LIVE BLOG: Kahuku 13, Waianae 0, F

OIA Red offensive player of the year Kesi Ah-Hoy has found it tough going early against Waianae. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.
OIA Red offensive player of the year Kesi Ah-Hoy has found it tough going early against Waianae. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

The Kahuku Red Raiders look poised to move to 12-0 and advance to the state title game for the first time since 2012.

Can Waianae, which lost 30-0 to these same Red Raiders a month ago, come up with a shocking upset? Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. at Aloha Stadium, where a heavy downpour just took place about 10 minutes before kick.

Waianae: John Kapua, Joey Nuuanu-Kuhiiki, Ikaika Pa’ao’ao-Ahina
Kahuku: Keala Santiago, Hirkley Latu, Manaia Atuaia, Jed Heffernan

Kahuku will receive the opening kickoff as the D-I semifinals of the First Hawaiian Bank/HHSAA Football State Championships are ready to go.


Short kick is returned 3 yards by Kekaula Kaniho and Kahuku starts first-and-10 at the 30. QB Kesi Ah-Hoy, the OIA Red offensive player of the year, rushes for 5 yards. Kahuku comes out passing on the second play and Ah-Hoy hits Keala Santiago for 7 yards and a first down. Ah-Hoy tries runs on the next two plays but only picks up 2 yards. It’ll be third-and-8. Ah-Hoy rolls to his left and throws but it comes up way short and DB Mosiah Brame intercepts it for the Seariders and returns to the Kahuku 42.

Waianae DB returns an interception early in the fourth quarter vs. Kahuku. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.
Waianae DB returns an interception early in the fourth quarter vs. Kahuku. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Waianae runs it twice right into the teeth of the Kahuku defense, who stop the Seariders for a loss to force third-and-11. Waianae QB Jaren Ulu tries a short pass to Javen Towne but it’s dropped. Seariders punt.

Kahuku starts at its 12 and Ah-Hoy runs twice for 7 yards to make it third-and-3. Kahuku moves early however and suddenly it’s third-and-long. Manageable distance now for the Waianae defense. Ah-Hoy rolls out to his right this side and is drilled as he throws it out of bounds intended for Kaniho. Red Raiders punt.

Waianae begins again in Kahuku territory at the 47. Waianae tries a pass first but it’s incomplete. Ulu completes his first pass of the game but it’s for no yards to Jeresalem Tootoo. Third-and-10. They try to bring Kade Amrbocio in motion for a sweep possible pass but the pressure is there so quick he has to run and is tackled for a loss of 4. Minus-5 yards for Waianae after two drives.

Kahuku will start at its 13. 5:56, Q1. Kahuku again with a motion penalty. Ah-Hoy finally gets a hole on second-and-13 and almost breaks it, getting dropped by the last tackler in the hole. Third-and-5 and Ah-Hoy is tackled right at the marker. He’s short and Kahuku will punt. NOPE. Illegal substitution by the Seariders is a killer as it gives Kahuku a first down. That might change the field position battle that Waianae has dominated so far. Red Raiders’ offensive trots back on the field. Ah-Hoy is able to bounce one all the way outside to the sideline for the first time for a nice gain but Kahuku is whistled for a hold. First-and-17 at the 20. Ah-Hoy gets 6 yards but has to work for it as he gets gang-tackled and then thrown to the turf. Ah-Hoy again with the carry as the wind is swirling at Aloha Stadium now. Third-and-8 and LB Solofua Grey comes flying into the backfield on a stretch play and makes the tackle on Ah-Hoy for a loss of 9 yards. Hold is declined. Kahuku punts.

Waianae starts on its 48 which is actually its worst field position of the game. LB Aaron Tapusoa with the tackle for loss on the first run before Waianae gets its first significant gain of the night for 4 yards on a run. Third-and-7. Ulu under pressure and just has to throw it away. Seariders punt but gain positive yardage there. 9 plays, -2 yards.

Kahuku backed up to its 9. Third punt inside the 20 by Waianae. Ah-Hoy with a short run and Harmon Brown is now in. First quarter ends with Kahuku third-and-5 from its 14.


Brown has some room but is then holed up by LBs Jaylen Gonzales and Francis Mailo. Kahuku punts and gets off a good one as Waianae fair catches at its 33.

