LIVE BLOG: American Samoa 14, West Coast 7

Members of the West Coast all-star team hit the field early in the first game of the Paradise Football Classic.
Members of the West Coast all-star team hit the field early in the first game of the Paradise Football Classic.

The inaugural Jr. Prep Sports Paradise Football Classic begins tonight with two games at Aloha Stadium. The first game pits an all-star team made up of players from the West Coast against a team from American Samoa.

The West Coast team featured WR/DB Trey Hoskins, a 6-foot-2, 165-pound senior from Dougherty Valley (Calif.) High who has committed to the University of Hawaii. The team has also picked up Mililani WR Bryson Ventura, DL Kahewai Kaaiawaawa and K Isaiah Kuloloia, Punahou OL/DL Lance Threefingers and Kapolei DL Johnny Morrison.

American Samoa has an interesting prospect in 6-foot-3, 295-pound offensive lineman Frederick Mauigoa, who according to this story in the Samoa News, played in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl before heading out to Hawaii.

Mauigoa has offers from BYU, Oregon State, Hawaii, Washington State, Nevada and UNLV.

I’ll try to keep up with every play but will also focus in on some of the one-on-one matchups on the line as well as keep an eye on some of the key players, including Hoskins.

Some other guys to watch:
DB Jordan Parker, Pittsburg, Calif., committed to Oklahoma, ranked No. 9 CB by
TE Giovanni Fauolo, Oakley, Calif. 3-star by Offered by UNLV.
ATH Ryan Payne, Antioch, Calif., 3-star by Offered by San Jose State.
ILB Kolbie Beltram, Antioch, Calif., 2-star by Offered by Oregon State.

Players from both teams gather at midfield prior to the national anthem.
Players from both teams gather at midfield prior to the national anthem.

Here we go. Roughly 200-300 people on the makai side of the stadium in the stands.

WC: QB Joe Sweeney, QB Braxton Kerr, DL Seperini Aumua, DL Moelasi Saunoa
AS: QB Kevin Maukoloa, QB Fred Feleti, DB Lafaele Simanu, OL Va’atofu Sauvao, OL Edward Manase

American Samoa will receive.

WR Leti Pa’aga with a 14-yard return, tackled by Kolbie Beltram, and AS starts on its 25.

Kevin Maukoloa starts at QB for American Samoa and hits a 35-yard pass down the sideline to Mark Tagaleo’o. Tagaleo’o takes a swing pass for 4 yards but a false starts and an incomplete pass kill the drive, yet AS will go for it on fourth-and-5. Oly Ta’ase gets the handoff but is stopped a yard short by Beltram, who is everywhere early at middle linebacker. West Coast takes over.

Joe Sweeney at QB for West Coast and hits Fauolo, the stud TE, for 22 yards on third-and-9. Nice throw. However, a fumble by the RB and AS takes over. Looked like LB Saulo Vaise recovered it.

Maukoloa does his best Russell Wilson play to scramble around and picks up 8. Ta’ase with a hard run up the middle for 2 yards and a first down. Maukoloa scrambles again and dumps it off for 6 yards. He’s under pressure again and somehow turns a loss into a 1-yard gain. Kid can make something out of nothing. Third-and-3. Fullback dive to Folasa Viliamu who picks up 2 after getting hit behind the line. These American Samoa kids don’t go down on the first hit. AS calls a pass on fourth-and-1 and Maukoloa scrambles to the line but is short and stopped. Big No. 79 Moelasi Saunoa with the stop.

No room up the middle for West Coast as DL Leonard Sagapolutele jams up the middle. Sweeney scrambles on third-and-9 and is a yard short. Check that. They will measure. WC will go for it on fourth-and-1 at the AS 38. Timeout first though. Eric Kamelamela, who fumbled earlier, gets the carry and rumbles for 6 yards and a first down. Sweeney ends the quarter firing a bullet over the middle to Kevin Parker for 17 yards and a first down at the 15. Nice catch by Parker. End of the quarter.


