LIVE BLOG: Mililani 41, Saint Louis 21, F


Scrimmage. This is not an official football game, and yet the bleachers are already half-filled for the preliminary junior varsity matchup between Saint Louis and Mililani.

This is what we know.

1. Saint Louis has not installed its special teams yet. Coach Cal Lee knew he wouldn’t need to have that cemented until their first preseason game, and since this isn’t a scrimmage that includes full punt and kickoff coverage and returns, Saint Louis couldn’t play a complete game even if it had to. That shouldn’t take away from the offensive fireworks we might see tonight at John Kauinana Stadium.

2. Starters will play one quarter. Both teams plan to insert their backups in the second quarter and go deeper into the depth chart by the third. I wish both coaches would put their starters back in for the final quarter, but it is what it is.

3. Why so many scrimmages for Mililani? The Trojans travel to Las Vegas for a nonconference game in the middle of their regular-season schedule, so they don’t have any alternative but to schedule scrimmages. Tonight’s game will have a game-style format. They’re keeping score, in other words.

4. How will Saint Louis’ defense fare against a potent Mililani offense that will probably enjoy the return of all-state RB Vavae Malepeai? The Crusaders have immense talent at some positions defensively, but it has been a rebuilding process in recent years primarily because of a lack of depth. Tonight is quite a test for the Saint Louis ‘D’.

Kickoff is more than an hour away (7 p.m.). The JV game is at the half with Mililani ahead 12-0.

Update: JV final score — Mililani 32, Saint Louis 8.

# # #

The scrimmage began at 7:30 p.m. No kickoffs as expected. McKenzie Milton was 8-for-10 through the air for 63 yards. His 5-yard strike to Kalakaua Timoteo in the end zone capped the drive. I say it was Timoteo but I’m only 99 percent sure. Neither offense is wearing game uniforms, strictly practice gear. MIL 7, STL 0, 7:02, first quarter.

The Crusaders are without WR Drew Kobayashi (leg) and OL Nate Herbig. They drove to the Mililani 28, with QB Tua Tagovailoa — 25 pounds bigger than last year — picking up 20 and 18 yards on scrambles. The drive stalled, however, thanks to two drops on Tagovailoa passes.

Three plays into Mililani’s next series, Milton scrambles and throws an INT. A facemask penalty on the Trojans during the runback takes the ball to the 17. Next play, Saint Louis scores on a blast up the middle. STL 7, MIL 7, 3:17, first quarter.

The Trojans answer with another scoring drive. Vavae Malepeai picks up 54 yards on a jaunt down the left sideline to set up an 8-yard TD pass from Milton to Timoteo. MIL 14, STL 7, 1:19, first quarter.

Should note that both teams are not rushing on PATs.

Saint Louis has driven to the Mililani 4-yard line, but stubbed its toe with a holding call. Tagovailoa then scored on an option keeper, but a hold negated that play, too. The drive ended on a 25-yard pass by Tagovailoa on fourth and goal from the 30. Can’t help thinking the loss of Herbig, who was injured during the Kapolei scrimmage, is huge for the O-line.

Both teams got their starters three series each. Now the 2s are in.

Mililani’s 2-squad got a nice 26-yard pass, but stalled out and punted. Saint Louis’ backup (no number) is a tall one, firing rockets all over. Two completions and two incompletions, including a third-down drop. Punt.

TD pass by Mililani’s backup QB after a series of penalties going back and forth. MIL 20, STL 7, 1:44, first quarter.

Milton finished 11-for-14 with one pick, two TD tosses for 131 yards. Tagovailoa was 4-for-9 for 95 yards through the air. He picked up 46 yards on three scrambles, but was also sacked twice and finished with 31 net rushing yards on five carries.

# # #

Second half about to start. I’m told the starters for both teams will return. And it’s raining now. Umbrellas all over the bleachers on both sides. Nice turnout by Saint Louis, probably around 500-600 fans on that side. Total attendance might be around 1,500 tonight. For a scrimmage. I’d say, “only in Hawaii,” but it’s probably 20 times bigger in Texas.

Half man, half amazing. Tagovailoa’s return is a potential gamebreaker. On third and 20, he eludes the pass rush, hits a receiber in the middle of the field 40 yards away, and the WR breaks a tackle to score on a 77-yard TD. MIL 20, STL 14, 7:19, third quarter. AMAZING.

In typical Trojans fashion, they need just two plays to go 80 yards and respond with a TD of their own. Milton hits two passes, the second a long catch and run to the left pylon. I’m starting to remember last year’s 63-47 game between these teams. MIL 27, STL 14, 6:52, third quarter.

Tagovailoa showcasing his efficiency and brilliance here. He hits four of five passes, including a shovel pass to No. 23 (I’m pretty sure it’s Jahred Silofau) for a TD. MIL 27, STL 21, 5:16, third quarter.

Now it’s Milton waving his magical wand. An explosive, poised TD drive with 5-for-5 passing for 63 yards including a 24-yard TD strike to a slotback. MIL 34, STL 21, 3:03, third quarter.

The Crusaders drive to the Mililani 28 and stall. Two incompletions and a sack of Tagovailoa ends the threat.

Mililani delivers what may be the knockout blow. A simple second-and-1 play-action fake by Milton, quick toss to a SB on a slant. He sheds a tackler and goes 69 yards to paydirt. Great speed. MIL 41, STL 21, 9:47, fourth quarter.

