LIVE BLOG: Punahou 51, Saint Louis 45, 2OT

Saint Louis exits the tunnel to face No. 2 Punahou on Friday night. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.
Saint Louis exits the tunnel to face No. 2 Punahou on Friday night. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Here we go with the main event. No. 1 Saint Louis and No. 2 Punahou.

If you missed it earlier today, here are all of the games between No. 1 and No. 2 since the first Honolulu Star-Advertiser Top 10 to start the 2010 season.

Saint Louis QB Tua Tagovailoa (calf) is warming up and expected to play. Junior Nick Kapule and sophomore Stephen Barber are warming up for Punahou. No sign of Ephraim Tuliloa (shoulder) anywhere on the field.

Kickoff should be about 8:10 p.m.

Jimmy Gonsalves will start at RB for Saint Louis over Jahred Silofau.

Punahou will get the ball first. Kapule in at QB. Dylan Toilolo sacks Kapule on the first play. Been told Tuliloa is on the Punahou sideline but not suited up. Third down and Kapule’s first pass of the game is picked off by Ronson Timbreza who returns it to the 29. Badly overthrown.

Defenseless receiver is called on first pass play and Saint Louis has it on the 15. Dylan Silva gets the first two carries for 7 yards. Crusaders bring in stud LB Isaac Slade-Matautia to carry the ball inside the 10. He carries twice to the 1 but is stuffed for a loss of 2 on second down and then Saint Louis is called for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Tagovailoa incomplete on third down. Jacob Tobias misses a 38-yard field goal.

Wayne Taulapapa breaks off a big 27-yard run. Punahou quickly to the Saint Louis 32. Punahou should have a third-and-12 after Taulapapa loses 5 yards but Saint Louis with another 15-yard penalty. Personal foul on Tristan Nichols who has been ejected from the game. I didn’t see it but he’s gone I believe. Kapule scrambles in on the play-action run for an 8-yard TD run but Punahou is called for illegal participation.

Kapule throws high on third-and-19 from the 24 and a Saint Louis player comes in and hits a defenseless receiver. Make that another penalty of the personal foul variety. Isaiah Tufaga called for the penalty. Now Punahou moves early twice. We need a timeout just to settle everyone down. This is awful football. Third-and-18 from the 22. Pass over the middle is low and incomplete. Jet Toner hits the 39-yard field goal. Punahou 3, Saint Louis 0, 4:05, Q1.

Tagovailoa finds Jahvin Spear twice for 20 yards and Crusaders are out to the 40. Tagovailoa scrambles out to his left and he doesn’t look as fluid as normal. I think that calf injury is still a problem. Spear with another catch, 13 yards, to get the ball past midfield. Tagovailoa completes six of seven passes to get to the 20 but throws two incompletions and Saint Louis will try a field goal. Jacob Tobias 37-yard field goal is good. 3-3, 0:18, Q1.

Taogvailoa was 6-for-9 on that drive and looks maybe 80 percent on that leg.

Punahou kicks off and DB Luke Chang hits a Crusaders player WAY LATE. Flags everywhere. He runs off the field and is congratulated by a coach who pats him on the helmet. Referee’s are huddling. He is not ejected.

Kapule starts with a quick throw to Taulapapa, who jukes a defender out of his shoes and gains 12. 2-yard reception for Taulapapa and the quarter ends. Third-and-2 and Toilolo sticks Taulapapa for no gain, forcing Punahou to punt.

Tagovailoa is clearly not 100 percent but as soon as I type that he throws a perfect ball down the middle to Leelan Oasay for a 49-yard gain. Oasay makes a defender miss and goes 28 yards to the 1. Austin Tuisano cleans it up for the 1-yard TD run. Crusaders 10-3, 8:46, Q2.

Saint Louis has greatly improved its kickoff coverage from the Liberty game. Punahou starts from its 18. And Saint Louis can’t get the right defense in and has to take a timeout. Taulapapa runs for 6 and Kapule finds Cockett for 8. Martinson with a 6-yard reception and then is thrown down late out of bounds. ANOTHER 15-yard personal foul on Saint Louis. Cockett with an 11-yard reception and Punahou gets 10 more yards on the defensive holding call. Kapule with the option keeper and he picks up 14 yards to the 8. Taulapapa to the 4. Taulapapa carries Crusaders defenders with him into the end zone for a 4-yard TD run. 10-10, 5:08, Q2.

This is going to be a dogfight down to the wire it feels like. Taulapapa is going to have be big for Punahou.