Hoskins, the UH commit, is lined up in the slot to start the second quarter. The pass is to him in the corner and he doesn’t see the ball but he was open. Could have been six. Not the best effort by Hoskins, there. Next pass is overthrown but a penalty on the defense will be called. Lafaele Simanu is called for PI. Jordan Parker, the UO commit, is in at receiver with the ball on the 7. BIG play by DL Viane Moala, who just whupped his guy up front and sacks Sweeney. Loss of 8. Third down pass and the receiver and DB get tangled up but no flag is called. Incomplete. Fourth down from the 15. Parker and Hoskins both line up to the left. Timeout AS. Sweeney is forced out of the pocket and just throws it up to Fauolo in the corner. Fauolo COMES DOWN WITH IT but foot out of bounds. Incomplete. Heck of a catch though.

Ta’ase breaks a 21-yard run on the first play. I guess touchbacks start from the 15. Viliamu picks up 3. Maukoloa still in at QB. Ta’ase picks up 3 as Kapolei’s Morrison gets in on the tackle. Third-and-4 is now third-and-9. Nope. They waive the flag off. Third-and-4. Maukoloa fakes the quick throw and is in all kinds of trouble but squirts out for 3 yards. Charlie Ramirez Jr. cleaned up the tackle to keep him short. AS will punt. Nothing on the return.

Braxton Kerr in at QB. First pass is a miscommunication. Kerr is a big kid, listed at 6-2, 205. Two swing passes to the RB Mcferrin, go for 14 yards. Quick pass the other way now is overthrown. Third down. Kerr’s pass is a tad off but dropped. WC will punt. Kerr showed off a pretty good arm on some of those throws though.

WHOA. First big play is made by Hoskins, the UH commit, who races down on the punt and absolutely blows up the returner, who fumbles. Hoskins hit that perfectly. Wild scramble for the ball as a flag flies. Whew. That was impressive by Hoskins. Looks like AS recovered it. WOW. They called kick-catch interference and a personal foul on West Coast. Two 15-yard penalties. Not sure I agree with the interference. Thought Hoskins played it perfectly.

AS starts on the WC 40 with 3:45 remaining in the half. Looks like Tito Malae now in at QB for AS. Malae drops back and he throws a dime down the middle to a streaking Leti Pa’aga for a 40-yard TD. Perfect throw and catch. There’s your first score of the game. Heston Lameta with the extra point. American Samoa leads 7-0, 3:39, Q2.

WC will start on its 43 after a short kick and a personal foul for a late hit on AS. Kerr stays in at QB. Kerr has a screen pass batted down by Moala. Boy, you want to talk about a kid who has stood out in this first half, it’s Moala, who is listed 6-7, 270. says Hawaii has offered Moala. Well, no kidding. You can see why. He’s the one kid to stand out so far. Tall, wide reach and athletic. A 19-yard reception to a speedy receiver in Parker, who has also flashed some potential in this first half. Hoskins picks up 10 on the throw over the middle. Screen to Jordan Parker, the UO commit, who breaks a tackle and takes it to the house on the 10-yard TD pass from Kerr. Kick is good. Number not listed on roster. Impressive answer by the West Coast all-stars. 7-7, 2:30, Q2.

GOOD NIGHT. Leti Pa’aga hits the hole and he is down the sideline untouched. 99-yard kick return for TD. Pa’aga hit it perfectly and had the speed to house it. 14-7, 2:17, Q2.

Sweeney back in at QB for WC. West Coast going up-tempo and Sweeney hits Parker, who makes one guy miss and turns it on to the outside before hopping out of bounds. That was speed. Two flags on the play however. Still, this Parker kid has the tools. Both penalties are on the offense to negate the play. Screen pass to Hoskins is completely blown up by Lameta, the kicker. Wheel route to a wide-open Kamelamela for 41 yards. West Coast has found something speeding up the tempo. Slant over the middle is read beautifully by Folasa Viliamu, who has also been playing fullback, and he makes the pick and returns it almost 30 yards. 14 seconds left. AS has it at the WC 49.

AS called for a hold on the first pass. Nine seconds remaining and it is backed up. Malae has a guy open deep but Payne breaks it up and we go to the half. Nope. Defensive holding is called so we have one untimed down. Fauolo, the tight end, sacks Malae for a 12-yard loss. Halftime.

