LIVE BLOG: Mililani 45, Kailua 21, F

Kailua prepares to meet defending OIA and state champion Mililani at Alex Kane Stadium. Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser
Kailua prepares to meet defending OIA and state champion Mililani at Alex Kane Stadium. Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser
Mililani is on the road to face the upstart Kailua Surfriders. Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser
Mililani is on the road to face the upstart Kailua Surfriders. Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser

Mililani will receive. Conditions are breezy and overcast, no rain. Yet.

Milton injured on the first series while completing a deep pass. He leaves the game two plays later after a time out. Trojans unable to score after throwing a pick on fourth down in the red zone. Now Milton and WR Kalakaua Timoteo are out.

Kailua drives past midfield but fumbles the ball away. MIL then goes four and out, incompletion by Higa on fourth down. He went to Bronson Ventura on consecutive plays without a completion. Kailua bringing heat and covering well.

The wind blowing from one end zone (south) to the other is the strongest I’ve seen all year. Killing all punts and kicks.

Higa had the wind at his back but couldn’t connect. Then again, it’s his first early-game action and he was thrown out there without warming up, really. His passes weren’t way off, so it’s correctible. But now MIL is going against the wind.

KAIL moving the ball between the 20s, but self-destructing with delay calls. Second and 19, Noah Auld slithers out of the grasp of a would-be-sacker and launches a 33-yard TD pass to Noah Ah Yat on a post route. For the tall Auld (6-foot-3), that was Mariota-esque. KAIL 7, MIL 0, 9:42.

MIL marching downfield with heavy doses of Vavae Malepeai on the ground. Time out by KAIL with 8:18 left in the half. Ball at the KAIL 26. Malepeai running with a furious anger.

Decisive march by the Trojans. Malepeai scores on a 2-yard run, great surge by the O-line. Higa had a big 29-yard pass to Ventura to the 1-yard line. Seems both QBs are more comfortable throwing into the wind. MIL 7, KAIL 7, 6:27.

Surfriders now grinding away, marching on the ground. Auld is changing up his count or cadence because MIL has jumped offside twice. Dalton Kalama has been pumping those legs and churning out yardage. Fresh legs. He’s in for Gabe LeLesch, who fumbled three times and lost two.

They drive to the MIL 16, but an offensive pass interference call against Martin Tigilau derails it. Auld tried to go deep to him on second and 1, and I’m pretty sure the staff isn’t happy about this blown opportunity. A bad snap on third and 16 kills the drive for good. We go into the half tied at 7.

Notes: Two times, Mililani had punts bouncing downfield that bounced off Trojans and killed the ball there. That’s just poor communication. The Trojans look just a little bit flat and flat-footed, but this is the first time in ages they’ve gone this long without Milton at QB and Timoteo at WR. The good news for MIL is that Higa is settling in and Malepeai, well, he runs like a beast at all times.

KAIL is blowing opportunities. Two fumbles lost. The last, wasted drive of the first half. They could’ve had two or three, maybe four TDs on the board, but even with the wind at their back, nothing on the board in the second quarter.

Malepeai with 60 rushing yards on 12 carries. They haven’t completed a pass to him yet, though there was an overthrown screen pass.

Both teams still struggling offensively. A hold pins KAIL on its first series of the second half. Then MIL commits two penalties, faces a first and 33 from its 15, and Higa hits Makana Tauai on a slant for an 85-yard TD. WOW. MIL 14, KAIL 7, 8:28.

That just about sucked the life out of this big Kailua home crowd.

Surfriders run, run, incomplete pass and its fourth and 11. Punt snap is a bit high and Auld can’t control it. Ball bounces in the back of the end zone and it looks like Auld bats the ball out for a safety. Fans getting restless, but this is the conservative play calling that got them to this point in OIA Blue play. They usually execute on third down, like it’s a staple. MIL 16, KAIL 7, 6:47.

MIL playing with fire now. Malepeai rips off a 19-yard gain to start the drive. Three plays later, despite a holding call on MIL, Higa with a 27-yard laser to Ventura, who makes a spectacular leaping catch. Malepeai then goes beastly on the left side and gallops past the left pylon for a 14-yard TD. The champions are in the house. MIL 23, KAIL 7, 4:49.