Tagovailoa has it going now as he spread the ball around. 14 to Lanakila Wilson, 12 to Drew Kobayashi, who has his first catch, and now 17 back to Wilson. Tagovailoa scrambles to buy time but Aaron Woo, the DB for Punahou, with a great pass breakup down the field. Woo might have hurt himself on the play though. Trainers are out to see him but he walks off under his own power.

Did I say Tagovailoa was 80 percent? CRAZY 34-yard run in which he runs left, comes back right, jukes the LB Punahou had spying on him and takes off. He finishes the run BOWLING OVER a Punahou DB to the 7. Next play: Jahred Silofau 7-yard TD run. Crusaders lead 17-10, 3:20, Q2.

Punahou gets an 8-yard pass to Takeyama but then Toilolo stops Taulapapa for a 3-yard loss and then Tainalu Evaimalo sacks Kapule. Punahou punts and it’s BLOCKED by Slade-Matautia and recovered by Darius Matsumoto. Crusaders ball on the Punahou 19 with 1:53 remaining.

Tagovailoa rolls to his left and throws and he goes to the ground and he is in serious pain. Trainers are working on the leg as Tagovailoa grabs his helmet. He looks like he’s in serious pain. Chevan Cordeiro getting loose on the sideline. Tagovailoa hobbles off with arm around a trainer and it looks like it’s same calf injury. Cordeiro in for a third-and-7 on the 16 and he buys enough time before making a great throw to Kobayashi in the end zone for a 16-yard TD. 24-10, 1:26, Q2.

Kapule has a chance to run two-minute offense and he hits his first three passes. Eamon Brady with two catches for 25 yards and Cockett has one for 7. Kapule scrambles to the Saint Louis 30 and Buffanblu call their second timeout with 24 seconds remaining. Kapule hits Martinson for 15 and then throws one up to Martinson who goes high to get it, is hit by two defenders, but it looks like he sneak his foot down just before falling out of the back of the end zone. Touchdown Punahou on the 15-yard pass with 9 seconds remaining.

at Aloha Stadium
Saint Louis (4-0, 2-0) 3 21
Punahou (5-0, 2-0) 3 14
Pun—FG Jet Toner 39
StL—FG Jacob Tobias 37
StL—Tuisano 1 run (Tobias kick)
Pun—Wayne Taulapapa 4 run (Toner kick)
StL—Jahred Silofau 7 run (Tobias kick)
StL—Drew Kobayashi 16 pass from Chevan Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
Pun—Keala Martinson 15 pass from Nick Kapule (Toner kick)

RUSHING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 3-38, Dylan Silva 3-13, Silofau 1-7, Isaac Slade-Matautia 3-5, Tuisano 1-1, team 1-(minus 1). Punahou: Taulapapa 13-58, Kapule 6-25.
PASSING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 12-20-0-184, Cordeiro 1-1-0-16. Punahou: Kapule 15-20-1-152.
RECEIVING—Saint Louis: Jahvin Spear 5-47, Leelan Oasay 2-77, Lanakila Wilson 2-31, Kobayashi 2-28, Chandler Washington-Villanueva 1-17, Silofau 1-0. Punahou: Martinson 4-49, Judd Cockett 4-44, Eamon Brady 3-31, Taulapapa 2-14, Ethan Takeyama 2-14.

Cordeiro warming up on the Saint Louis sideline. No sign of Tua. This could become the battle of the backups.

Nope. There’s Tagovailoa back in. Wow. Good news for Saint Louis. Saw the second- and third-string QBs tossing the ball on the sideline before half started but didn’t see Tagovailoa. Oasay with two catches for 24 yards on the drive to get over 100 for the game in receiving yards. A personal foul helps Saint Louis’ cause.
Crusaders go 80 yards in 10 plays as Tagovailoa finds Oasay on the 6-yard TD pass. 31-17, 8:13, Q3.

Crusaders called for a personal foul on the kickoff so Punahou starts from the 47 as the rain comes down hard now. Jordan Iosefa tackles Kapule for a loss but Saint Louis is whistled for another 15-ayrder. Ball is at the Crusaders 27. Samuela Mafua gets a sack for Saint Louis before Kapule runs to the 10. Third-and-4. Taulapapa runs for 3 and it’s fourth-and-1. Buffanblu run up the middle and Taulapapa gets 4. Taulapapa (20 carries, 77 yards, 2 TDs) scores on a 2-yard TD run. 31-24, 3:18, Q3.