American Samoa 14, West Coast 7
West Coast 0 7
American Samoa 0 14
AS—Leti Pa’aga 40 pass from Tito Malae (Heston Lameta kick)
WC—Jordan Parker 10 pass from Braxton Kerr (kick good)
AS—Pa’aga 99 kickoff return (Lameta kick)

RUSHING—West Coast: Eric Kamelamela 3-11, Dave Moi Moi Jr. 1-2, Malik Mcferrin 2-1, Joe Sweeney 3-0. American Samoa: Oly Ta’ase 4-30, Kevin Maukoloa 5-18, Folasa Viliamu 2-5, Malae 1-(minus 12).
PASSING—West Coast: Sweeney 7-11-1-96, Kerr 6-11-0-61. American Samoa: Mukoloa 3-4-0-45, Malae 1-1-0-40.
RECEIVING—West Coast: Kamelamela 2-49, Kevin Parker 2-36, Moi Moi Jr. 2-14, Mcferrin 2-14, Trey Hoskins 2-2, Giovanni Fauolo 1-22, Ryan Payne 1-10, J. Parker 1-10. American Samoa: Mark Tagaleo’o 2-39, Pa’aga 1-40, Viliamu 1-6.

UH has offered both American Samoa’s Viane Moala, who has been big on defense, and OL Iverson Moana, who is 6-2, 300. American Samoa has been impressive, as has been parker, the UO commit, and tight end Giovani Fauolo, who might be even better on defense than as a tight end.

Second half to come around 6:55 p.m.

West Coast takes the ball first at its 27. Sweeney at QB. A false start backs things up but Sweeney with a nice throw over the middle to an open Kevin Parker, who picks up 23 yards. Drive stalls out at midfield as American Samoa’s pressure forces the turnover on fourth down. Guys up front forced two holding calls.

American Samoa gets the ball and is just pounding the rock with Ta’ase and Viliamu. Don’t see Moana in there on the OL. Third-and-6. Malae underthrows deep ball and it’s incomplete. Fourth-and-6 from the 31. Malae fakes the hand off and is SACKED big time by Fine Hafoka from Antioch High. West Coast takes over at the 37.

DB Scheyenne Sanitor picks off Kerr on fourth down. American Samoa ball on its 31.

LOOONG drive by American Samoa as Ta’ase and Viliamu take turns pounding it up the middle but it stalls inside the WC 30.

Three-and-outs by both teams.

West Coast has the ball down 14-7 at the 5:52 mark of the fourth quarter. Starting at its own 26. Sweeney in at QB and the first play is the same wheel route to Kamelamela for 19 yards and a first down at the 45. Sweeney overthrows an open receiver over the middle. Emanuelu Fetuao tackles Sweeney for a 1-yard loss. Fourth-and-11 and WC looks like it will punt with 4:43 left.

AS takes over on its 19. A holding call makes it second-and-18 but American Samoa with a great call to a screen to Ta’ase who picks up 16. Timeout West Coast with AS facing third-and-2 on its 38 with 2:07 remaining. Ta’ase with a 6-yard run over that same right side to give him 102 yards rushing in the game and that will do it. American Samoa can let the clock run. Jake Ramsay with a tackle for loss for the West Coast but that’s going to do it.

FINAL: American Samoa 14, West Coast 7
at Aloha Stadium
West Coast 0 7 0 0 — 7
American Samoa 0 14 0 0 — 14
AS—Leti Pa’aga 40 pass from Tito Malae (Heston Lameta kick)
WC—Jordan Parker 10 pass from Braxton Kerr (kick good)
AS—Pa’aga 99 kickoff return (Lameta kick)

RUSHING—West Coast: Eric Kamelamela 5-22, Malik Mcferrin 3-3, Dave Moi Moi Jr. 2-2, Joe Sweeney 4-(minus 1). American Samoa: Oly Ta’ase 20-103, Folasa Viliamu 8-28, Kevin Maukoloa 5-18, Malae 2-(minus 18).
PASSING—West Coast: Sweeney 9-18-1-138, Kerr 8-20-1-75. American Samoa: Malae 2-11-0-56, Mukoloa 3-4-0-45.
RECEIVING—West Coast: Kamelamela 3-68, Kevin Parker 3-59, J. Parker 2-15, Moi Moi Jr. 2-14, Mcferrin 2-14, Trey Hoskins 2-2, Giovanni Fauolo 1-22, Ryan Payne 1-10, Alika Tuia 1-9. American Samoa: Mark Tagaleo’o 2-39, Pa’aga 1-40, Ta’ase 1-16, Viliamu 1-6.


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