Tackle for loss by Bradlee Anae as Waianae hands it to the wrong guy. The up-back could have bounced it for some yards. Ambrocio picks up 2 yards. Screen pass on third-and-9 is popped into the air. Kahuku has three or four defenders around that ball but can’t come up with the INT. Dangerous there. Waianae punts. Fourth straight third-and-out and -1 yards in 12 plays.

Kahuku ball first-and-10 on its 29. Ah-Hoy comes out trying to throw and fires a bullet over Santiago’s head and DB Austin Keliinoi-Westbrook drops it. He might have had a pick-six chance there. Third-and-6 and and Ah-Hoy tries to roll out and throw to his left but it’s low and Kahuku is three-and-out.

Javen Towne runs right and gets 11 yards and Waianae’s first first down of the game. Waianae tries to pound it out of the I-formation and gets 2 yards on two carries to make it third-and-8. Ulu has to throw quick and he gets it to Isaiah Freeney who fights near the stick and gets the first down on the third try. First-and-10 on Kahuku 44. Third-and-11 and Ulu throws a jump ball to Freeney who outjumps the DB and catches it for a first down inside the 35 but an illegal block is called on Waianae. Huge penalty. Now it’s third-and-31 and the pass is incomplete and suddenly Waianae has to punt into the wind from its 35.

Kahuku starts on its 35 and Gonzales absolutely nails Brown for a 2-yard gain. Seariders bringing the wood. Waianae shows blitz off the end and Kahuku moves to make it second-and-12. Ah-Hoy gets some of the yardage back but it’s third-and-9 at the 36. Ah-Hoy has to make a defender miss in the backfield but only gets 3 and it’s another punt. This will be punt No. 10.

Waianae starts on its 28 with 4:05 left in the first half. Waianae tries play-action and a dangerous throw again is tipped and incomplete. Jurick Valdez stopped for no gain by Jess Kamongataa. Waianae comes out passing on third down and Ulu rips one to the sideline to Freeney for 11 yards. Nice catch going out of bounds and big first down by Waianae. Kahuku jumps early and gives up 5 more. LBs Hirkley Latu and Pesa Lefau Jr. stop Towne for no gain but Ulu keeps and runs to the 50 for a first down. Gain of 7.

Good time to point out.
Fewest yards in a state tournament game: 196 by Kaiser and Kauai in 2013. Fewest in a D-I game? 276 in last year’s first-round game between Kahuku and Hilo.

Waianae third-and-9 at the 49 after a short run and an incomplete pass. Freeney grabs a pass short for only 3 yards and Waianae will punt from the Kahuku 46. Kahuku electing not to take a timeout as the clock runs under a minute despite the wind at the Red Raiders’ back. It’s a FAKE! Brandon Hattori gets the short snap back and tries to find Austin Keliinoi-Westbrook down the field but the pass is low and Kahuku takes over on its 46 with 44 seconds remaining.

QB Cameron Renaud in the game and he hits Kaniho for a 34-yard gain to the 20. Renaud rolls to his left and throws behind Royce Pao. 29 seconds remaining. Next throw is complete to Pao who gets hit by two defenders but holds on at the 5 for a 15-yard gain. Timeout Kahuku with 22 seconds remaining. Brame breaks up the slant for Santiago. Second-and-goal. Renaud has Kaniho open in the back of the end zone but it’s a tad high and Kaniho can’t get it. Third-and-goal. 14 seconds left. Another pass and Pa’ao’ao-Ahina breaks it up. Kahuku will settle for a field-goal try. 22-yard field goal is good with 5 seconds remaining in half.

Waianae take a knee. It’s halftime.

Kahuku 3, Waianae 0
Waianae (9-3) 0 0
Kahuku (11-0) 0 3
KAH—FG Kekoa Sasaoka 22

RUSHING—Waianae: Javen Towne 7-11, Jaren Uu 1-7, Jurick Valdez 4-3, Kade Ambrocio 3-(minus 1). Kahuku: Kesi Ah-Hoy 15-42, Harmon Brown 4-10.
PASSING—Waianae: Ulu 4-12-0-21, Brandon Hattori 0-1-0-0. Kahuku: Cameron Renaud 2-6-0-49, Ah-Hoy 1-5-1-7.
RECEIVING—Waianae: Isaiah Freeney 3-21, Jeresalem Tootoo 1-0. Kahuku: Kekaula Kaniho 1-34, Royce Pao 1-15, Keala Santiago 1-7.