Crusaders face an early third-and-1 on their 29 after a 9-yard pass from Tagovailoa to Spear. Silofau breaks an arm tackle in the backfield and picks up 9 and a first down. A rare three straight incompletions by Tagovailoa and Saint Louis will punt. Buffanblu will have a chance to tie on next drive.

Punahou is stopped as Slade-Matautia comes around the edge to get a sack and then Isaiah Tufaga picks off Kapule on third down. Crusaders ball on their 45. Punahou gets it right back as Ryan Dominick picks off Tagovailoa to start the fourth quarter.

Taulapapa with a 13-yard run to the Saint Louis 46 and he’s over 100 yards on his 23rd carry. Kapule deep on an in-route over the middle and Martinson hauls it in and bounces off a defender and he’s gone. 51 yards to the house and we’re tied at 31 with 10:24 left in regulation.

Martinson with five catches for 100 yards and 2 TDs. Kapule now 20-for-27 for 241 yards and 2 TDs.

Tagovailoa keeps on the handoff and goes barreling over a defender for 19 yards on the run. He’s still explosive but not 100 percent, which is still crazy to think seeing how good he looks anyway. First-and-10 on the 39. Tagovailoa four carries for 57 yards. Disputed call as Tagovailoa flings one as far as he can to Lanakila Wilson and they rule it a catch. Replay is up on the board and holy smokes, that was a drop. What a horrible call. Tagovailoa keeps it on the next play for an 8-yard TD run. 38-31, 9:39, Q4. What a break for Saint Louis.

Taulapapa rumbles for 13. Ball came out late but he was ruled down. Big pass over the middle of 26 yards to Brady who makes a great catch. Third-and-7 at the 39. 7:41 remaining. Kapule has two guys coming at him and fires a dart over the middle to Cockett who makes a great catch for 23 yards in traffic. Ball is at the 16 but a bad snap and Punahou has to fall on it for a loss of 18. Fourth-and-24 at the 30. Punahou’s offense stays in. Kapule to the sideline and Martinson makes a great catch…he dives. He’s 2 yards short. They needed 24 and got 22.

Crusaders ball on their own 8 with 5:42 remaining. Now third-and-7 at the 11. 4 minutes and change. Tagovailoa avoids the sack and throws to Oasay in traffic and he can’t make the catch. Saint Louis will punt with 3:54 left. Punahou has all three timeouts.

Punter Noah Alejado drops the snap and now scrambles. It’s a race to the sticks. Did he get it? He’s right at the marker but a flag on the field. I think he got it but Saint Louis is called for a block in the back so it nullifies the play. Crusaders will rekick. Punt is out of bounds at the Crusaders 41. Kapule scrambles for 10 yards to the 25 and a first down. He scrambles for 14 more to the 11 and a first down. Taulapapa carries defenders again to the 1 for 10 more yards. Taulapapa 1-yard TD run. Toner makes the extra point. We’re tied 38-38, 2:40 remaining. Holy hell what a game. My deadline is screwed.

Tagovailoa and the Crusaders will start at the 20. Game tied. 2:40 remaining. DRAMA.

Tagovailoa is sacked by Miki Suguturaga. Loss of 3. Tagovailoa over the middle to Wilson for 22. Kobayashi gets loose DEEP but Tagovailoa JUST overthrows him. Timeout Punahou. Second-and-10 on StL 39 with 1:26 left. Tagovailoa scrambles for a yard but a hold in the back field should bring this back a lot. Second-and-26 from the 23. Tagovailoa has two guys coming in and down he go..NO! He escapes. I don’t know how. He scrambles and breaks about three more tackles and turns a 10-yard loss into a 14-yard gain. Incomplete on third down. 20 seconds remaining. Crusaders will have to punt. Timeout Saint Louis.

Great punt sends Punahou all the way back to the 23. Fair catch with 11 seconds remaining.

