ILH likely to count football games against OIA

The ILH is in the process of deciding on how it will determine its football champions under the new OIA-ILH interleague agreement. In photo, Damien's Akila Arecchi caught a pass with St. Francis' Kordell Ng defending in an ILH playoff game last year. Photo by Bruce Asato / Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Most ILH football coaches believe the league will count its regular-season games against OIA teams in determining ILH champions and state berths.

No official decision has been made by the ILH office.

Late last month, the OIA and ILH put the finishing touches on a historic deal that brings the leagues together for a full slate of interleague games. When the agreement was officially announced, it was clear that the OIA would not count interleague games against the ILH in its standings and toward its playoffs in determining an OIA champion and state berths.

But at the time, nothing was set in stone on how the ILH would determine its champion. Based on the best information available at the time, it was assumed that the ILH would also only count ILH vs. ILH games to determine a champion and state berths.

However, multiple ILH coaches over the last week said they believe the ILH will not conduct a playoff and will determine a champion and state berths based on the teams’ won-lost records in all games played — interleague and intraleague.

“It’s the only logical way to do it,” said one ILH coach, echoing what many other ILH coaches also said.

One ILH coach did not like it at all.

“The games don’t count for OIA teams,” he said. “The games doen’t mean anything for them. Why shouldn’t it count for them? We could lose to our (ILH opponent or opponents) but because we have a better record, we go (to states). That doesn’t make sense. Games not counting for OIA teams makes those games like an exhibition game.”

Multiple ILH coaches also said that although the ILH team declarations by schools for which division they will be playing in are set for the Open (Saint Louis, Punahou, Kamehameha), it’s still up in the air for Division I and D-II.

Last year, Damien and St. Francis were in D-I, and ‘Iolani and Pac-Five were in D-II. When the official announcement of the new OIA-ILH agreement was made in late February, those same teams were slotted in the same divisions for the 2018 and 2019 pilot program.

It wasn’t noted in the OIA-ILH news release, but those declarations could still change, coaches said, adding that the final allotment will still be two teams in D-I and two in D-II (not three and one, or four and zero).


  1. Its about who you know....... March 6, 2018 6:58 am

    You guys should call the ILH office, word on the street is that Iolani moved up to DI and STF went back down to DII. The ILH officials like to keep information hidden from the public but this is huge news and people should know about it. Just saying…….

  2. ILH March 6, 2018 8:42 am

    How is this huge news?

  3. 808suferguy March 6, 2018 9:50 am

    Simple solution is to count all games for states and count the conference games to determine conference titles. It really not that hard to figure out but I for forgot who we are talking about. The OIA and ILH, to very disfuntional leagues.

  4. Coach C March 6, 2018 12:38 pm

    You see how the ILH is manipulating this already. Yup. When the end of season Open OIA 3rd place has a worst record then the ILH 2, the screaming going going to happen. ILH dream is to dominate ALL 3 of the State football. The next move is for the ILH to have HHSAA consider overall record (OIA/ILH) when deciding STATE berths.

  5. Awrite!! March 7, 2018 12:30 am

    YUP, ILH a bunch of silver spoon whining crybabies, the only thing that matters to them is money. Money from sponsors and Money from tuition paying familys.

    The only way to keep the sponsors and familys happy is to make sure all their teams get into states.

    Recruit the elite kids out of public schools then turn around and put those same public schools on your regular season schedule as if the playing field is even. Keep using the OIA as your punching bag!

  6. Broken Spoke March 7, 2018 2:22 am

    Awrite….the word “families” is spelled not spelled “familys”. btw the only whiners are the OIA principals and ADs. Just look at the current system that forces the ILH to declare their division designation in August but allows the OIA to wait and see. C’mon the crybaby OIA does this in every sport and still gets cracks by the ILH and outer-islands.

  7. SpeakingTheTruth March 7, 2018 12:03 pm

    they still dont got it right. This is what will happen the #2 ILH team will end up beating the #2 and #3 OIA teams and with that said the #2 ILH will get the sh….. end of the deal because only 1 can represent the ILH. Mark my words, this will happen and then there will be another controversy. Bottom line top 4 regardless ILH OIA. no sense join the two leagues if thats the case. and to make it even worse Kamehameha is capable of beating the #2 and #3 OIA. For all you guys who think that im all ILH, you got it wrong. Im speaking true facts here, reality, not fiction. Point at what im trying to make here is that the top 4 teams go to states for the ILH OIA merger, thats only fair and the correct way to do it. Or make a 6 team tourney, Top 6 goes. You cannot only have 1 ILH representitive with the outcome that will probably happen lol. Makes no sense at all

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