GAME NIGHT 9/20: Punahou/Saint Louis

No. 1 Saint Louis 25, No. 2 Punahou 19


At Aloha Stadium
Punahou (6-1, 4-1) 7 9 0 3 — 19
Saint Louis (6-0, 5-0) 6 0 13 6 — 25
Pun—Vincent Terrell 95 kickoff return (Quinn Maretzki kick)
StL—Roman Willson 10 pass from Jayden de Laura (kick blocked)
Pun—Koa Eldredge 13 pass from John-Keawe Sagapolutele (kick failed)
Pun—FG Maretzki 30
StL—Koali Nishigaya 1 run (kick failed)
StL—Wilson 46 pass from de Laura (Ray Seabury kick)
Pun—FG Maretzki 29
StL—Nishigaya 4 run (kick failed)

RUSHING—Punahou: Terrell 13-40, Nathaniel Kia 1-1, Sagapolutele 3-(minus 13). Saint Louis: Nishigaya 5-63, Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole 9-58, Jason Cruz 3-14, de Laura 11-12, Mason Taliulu 2-4, team 1-(minus 1).
PASSING—Punahou: Sagapolutele 27-43–0-246, Ian Eveleth 0-1-0-0. Saint Louis: de Laura 34-40–0-402.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Eldredge 14-113, Moku Dancil-Evans 4-45, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 5-63, Christopher Paige 2-16, Terrell 2-9. Saint Louis: Wilson 11-190, Matt Sykes 9-129, Nishigaya 7-38, Isaac Silva 7-45.


(2:04) Saint Louis ball on its 40. Timeout Saint Louis. Nishigaya breaks off a 45-yard run to the 4. WIll they score or take a knee? Knee.

(3:30) Punahou ball on its 25. 3:30 to go. Sagapolutele, the freshman, with a chance to play hero. Saint Louis’ 31-game winning streak on the line….Sagapolutele avoids the sack and hits Kiaaina-Caires for 20 yards. Sagapolutele hits Eldredge for 23 yards to the Saint Louis 37. Under 3 minutes we go. Third-and-10 now from the 37. Sonny Masaniai with the sack for a loss of 2 and it’s fourth-and-12. Timeout Punahou. Here we go. Sagapolutele has to come off for a play however so Ian Eveleth is the QB for the fourth-down play. Timeout Punahou to get it straightened out. Here we go Eveleth in. DEEP BALL TO ELDREDGE WHO HAS A STEP….OVERTHROWN. It was there too. Turnover on downs.

(5:32) Saint Louis ball on its 25. DEEP BALL IS CAUGHT. WHAT A CATCH BY SYKES. Great defense by the DB and yet he still hauls it in with brute strength. A 45-yard reception to the 25. Sykes with nine grabs for 129 yards. Kamakawiwo’ole with the hand off and BALL IS ON THE GROUND. NOT AGAIN. Saint Louis recovers. WOW. Nishigaya with the 4-yard TD run on the next play. Saint Louis in front 25-19 after another missed XP. 3:36, Q4.

(9:03) Punahou ball on the 9. A 15-yard face-mask penalty on Saint Louis results in a first down. Herbig with another great play to tackle Terrell for a loss. Third-and-20 on the 14 and Eldredge gets a reception over the middle for 12. Punahou will punt with 6:30 on the clock. Eldredge 13 receptions for 90 yards. NO PUNT. Saint Louis whistled for encroachment. First down at the 36. Sagapolutele has a receiver open over the middle across the 50 but it’s DROPPED. Third-and-8. Sagapolutele’s pass is batted down and the Buffanblu will punt.

(11:47) Crusaders ball on their 20. A holding penalty is no problem as Wilson turns a short throw into a 36-yard gain. He is special. de Laura flushed out and tries to make an ill-advised throw and it’s picked off by Eli Thompson. Punahou is called for roughing-the-passer to negate the INT. Another turnover taken off the board. Ball goes to the 28 of Punahou instead. Pass to Sykes down to the 5.,…FUMBLE. Kia forced it from behind and Tevarua Tafiti recovered at the 9. Fourth lost fumble for Saint Louis. ALL in the red zone.