Waianae: Francis Mailo 8 tackles; Jaylen Gonzales 5 tackles; Mosiah Brame INT.
Kahuku: Pesa Lefau 8 tackles, Bradlee Anae 5 tackles.

Second half kickoff expected around 5:51 p.m.


Waianae starts on its 20 and the Kahuku defensive line just caves in the Waianae offensive line on the first play for a loss. Next pass is PICKED OFF by Keala Santiago and he weaves his way back for a 32-yard interception return for a touchdowm. First TD of the game. HUGE start defensively for the Red Raiders. 10-0, 11:11, Q3.

Towne picks up 10 yards on second down for a first down at the 30. Jurick Valdez picks up 22 yards on Waianae’s next carry for the biggest play of the night. Inside Kahuku territory at the 48. Ulu drops back and throws quick over the middle but it’s PICKED OFF by Kaniho. Kahuku ball inside Waianae territory. Two turnovers in first 3 minutes of third quarter.

Waianae’s defense holds through as Kahuku runs three times out of its jumbo set and can only pick up 3 yards. Waianae’s run defense has been outstanding in this game but Kahuku does a great job downing the punt at the 3.

Tough spot for the Waianae offense but Valdez pounds away at the interior of the Kahuku defense and manages to get a first down. Valdez with 5 more and now its third-and-3 at the 20. Valdez gets the ball again and it goes for no gain as Lefau again with the stop. He’s having a big night defensively (Who isn’t?). Waianae punts into the wind.

Kahuku starts at the Waianae 49 and is again stuffed on first down for only a gain of 1, but Ah-Hoy finally is able to break one outside as he picks up 11 to the 37. Ah-Hoy now picks up 16 yards to the 21 and now we’re finally starting to see this Kahuku run offense wear down Waianae. The Seariders have stood tough for two-plus quarters but those were two big runs for the first time really all game by the Red Raiders as Waianae has a defender down. Third-and-5 on the 17 and Ah-Hoy spins forward for 5 yards or so but the ball comes out late. Now some shoving going on as nobody was sure the play was dead. Ah-Hoy was clearly down on the play but the referee’s huddle. First time we’ve even noticed the refs tonight, which is great. Hope it holds up. WOW. They call it a fumble, recovered by Waianae and a 15-yard penalty on Kahuku. Seariders ball on their own 27 after a 15-yard penalty on Anae.

Waianae whistled for a hold and then Kanongataa gets a sack. Kanongataa blows down the third-down run as well and Waianae has to punt from its 10.

Punt is field after a couple of bounces by Santiago at the Kahuku 45 and Grey makes a great open-field tackle. Kahuku will start the fourth quarter on its 48.

That is now 14 consecutive quarters Kahuku has played without giving up an offensive TD. Last one was the first quarter of the OIA quarterfinal game against Kapolei.

Ah-Hoy starts with a man rush of 13 yards to the 39, carrying defenders with him. Kahuku seems fired up after that fumble call that went against the Red Raiders. Rain is coming down in sheets now, however. Kahuku faces a fourth-and-2 inside the Waianae 35 and Ah-Hoy gets the first down. Fourth-and-6 on the Waianae 23 but the Seariders move early. So it’s fourth-and-1 and Ah-Hoy rumbles inside the 15 for a first down. Kahuku putting this one away. Will we see an offensive touchdown? Brown runs to the 5 to set up third-and-3. Kahuku gets down to the 1 and is about to run it in but they have trouble on the snap and Waianae almost recovers it but Brown snares it back at the 12. Third-and-goal at the 7 and Ah-Hoy is brought down at the 6. It’s Sasaoka time. He’s good for a 21-yard field goal to make it 13-0 with 4:17 remaining. 16 plays, 47 yards, 7:43 is the drive. That’s how you put away a game.

Waianae goes deep on first play and it’s overthrown into the hands of Santiago, who has his second of the game and his FIFTH in the last two games.

