would be a better game if #13 was in at qb as he definitely makes a difference.

  17. GoBigRed October 24, 2015 2:58 pm

    @Lee Boy. Milton is great. But his O line last year was also great. This years is average. Which is why he got hurt in first place. Wish he was healthy. Hopefully states

  18. Lee Boy October 24, 2015 5:02 pm

    TGOD- I been saying Mililani will win the OIA all year. I don’t think Mililani can beat Kahuku without Milton. Heading to Aloha Stadium to see the game of the year.

  19. TGOD October 24, 2015 6:38 pm

    Right on Lee boy, we’ll be there rooting brown and gold. Kahuku is solid in all phases, but that’s why they play the game.
    Go Trojans!

  20. oia#1 October 24, 2015 9:20 pm

    Oh man coaches failed the boys on waianaes part. No safety and when they had a safety it was 3 and out for Mililani. Kinda wierd also gameplan on offense was terrible. Waianae got outcoached you can clearly see the difference in coaching staff. But I gotta go with kahuku cause defense wins championships. But good luck to both

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