Another three and out for Kailua going against the wind, another TD for Mililani. Despite a sack, they score in four plays. Malepeai rumbles through the secondary for 19 yards before Higa throws a quick pass to Ventura, who races 31 yards down the right sideline for another TD. MIL 30, KAIL 7, 2:47.

That’s 23 unanswered points by the visitors in the third quarter.

Kailua is in the mist of a long drive, aided by Mililani penalties for face mask, personal foul and now conduct. MIL called a time out during the drive to no avail. KAIL ball at the MIL 8.

Auld hits Koolau Gaspar on an out route for an 8-yard TD pass. MIL 30, KAIL 14, 11:54.

MIL offense in full tilt mode now. Their speed option to the left is killing Kailua. Malepeai just picked up 20 and 36 yard on back-to-back pitches. MIL ball at the KAIL 10.

Rico Sallas is wide, wide open on an 8-yard TD pass from Higa, who looks pretty good now for a guy who missed his first 10 pass attempts. He looks like a fantasy football machine now. KAIL is offside on the PAT, York sends the offense back in and Malepeai runs in for 2. MIL 38, KAIL 14, 9:43.

KAIL drives and scores on a 2-yard run by Kalama, who has run the ball well — very well, actually, for a catcher on the baseball team. Not sure why KAIL kicked for the PAT. If they’d gone for 2 and made it, they’d be within 16. Oh well. MIL 38, KAIL 21, 7:32.

Kailua four and out, no completions as MIL’s pass rush continues to be effective. KAIL just not real comfortable throwing the ball on first or second down. I’ll go back on my play-by-play notes later on that. But it’s there for them. I saw them throw pretty well in another game on first down.

MIL just running out the final 4 minutes.

Third and 10, another KAIL time out. MIL puts Malepeai back in the game. Uh oh, something’s up. Yup. Screen pass, 31-yard TD for Malepeai. Always had great hands. MIL 45, KAIL 21, 1:34.

JV game.
JV game.



Bleachers are nearly filled here at Alex Kane Stadium. Lot of that is because the visitor-side bleachers have been under construction for awhile.

Conditions here are dry, but gusty and overcast. While town was drenched, it seems the rain isn’t hitting Kailua hard. Clouds carrying moisture until they hit the Koolaus, it seems.

Nick Abramo reported on Prep World yesterday that Mililani wide receiver Kalakaua Timoteo is out with an ankle injury. This is Mililani’s first game of the season on natural turf (grass), and though I was expecting a mud bog here, the field is actually in reasonable shape. That could change if there’s a downpour, but for now, Mililani’s all-white uniforms are in mint condition. Keep the OxyClean ready just in case.

JV game just completed. Kailua rallied for a 17-14 win over Mililani. Pick-six with about 2 minutes left decided it.

Update, 6:39 p.m.
Not too bad time-wise. National anthem and Hawai‘i Pono‘i done beautifully by the Kailua High School band. Alma maters are pau. Kickoff in about 5 minutes.

Lunch time.


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  1. Blake Rose September 26, 2015 7:44 pm

    Was Milton injured on a late hit?

  2. Bryson September 26, 2015 9:51 pm

    I hope this win shows those who were crying about Mililani supposedly recuriting that even without Milton and Timoteo 2 of the top players in the state Mililani is a well coached team they got a quality win over a quality Kailua team…Never seen grown men cry so much over high school football…lol

  3. 88 September 26, 2015 10:21 pm

    Never seen a grown man defend other grown men over their coaching. fortunately for you its legal now in Hawaii…..

  4. Bryson September 26, 2015 10:33 pm

    I guess if the shoe fits…

  5. zero September 27, 2015 7:32 am

    88: what you said makes no sense at all. you’re not as clever as you think you are with your implied homophobic jokes. don’t quit your day job.

  6. "UNITY=STRENGHT" September 27, 2015 8:37 am

    A Champion team are always tested in football it always comes with a win regardless.

