Govs, the Ticky and 24 ‘home’ wins in a row

Farrington running back Challen Faamatau ran after recovering a fumble in the first quarter against Kailua. Cindy Ellen Russell/
Farrington running back Challen Faamatau ran after recovering a fumble in the first quarter against Kailua. Cindy Ellen Russell/

Randall Okimoto wants his home games.

Simple as it sounds, it’s not an easy task to accomplish, not when it involves his Farrington Governors and the Mililani Trojans.

According to Okimoto, just about every time his Govs are supposed to host Mililani on the Farrington’s adopted home field — Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium at Roosevelt High School — the game is moved to Aloha Stadium. Conversely, each time Farrington is the away team, the game stays at Mililani’s home field. He shared his sentiments after Farrington’s 31-28 loss to Mililani on Saturday.

“This game should’ve been at the (Aloha) stadium or at Roosevelt,” he said.

Farrington has won 24 straight games as a home or neutral-site team (McKinley shares home-field privileges with Farrington and host Roosevelt) at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium.

Conspiracy theory? Okimoto has been vocal about host sites for years. One season, Farrington was slated to play Mililani in the OIA playoffs. As a higher seed, the Governors assumed the game would be played at Roosevelt. Instead, the game was moved to Mililani, the lower seed. Mililani won that TV game. The then-OIA executive director, Dwight Toyama, said that there is nothing in the league by-laws the guarantees home field for a higher seed.

Essentially, the game was played at Mililani for TV purposes — with the OIA’s blessing — and the lack of parking at Roosevelt’s facility. The benefit of playing in a bigger facility like Aloha Stadium also brings the potential for more gate revenue, though rental of the facility is a possibly neutralizing cost.

For TV, the infrastructure and logistics there are much more efficient than at the tight quarters of Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium. Then there’s the neighborhood and complaints about noise.

Okimoto ventured to express another theory about why Mililani doesn’t play Farrington in town anymore.

“The last time we lost at Roosevelt was around 2010,” Okimoto said.

The Governors’ last home/neutral-field loss at the Ticky was to Kahuku 16-14 on Oct. 2, 2009.

A visit to the records shows that Farrington has not played a home game at the Ticky against Mililani since 2011. Farrington won that game 25-20, the same year the Govs upset Kahuku 14-13 at the Ticky to end a long losing streak to the Red Raiders.

The Governors’ three “home” games against Mililani since then were played at Aloha Stadium, including playoff matchups that, as mentioned earlier, are not guaranteed by the OIA to be played on a home field.

Thanks to the engine created by Prep World historians Jerry Campany and Billy Hull, here’s a look at Farrington’s win-loss results against Mililani since Okimoto became head coach.

Farrington vs. Mililani, site included
Sept. 17: Farrington (home) vs. Mililani (away). Game played at Aloha Stadium. Score: Mililani 71, Farrington 28.

Sept. 27: Farrington (away) at Mililani (home). Game played at Mililani. Score: Mililani 41, Farrington 14.
Nov. 15: Playoff, Farrington vs. Mililani, Aloha Stadium. Score: Mililani 17, Farrington 14.

Nov. 1: Farrington (home) vs. Mililani (away). Game played at Aloha Stadium. Score: Mililani 37, Farrington 6.

Oct. 26: Farrington (home) vs. Mililani (away). Game played at Aloha Stadium. Score: Mililani 42, Farrington 21.

Oct. 21: Farrington (home) vs. Mililani (away). Game played at Ticky Vasconcellos Stadium. Score: Farrington 25, Mililani 20.

Oct. 22: Farrington (away) at Mililani (home). Game played at Mililani. Score: Mililani 21, Farrington 14.

Did not play.

Did not play

Did not play

Oct. 27: Farrington (away) at Mililani (home). Game played at Mililani. Score: Mililani 33, Farrington 6.

Oct. 28: Farrington (away) at Mililani (home). Game played at Mililani. Score: Farrington 20, Mililani 19.

Did not play.

Nov. 7: Farrington (home) vs. Mililani (away). Game played at Aloha Stadium. Score: Farrington 14, Mililani 6.

2002 (Okimoto’s first season)
Did not play.

Here are Farrington’s year-by-year results as the home team at Roosevelt (or with Roosevelt as a neutral site) since 2001.