Punahou has it second-and-5 at the Saint Louis 13 to start the fourth. Pressure forces a quick throw from Sagapolutele on third down or else he would have had his receiver. Punahou to try a 29-yard field goal. It’s GOOD. 19-19, 11:47, Q4.

Punahou (6-0, 4-0) 7 9 0
Saint Louis (5-0, 4-0) 6 0 13
Pun—Vincent Terrell 95 kickoff return (Quinn Maretzki kick)
StL—Roman Willson 10 pass from Jayden de Laura (kick blocked)
Pun—Koa Eldredge 13 pass from John-Keawe Sagapolutele (kick failed)
Pun—FG Maretzki 30
StL—Koali Nishigaya 1 run (kick failed)
StL—Wilson 46 pass from de Laura (Ray Seabury kick)

RUSHING—Punahou: Terrell 11-38, Nathaniel Kia 1-1, Sagapolutele 2-(minus 10). Saint Louis: Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole 8-61, Jason Cruz 3-14, de Laura 10-9, Mason Taliulu 2-4, Nishigaya 1-1.
PASSING—Punahou: Sagapolutele 21-30–0-186. Saint Louis: de Laura 27-32–0-261.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Eldredge 10-70, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 4-43, Moku Dancil-Evans 4-45, Terrell 1-12, Christopher Paige 2-16. Saint Louis: Wilson 10-154, Matt Sykes 7-66, Isaac Silva 5-16, Koali Nishigaya 5-25.


(1:56) Punahou ball on its 42 as Terrell nearly gets caught inside the 10 but gets loose out to the 42. Saint Louis hit with a personal foul and Punahou is quickly in Crusaders territory. Sagapolutele hits Dancil-Evans for 20 yards inside the Saint Louis 20. Quarter ends.

(4:10) Crusaders will start on their 29. Saint Louis has never led in this game. Nishigaya with two catches to move the chains. De Laura now 25-for-30 for only 208 yards though. Wilson sets Punahou up on the double move and de Laura throws a strike. 46-yard TD and Saint Louis has the lead. 19-16, STL, 2:08, Q3. Wilson is showing out tonight. 10 grabs for 154 yards and 2 TD. He has become the guy Saint Louis turns to when they need it the most this year.

(5:27) Punahou ball on its 28. Third-and-1. Herbig baits Sagapolutele on the outside and nearly gets him to throw a pick-6 but it’s a tad high and Herbig can’t get it. Punahou will punt.

(8:17) Saint Louis ball first-and-10 on its 47. Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole with a nice run on the draw for 13 yards and Sykes hauls in a 10-yard reception. Here we go again as Saint Louis gets near the red zone where it has coughed it up three times. The rare snap under center for de Laura as he hands off to Kamakawiwo’ole who pounds it down to the 2. An illegal block by Punahou moves it to the 1. Kamakawiwo’ole no gain. Koali Nishigaya in for the 1-yard TD run. XP is no good, wide left. 16-12, PUN, 5:33, Q3.

(9:55) Punahou ball on its 9. Terell picks up 9 yards and a first down to the 20. Third-and-6 and Sagapolutele gets rocked on an incomplete pass. Punahou will punt. Herbig with the big hit.

(12:00) Crusaders ball on their 20. de Laura comes out firing to Wilson and Sykes, hitting his first five passes to put the ball on the Punahou 23. de Laura runs for 10 but it’s ANOTHER fumble at the end. Zander Manuel with the forced and Gilman has his second fumble recovery.

Saint Louis will get the ball first.