Punahou takes a knee. We’re going to OT.


at Aloha Stadium
Saint Louis (4-0, 2-0) 3 21 7 7 — 38
Punahou (5-0, 2-0) 3 14 7 14 — 38
Pun—FG Jet Toner 39
StL—FG Jacob Tobias 37
StL—Austin Tuisano 1 run (Tobias kick)
Pun—Wayne Taulapapa 4 run (Toner kick)
StL—Jahred Silofau 7 run (Tobias kick)
StL—Drew Kobayashi 16 pass from Chevan Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
Pun—Keala Martinson 15 pass from Nick Kapule (Toner kick)
StL—Leelan Oasay 6 pass from Tua Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
Pun—Taulapapa 2 run (Toner kick)
Pun—Martinson 51 pass from Kapule (Toner kick)
StL—Tagovailoa 8 run (Tobias kick)
Pun—Taulapapa 1 run (Toner kick)

RUSHING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 9-78, Dylan Silva 6-23, Silofau 5-20, Isaac Slade-Matautia 3-5, Saitaua Lefau 1-5, Tuisano 2-5, team 1-(minus 1). Punahou: Taulapapa 27-132, Kapule 14-56, team 2-(minus 19).
PASSING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 19-35-1-307, Cordeiro 1-1-0-16. Punahou: Kapule 25-34-2-322.
RECEIVING—Saint Louis: Jahvin Spear 6-56, Oasay 5-107, Lanakila Wilson 4-106, Kobayashi 2-28, Chandler Washington-Villanueva 1-17, Silva 1-9, Silofau 1-0. Punahou: Martinson 6-122, Judd Cockett 5-67, Eamon Brady 5-66, Taulapapa 4-35, Ethan Takeyama 5-32.

OT is college rules for two overtimes.

Cal Lee and Kale Ane at midfield for the toss.

Crusaders will get the ball first starting at the 20.

Tagovailoa runs 6 yards to the 14. Option to Silofau for 7 to the 7. First-and-goal. Tagovailoa stopped for no gain and then finds Spear for 4 yards. Third-and-goal at the 3 and Saint Louis calls timeout. Tagovailoa keeps for the 3-yard TD run. Extra point is good. Punahou’s turn now.

Option to Taulapapa who fumbles it in the air but snags it and runs for 11 to the 9. Kapule with the 9-yard TD pass to Takeyama. Saint Louis moves early on extra point. Toner kick it through again but is roughed. Long discussion on the field taking place. Kick is good. Penalty will be assed on Punahou’s next drive? No clue what’s going on.

We are starting the second OT with Saint Louis getting the ball? Shouldn’t it switch? Tagovailoa is sack and it’s a fumble. Ball gets back to midfield. Second-and-25 and Tagovailoa finds Wilson for 35 yards and a first. Tagovailoa is about to be sacked and tries to throw it away. Laakea Look with the INT.

Punahou ball. Taulapapa runs for 1. Punahou goes to the end zone and the receiver and DB basically run over each other. Flag on the play but another long huddle by the refs. No flag is called. They pick it up. This is crazy. Third-down pass is incomplete but another flag is thrown. Ball was way under thrown. Saint Louis is called for a hold. Ball moves to the 9. Punahou jumps early. Ball at the 14.

Taulapapa runs for 4. He has 149 yards on 30 carries. He runs to the 2 but his knee hits as he dives for the end zone. Taulapapa 2-yard TD run. FINAL. 51-45, 2 OT.

Here’s the final box.

at Aloha Stadium
Saint Louis (4-1, 2-1) 3 21 7 7 7 0 — 45
Punahou (6-0, 3-0) 3 14 7 14 7 6 — 51
Pun—FG Jet Toner 39
StL—FG Jacob Tobias 37
StL—Austin Tuisano 1 run (Tobias kick)
Pun—Wayne Taulapapa 4 run (Toner kick)
StL—Jahred Silofau 7 run (Tobias kick)
StL—Drew Kobayashi 16 pass from Chevan Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
Pun—Keala Martinson 15 pass from Nick Kapule (Toner kick)
StL—Leelan Oasay 6 pass from Tua Tagovailoa (Tobias kick)
Pun—Taulapapa 2 run (Toner kick)
Pun—Martinson 51 pass from Kapule (Toner kick)
StL—Tagovailoa 8 run (Tobias kick)
Pun—Taulapapa 1 run (Toner kick)
StL—Tagovailoa 3 run (Tobias kick)
Pun—Ethan Takeyama 9 pass from Kapule (Toner kick)
Pun—Taulapapa 2 run

RUSHING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 11-72, Dylan Silva 6-23, Silofau 6-27, Isaac Slade-Matautia 3-5, Saitaua Lefau 1-5, Tuisano 2-5, team 1-(minus 1). Punahou: Taulapapa 32-159, Kapule 14-56, team 2-(minus 19).
PASSING—Saint Louis: Tagovailoa 21-38-2-346, Cordeiro 1-1-0-16. Punahou: Kapule 26-36-2-331.
RECEIVING—Saint Louis: Jahvin Spear 7-60, Oasay 5-107, Lanakila Wilson 5-141, Kobayashi 2-28, Chandler Washington-Villanueva 1-17, Silva 1-9, Silofau 1-0. Punahou: Martinson 6-122, Judd Cockett 5-67, Eamon Brady 5-66, Taulapapa 4-35, Takeyama 6-41.