2015: 4-0
W 42-35 Moanalua (Aug. 29)
W 19-13 Kailua (Sept. 12)
W 21-14 Campbell (Oct. 3)
W 28-0 Campbell (Oct. 17)

2014: 3-0
W 28-26 Kapolei (Aug. 23)
W 52-0 Aiea (Sept. 6)
W 37-15 Waianae (Oct. 17)

2013: 4-0
W 31-14 Kailua (Sept. 7)
W 25-13 McKinley (Sept. 14)
W 28-7 Kaimuki (Sept. 27)
W 17-10 Kapolei (Oct. 18)

2012: 4-0
W 44-3 Castle (Aug. 25)
W 28-7 Moanalua (Sept. 8)
W 26-7 McKinley (Sept. 15)
W 20-10 Kapolei (Oct. 19)

2011: 4-0
W 50-13 Castle (Sept. 3)
W 25-0 Kailua (Sept. 9)
(W 63-0 at Roosevelt, Sept. 16)
W 14-13 Kailua (Oct. 1)
W 25-20 Mililani (Oct. 21)

2010: 3-0
W 28-12 Kaiser (Aug. 20)
(W 33-7 at Roosevelt, Sept. 10)
W 28-7 Moanalua (Oct. 9)
W 10-0 Aiea (Oct. 15)

2009: 5-1
(W 20-17 at Roosevelt, Aug. 28)
W 19-8 Castle (Sept. 5)
W 41-7 McKinley (Sept. 12)
W 17-7 Kailua (Sept. 19)
L 14-16 Kahuku (Oct. 2)
W 20-17 Kaimuki (Oct. 10)
W 26-7 Kapolei (Oct. 24)

2008: 4-1
(W 25-6 at Roosevelt, Aug. 22)
L 10-24 Saint Louis (Aug. 30)
W 36-0 McKinley (Sept. 13)
W 41-0 Kaimuki (Oct. 11)
W 37-20 Kapolei (Oct. 24)
W 30-13 Kealakehe (Nov. 21)

2007: 2-0-1
W 38-19 Kalaheo (Sept. 22)
T 7-7 McKinley (Oct. 6)
W 30-7 Campbell (Oct. 27)

2006: 2-0
W 61-14 Moanalua (Aug. 26)
W 35-0 Kailua (Sept. 16)

2005: 1-2
L 7-19 Castle (Aug. 27)
W 34-12 Kaimuki (Sept. 10)
(W 19-6 at Roosevelt, Sept. 16)
L 7-17 Waianae (Nov. 12)

2004: 2-0
(W 20-12 at Roosevelt, Oct. 1)
W 25-13 Kailua (Oct. 9)
W 44-8 McKinley (Oct. 16)

2003: 3-1-1
W 37-23 Waipahu (Aug. 30)
(W 35-7 at Roosevelt, Sept. 12)
W 27-26 McKinley (Sept. 20)
L 7-40 Kahuku (Sept. 26)
T 13-13 Kailua (Oct. 11)
W 35-6 Kaimuki (Oct. 17)

2002: 0-3
L 14-41 Kailua (Sept. 13)
L 12-27 McKinley (Sept. 28)
(W 26-24 at Roosevelt, Oct. 11)
L 10-14 McKinley (Nov. 16)

All of this could be moot by the 2017 season, when Skippa Dias Stadium is expected to be game-ready on the Farrington campus. But will there be adequate space to accommodate TV trucks and equipment? Will some of Farrington’s biggest home games continue to be moved to bigger sites due to lack of parking?

As of the summer of 2016, there is no plan to build a parking garage on Farrington’s crowded campus.


  1. oia#1 September 1, 2016 8:00 pm

    Awesome coach, expose these issues

  2. NOkimoto September 1, 2016 8:11 pm

    Typical Randall Okimoto. Braddah man always refuses to take responsibility for losses. Instead he blames the field or the game not being played at the stadium or something else. Farrington needs change, and a lot of people in the Kalihi community wants to go a new direction.

    say NO to NOkimoto.

  3. Mochi Ball September 2, 2016 8:50 am

    He’s a Joke! Always blaming someone or something else for the loss and who feels it? The kids…Are you really there for the kids or for yourself? Your time here is done. You really need to step down.

  4. Pay To Play September 2, 2016 12:11 pm

    Okimoto is one of two Coaches that can achieve absolutely nothing & still keep his coaching job. Must be some sort of internal deal going on to be a consistent 4th seed OIA team & not being able to get out of the first round of the state tournament. No OIA title, nothing! You would think a consistent number of players going to college would hold him to some credibility but that is nonexistent.

  5. Searider86 September 2, 2016 2:05 pm

    Kahuku hasn’t played at Waianae since forever. Last thing I wanna hear from our Head Coach is EXCUSES!

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