At Aloha Stadium
Punahou (6-0, 4-0) 7 9
Saint Louis (5-0, 4-0) 6 0
Pun—Vincent Terrell 95 kickoff return (Quinn Maretzki kick)
StL—Roman Willson 10 pass from Jayden de Laura (kick blocked)
Pun—Koa Eldredge 13 pass from John-Keawe Sagapolutele (kick failed)
Pun—FG Maretzki 30

RUSHING—Punahou: Terrell 8-24, Sagapolutele 2-(minus 10). Saint Louis: Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole 2-17, Jason Cruz 3-14, Mason Taliulu 2-4, de Laura 9-(minus 1).
PASSING—Punahou: Sagapolutele 15-22–0-147. Saint Louis: de Laura 16-20–0-126.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Eldredge 8-62, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 3-41, Moku Dancil-Evans 2-23, Terrell 1-12, Christopher Paige 1-9. Saint Louis: Wilson 7-88, Isaac Silva 4-10, Koali Nishigaya 3-12, Matt Sykes 2-16.


(4:21) Punahou ball on its 6. Terrell with 10 yards on the carry for a first down. Eldredge with a 6-yard reception to move the chains again. Punahou in no hurry here. Sagapolutele hits Terrell out of the backfield for 12 yards and a first down. Kiaaina-Caires with a catch into Saint Louis territory and now the Buffanblu have a chance. Johnathan Alualu brings down Sagapolutele and Punahou uses a timeout. Second-and-11 on the Saint Louis 45 with 39 seconds on the clock. Third-and-6 and Dancil-Evans gets loose down the sideline for 20 yards and out of bounds. First down at the 20. Sagapolutele takes a shot over the middle to Paige near the goal line and Paige takes a brutal shot and is down. Shot right to the ribs as he gets hit hard by two defenders but he’s up and looks OK. 25 seconds on the clock. Third-and-10 and a draw to Terrell goes for 6 yards to the 14. Likely field goal coming here with 13 seconds left. Now during the timeout, they call an illegal shift on Punahou from the previous play. Ball moves back to the 25. Punahou decides to go deep and a flag comes out. That’s a penalty on the Saint Louis corner. Defensive pass interference. Half the distance. Ball spotted on the 12. Incomplete pass to the end zone and the clock winds to zero WAY late. They put two seconds back on and rightfully so. Quinn Maretzki on to try a field goal. The 30-yarder is GOOD. 16-6, HALFTIME.

(5:23) Crusaders ball on the Punahou 39. Matautia on the blitz and de Laura goes down as he is swarmed by a host of Punahou defenders. Deep ball to Sykes who gets open by a step but he DROPS the TD. Wow. Third-and-20. de Laura misses Wilson over the middle. Punt time. Missed opportunity by Saint Louis.

VERY short punt but a flag on the play.

(5:48) Punahou ball on the 15. Two incomplete passes and it’s third down. Three straight incomplete passes. Punt.

(6:55) Saint Louis ball on its 20. de Laura continues to go to Wilson and now scrambles for 11 yards to the Punahou 36. Another 11-yard scramble as this is looking awfully Tua-like. Cruz with the run and Legend Matautia rips it away from him and Gilman with the recovery. Punahou ball.

(8:02) Eldredge with a 13-yard reception over the middle. Third-and-1 at the 33 and Sagapolutele torches the DB and is open for 8 yards to the 25. Add half the distance for roughing the passer and the ball is at the 13. Sagapolutele now 9-for-10. Eldredge goes low and he hauls in the 13-yard TD catch. Kick failed. 13-6, PUN, 6:55, Q2. Eldredge is showing out with seven catches for 55 yards and a TD. Sagapolutele 10-11, 90 yards, TD.

(10:01) Saint Louis ball on its 25. Wilson now with six catches for 80 yards as Saint Louis passes midfield. Andrew Canonico with the strip-sack and D.J. Utu recovers for Punahou on its 45.

What a break caught by Saint Louis. Punahou recovers a Saint Louis fumble but an inadvertent whistle wipes out the play. They will re-punt. Brutal, brutal mistake by the refs.