It was explained to be after the game that on the roughing-the-kicker penalty. Saint Louis had to take the 15-yard penalty to start the second OT but had the choice to either take the ball at the 35 or allow Punahou to start at the 10. At least, that’s how Kale Ane explained it. If so, interesting that Saint Louis would choose to get it first AND start 15 yards further away.

What a crazy game.


  1. hiro September 25, 2015 11:46 pm

    Wow….. the refs really helped that one out…. maybe they got tired.

  2. 88 September 25, 2015 11:59 pm

    Dont blame the refs, Punahou is the better team. They were the better team last year and they’re the better team again this year. Been saying this before the season even started.

  3. Katoosh08 September 26, 2015 12:12 am

    Having not gone to the game and by reading
    the play by play it plays out like a sad story I’ve seen before. Juice.

  4. OIA Watcher September 26, 2015 1:20 am

    @88 nobody knows who you are so basically anybody can say what ever and be like “I told you so!” Lmao killn me

  5. hossana September 26, 2015 5:05 am

    Having watched the game personally with several of my friends, we felt that both teams were equal and the ref calls went both ways but what bothered us was the undisciplined nature of the St. Louis players in their lack of discipline and character. Punahou impressed us with their sportsmanship and clean play while St. Louis ….well…..I won’t go further into that. I am glad the better team won based on character and sportsmanship. It will be interesting in the second round when St. Louis, Kam, and Punahou have to play each other and it starts next Thurs. when Kam plays St. Louis. I think its stupid and ridiculous that the ILH only has one rep in the State Playoff….JUST PLAIN STUPID BY THE POWERS TO BE TO ALLOW THAT SITUATION….I would think you would want the best teams in the tournament and the ILH certainly deserve two teams. Nothing more and nothing less.

  6. GoBigRed September 26, 2015 5:17 am

    Bwahahahahaaaaa!! Can all da Cal Lee bandwagon fans (including those who vote for top 10) please go jump off da wagon into a muddy lake somewhere…? His ‘great D’ just got lit up by a 2ND STRING QB and 154 yards rushing by ONE RB!! (Das what happens when you hire two RR4L to coach da O-line).

    No D = No CHANCE!! What if that was 1st string QB? Or Mililani?? 80 points??


  7. MadMax September 26, 2015 7:28 am

    @hossana I also was at the game and disagree with you. Stl players did fine with their charcter.Kids were into the game. The REFS were bad on both sides but very bad vs Stl making calls that did not make since. And I seen a lot of Punahou players flopping to get calls their way. I couldn’t believe my eyes with a seen a Punahou player flop in the endzone like the NBA. Great game but the refs in high school needs to change. This is sad to watch when consistent bad calls are made.

  8. hiro September 26, 2015 7:38 am

    Since there has been alot of people wondering why the ilh only has 1 rep in the states. I just want to put this idea out the there to make things interesting. Lets say, Mililani, Kahuku, Farrington are top 3 in OIA this yr, and Punahou, St. Louis, Kamehameha tops in ILH. Next season those six teams play in crossover preseason games, so the better win/loss record out of the 3 games (ie: OIA won 2 of the 3) gets the playoff spot OIA SEND 3REPS, ILH SENDS 1. Or vise versa if ILH wins 2 out of 3 games then the ILH sends 2 reps and do does OIA. So it’ll be in the schools/Div hands who goes.

  9. 88 September 26, 2015 11:50 am

    @OIAwatcher; go look at the past articles and you will see my previous posts. Punahou vs Kahuku for the State Title

  10. Katoosh08 September 26, 2015 12:43 pm

    Having had a day to ask people who went the game it’s evident that the refs we’re incompetent. And it wouldn’t be the first time players flop to get calls against STL. That being said NEVER let the refs decide the game. Thats on the team to blow them out so they can’t pull this bull

  11. GoBigRed September 26, 2015 2:37 pm

    I agree with 88. Punahou vs Kahuku. Mililani has no D and their O line is average at best this year. If Govs make adjustments I think they can make a deep run. St Louis won’t beat Punahou this year.

