LIVE BLOG: Kahuku 43, Farrington 0, F

Kahuku's Kesi Ah-Hoy carried the ball on the first 21 plays from scrimmage and has 174 rushing yards at halftime. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.
Kahuku’s Kesi Ah-Hoy carried the ball on the first 21 plays from scrimmage and has 174 rushing yards at halftime. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

As written in our game preview, Farrington is the only school in the state with three separate wins over Kahuku in the last 15 years. Do the Govs have the girth to make it four on Friday night at Aloha Stadium? Kickoff is scheduled for 5 p.m.

On the line is a spot in the OIA title game. Kahuku has been involved in six of the last seven OIA title games, missing out only in 2013. The Govs are looking to make their fourth appearance in the big game since 2007.

Live updates will follow along with some live video from Paul Honda we will try to get in here as quick as possible:

Team captains
Kahuku: Hirkley Latu, Jed Heffernan, Keala Santiago
Farrington: Ansen Faamasino, Joey Maae, Jathen Chaffin, Mosi Alaivanu-Afe

Red Raiders won the toss and will receive. OIA semifinal night at Aloha Stadium. Here. We. Go.

Kahuku comes out in jumbo formation with no receivers. Kesi Ah-Hoy at QB. After a delay of game penalty Ah-Hoy goes only for 2 as DL Foi Sila gets in for the quick tackle but is shaken up on the play. Ah-Hoy for 8 on the next play and another Govs defender is down. This time it’s LB Joey Maae. DB William Prescott makes the stop of Ah-Hoy on third down and Kahuku goes three-and-out and punts.

For all of the talk about countering Kahuku’s offense with size, it is the cornerback who the Red Raiders can’t seem to seal off.

LB Aaron Tapusoa with the tackle on RB Challen Faamatau for no gain. Govs QB Bishop Rapoza is low on his first throw and Faamatau runs for 7 to make it fourth-and-3. Govs would punt but Red Raiders jump and give up a first down. Faamatau runs for 6 and then Rapoza hits Chaffin for 10 and a first down. Faamatau with 6 more yards on second down but a bad delay of game penalty makes it third-and-9 instead of third-and-4. Rapoza with a decent throw but DB Kekaula Kaniho makes a great break on the pass and breaks it up. Govs punt.

Good sign for Govs: Faamatau with 19 yards on his first four carries.

Kahuku starts on its 20 as ball is punted into end zone. DB Kenneth Kaili lays a big hit on Ah-Hoy for no gain. Third-and-8 and Ah-Hoy breaks one for 13. Every play is the same and Ah-Hoy busts one loose for 41 yards but he is caught from behind by Prescott. Ah-Hoy with another first down to the 13. Prescott with two more tackles and it’s fourth-and-2 from the 5 and Kahuku settled for a 22-yard field goal by Kekoa Sasaoka. 3-0, 2:34, Q1.

Kahuku has run 12 plays — 12 Ah-Hoy runs — for 87 yards. Prescott with four tackles already for the Govs.

Govs start at the 20. Farrington gets a 7-yard reception by Kingston Moses-Sanchez sandwiched by two 1-yard runs by Faamatau. Latu in on the stop on third down to force a punt.

Ah-Hoy runs for 4, 5 and 3 as the quarter ends. Ah-Hoy 15 carries, 99 yards. Kahuku has run the same exact play all 15 plays from scrimmage.

Kaili with another big hit to force third-and-9. Ah-Hoy keeps it again for 7. Fourth-and-2 and Kahuku goes for it and Ah-Hoy picks up 3. Ah-Hoy again and he busts it outside for 14 yards. DB Ryota Kony with another tackle for the Govs. Ah-Hoy goes 21 consecutive carries before Kahuku brings in Harmon Brown to run out of the same formation. Brown runs for 4 and 6 to make it first-and-goal at the 7. Timeout Farrington. Five tackles for Kony. Brown is stopped at the goal line on first down and then runs it in for a 1-yard TD run. Kahuku 10, Farrington 0, 8:49, Q2.

142 rushing yards on 25 attempts for Kahuku.

After two plays of no gain, Moses-Sanchez hauls in a pass on third down for 11. Rapoza then rolls left and hits Chaffin for 9. Third-and-1. Freedom Alualu gets his first carry for 5 yards and a first. Govs with some nice plays in the passing game as Moses-Sanchez adds a 6-yard reception but a holding call on second down is killer. Second-and-14 on the 41 and Rapoza overthrows Moses-Sanchez deep down the middle. Third-and-long and LB Manaia Atuaia makes a great tackle for loss on a screen pass. Farrington punts.