Punahou starts first-and-10 on its 46. Third-and-2 in Saint Louis territory. Second delay of game on Punahou. Anthony Sagapolutele with a huge sack on third down to force a punt.


At Aloha Stadium
Punahou (6-0, 4-0) 7
Saint Louis (5-0, 4-0) 6
Pun—Vincent Terrell 95 kickoff return (Quinn Maretzki kick)
StL—Roman Willson 10 pass from Jayden de Laura (kick blocked)

RUSHING—Punahou: Terrell 3-0. Saint Louis: Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole 2-17, Jason Cruz 1-6, Mason Taliulu 1-2, de Laura 5-(minus 9).
PASSING—Punahou: John-Keawe Sagapolutele 4-5–0-45. Saint Louis: de Laura 11-13–0-78.
RECEIVING—Punahou: Koa Eldredge 3-22, Raydan Kiaaina-Caires 1-23. Saint Louis: Wilson 4-51, Koali Nishigaya 3-12, Isaac Silva 3-6, Matt Sykes 1-9.


(1:14) Punahou ball on its 25. Pressure forces Sagapolutele to miss a wide open receiver over the middle on second down. Sagapolutele drops a nice ball in to Raydan Kiaaina-Caires for 23 yard on third-and-13 to end the first quarter. Punahou has led the whole way.

(1:54) Saint Louis ball on its 22. de Laura goes 11 in a row before missing Wilson over the middle. de Laura sacked for a loss of 8 but Punahou is whistled for a hit on a defenseless player. Third-and-1. de Laura short-hops the throw out wide. Fourth-and-1 and Saint Louis will punt from its 44.

(4:12) Punahou ball on its 33. Sagapolutele goes quick to Koa Eldredge for 14 yards to move the chains. A delay of game turns third-and-5 to third-and-10. Screen to Eldredge goes for 3 yards. Punt.

(6:47) Saint Louis ball on the Punahou 33. de Laura 10-for-10 for 68 yards but it’s third-and-9 on the 12. He somehow scrambles out of a sack and gets 2 yards but it’s fourth down. Crusaders will go for it. de Laura with a bullet over the middle to Wilson in the back end zone. TOUCHDOWN Crusaders. XP is no good. 7-6, Pun, 4:19, Q1.

(6:59) Punahou ball on its 20. Freshman John-Keawe Sagapolutele at QB. Saint Louis whistled for pass interference on Sagapolutele’s first throw. Terrell fumbles the handoff and Nick Herbig is there to scoop it up for Saint Louis.

(11:46) Jayden de Laura takes the field as QB for Saint Louis at the 20. de Laura hits his first four passes to four different receivers to start including a 27-yarder over the middle to Roman Wilson. Third-and-1 and de Laura flips it to Isaac Silva for 4 yards under duress. Third-and-13 from the 14 after de Laura scrambles for a loss. Offsides Punahou. Third-and-8. High throw is incomplete to Wilson but he takes a shot after from Alaka’i Gilman and flags are thrown. Third-and-4 from the 5. de Laura is sacked by Nathaniel Kia. Loss of 11. Lason Napuunoa has a 34-yard field goal bounce off the left upright. NO GOOD. Punahou ball.


Punahou will receive.

Kickoff will be just after 8 p.m.

Series history: Saint Louis leads 77-46-1 (since 1949)
Punahou roster
Saint Louis roster


  1. hahah September 20, 2019 8:02 pm


  2. Austin Chang September 20, 2019 9:18 pm

    I said it whole time Punahou defense is best in the state. And gonna be problem with St. Louis offense

  3. Wainakea September 20, 2019 9:45 pm

    It’s really a shame only one of these teams can make the Open Tournament. But again that tournament is kinda meaningless except for the finals anyway.

