GAME NIGHT 9/10: Leilehua/Kailua


Six high school football games on the same night as a Hawaii football home game? You bet.

An interesting OIA Red game in Kailua as the Surfriders (2-1, 2-1) host Leilehua (1-4, 1-3).

HISTORY: Leilehua leads the all-time series 18-10-1, but Kailua won the last meeting, 27-14, last season.


9:41 p.m.: Leilehua running out the clock, good win for the Mules after a tough start to the season. Kailua has some work to do.

9:35 p.m.: Kailua to start from own 30 with 3:18 left. Kailua’s punt takes a Leilehua bounce and the Mules take over from Kailua 47. Serafi Ulai runs to the Kailua 24 and the Surfriders call time with 1:41 to go.

9:33 p.m.: Piceno catches an 8 yard TD pass from Andres. Makue PAT good. 37-15, 3:25 left. Ballgame

9:28 p.m: The Mules try a HB pass with Piceno and he throws it incomplete. I guess that’s what you call taking a shot. They’re still throwing. Andres goes deep but it’s incomplete. Piceno takes it to the Kailua 10.

9:25 p.m.: Kailua is frustrated and it shows. Solomon Farley with a vicious block on a defenseless player and Kailua is backed up to its own 30. 4:49 left. Kailua facing 4th and long from its own 12 and going to punt. Leilehua taking over at the Kailua 40 with 4:07 left.

9:23 p.m.: Both teams just gave the ball up in less than a minute. Kailua taking over again on own 40 with 5:29

9:18 p.m.: Kailua taking over from its own 20 with 6:19. Goes without saying that it’s imperative that they score a touchdown on this drive.

9:13 p.m.: Leilehua connects on a big passing play but it’s called back even further and now they have the ball on their 15. 3rd and 26, 8:24 left. And they convert on a slip screen! Wow. That’s gotta suck the life out of Kailua. Ball on Leilehua 46
7:33 and running. Leilehua punts it, touchback.

9:04 p.m.: Shayden Kanahele-Delima takes the kickoff to the Leilehua 1, but because of a holding call they go all the way back to their own 30. WOW. 30-15, start of the fourth
Talk about a missed opportunity…

9:02 p.m.: Three and out for Leilehua, bad snap on he punt which goes beyond the end zone for a safety. 30-15, 4 seconds left in the third. Kailua to receive
Could this be the start of a comeback?

8:55 p.m.: ourth and 15 for Kailua on the Leilehua 40. Punt is downed at the Leilehua 3, 1:18 left in the third

8:44 p.m.: Leilehua starting from own 39 after punt. 7:07 and it is starting to rain. Piceno lines up at RB and takes an option pitch to the Kailua 46. 4th and 4 for Mules at Kailua 41. Going for it, Piceno takes the option pitch to the Kailua 19.
He’s been the fastest man on the field when the Mules have the ball. Piceno might be the most slippery player in the state. He escaped another sack to get to the Kailua 5.

3rd and goal from the 10, Piceno pass incomplete. Makue on for the 27 yard attempt
Kick is… Good. 30-13, 3:05 left in the third

8:40 pm.: Lagazo throws a 21 yard touchdown pass but it’s taken back by a holding call. 3rd and forever from midfield.

8:38 p.m.: Injury on the field. Leilehua’s Greg Dyer was down favoring his foot. Might be ankle related

8:35 p.m.: Kailua to start half on its own 47. 4th and 1 from Leilehua 43 and Kailua is going for it, They get it after a Chauncy Gonsalves-Bell 13 yard rush

8:14 p.m.:
Halftime: Leilehua 27, Kailua 13. Surfriders to receive second half kickoff

8:10 p.m.:
80 yard TD pass from Andres to Phifer! WOW! That kid is fast. Makue PAT blocked. 27-13, 10 seconds left. Wasn’t quite a Hail Mary, but Andres kind of just chucked it up in his general area and he did the rest. Wow.

8:02 p.m.:
Kailua calls time with 1:28. 4th and 6 from the 25. Looks like they don’t want to kick. Lagazo works his magic again for a 23 yard rush to the Leilehua 2. Rushes again, downed at the 1. Surfriders call time facing 2nd and goal at the 1
26 seconds left. Really poor clock management, they let about 20 seconds melt away before deciding what to do. Lagazo finishes it off with a 1 yard TD. Pedrina’s PAT is… They fake it! Ralph Laurence Castillo, the holder, pulls and tried to run it but is stopped at the 2.
21-13, 0:23 left. still huge momentum for the Surfriders, who will receive to start the 2nd half. After a penalty, Kailua kicks off from midfield but they don’t go onside, instead kicking a touchback.