Ah-Hoy for 8 and then Ah-Hoy gets loose outside for a 41-yard gain. Timeout Kahuku after the long play. Ah-Hoy might have tweaked the ankle he’s been dealing with. He’s already at 174 rushing yards as Kahuku has it on the Farrington 18. No timeout charged. That was injury. RB Sefa Ameperosa in and he goes 6 yards for a first and 8 yards for a Kahuku touchdown. 30 carries, 209 yards for the Red Raiders, who lead 17-0 with 3:15 left in the first half.

Govs with two quick incompletions. Third-and-10. Latu and Tapusoa are coming every time. False start on the Govs. DL Bradlee Anae with the tackle for loss on Faamatau on third down and the Govs punt. Faamatau with 1 yard on his last four carries. Kahuku takes over on the Govs 43.

Ameperosa has a 26-yard gain on the first play and the Govs tack on half the distance on a personal foul. Prescott with a tackle for loss but a personal foul is called on the Govs on the next play. Ameperosa 1-yard TD run. 24-0. 1:09, Q2.

Kahuku 241 rush yards on 34 attempts.

Latu gets Kahuku’s first sack of Rapoza to start the next drive. Alualu runs for a 1 yard and it’s halftime.

at Aloha Stadium
Farrington (7-2) 0 0
Kahuku (9-0) 3 21
Kah—FG Kekoa Sasaoka 22
Kah—Harmon Brown 1 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—Sefa Ameperosa 8 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—Ameperosa 1 run (Sasaoka kick)

RUSHING—Farrington: Challen Faamatau 8-20, Freedom Alualu 2-6, Bishop Rapoza 1-(minus 1). Kahuku: Kesi Ah-Hoy 23-174, Ameperosa 6-46, Brown 5-21.
PASSING—Farrington: Rapoza 7-14-0-42. Kahuku: none.
RECEIVING—Farrington: Kingston Moses-Sanchez 3-24, Jathen Chaffin 2-19, Faamatau 1-0, Faasisina Masalosalo 1-(minus 1). Kahuku: none.

Second half should kick around 6:35 p.m.

Farrington will start on its 20. Junior Justin Uahinui in at QB for the Govs. He throws two incomplete passes and Kony comes in for one snap at QB and is sacked by Latu for a loss of seven. Second sack of the game for Hirkley.

Kekaula Kaniho with a 27-yard punt return to the 10. Horrible start for the Govs.

Kaili with a huge hit on Brown for a 2-yard loss. Kaili with another tackle on Brown to force the field goal try. Sasaoka 23-yard FG is good. Kahuku 27, Farrington 0, 8:57, Q3.

Rapoza back in at QB and finds Chaffin for 10 yards and a first down. Kahuku getting pressure from the outside every play though. So tough. Third-and-7. Rapoza’s throw is high and it’s another Farrington punt. Sixth of the game I believe.

Kaneohe with a 17-yard punt return to start at the 46. Big collision on the first play as Ameperosa takes a shot and is down as is Prescott. Prescott with seven tackles in the game so far. Ampeperosa is up and off to the sideline but Prescott is still down and clearly took the worst of that. Wesley Ulugalu-Sua makes two straight tackles of Brown to make it fourth-and-1. Kahuku goes for it and Ameperosa is stuffed by Kony for a 3-yard loss. Govs ball at the 40.

Tapusoa stops Faamatau for no gain. Pass is incomplete and another injury timeout as Moses-Sanchez takes a shot trying to get his foot down on the sideline and stays down. Quite a few injuries in this game as it looks like Ah-Hoy is probably done for Kahuku while Prescott is likely out for the Govs.

Remember, even the loser has a lot to play for next week as a state tourney berth is on the line in the third-place game.

Chaffin with a 13-yard reception for a first down and Farrington is in Kahuku territory. Uahinui back in and he throws a short pass to Kingsley Moses-Sanchez, who takes a wicked shot to the knees by Kaniho, who was charging in and Kingsley looks to be in serious pain. Another injury for the Govs, who punt.

GET READY FOR A PAUL HONDA HIGHLIGHT VIDEO. Electrifying 87-yard punt return for a TD by Keala Santiago who spun out of a host of defenders and got free down the Kahuku sideline. Touchdown. 33-0 as the extra point is blocked. 2:03, Q3.

Uahinui in at QB. 4-yard run for Faamatau, who has 30 yards on 12 carries. Now an INT off a deflection for Santiago as Kahuku takes over. 22-yard return to the 13 on the pick. Harmon Brown 1-yard TD run. 40-0, 0:34, Q3.

Kahuku has running clock in effect before the end of the third quarter. Another amazing performance.

Farrington had 94 total yards through three quarters. Chaffin with a 12-yard reception but Govs go for it on fourth-and-4 from their 38 and Uahinui overthrows the tight end.

Kahuku with its FIRST handoff of the game in the fourth quarter and Ameperosa runs for 21 yards but takes a hit to his legs and can’t get off the field under his own power at first but he looks OK now.

Kekona Neumann in at QB and he can’t handle the snap. Farrington recovers.

