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Promising young two-sport player Cole Arceneaux being treated on the sideline after getting hit from behind during a play.
Promising young two-sport player Cole Arceneaux being treated on the sideline after getting hit from behind during a play.
Blue sky and just a wee bit of trade winds here at Alexander Field.

I love my job.

It’s the last scrimmage of the week for both teams. Crowd of about 300 here. The JV scrimmage is on the lower field (baseball) and there’s a nice crowd there, too. Wish I could’ve seen both. Unlike Mililani-Kahuku yesterday, this one hasn’t started early or even on time. Fine with me. That walk from the parking lot takes time.

# # #

Here we go. Governors open the game with possession. Third and 11, QB (No. 12) hits WR No. 15 on a post route for a 69-yard TD. PAT wide left. The Govs miss Kekoa Sasaoka already? GOVS 6, BUFFANBLU 0.

Unlike the scrimmages at Mililani, no scoreboard or clock running here. They’re doing kickoffs, unlike the Mililani scrimmages.

Buffanblu march downfield with Ephraim Tuliloa, maester of offense. A lot of quick, short and medium route passes. Tuliloa ran twice and slid for good gains. Then an 11-yard strike from Tuliloa to No. 21, who loses his helmet but hangs on to the ball for a TD. Facemask penalty issued. Jet Toner blasts the PAT through. BUFFANBLU 7, GOVERNORS 6.

Three and out for the Govs, who tried running wide out of the pistol and lost yardage. 18-yard punt follows. PUN ball.

Here goes Punahou. Tuliloa to No. 21 (Ethan Takeyama), this time on a 27-yard toss, streak route, one on one. Touchdown. Toner’s kick is good. BUFFANBLU 14, GOVERNORS 6.

FAR not bad on the next series. Third and 5, QB has an open receiver for a first down, but leads him too far. He looked like he rushed just a tiny bit. He’s in this system for the first time, one week (less actually) and still getting acclimated. Govs almost went for it on fourth down but opted to punt.

The punt, btw, was nice. Not a lot of hang time, but bounced up the right sideline another 15-20 yards for a 45-yard punt.

Buffanblu in midseason mode? On first down, Nick Kapule fakes the bubble screen pass, then lofts a bomb down the right sideline to Eamon Brady for a 53-yard TD. Both Brady and Takeyama are juniors, according to the Punahou guys shooting video up here. BUFFANBLU 21, GOVS 6.

Third and long for FAR, fumble by the RB. Recovered by PUN’s No. 79 at the Govs’ 21-yard line. OK, officials ruled it wasn’t a fumble. FAR follows with a 10-yard punt.

PUN ball at the FAR 30. Sophomore QB Stephen Barber — cousin of former Buffanblu Canton and Luke Kaumatule — is on the field. Takes a big hit, delivers a first-down throw. Then the Buffanblu get a TD run up the gut by Cortez Faria. BUFFANBLU 28, GOVS 6.

Nice pass play by the Govs, Josiah Anakalea to No. 15 for 53 yards to the PUN 30. Sack by PUN No. 44 ends the Farrington series.

Punahou has its third QB in the game. Nick Kapule, a southpaw like Tuliloa. Punahou’s RB doing great work is Enoch… and nobody up here knows his last name. I’ll find out. He wears No. 25 (practice jersey) and is effective on inside runs and swing passes.

Judd Cockett (No. 1) hauls in a tipped pass from Kapule for a 25-yard TD. Puns rolling. PUNAHOU 35, FARRINGTON 6.

Snap goes over QB’s head. Tackled in the end zone by PUN. Safety. BUFFANBLU 37, GOVS 6. Like the last big turnover/play, referee is putting the ball back at the line of scrimmage. Because, after all, it’s just a scrimmage.

Second down, Barber with a read option to the right, keeps for a 77-yard TD. Speed. BUFFANBLU 44, GOVS 6.

Pick by Devin Dung on a pass by Uahinui. Toner with a 35-yard FG from the right hash, good. BUFFANBLU 47, GOVS 6.

Govs giving the ball to the big boys like Freedom Alualu for a decent drive into Punahou territory. Drive stalls. Then Govs No. 27 picks a Punahou pass. Govs ball again.

Wohh nice throw from Anakalea to No. 12 on a deep route (iso) that was over the back shoulder. All things considered (reserves in the game, scrimmage, etc.), this looks like the blueprint for the Govs: Smashmouth inside with the wing/H-back and keep the defense honest with throws outside. Govs score on fourth and goal from the 2, inside blast. Think it was Alualu (No. 4). Uahinui’s PAT gets over the bar. BUFFANBLU 47, GOVS 13.

Buffanblu with a nice first-down call, play-action to the TE, who has a 20-yard gain, gets stripped of the ball and Farrington’s No. 27 recovers. Ref is giving the ball back to PUN. Farrington’s No. 51 follows with a sack.

WOWW. Toner just ripped a 57-yard field goal eeeeasy. But Punahou was whistled for a penalty and then punted. Toner then delivered a sky-high 42-yard punt (no returns in this scrimmage) to the 3-yard line. He is not bad at all.

Nice pick by Farrington on a tipped pass deep in the secondary. Can’t read the player’s number. Jersey rolled up. Nice play though.


  1. OhaRa75 August 1, 2015 7:05 pm

    You need to get your story straight. If you were at the scrimmage Justin Uahinui was not suited up today he was on the sideline. It was Bishop Rapoza & Joziah Anakalea who were the QB’s today. Stop making up stories & get your facts straight.

  2. Ho Hum August 1, 2015 10:07 pm

    I agree. Lot of inaccurate reporting here.

  3. nanakuli August 1, 2015 10:50 pm

    How can Honda report numbers and not the players names. He just needed to see Coaches Ane and Okimoto to give an accurate report.

  4. Paul Honda August 2, 2015 11:03 am

    Thank you, Ohara. No rosters, my mistake.

  5. Paul Honda August 2, 2015 11:04 am

    Nanakuli, Coaches don’t usually have rosters available this early in the season and media usually don’t cover scrimmages. Some teams don’t even wear numbers at all for scrimmages.

  6. Paul Honda August 2, 2015 11:05 am

    Please list the errors and I’ll correct them, Ho Hum.
    I’ll cross-check the errors with the coaches and also check my scrimmage video.

  7. Tanoai August 9, 2015 12:39 am

    What was the result of the Samoa team vs. Mililani scrimmage? I didn’t see a write up on that? Anyone know?

  8. Jerry Campany August 9, 2015 1:53 am

    The Samoa team beat Mililani, it was part of our Friday updates.

    9:38: Kyle Galdeira reports that Mililani lost its scrimmage 27-21 to Fagaitua of Samoa. Coach Rod York says the Trojans had trouble with the Samoan team’s tough running game.
    “Was an awesome game,” York said. “We played 2 and 3 only but credit Fagaitua. They have a dangerous run game.”

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