8:00 p.m.: Kailua driving to Leilehua 29 but one of the Mules defenders is down. First let of the number starts with 4, but his arms are over the other half
2:22, 2nd and 5 when play resumes. It’s freshman Vitale Afoa, he walked back to the sidelines but very slowly and needed help.

7:51 p.m.: He tosses a DIME To Phifer for a 41 yard touchdown. Hit him in stride, great touch on the ball. The actual throw was around 40. Impressive. Makue PAT good.
21-7, 5:24 left. Another touchback for Leilehua on the kickoff. Makue has a leg, this one went beyond the end zone.

7:49 p.m.:
After a Kailua punt, Leilehua starting from own 35. 7:02
Piceno escapes a sure sack and gives the Mules a first down. Looks like they’re taking advantage of his athleticism by using him at RB as well. They have the ball at Kailua 45 with 5:55 left.

7:37 p.m.: Piceno with a 14 yarder to Kawai Phifer. Next play, he zooms past the Kailua D for a 35 yard rush, touchdown. Makue kick good. 14-7, 10:12

7:30 pm.: Lagazo drops back to pass and scrambles 34 yards to the Leilehua 16. He is fast. Lagazo scores on a QB draw from seven yards out. Brysen Pedrina PAT good. We’re knotted up at 7. 10:49 to go

7:25 p.m.: Lagazo with another keeper, gaining 7 yards. Now on own 31. The first quarter ends with the Surfriders down 7-0. They enter the second quarter facing 3rd and 11 from own 40.

7:24 p.m.: Mules defense is fired up. Two Kailua rushes for no gain. Let’s see what they do in third. Lagazo keeps it on the read option and seems to be doomed with three pass rushers on him but he somehow gets out of it and barely gets a first! That was impressive. Although it looks like they’re going to be doing that a lot rather than throwing be ball.

7:19 p.m.: Mark Lagazo is sacked and Kailua is forced to go for a field goal. Kick is blocked and Leilehua’s Jerome Holliday takes it to the house! Akone Tom Makua PAT good, Mules up 7-0, 3:14 left in the first.

7:10 p.m.: Looks like they’re going platoon. Kona Andres threw their last pass Was incomplete. Ralph Laurence Castillo takes an interception to the Leilehua 41, Piceno telegraphed that one.

7:07 p.m.: Mules starting to drive. Two first downs with the ball on own 48. Two more first for Leilehua. On Kail 24. Piceno looks pretty good. Not the sturdiest guy but he’s zipping it.

7:03 p.m.: Three and out for Kailua as well. Keola Hanawahine-Wong with a punt that is almost downed at the one but instead it’s a touchback.

7:01 p.m.: Three and out for Lelilehua. Did not look good on the two last plays. A fumble and Kaleo Piceno almost throws a pick

6:20 p.m.: Leilehua wins JV game 36-18


  1. Checkyoself September 10, 2016 6:42 pm

    Leilehua 42-10 Kailua

  2. Checkyoself September 13, 2016 9:10 am

    Kailua has a Qb Lagazo, if given time, can be their key to success. O line blocking needs some work. A couple more seconds is all they need. Work on blocking mistakes. Block in the back will hurt every time. Christian Mejia needs to be worked in at receiver more. Deep threat and the short ball for first down gains. Receiver Kia will have to stop pushing off. The fight is up in the air, catching and aggressively holding on to the ball. Bad habits are hard to break but can be done.
    Kailua are few in numbers but battle like Spartans.
    More rotation to keep fresh legs under fire is much needed. Fatigue in the Fourth quarter is inevitable without it. With fatigue come mistakes, with fatigue come (getting beat penalties) holding and pass interference calls.
    •Coaching proper blocking technique.
    * Better rotation.
    • Coaching proper receiver technique.
    •Utilize Mejia on offense.
    Bullet points for play offs.
    It can be done and when executed, Kailua can upset top tier teams. Question is…. Do you want it?
    Work hard, play smart and have fun!

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