Chaffin fumbles it right back after an 8-yard reception.

Cameron Renaud at QB now. Neumann back in now and attempts Kahuku’s first pass but overthrows a receiver.

Sasaoka puts the final touches on what should be Kahuku’s FIFTH shutout of the season with a 45-yard field goal with 2:12 remaining in the game. 43-0. This would match the second biggest margin of victory in the series behind a 47-0 Kahuku win on Sept. 1, 2001.

Good to see Kingston Moses-Sanchez back in the game to get one last catch. Good sign for next week but he drops a great throw from Uahinui on final play of the game that would have been six.

Kahuku 43, Farrington 0

at Aloha Stadium
Farrington (7-3) 0 0 0 0 — 0
Kahuku (10-0) 3 21 16 3 — 43
Kah—FG Kekoa Sasaoka 22
Kah—Harmon Brown 1 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—Sefa Ameperosa 8 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—Ameperosa 1 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—FG Sasaoka 23
Kah—Keala Santiago 87 punt return (kick blocked)
Kah—Brown 1 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—FG Sasaoka 45

RUSHING—Farrington: Challen Faamatau 12-30, Freedom Alualu 3-12, T.J. Taumua 1-7, Bishop Rapoza 2-(minus 1), Ryota Kony 1-(minus 7). Kahuku: Kesi Ah-Hoy 23-174, Ameperosa 9-63, Brown 12-46, Ted Kenese 3-15, Kekona Neumann 1-0.
PASSING—Farrington: Rapoza 10-20-0-65, Justin Uahinui 4-12-1-22. Kahuku: Neumann 0-1-0-0.
RECEIVING—Farrington: Jathen Chaffin 6-62, Kingston Moses-Sanchez 4-25, Faamatau 2-0, Kingsley Moses-Sanchez 1-1, Faasisina Masalosalo 1-(minus 1). Kahuku: none.


  1. Manly October 23, 2015 5:48 pm

    Good to see Bradlee Anae back at DE.

  2. TGOD October 23, 2015 6:15 pm

    Kahuku’s running game is impressive. Ah Hoy goes out, Brown goes out, no matter. They keep plowing ahead following the big boys blocks. All Kahuku at the half 24-0.

  3. Manly October 23, 2015 7:01 pm

    Damn ,some hitting going on. Wow, dudes still got next week!

  4. Good Story October 23, 2015 7:05 pm

    Here we go Big Red…although they won’t admit it. Everybody is worried…33-0.

  5. Lee Boy October 23, 2015 7:54 pm

    Dang, another impressive win by the Raidaz. Farrington did a good job running the 5-2 and they still couldn’t stop them. Kahuku looks like the real deal. Hope the Crusaders win tomorrow. It will be interesting to see Cal Lee against one of his understudy

  6. GoBigRed October 23, 2015 8:11 pm

    @Cal Lee. Yeah…cuz Das what it’s all about…da coaches. But of coss you gonna make it about da coaches cuz dey crusader alumni. Never mind da boys actually playing on da field. Smh. Babogum fan.

    @Goodstory. EEERRRRRYYYYBODY worried. Cuz dad hands down da toughest run D we gonna see this season. Govs and Waianae.

    NEXT!! #GBR

  7. 88 October 23, 2015 8:25 pm

    Been telling you all year about Kahuku but you still refuse to believe. Become a believer now and go from Lee boy to Lee MAN.

  8. Lee Boy October 23, 2015 8:42 pm

    What’s a Babogum fan you Faum. Your Waianae upset is not looking good right now. You are right your O-line play their hearts out.

  9. Manly October 23, 2015 10:56 pm

    Special teams….Kahuku

  10. Paper Crane October 23, 2015 11:52 pm

    Yep, like the ride home this evening to Red Raiders Nation was loud with happy tears and again next weeks ride home will once again bring on celebrating the OIA Crown; first year coaches Tata and Hao sure proved that Kahuku’s Varsity Men are learning how to win it to any division level of championship and so what’s left is for everyone to focus on doing their assignments like doing it better then best;…god bless those who are in need of quick repairs and healing of injuries like speedy recovery whereas they came this far so bless them all with being healthy again,..Amen.

  11. GoBigRed October 24, 2015 8:45 am

    @Manly. Given mililanis inability to stop the run I would say the offensive edge is EVEN.

  12. Good Story October 24, 2015 6:53 pm

    It’s one thing to preach, “Next man up”. It’s a whole different deal to actually execute it. Good job Big Red This is the matchup we’ve been waiting for all year. All I can say is…It’s about time!

  13. Manley October 24, 2015 8:08 pm

    Cal Lee’s understudy throws one pass per game? Lol. More like an introduction to Kahuku football.

  14. SimpleSimon October 26, 2015 10:16 pm

    @Manley – That’s what I was thinking. He took “Kahuku football” and “ran” with it lol

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