If Kahuku runs this out, it will have had the ball for all but one play in the entire fourth quarter.


Kahuku goes to 12-0 and will play in the state final for the first time since beating Punahou in 2012. Red Raiders have allowed only one offensive TD in the last 25 quarters and posted their sixth shutout. They have now allowed 3.3 points on average in 12 games, which is the fewest in the modern era (since 1973).

Ah-Hoy finishes with a D-I state tournament record 40 carries in the game. Only Kaimuki’s Billy Masima (42, last week) has more overall.

This will be Kahuku’s 10th appearance in a state final (7-2 record).

Waianae holds Kahuku to season-low 13 points.

Kahuku 3, Waianae 0
Waianae (9-4) 0 0 0 0 — 0
Kahuku (12-0) 0 3 7 3 — 0
KAH—FG Kekoa Sasaoka 22
KAH—Keala Santiago 32 interception return (Sasaoka kick)
KAH—FG Sasaoka 21

RUSHING—Waianae: Jurick Valdez 9-32, Javen Towne 12-27, Kade Ambrocio 3-(minus 1), Jaren Uu 4-(minus 1). Kahuku: Kesi Ah-Hoy 40-142, Harmon Brown 13-26.
PASSING—Waianae: Ulu 4-15-3-21, Brandon Hattori 0-1-0-0. Kahuku: Cameron Renaud 2-6-0-49, Ah-Hoy 1-5-1-7.
RECEIVING—Waianae: Isaiah Freeney 3-21, Jeresalem Tootoo 1-0. Kahuku: Kekaula Kaniho 1-34, Royce Pao 1-15, Keala Santiago 1-7.

Waianae: Jaylen Gonsales 13 tackles, Francis Mailo 10 tackles, fumble recovery; Mosiah Brame 1 tackle, 1 INT.
Kahuku: Pesa Lefau 10 tackles, 2 TFL; Aaron Tapusoa 6 tackles, 2 TFL; Kekaula Kaniho 4 tackles, 1 INT; Jess Kanongataa 3 tackles, 1 sack; Keala Santiago 3 tackles, 2 INT, 1 TD.


  1. hi808 November 13, 2015 5:44 pm

    Uneventful 1st half, Kahuku shaking off the rust but they need to get rid of the jumbo package and go back to a balace set with a pure passer Renaud at QB, and let their RB’s be runners. Dont be surprised to see Kahuku pull away in the 2nd half.

  2. Manley November 13, 2015 6:47 pm

    Old Days Waianae Vs.Kahuku pound fest. Congrats Kahuku, good job Waianae. That Kahuku D is the best in high school history.

  3. Paper Crane November 13, 2015 7:00 pm

    How sweet it is so time to celebrate like Kaneohe Zippys here we come;…..happy tears like you all drive home safely like easy on Kam Hi-way especially Kuuloa kay?

  4. Tutu Kane Ale November 13, 2015 7:38 pm

    it was all about defense but thank the almighty for no injuries;…congrats to Tata and Hao Inc along with the varsity boys, the fans and families;…next week again OK.

  5. Gobigred's friend November 14, 2015 1:15 pm

    Congratulations once again to The St Louis Alumni for helping the community out there on the north shore!!!

  6. Tutu Kane Ale November 14, 2015 1:37 pm

    @Gobigred’s buddy;…yeh I 2nd that; like it’s going to be old school vs young school coaching and that’s only commendable and humble like how the Saints Ohana share with the Red Raiders Nation.;..mahalo to the Makule Lees Inc. and may the better of the team succeed
    this Friday/20th..

  7. 008 November 14, 2015 5:51 pm

    @gobigreds friend you just have to bring the bad vibes, but that’s ok, we’re grateful for the staff we have. Only wish them the best you fuam and you know what they love it there !

  8. OHHREALLY November 14, 2015 8:18 pm

    Gobigredsfriend – congratulations to the crusaders and all the home grown athletes representing from the north shore 🙂

  9. Gobigred's friend November 15, 2015 9:48 pm

    Only 1 starts on st louis team. Everyone else are back ups.

  10. oia#1 November 16, 2015 12:44 pm

    Alot of the crusader players are from the westside!

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