  7. Junejones September 27, 2015 8:38 am


    It dont matter cause bottom line you can’t recruit no more. They changed the rules. So deal with kids in your area.

    1- Vae (halawa)
    2- adru and roman tovi (halawa)
    3- noah williams (halawa)
    4- etc……. Do you want me to keep going???lol

  8. "UNITY=STRENGHT" September 27, 2015 10:27 am

    Football is a seasonal thing one minute your on top ten next your not. just give credit where credit is due Mililani made the right decisions before they were on top and are reaping the benefits now. Just like St.Louis it takes time coach Cal only came last year give him a couple more. Champions take time to make research grooming recruiting yes. Last time I heard God gave us free will for making the best decision for ones self. Pride for your Alma mater is one thing Pride for making your dreams a reality is another but if it benefits the ones around you to share in your dreams why not!!!

  9. motoxdad September 27, 2015 11:22 am

    @unity, credit cannot be given to cheaters, if you don’t think it’s cheating then why did the OIA put a grasp on district exceptions. The only good thing that comes out of public school recruiting is it levels the playing field for the likes of Waianae, Kahuku, and Farrington where these communities produce the most athletic talent. Not saying that other communities don’t produce athletic talent but if there was no ILH teams and no district exception these teams would be at the top of the food chain every year. Sorry to say this but I think even you know that after this year Mililani Wil be average at best unless York finds another loophole.

  10. Trojan fan September 27, 2015 12:44 pm

    How is it cheating when every school on this island has players from other community’s ? How do you recruit at the high school level? Offer free education lol.Give me a break,tired of hearing you complainers .Do something to make your own teams better and stop being crybabies.MILILANI Will never be just average again coaching staff is to good.

  11. EwaEwa September 27, 2015 12:56 pm

    10 of the 22 starters (offense and defense) are out of district players. Mililani would be bottom of the division without those recruits. Everyone knows it. Any coaching staff looks like a genius with the right amount of talent. Why didnt York win an OIA title his previous 5 years at Mililani? It took him 5 years to recruit the best talent. Period!

  12. motoxdad September 27, 2015 1:42 pm

    I understand that you are a Trojan fan but take your blindfolds off. These kids didn’t jump out of bed one morning run to their parents and tell them that they want to play football for Mililani. Cal Lee, Rich Miano, Kale Ane, and yes your favorite coach Rod York, They all fall in the same category and I’ll bet you already know what they all have in common. Nobody’s complaining or at least I’m not, I’m just pointing out facts, facts that I think you’re having problems with. Believe me, I do wish they let the district exceptions thing go so communities like yours can continue to being proud of their high school football team. But with that said just be sure that you’re on these boards next year as a Trojan fan.

  13. 88 September 27, 2015 1:54 pm

    @Zero; Get a job……..

  14. Trojan fan September 27, 2015 4:03 pm

    @motoxdad Itook off my blindfolds and what do I see hatefull,jealous,CRYBABIES

  15. Mrs Blake Rose September 27, 2015 4:42 pm

    Aint nobody crying just telling you facts. It’s hard to recruit now so you have to do it before they go to high school. Sorry but after this year Mililanu will go back to how they were. Then York will leave cause he knkws he cant win anymore. If Milton was pulled out of the games in the 3rd quarter when they are leading by 5 touchdowns maybe all your so called haters wont hate. Why?for the stats….So enjoy but with or without Milton they would not win State Title this year…

  16. Trojan fan September 27, 2015 4:56 pm

    Nobody knows who will take state title until it is done .But go to any article and everybody wants to talk smack about mililani.jealous ,hatefull,crybabies.JUST TELLING YOU THE FACTS GO TROJANS

  17. 88 September 27, 2015 5:05 pm

    Kahuku is going to take States this year. I been saying this from the beginning

  18. TGOD September 27, 2015 7:26 pm

    Millz on top! God has a plan Kenzie, and as you know he is good all the time!

  19. Trojan fan September 27, 2015 8:06 pm

    Amen brother,GOD is good all the time!

  20. phILHarmonic September 28, 2015 9:30 am

    Hawaii High School Football Playoff Time!!!!!

    My favorite time of the year!!!

    Good luck to all the teams.

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