That’s it for both starting units again. The reserves are in, and though it’s interesting to see what both teams have on the depth chart, it was a pleasant surprise to see the starters for six or so series in this scrimmage.

Final stats: Milton 19-for-22, five TDs, one pick, 326 passing yards. Unusual, but I don’t have him with a carry tonight. Tagovailoa was 14-for-24, two TD passes, no picks, 256 yards. He rushed for 61 yards on nine carries and was sacked three times.

That was a big factor in this matchup. Milton had time to throw and got the ball out quickly most snaps. The offense was humming. Receivers in synch with the QB.

Saint Louis had a few drops, a lot of holding calls (they clearly missed Herbig), and without an elite deep threat like Kobayashi, Tagovailoa’s options weren’t quite as layered as Milton’s. Take Timoteo out of the offense and it’s a different look for sure, even though Mililani has some experience at the position.


  1. Reality Check August 9, 2015 12:53 pm

    I heard Mililani lost to Fagaitua in scrimmage. Heard Mililani had trouble with Fagaitua’s running game. So why no article on that? I can’t find news of that anywhere. Seems to me like someone has the power to keep that story quiet. Why no news on that?

  2. Cj August 9, 2015 1:34 pm

    Reality check…just because I feel sorry for you MILILANI DIDNT SUIT UP ANY OF THEIR STARTERS ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE the 3rd string guys for Mililani were playing he whole game if you didn’t notice…there’s your article.. fagaitua head coach even said in his speech thank you for not playing your starters because they struggled with the 3rd string players…reality check YOUR WELCOME

  3. Blake Rose August 9, 2015 2:17 pm

    Mililani would have beat them by 100 blind folded

  4. 88 August 9, 2015 2:24 pm

    Their starters played just like their started played almost the whole game against St. Louis. Give credit where credit is due. Mililanis 3rd string was playing… Ahhh c’mon man, you believe that than i have a magic nail i want to sell you.

  5. Trojanparent August 9, 2015 5:13 pm

    88 you are completely wrong. As Cj stated, the entire starting team both offense and defense still not play. They were all in shorts unsuited. I was there for all five scrimages that they played in and that is the FACTS…. Against St. Louis, the starters for both teams played only during the first and third quarters. If you are going to state something at least have your facts straight.

  6. 88 August 9, 2015 9:08 pm

    So Milton didnt throw a 69 yard TD pass in the 4th quarter? How could he right, YOU were there and saw that he only played in the 1st and 3rd quarters. Must of been Mackrenzy Skilton at QB. My bad

  7. Trojanparent August 9, 2015 10:20 pm

    So 88 your stance from your previous statements rest on Mckenzie playing 13 seconds in the 4th quarter to support your uneducated banter? He wasn’t suppose to be in at that time but because he was in during that series and the clock ended the third quarter, coach york had him back for that play. YOUR stance on the main issue still lacks support and without grounds. Attend a game and see with your own eyes rather than reading articles that makes you believe that you are a sports critic…. Positive movement… ALOHA…

  8. Trojan fan August 9, 2015 10:27 pm

    @trojanparent don’t worry about people like 88 spreading lies and rumors.Haters going Hate. Can’t beat the trojans so they have to make some kind of excuse for the L.

  9. Trojan fan August 9, 2015 11:21 pm

    St. Louis did the same thing played through 1rst to 2nd qtr to finish series.

  10. 88 August 10, 2015 5:56 pm

    Its not uneducated banter if its FACTS. The FACTS are the starters played in the 4th quarter. Nobody is hating on anybody just stating FACTS. It took the STARTERS 13 seconds to score a TD in the 4th quarter. Congrats on the scrimage..

  11. Trojanparent August 10, 2015 7:18 pm

    I stand corrected for that 13 second miscue. Although that one play in the fourth cannot cover your total statement that was made prior to my inclusion. You made obscure comments toward another person on this blog and preceded to make unfactual remarks about the scrimmage between mililani and the fagaitua’s team. None of the starters played. Unless that was not Mckenzie holding the yardage markers on the visitors side talking story with the samoans team coaches the entire game? I appreciate great plays of football regardless of the team that i support. Your comments made prior while both inaccurate and sarcastic are the reason why positivity towards these young athletes gets lost and replaced with negativity. Keep it real, keep it positive and keep it ALOHA….

  12. Beau Toichi August 11, 2015 1:41 pm

    Man all this banter over scrimmages. None of it means squat, it’s scrimmaging. Mililani is the current champs, but I don’t think they going win it this year. They going have some comp this year. Watch out for Kahuku this year. They got a new coach (St Louis staff) and good players so watch out for them. The ILH has Punahou and the mighty Crusaders. I have a feeling that Mililani ain’t even going to win the OIA. I think the Crusaders will win the ILH and restart the dynasty. Let’s face it, Cal Lee is back at the helm and will dominate all over again. Sorry trojans, but this will not be your year. Let’s face it, Mililani got good because of former St Louis alumni coaches, Kahuku will return to prominence because of St Louis Alumni coaches, Kaiser is good because of St Louis alumni coaches. I see a trend. Two words Cal Lee!

  13. 88 August 11, 2015 9:43 pm

    Two words for you STOP USING!

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