    Everybody complaining about only one ILH team in states but I don’t see them jumping to create a top tier league with top OIA teams. Why? Not in their best interests. And I think Punahou goes undefeated in ILH. If that happens then no other ILH team deserves to be in states.

    Looking forward to another trophy heading to the North Shore. Cuz if you no can score points den you not gonna win. K pau da novel. RR4L.

  12. hi808 September 26, 2015 3:27 pm

    Kahuku can and will get passed on. You north shore folks honestly think waipahu, mckinley, castle, kaiser are measuring sticks for a passing team? LOL, dont cry when a real passing team with an accurate passer tears your D apart, try getting out of the OIA playoffs first before running your guys mouth.

  13. BleedRed September 26, 2015 3:43 pm

    Kahuku fan here,with all the negative comments against St.Louis,we all acting like kahuku just won the state championship,we haven’t done anything yet,like punahou beating Saint Louis,we still have to beat millilani.Season still young,GO BIG RED

  14. 88 September 26, 2015 4:40 pm

    @hi808; You honestly think Mckinley, Kapolei, Campbell, Aiea and Farrington defense’s are a measuring stick for a passing offense? LOL, dont cry when you find out the hard way what a real defense can do.

  15. hi808 September 26, 2015 4:57 pm

    88 you jump the gun too much and sound like an ignorant fan. Too bad the rest of the humble Kahuku fans have a loser like you representing them on this blog.

  16. 88 September 26, 2015 5:41 pm

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I didn’t know you would catch feelings. I’m just looking at the game stats and stating the obvious. I understand the game still needs to be played but the way Kahuku’s D is playing is just RIDICULOUS. Every school in Hawaii knows what Kahuku is going to do offensively and still they score at will. Now add in that D and I’m sorry but it ain’t fair. Mililani has by far the highest scoring offense on the island but do you honestly think they are going to drop 50 points on Kahuku’s D? Do you think their D can stop Kahuku’s run? C’mon man. And don’t expect humility if you talk trash in your post.

  17. fan-addict 96814 September 27, 2015 7:33 am

    Awesome game

  18. ILH September 27, 2015 8:03 pm

    The referees were terrible in the St. Louis Punahou game, you could see how the refs were against St. Louis , Punahou were holding so many times but was not penalized, the head ref and the back ref named VIck needs to go ref Popwarner games, I think they just don’t like St. Louis, this happens every week, St. Louis has to deal with not the 12th man, but the 13th man. Cal Lee will get his team ready for Kamehameha this Thursday then Iolani the following week, then the rematch with Punahou on Oct. 17. The only thing stopping St. Louis right now is the referees, and I know you are, cause I see it happen every week. And I graduated from Kailua High not St. Louis. Cal Lee you still the MAN, no one will beat your accomplishments.

  19. hwnstyll September 28, 2015 11:43 am

    I am not surprised to see all the St louis cry babies on this site blaming the refs, give us all a break. Holding by Punahou was called, holding by St louis was not. The refs actually let St louis players go to the sidelines to add equipment that was missing(normally that is a 15 yard penalty for each instance) at least 10 times, yes 10 times play was stopped to allow St louis to suit up correct during the game, just ridiculous and they think the refs were against them?
    For those of you that were not at the game, there was a desperation pass on 3rd and whatever late in the fourth quarter that bounced and then was caught and ruled complete. Everyone in the stadium saw the replay that led to St louis last score, so some might say there shouldn’t have even been an overtime is that call was done correctly.
    Two good teams, but the better and more posied team of the night won. If anyone should be complaining about the refs it should have been the Punahou team. Cant wait til the second round.

  20. Katoosh08 September 28, 2015 5:10 pm

    This isn’t one of those “if anyone should be complaining about the refs” situation. this is an “EVERYONE should be complaining” situation. This wasn’t your usual weekly juice against STL (which does happen every frigging week), this is about knowing how to properly officiate a game. Holding/hands the the face/DPI/OPI/catch in bounds/etc. It is SAD!

  21. hwnstyll September 29, 2015 11:46 am

    Please refer to all the post saying that St Louis got the short end of the Refereeing while zero from the other side. Even your post suggest St Louis always gets juiced, which I disagree with.
    These are high school refs and of course they are not going to get everything right, just like NFL refs are wrong sometimes too. Once we stop saying this team or that team gets juiced or cheated we can focus on the game and the play of the individuals.
    Good Luck to All teams and lets hope for clean football with no injuries

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