  4. BleedRed September 20, 2019 9:58 pm

    Now we have a game

  5. BleedRed September 20, 2019 10:04 pm

    Puns gotta punch it in

  6. BleedRed September 20, 2019 10:16 pm

    Puns D came to play

  7. Unfortunate September 20, 2019 10:57 pm

    Most entertaining game all season. Great fight by both teams. Unfortunately only one of these teams get into the State Tournament.

  8. ItIsWhatItIs September 20, 2019 10:57 pm

    Tonight was the night to beat STL. O Well let’s go Trojans.

  9. FBF September 20, 2019 11:03 pm

    Agree tonight was the night to beat Stl ….. But let’s go Stl

  10. Opinion September 20, 2019 11:15 pm

    Zebra’s should win OC16’s most outstanding player award for the Lou tonight!! Best defensive play by far was made by the back judge 🤦‍♂️

  11. St. John bosco September 20, 2019 11:18 pm

    St Luis sucks

  12. CrusaderDad September 20, 2019 11:20 pm

    Puns showed up…great scheme and game plan! But the men of Kalaepohaku pull it off!

  13. 96730to89 September 20, 2019 11:37 pm

    Idk how we all forgot that Punahou is also loaded with future D1 college talent. That’s one way to slow down the speed of STL tho, punch and rip the ball out. Makes the ball carrier focus more holding on rather than running.

    But that Wilson kid….oooooWeeeee. When he catches those bombs the DBs are barely in the video frame. That boy got next level speed.

  14. Kimo Lee September 20, 2019 11:41 pm

    St. Louis should have won by 20. 3 fumbles in the red zone and they still won. Punahou came to play and never capitalized on those turnovers. Pun defense was tough then St. Louis made the adjustments and just went with the quick passes. St.Louis defense is the best in the state

  15. St Louis + 1 September 20, 2019 11:41 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Poor officiating throughout the game clearly affected the outcome.
    Too bad, it was a good game and a battle between 2 top teams.
    Evaluations should be done on how the refs called this game.

  16. 11 vs 12 September 20, 2019 11:49 pm

    Great win for StL, but Punahou got robbed.
    1st StL TD, receiver was juggling the ball as he went out of bounds (and this wasn’t even close to being the worst call made by the refs).
    If these refs call the game the same way next week against Mililani, JPS would have to step in and fire them……..

  17. ilh September 21, 2019 12:14 am

    Cal Lee the difference, made the right adjustments after halftime, 1t half Puns score 16 points to Saint Louis 6, second half Puns scores only 3 points, Saint Louis scores 19 points, 2 best teams in the State, no questions about that

  18. Kimo Sutton September 21, 2019 12:22 am

    When is the rematch!

  19. ILH September 21, 2019 7:55 am

    Only took one big play at the start of the game, the kick return by Terrell, to give the Puns the lift they needed, after that Terrell was in check pretty much all night, carried the ball 13 times for 40 yards, great defense in the second half for Saint Louis, 4 fumbles killed the Crusaders, which kept Punahou in the game.

  20. ALOHA FROM UTAH September 21, 2019 9:33 am

    It was Punahou vs the referee/saint Louis. Punahou got robbed Big TIME. Watch out Mililani when things go your way look 👀 out for them yellow flag.

  21. BleedRed September 21, 2019 11:00 am

    Lol,Puns robbed themselves by not taking advantage of all those fumbles,if Crusaders don’t turn the ball over,they rout Puns.And this is coming from someone that was cheering for Puns,RRFL

  22. BleedRed September 21, 2019 11:09 am

    The 1 play that was bs was the muffed punt with the inadvertent whistle,other than that,game was called pretty evenly,Puns came to play but Crusaders shot themselves in the foot time after time

  23. Dr. Phil September 21, 2019 1:12 pm

    The refs were helping Saint Louis….said no one ever hahaha Try again, that statement will never be true lol

  24. ALOHA FROM UTAH September 21, 2019 5:39 pm

    Take a chill 💊 ,relax and keep your panties on, I’m just calling it as I see it at the game. To me Punahou was the better team .

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